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  1. It was awesome to meet you too! Be more than happy to RP with you again sometime soon. ^^ To the event organizers: thanks again fro organizing such a lovely event! I had a lot of fun in the EU slot. <3
  2. Chee Smith

    Do you use the minions in RP?

    Why yes, I do. IC and even OOC, I like having the Coeurl Kitten minion. It's so cute! ;A; IC, the kitten is Chee's ever-loyal, ever-present and affectionate kitty companion. The little kitty likes getting into things, occasionally serving as an RP hook, comic relief, or a literal source of fluff. I also make use of the other cat minions like the Fat Cat or the Black Coeurl Kitten as RP hooks for Chee. Mainly as stray cats she likes to feed near her Free Company's estate, due to her fondness for cats. There's a little black kitten that's effectively adopted her as it's mother. So yeah. Cat Girl with a bunch of cats.