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  1. I've heard and read but not fully understood... EU trade laws tend to complicate promotional stuff like this? Something something something? I know part of the EU laws are why a lot of video games have several language options and all that. It sounds very complicated to run international promo campaigns that business lawyers have to read through and make sure things go 'ok'.


    Not quite as alarming, the relative difference in cost. I don't remember how many points were required to get all the items in the Japanese promo event and how much the drinks cost. UK will need to pay roughly $30 versus roughly $20 that NA players paid.


    It has to go through multiple countries to be accepted and it turns into a tedious procedure that takes a very long time. One of the main reasons why Europe tends to get the short stick in the gaming industry (not just because of language requirements but also that the marketing procedures become a pain in the butt) I commend SE for at least giving multiple promotions across difference countries in this case because it does in fact makes things a little bit easier. 


    I can confirm that it was around $26 (give or take cents) for the Japanese Promo in total, according to my friend who plays there. NA definitely got the better hand in the promotion with significantly greater options (JP had a select choice of drinks, UK has one single magazine option) as well as price. I can also confirm that if someone wants to ensure they get the third code in the UK event, which has the butler/maid outfit, plus the other two magazines they do have to pay $34 in total.

  2. To say it in the right words up nerth: "'Tis a bunch o' jessies crappin' everywhar an' we need tae wait fer the moppers."


    We will have a functioning country, it's not going to be utter shite...but we are going to have to wade waist deep for a while. It'll be fine, eventually.

  3. If you can logically explain to me why your idea fits in the game, then it's cool and I'm cool with it. If it's contradicting lore and you don't have a good reason behind it other than "lel speshul case cus reasons" I'm walking away. I like some level of logical reasoning and by logic I mean using the game's ideas and lore as proof of your theories/ideas/concepts, not using nothing but real life logic. My character isn't on the dot lore perfect, she sits in a grey spot. It is however sound, given that I have guidelines to use and logic that makes sense.

  4. My insecurity is the whole "is this person cool to RP with on first glance?". Yes, my character's name isn't to lore standards but that's because it's not her real name, it's done on purpose (even if the meaning is lore friendly) and I get worried that people see my character and buy a ticket for the nope bus to nopeville because they'll assume I'm a bad roleplayer. Sure my writing sucks sometimes (with hilarious typos like "poop" instead of "poof" and "shit" instead of "shirt") but I'm not that bad, or at least that's what I'm getting the feeling of since people roleplay with me and I'm not being avoided. 


    First impressions kill me sometimes, in short.

  5. As "unfair" and dirty as possible. Mali isn't exactly a fighter, she's an engineer with a dirty and outdated musket pistol and a whole bunch of explosives that need testing. Her job is to make things explode, the fighting and magic throwing she leaves to others.


    She'll throw dirt in your eyes, bite your arm or ear mid grapple, throw a bunch of firecrackers, aim for the family jewels, shoot the kneecaps/ankles. Anything that would put her in a better situation to retreat or incapacitate/kill. Merciless cunning is her strong suit, not raw strength or martial prowess.

  6. Remember people that this is done in appreciation of another's work, hence it's a collaboration. Sure it doesn't fit that well on the aesthetic area, but we're had DragonQuest and soon getting PSO2 which are both collaborations and both lacking a similar visual feel as FFXIV. 


    I for one am interested in what the obtaining method is, as Yoshida did say in the live letter that the weapons will be more difficult to obtain than the minions. Not heard much on the mount. It's also supposedly coming this summer, which is very near, so let's see how this turns out!

  7. e60efa8a75.png


    Not my best shot to be honest, but I kinda was interrupted by co-workers coming over so I couldn't get a proper time on this (I usually aim for 20 minutes no longer). This is what came out of it though. 


    If you don't mind, I'd like to put this on my blog! If you do, just poke me on messages and I'll put it down. 


    As for my cat grill here's a coffee bean cat reference for you! If you want to try something amusing, her right (our left) eye is a little bit lazy sometimes.

  8. Explosives...Expert? - A devious criminal has set a dangerous time bomb, ready to explode in minutes! The only person that could save the entire city is YOU, who has absolutely no experience in anything related to explosions (aside from how to walk away from them like a badass). The real expert is currently on a shopping trip...at the other side of the world. Which wire is the right one?! Only you know...or don't. I hope you're not colorblind.


    I swear this isn't related to my character at all.

  9. Kitten who's big daddy is a big bad meanie criminal, now learning about head bowling underground, learns that exploding people to giblets and not getting caught at all is the way to make top dolla. Becomes literal Cat Grill. Grills people for top dolla. Grills objects for top dolla. Dolla dolla.

  10. Hello beautiful people, my name is Rena (some call me Gem Fabio because of my obsession with crystal formations and minerals)! I'm a recently graduated 3D animation student (still studying for 2D) currently working flexi-time with a game company in Ireland. I'm Canadian, born and raised in Kingston and I'm currently aiming to be a big bad animator! 


    I've been roleplaying for a few years now, mostly in MMORPGs (namely WoW) and I've decided to bring my nutcase of a character over from WoW to FFXIV. It wasn't a hard process to be honest, had to change certain names and removed previous roleplay and it still all clicked which was pretty nice. Hurray for lazy work. 




    First of all have some music!


    My character, Mali Lutka, is a daughter of a relatively renown Twelveswood criminal leader, Mastir'ra Poalis-Lutka (taking his wife's name and adding it forward in respect) who is a man that aimed to crush tradition. Short form of her story, she and her 3 brothers were given a wish each. The twin brothers requested wealth, the middle son requested political power. Mali, being the smartest of the lot, wished to learn what her father did, using the reasoning that she can gain what her brothers did by herself with just the right skills. She eventually learned how to become a saboteur while her brothers struggled with their wishes.


    Nowadays she's a very cocky cat that just wants to rake in as much money as her grubby hands can get on. If it doesn't work out in her favor or if negotiations simply do not look well, a bunch of explosives (ranging from incineration to smoke and even morbol gas) will usually solve the problem. Mali can be an honest negotiator, or a cruel and devious one depending on her employers wishes. She's a very loyal worker, despite her profession, believing that everything should be in secret and she's willing to work with anyone at all. Just don't forget to pay.


    Need an extremely reliable individual to do the nasty work you don't want to admit you need done? Just as her! Don't forget to pay though. Really, she might do things you won't like.




    I'm currently Free Company-less and have been for quite some time! I'm a bit picky when it comes to that kind of stuff, as I do have a lack of tolerance for constant angst RP. There are always good, fun days inbetween awful ones! I'm always available for RP when I'm online, I'm really just leveling my character at the moment. Just poke me if you're interested.

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