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  1. P R E L U D E : T H E - F I R E Attendance: Jalesa Hallon, Patient Wolf, Raxio Viiden, Selene Rose, Rahi Ketto, Sigmund Lorimer, Nessa Aldrich, Anakol Liorasch, Sehu Ketto, Victor Valiant, Argyle Aldrich, Katja Lykios Gamemaster: Argyle Alrdich A plea for assistance came over the linkshell. This time not from Argyle, not from Jalesa but from Katja Lykios. A fire had broken out at Hyrstmill and aid was required to quickly investigate the small outpost and provide what aid they could. Of course the response from the Oracles that were at the ready was immediate and people started to gather in on Katja's location. It didn't take much to explain the situation after all a warm orange glow could be seen filtering its way north through the thickets of the woods. Harrowing screams of infernal voidlike howls echoed throughout the evening hour and a chorus of painful cries followed. With no time to really plan the group would just make their way over to the outpost. When they arrived at the outposts entrance they would see that a few of the buildings had caught to flames. Among the fires that waged there were blackened figures moving about. Creatures that were no larger then two fulms pranced about before a near by building seemingly either trying to get in or keeping the door blocked for reasons that would become all to evident as the Oracles moved forward. Battle erupted rather quickly and the imp's could not hold a candle against the coordination and the momentum of the reinforcements. They would manage to clear the imps out nearest the building and even rescue a few people stuck within. They would then fight off a secondary attack that came in from the north onto their position. When the imps had been all but cleared a man in dark armor revealed himself. Underneath the dark metal of his defense he wore a robe that revealed itself at the joins of the hard exterior. His head was concealed, his face masked by the shadow it crafted and was armed with two rapiers which he quickly brandished and pressed forward to attack. He was skilled in the arcane and proficient with his blades as he assaulted the front line first. The oracles had the numbers, however, and started to overwhelm the man. He would try to break through to the flank where most of the support and ranged members of the oracles had been, however, that too was a mistake as the oracles converged on him from all sides. He was torn asunder and left for dead. The group now found itself planted at Hrystmill. Meanwhile somewhere Else "The attack on the outpost how did it fair," A disembodied voice spoke among the shadow's and broken light of a cluster of tree's. "The attack was a success, however, we did lose a commander," The voice responded in return. "A loss of a life is insignificant to the road of which we hope to pave," The disembodied voice spoke again, "For our future to succeed we must be able to seperate our emotions from our logic. Logic dictates that we have just started. Did we get it?" "We got it," The other voice commented. "Then that is all that matters."
  2. Trespassing among the Canopy of the Shroud Attendance: Argyle Aldrich, Jalesa Hallon, Raxio Viden, Nessa Aldrich Game Mastered: Argyle Aldrich A call came over the pearl from the Shroud from Argyle asking for immediate assistance as his position within the twelveswood was getting overrun by Ixali who were in hot pursuit of a small family that had been running for their lives. With haste Jalesa, Raxio and eventually Nessa joined the fray as they attacked one of the enemies flanks (They Ixali were attacking Argyle from two sides) as battle commenced. It was a difficult battle as the Ixali had two magic user's supporting their forward positions. Argyle, Jalesa and Nessa would each succumb to deadly wounds but thankfully the Adder's had caught wind of the commenced battle as two Conjurer's from the guild would bring needed support getting the three back into the fray. Raxio during the commotion brought up some long-ranged assistance which was a needed boon and with the support of the Conjurer's the group managed to drive off the last Ixali mage while sundering the rest. With this they would head back to the nearest outpost for some needed rest while the family was escorted by the Conjurer's to safety.
  3. This week we have more events being held - The following are the events. Argyle Squad - Trespassing under the boughs [Monday, 23rd 2020] @ 8pm Eastern Katja Squad - Reserved [Wednesday, 25th 2020] @ 8pm Eastern [Book II, Prelude ] The Shroud [Friday, 27th 2020] @ 8pm Eastern Argyle Squad - Reserved [Saturday, 28th 2020] @ 5pm Eastern Time
  4. After reading a post in our recruitment thread and going through this individuals profile I must say that Chce seems to be a very positive, engaging individual and I hope Chce the best as she meets and makes new friends. Definitely nice to see the positivity!

  5. We would like to welcome one of our Newest Members to Argyle's Squad - Anakol Liorasch. We meet with him at Blackbrush Station where we went over the details of our company and eventually invited him. Again welcome on board Anakol Liorasch! Also We would like to Congratulate Jalesa, Raxio and Zahrih for reaching the rank of Acolyte! Congratulations you three!
  6. We would like to welcome one of our Newest Members to Argyle's Squad - Anakol Liorasch. We meet with him at Blackbrush Station where we went over the details of our company and eventually invited him. Again welcome on board Anakol Liorasch! Also We would like to Congratulate Jalesa, Raxio and Zahrih for reaching the rank of Acolyte! Congratulations you three!
  7. The Oracles of Empyrean Focus upon World RP. We also utilize small events throughout the week run by 'Squads' which make the world feel more alive then just running standard one-time events. These small squad events let four people run more isolated stories (one-shots) that help build character backstories for new characters, build relationships for new members and allow for more insular focus as well. Our Main story event brings people together (The entire FC) and we plan to do much more as we grow! Come and check us out! Oh its important to understand we do utilize a Pen and Paper system which is innovated as well as easy to understand but a challenge to Master.
  8. C H A P T E R - T H R E E : B A N D I T - K I N G Attendance: Argyle Aldrich, Jalesa Hallon, Raxio Vilden, Katja Lykios, Zahrih Khaiaxo, Nessa Aldrich, Sehu Ketto Gamemaster: Argyle Aldrich Prior to the event Jalesa Hallon was able to get the following information through a series of questions that she had asked to one of the Bandits taken captive after a previous event: With the information garnished Jalesa Hallon sent out a general linkshell communication having already given some of the news to Argyle Prior. As members of the Oracles arrived Zahrih and Raxio provided sound feedback on how the group should proceed. After a brief discussion the group decided to let Raxio take point to scout ahead before they arrived at the Bandit's stronghold with Zahrih and Argyle taking the middle position so they could support Raxio swiftly in the event Raxio found himself in trouble and Katja along with Jalesa would keep an eye on the groups flank. As the group advanced forward Sehu and Nessa would come and reinforce the efforts as they pressed forward to attack this supposed Bandit King. As they arrived Raxio was able to identify multiple threats at the camp, however he was spotted by one of the archers along the ridge which alerted the camp and put everything in a forward momentum where battle would certainly and undoubtedly pursue. Arrows would be flung while the sound of Metal would clang. Aether would support the Oracles as they pushed in. As they thinned the ranks of these Bandits one would stand out among the others as he seem to conjure forth a Sandstorm that served to protect him but not for long. The Oracles would bring down the bandits and in the same regard found the following: After all this was said and done Sehu, Zahrih, Katja, Argyle would all gather the items at the campsite and bring them back to little Ala Mhigo. Sehu, Zahrih and Rahi would go a bit further and distribute the items as well as focus on some of the repairs that these possessions may have suffered during their time in care. With this the refugee's found vigor and were finally given a sense of security as a problem that has persisted for sometime has been quelled. The Oracles now pack up and get ready to move toward the Shroud.
  9. Attendance: Argyle Aldrich, Jalesa Hallon, Raxio Viden Game Mastered: Argyle Aldrich The Unknown Tenant! Argyle Aldrich had made a general summons to Jalesa Hallon, Raxio Viden and Nessa Aldrich. Jalesa and Raxio managed to make it to the location just south west of Little Ala Mhigo. Within a small chasm surrounded by tall walls, stone structures with faintly lit candle's resting within and dusty sand covered ground. As everyone assembled they would meet four Ala Mhigans on which they quickly learned they were there to impress in some manner as the four Ala Mhigans seem to test the Trio. Curoix ( Did not Stay ) stuck to the tenant of Rhalgr akin to the following: "Rhalgr, the breaker of worlds, is the god of destruction and guardian of our people, the ala Mhigans. He symbolizes strength, encourages us to break barriers that are presumed to prevent our passage." Mora (Remained) had stood by the following passage: "As we know creation begets destruction and naught exists which cannot be sundered." Duren ( Did not Stay ) stood behind the words of Rhaglr's teachings: "Byregot the builder and his sister halone were the final two deities of the heavens. Fear was born upon their creation as both were ambitious and may one day usher chaos unto the world. To see them properly disciplined, Nyemia made them wards of the Mighty Rhalgr." Lastly, Tharix ( Remained ) spoke the following tenant of Rhalgr: "Thus in heaven of lightning, one will find a towering clockwork spire built by Byregot of metal born from broken star. This spire empowered by the levin bolts of Rhalgr's might." After a long conversation and much back and forth the trio went back to Little Ala Mhigo with Mora the Miqo'te and Tharix children of Ala Mhigo and patron's of Rhalgr.
  10. We continue to expand and continue to grow! As our squads are shaping up so is our storytelling and our individual character plot points. We are hoping to make the most extensive FC experience we can by giving a opportunity, chance and place for new folks to our ranks. To enjoy the world around us and to explore the land's that make Eorzea, Eorzea! Come check us out and see what we are all about!
  11. We would like to Congratulate the following Jalesa Hallon and Auren Revelle have been promoted to the Rank of Acolyte after a 2 week initiation period! Below are some of the pictures of that Ceremony for one of the two! (We forgot to take pictures for poor Auren!)
  12. We currently have '3' Applications in process and will be meeting with these applicants over the next few days! This said our open availability for recruitment may be coming to the point where we will be closed for a bit. If you've been checking us out and on the line please feel free to contact me @ Ryslo Suramlo#0001 and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Our website is found here https://oe-rp.enjin.com/.
  13. C H A P T E R - T W O : B R I G A N D I N E Attendance: Katja Lykios, Rahi Ketto, Sehu Ketto, Jalesa Hallon, Sigmund Lorimer, Nessa Aldrich, Argyle Aldrich, Auren Ravelle Gamemaster: Argyle Aldrich Having gained trust by taking on various tasks for the Little Ala Mhigo's and having been given permission to reside within Little Ala Mhigo too the group was given a task that would cement the Oracles Trust. There is apparently a group of Bandits, Thugs.. Hired Swords that harassed the denizens of Little Ala Mhigo on a regular basis. Taking their resources, taking their supplies and demeaning them. Knowing they would be pressing their presence upon Little Ala Mhigo the Oracles setup an Ambush. Separating themselves into key locations they remained very well hidden as the aggressor's entered Little Ala Mhigo and quickly became surrounded as the Oracles attacked the Bandits on all sides. They did conquer the Bandits leaving a few alive including a Roegadyn that acted as the small groups leader. What the Oracles Learned was the following during this event: 1. The Small Band of Thugs were just that, a Small Faction of a much larger group. 2. The thugs have been harassing the Refugee's for sometime. The Oracles plan to interrogate the Roegadyn for further information which was led by Jalesa. The following is written from Jalesa's Perspective: Jalesa wouldn't be able to carry the Roegadyn, but she'd be glad to help with the 'interrogation', trying to find as much about the Brigadine as possible from him. She'd not stop at talking to the man; the miqo'te wouldn't be beneath searching the man's body to find any items of interest, or even checking out the craftmanship of his armor / weaponry if that would suggest where he and his gang are getting supplies from!
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