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  1. It makes me really sad when I see super interesting land on the horizon, and then I can't get to it. There are awesome mountains/volcanoes in La Noscea that I desperately want to traverse.
  2. Ahahaha. I only have one character who is capable of fighting, and then it's pretty much been restricted to altercations with a very specific set of characters (he doesn't really like to fight) who are controlled by players I've known for forever and trust intrinsically with my own. The other one... well, she'll panic and either get hurt real bad or try to hide it out. But that sword thing. Haha! Very smart.
  3. The whole game is "clean and pretty", but I think that's more of a visual aesthetic than any kind of sign that Eorzea is light and fluffy. All it takes is reading quest text, listening to NPC dialogue, and reading the other bits and pieces of lore to figure out that there's a lot of very not "clean and pretty" all over the world. Refugees starving outside Ul'dah's walls, vagrants in the streets, dangerous, often carnivorous beasts around every corner, a pretty well-entrenched slave trade (that likely involves both slave labor and sex-trafficking), constant upheaval on many more rural towns by beast tribes, pirates that think nothing of slitting your throat and that the local government can't seem to keep in line, pretty sharp class divides in society, a forest where if you take a wrong step you risk death... It's definitely not a nice place.
  4. Duskwight elezen are not treated well at all in Gridania, something scene in both the lancer quest and in idle NPC interaction in the city. That said, I agree that if someone doesn't want to RP a racist... okay? It's not like every Wildwood character has to be derisive of Duskwights. I'm not entirely sure why people are getting so up in arms against people who don't feel like RPing a character that utilizes a completely optional aspect of the world.
  5. http://www.lions.org/cheetah.html Which means the marks could be because of the heat Miqo'te often deal with. I'm not sure what their homelands were like however. I guess the ladies don't deserve to be protected from the glare.
  6. It could go either way, I suppose, with G'raha being "evidence." Why would they entrust his ancestor with their blood? Maybe they created him. Or, maybe Miqo'te already were in existence and his ancestor was simply a trusted retainer, as it were. Well, speaking of Azys Lla and such... It won't answer these but it reminds me of this awesome thread I'm currently following. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/251109-Meracydia-Miqo-te-Azys-La-speculations-%28spoilers%29?p=3192320&viewfull=1#post3192320 My Heavensward lore knowledge is almost nonexistent at this point, but omg this thread is fascinating.
  7. I know the OP has already said they've abandoned the idea, but... for the record and for anyone else lurking who may be considering... I agree with Merri. I say more power to ya.
  8. At the same time, Titan refers to your character as part of the races of Man even if you're miqo'te.
  9. A lot of people are scared to do so. There is often pushback ooc when your character reacts in a prejudiced or racist manner. True, I suppose. I never let that stop me.
  10. I'm of the opinion that if there's a reason mixed race relationships/children are rare, it has largely to do with cultural biases rather than genetics. Which would make for some fun rp, if people actually respond ICly in such a way.
  11. Certainly not to this extent, that I have ever experienced. Balmung is locked far more than it is available, and what's more, it's locked to new players and established players. At the very least, I think SE could stand to ease up on the restriction for players who already have a character on the server.
  12. I like how the paladin shield looks like it's a gate into the void.
  13. A "perfect storm" that is never an issue in any other MMO. >_>
  14. I'm going to have to disagree with this. In my experience, the RP community doesn't really change following a megaserver implementation, though a lot of RPers panic over it. A dwindling RP community is going to have far more to do with the overall health of the game than whether or not the game has megaservers.
  15. It's sort of a lesser of two evils situation. People always want to play on the more populated servers, however its better for the game long term if people are spread out. Otherwise the new player experience is pretty shitty. Without character restrictions, people would get more and more concentrated and new players would be left with two choices: Eh, you're ignoring that SE's server load issues are in large part due to them using pretty crappy servers to begin with. So yeah, they put limits up, but why did they have to put limits up? Because they don't want to invest in sufficient infrastructure. Megaservers are superior to isolated servers anyway. They can handle far more traffic far more efficiently and handle changes in traffic better, too. No reason to give SE a pass when their problems are self-made.
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