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  1. JudicialHunter

    Balmung sprout LF RP friends

    Welcome to Balmung! If you're interested in perhaps getting to know a group of people, I am an officer in <LUXE> - I see you already have an FC, but many of our members are newer to the game and are looking for more contacts! If you are interested, please feel free to add me on Discord (judicialHunter#9027) and we can arrange some things together! I've got plenty of characters if any of them interest you, too. ^^
  2. JudicialHunter

    balmung Looking for contacts (Balmung)

    Hey! I've got a lot of different girls to pick from, and I"d love to meet either one of your characters! If you'd like, you can PM me on Discord (judicialHunter#9027) and we can work things out. Hope to hear from you soon!
  3. JudicialHunter

    balmung [Balmung] Looking for new friends!

    Hey there, welcome to Balmung! If you are in need of an FC, we have Nox Trading and Services, where her crafting skills could definitely be put to use If you just want friends, I have eight girls to pick from with all kinds of flavors! Send me a PM if you would like to know more about either
  4. JudicialHunter

    The Matoi Sketchbook [Commissions soon!]

    y'all ever just forget you have an art thread...? Anyway i've been doing a lot in recent time and WOW my art was something back when I first made this thread. here's my most recent work of my newest character Ito! it was a study in muscles since i never draw them https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/images/6/6a/ItoAppearance.jpeg[/img]
  5. JudicialHunter

    New to the world of Eorzea

    Welcome to the RPC! It's good to see new faces around here. As stated earlier, the largest RP server at present is Balmung, but that's been locked for an indeterminate amount of time. Great alternatives have already been listed, so I won't bother with that. If you're ever unable to play, Discord is turning into a fairly common RP spot from what I've seen, so it's worth your while to share it with those you want to RP with if you can't log in too often (like me). Again, welcome, and we're glad to have you! \o/
  6. JudicialHunter

    discussion If you had unlimited gil...

    There's some open ones I see, I just don't have the money to get them ; w ;
  7. What would you buy? IC or OOC. OOC and IC, I’d buy an apartment a bunch of cool furniture. Sadly I’m super broke, so I have no way of getting the few apartments left open... I can dream, though!
  8. JudicialHunter

    discussion The State of Balmung's Lockdown

    Well, as far as I'm aware, the servers are only a handful of them anyway. Wyrmrest Accord and Moon Guard, the two big RP servers, are linked together, as well as smaller RP servers, since WoW has servers dedicated specifically to RP/PvP/PvE. The thing about WoW is that it also doesn't have super different NPCs most of the time, so it's less of an issue than one would probably think. At least in more recent quests, I've found. Plus, the WoW quests aren't exactly -mandatory-. They don't gate content behind most things, except raid attunements, for example, so it's less of a problem. If you're partied up, it'll just pull you together in the phase 9 times out of 10, as well.
  9. JudicialHunter

    discussion The State of Balmung's Lockdown

    Honestly, I got lucky that I got into FFXIV when I did. I got in back when you could wait until 4-5AM and get new characters on the server, and also when transfers were still allowed. However, my play schedule is inconsistent at best -- if I had tried to join now, when I've gotten into the game again, I'd be screwed. Several close IRL friends play on Balmung, and I'd lose out on being able to RP with them unless we managed to add one another. To be honest, I think we should split the server, and give people a chance to sign on to other servers to go to. FCs/linkshells/friend groups can stay together. OR, we should open up servers to be fully cross-realm, like WoW does, where you have an account-wide login that lets you see who's playing what character on any realm. It'd be a better system than the current one, IMO.
  10. JudicialHunter

    mateus Hesitant Hellos

    Welcome to the RPC! Well, I guess it's kinda late, but nonetheless! I would LOVE to RP with you, but I'm on Balmung, and I've yet to park an alt on Mateus, so I'll extend the offer of Discord/PM RP! My discord is judicialHunter#9027 and my girls' wikis are in my signature! (PS your art is adorable OMG)
  11. Hey, I love your concept! I would be happy to meet up with you on any of my girls, for some Discord or PM RP as well! Wikis are in my sig :-)
  12. JudicialHunter

    Well met!

    Welcome back to the community! I know how it feels to leave and come back, so you've got that going for you :-) I'm not exactly sure about oceanic time (I'm on the East Coast) but if you wanna meet any of my girls via Discord or PM, let me know! Wikis are in my sig!
  13. JudicialHunter

    balmung Icy Bookworm Raen LF Connections!

    Ara's focus of study is Nymian tactics/relics/etc so that would definitely work out! I see you guys have a Discord, I'd love to RP sometime if given the chance :-) Also thanks lmao, her info is pretty outdated so I need to update... oof
  14. JudicialHunter

    mateus Wicked Brute Seeking Long-Term RP Partner!

    Hey! Love your concept! I feel as though Adelaide would be the best fit for your character -- she's a morally ambiguous/neutral evil sorta gal with a love for magitek and generally being a nuisance. Send a PM or message me on Discord if you're interested at judicialHunter#9027!
  15. Wiki page: Link *Note: I am always updating my wiki. Keep checking back! My wiki is currently a WIP, so I'll put info here for you guys. About Arata Most of her time is spent in Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa. Healer. Specializes in Arcanima. A Doman refugee that has been in Eorzea since the others came along. Generally reserved and somewhat cold. Usually wears a giant coat, no matter the weather. Where you may find her Ul'dah: Often seen in the Quicksand, people-watching. Limsa Lominsa: Likely in the Arcanist's Guild, researching. Gridania: Not usually there, but if she is, it'll be out in the Shroud for field work. The Goblet: She studies under the Mysterium, and lives here currently. Recent Events She's been seen visiting sights of high aetheric concentration sometimes, though such trips seem to be happening less and less often. Trips to the alchemist's guild in Ul'dah seem to be more frequent as the months get colder. What kind of potions could she be needing, and so often? She can be seen at the Ivory Tower in the Goblet, most likely studying with the mages of the Mysterium. Things I am Looking for/Interested in Friends (friends are nice to have!) RP Plotlines (any setting is fine.) More RP partners (more RP = good!) Things I am NOT Looking for/Interested in ERP. (I am fine if she gets involved! However, I want a fade-to-black.) Killing my character. (I won't allow for my character to be killed unless I say otherwise.) Complete breakage of lore. (I'm fine with lore-bending, as I do this sometimes.) About the Player I'm a medium-heavy RPer. It tends to change depending on who I'm with, but it's medium most of the time. I'm on PS4! If I start jumping or run off randomly, I probably dropped my controller (and will complain about this OOCly). Just let me run back over and all will be fine. In-game RP? Great! Forum RP? Great! I love RP, so don't be shy! I'm a former WoW player, so I have MMO RP experience, as well as table-top experience, and I've been playing FFXIV for a couple years now. I am found as Arata Matsuoka in-game. Interested in RPing? Send me a PM or reply to this thread! I would love to RP with you!