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  1. Yea, the unfortunate part is that I had been hoping to be able to just play it as my casual-on-the-side MMO and spend all of my time just building up a house, raising livestock, etc. >_< The work-around isn't exactly appealing in that sense. I wish they'd change their minds about the housing restriction... The restriction does make some sense. Land is finite and will be gobbled up quickly. ^^
  2. Sastra ~ Yeah, we've been pushing Trion to label an RP server, but they have been vehemently refusing despite the popular opinion that they really should give us a server. I think they're more than happy to overlook us, but we're still able to make our own fun I suppose! Naunet ~ Aye, and that's how it worked in Korea too. x.x On the plus side, you could always "rent," so to speak. If you'd like to play free but want to have a home of your own, you could ask a subscriber to make one and to add you to their family. They could set it to family access so you have essentially full rights to it, then you can mail them the tax money (in-game currency) they'd require to keep it afloat. They'd also have to help you with the furniture placement though, because only the homeowner can do that. Anyway, there are little ways around it~ So at least there's that!
  3. Hello hello, Long time, no see! I'm Rakka'sae Kuhn, a former roleplayer from Balmung. I didn't get to meet a lot of you out there, but I wish I had! I've come back to tell you guys about a little site I've founded for another game out there that had my heart well before I started playing FFXIV, and that stole it back again when Alpha testing began for the West. This game is vastly different from FFXIV. If you haven't heard of it, I encourage you to check out www.archeagegame.com where you can find all the basic information about the game. It's pretty legit! I think that many will find it interesting. Plus, if it's your wallet you're worried about, you can play the game for free. You won't have access to a lot of the things that make it a unique game, but you'll still have access to just about everything you'd need to maintain a casual RP character. Now, that being said, I'm trying to help grow and improve my RP community site. We were the first RP community site out there, and reformed recently! The new site is much improved and, for those of you who really can't stand Enjin like I can't, it's thankfully not hosted on Enjin! The site is ArcheAgeRoleplay.com, and we have lore resources that no other site out there does--with promises to bring you even more. If ArcheAge has your interest, and you're thinking you'd like to RP there, please consider joining my site and helping us to improve. I'm also still on the lookout for moderators, so if that's something that you think might interest you, drop me a line on our forums! Anyway, thanks for making it all the way through this post. Hope to see you around!
  4. B'awwwww. Hey wait. WHERE IS HIS SHIRT? I see where this was goooiiinnnggg.
  5. I belieeeeeve! Also, in case anyone's interested... here's some animated sprite avatars I made back in my FFXI days on Allakhazam.
  6. Drew Lyrielle 'n Sae 'cause I was bored and can't fall asleep. This is from an RP just the other night where Lyrielle scritched behind Sae's ears, and he got all half-lidded and happy because of it.
  7. Yep. ^^ I can do sketchy maps too. Just for an example, I did this outline of part of a continent, free-hand, if people want maps that look less computery-processed and more, ya know... sketched.
  8. There was some interest in Intermission when I mentioned that I also have started dabbling in map-making! For map making, I charge an hourly rate, and since maps are highly personal (most people use them for novels they're writing or various tabletop campaigns), I am more than willing to stream the creation process and take direction as I go! My rate is negotiable but I'm starting at $10/hr. Obviously if you want to tip more, that's always very welcome! I'll provide the streaming link and all of that. Here's an example of a map I created for my own probably-never-gonna-get-finished novel: Map Without Labels Map With Country Labels / Color Coded Zones Map Overlay (This is nooot artsy.)
  9. I mained an anti-social broody-type character in Aion. It was a little difficult at first, but I acknowledged that I needed to do something OOCly to initiate some sort of interaction with other characters. I think a lot of people, regardless of the type of characters they play, aren't usually very willing to go up and start to talk to someone. So, I have some advice for anti-social types: Manipulate your environment to force your character to react, if nothing else is going on. Glower at people. Be in the way of people so they bump you when they pass. Put yourself somewhere that people are going to not have to go terribly out of their way to acknowledge you--don't stuff yourself in a corner.
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