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  1. Greetings and Salutations! The New Year brought me back to XIV as well as a transfer to Mateus. I've been looking around and conducting my own research to find Linkshells/FCs/Discord Servers/etc. to continue my RP career here on the Mateus server. Any assistance or guidance would be very much welcomed. About My Character: The Elezen Sellsword was born to the nation of Ishgard. The man was raised in a military family with his father groom him and his brothers to take up arms in the Temple Knights. After a compromising circumstance, his faith in the Holy See and the Temple Knights vanished; leaving the Elezen questioning his own morality, but soon found his own uncompromising code to follow by. At first glance, The Elezen Sellsword comes off as an intimidating figure due to the stern expression always upon his face and the scars which are found across his face. The truth is that the Elezen Sellsword is simply stoic by nature. He is reserved and pragmatic; only showing heavy emotion in trying situations which require a more unleashed personality. Alignment Lawful Neutral RP Style Mature — Thank you, and have a good day!
  2. Hi, Mai. I'm the Director for the Golden Auroch <<GA:Co>>. We have a balance between in-world RP with our newly developed "Job Board" prompts, as well as the slice of life aspects sprinkled in for non-combat-style characters. The theme of a trading company gives us the freedom to work with most characters. We are a smaller Free Company looking only to grow slightly, if that is something which would interest you. If you're still looking for a Free Company, you can find more information about our Free Company here! On that info page is a link to our Discord which will put you in contact with the current leadership if you have additional questions. I would love the opportunity to speak with you and see if the Auroch is the right fit! Thanks!
  3. Hi, Umi. I'm one of two partners for Golden Auroch <<GA:Co>>. We have a balance between in-world RP with our newly developed "Job Board" prompts, as well as the slice of life sprinkled with the weekly event of the "Auroch Lounge". If you're still looking for a Free Company, you can find information about our Free Company here! If not, then we invite you and your partner to check out the lounge every Thursday starting at 9pm EST. On that info page is a link to our Discord which will put you in connection with myself or my partner. I would love the opportunity to speak with you and see if the Auroch is the right fit! Thanks!
  4. [Server]: Balmung [Housing]: Auroch Trading Post [Ward]: Lavender Beds, Ward 15 [Plot]: Plot 21 [Description]: The main headquarters of the Golden Auroch Trading Company—dealers in commerce around Hydaelyn and odd jobs. Hosts of the upstairs "Auroch Lounge" every Thursday evening between 9pm EST, generally ending around 12am EST.
  5. New Free Company on Balmung looking to make the listings! In Game Theme(s): Monster Hunters, Tavern / Restaurant / Public House / Inn / Bar / Lounge FC/LS Name: Clan Ventarus : <> Website url: tinyurl.com/ventarus Contacts: Iverault Lachaunt, Ashtrythe Faulkner, Tahamine Ishtar Housing: Venari Alehouse Zone, Ward, Plot: Lavender Beds, Ward 4, Plot 25
  6. With the new years comes a minor rebranding. Our "Main" tab has been updated to include more detailed information about the two aspects of our Free Company. We have also changed our name from "Knights Ventarus" to "Clan Ventarus" with our RP tag now .
  7. Thread Updated! New member in the roster tab and a little more explanation in regards to joining the Free Company.
  8. Minor edits have been made to the "Main" tab. Housing is available. Looking for staff for the Ale House and individuals interested in the Hunting Adventure aspect of the RP.
  9. Currently Recruiting! Main Post updated with new content, and new tabs have been added to give a better understanding of what we are as a Free Company!
  10. [align=center]Recruitment for Social is OPEN[/align] [align=center]Recruitment for Adventure is[/align] [align=center]CLOSED[/align] [align=center]A Free Company for adventuring types and social types, Clan Ventarus is a lore-abiding Free Company with two aspects to suit a different variety of RP character(s).[/align] [align=center]Focusing on quality over quantity, we aim to be immersive in our roleplay and build a strong community from it. See below of the adventure and social aspects that Clan Ventarus offers![/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]For more information or insight into the type of characters already in Clan Ventarus—please see our other tabs. If looking to join; please venture the section at the bottom labeled “How To Join”.[/align] [align=center]Our Roleplay Options[/align] Clan Ventarus had two aspects to what it can offer members. No character that joins is strictly limited to one aspect. Our social hub is designed for the casual RP’er or the “common folk” type characters that might not see themselves in combat. Our adventuring side is designed for individuals with characters that love to get out in the world and interact with the environment! [align=center]The Venari Alehouse (Social)[/align] [align=center][/align] Located at Plot 21 of the 15th Ward in the Lavender Beds,this building serves as the base of operations for Clan Ventarus. The business was opened to be a public watering hole for adventurers, monster hunters, and the common folk alike. A business is nothing without its employees! The Venari Alehouse is in need of waiters and waitresses, bartenders, performers, and more for staff. We are currently in preparations to host public events. [align=center]Clan Ventarus (Adventure/Hunt)[/align] [align=center][/align] Iverault Lachaunt wanted to rival that of Clan Centurio when it came to the world of monster hunting in the realm. With that goal in mind, he formed “Clan Ventarus” and based them within his second business—the “Venari Alehouse”. The alehouse was specifically designed to keep the Clan financially afloat during times of financial uncertainty. The Clan Ventarus is for those seeking to fight big, nasty creatures—rather for profit, for glory, or for their own satisfaction. Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic will find themselves comfortable here. Adventure events will take RP’ers out into the world of Hydaelyn—using a “Dungeon Master” style you would see similar in table-top RPGs. Do not fret! There is no complicated roll system involved. [align=center]How to Join[/align] [align=center]Joining is a simple process! Contact Iverault Lachaunt, Ashtrythe Faulkner, or Tahamine Ishtar in game or join our DISCORD! to have access to each of us outside of the game if schedules don't seem to be aligning.[/align] [align=center]A small interview will take place out-of-character to see if the Free Company is a good fit for you and, ultimately, for you to see if it is a good fit as well. We find that personal conversations do more than an application process ever could in getting to know one another.[/align] [align=center]We look forward to hearing from you![/align]
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