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  1. We are super excited to announce our Second part of our Prelude to Season 1 of our Free Company's Storyline has gone off without a hitch! We had a total of 9 members join us on our journey as we investigated a mission Brass Blades Squad in Pearl Lane. It was a great test to our system and it seems to have gone off well allowing our members to engage the world around them, obtain information and share what they wanted and how they wanted. We are definitely looking forward to this Friday as we delve finally into Chapter 1 of Season 1!
  2. Welcome to Norvalla! We have grown some since we've last posted and we super excited to really start pulling back the skin so-to-speak on the first event that'll chart our story as a FC. If your interested in engaging us from the ground up now is the best opportunity to meet other like minded individuals who wish to engage the world as it is intended and not hide behind the doors of some Inn or Tavern. TO get their weapons used, their wits sharpened and their skills honed!
  3. Having entered Shadow Bringers and enjoying the crux of the content we are about to start up our RP here this coming week. I encourage anyone looking for a home, looking for a place to engage others in the open world to come check out Norvalla! We do plan to use the world as our backdrop for a great deal of our RP and we will stay our hand from Tavern RP unless its an occasional stop here and there to support server related content. Anyroad come and help us help the forgotten!
  4. Just wanted to say Hey! We can't wait to meet many new faces in Shadowbringers and since we've really gotten off the ground running we plan to restore faith in Open World RP and engage members in a growing storyarc that will be designed to help build personal histories between members and act as the supporting role in creating a atmosphere that's more conducive to random RP. We plan to do so much and need new blood to help us imagine the things we wish to see come to fruition.
  5. @Darshendros the Eternal Your solid and I'd recommend you 10/10 no sweat (I mean how can I not one Elezen to the Next!). Also I understand there are a lot of Free Companies out there and many with rich histories but we do promise a unique experience one that will enrich our members with a deep growing storyline that will peel back the layer's of the world around us. We do work in accordance to the Main Storyline, however we never interact directly with that Main Storyarc that the Warrior of light walks. We currently after a week of Shadowbringers being out plan to deal with the 'Thinning' of Aether and contending against a Mysterious force that works in tandem with the forces that are effecting the world (but on a much smaller scale). If your looking for Open World RP - Looking to delve into Combat, Investigations, and other various Situations please come check us out. Our Unique Pen and Paper System is extremely forgiving and caters strongly to RP and Storytelling. The dice in our system work based on a Success and Failure ratio rather then a straight numerical one. New members and Old members do not have massive gaps between them and our abilities in our system are designed to allow you to customize your play the way your character is built. So please come check us out I promise you wont be disappointed.
  6. We have recently added a few new faces to Norvalla! We are proud and pleased to welcome Aerdyn, Dredly & Mikh (Meekah) to our home! We are looking forward to adding more new faces, new players (as well as old) into our growing RP community! Our focus once the first week of Shadowbringer's is done is to get back out into the open world and contend with the issues that are growing within Eorzea!
  7. OUR WEBSITE AND WHERE TO APPLY: https://norvalla.enjin.com/ CONTACT THE LEADER: Ryslo Suramlo#0001 CONTACT AN OFFICER: Fethend#0001, Inquistor#8482, Nicky Nine-lives#0013, Nytefall#3282 JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/4GuZRg3 --------------------------------------- GENERAL SYNOPSIS Norvalla is a roleplaying community that has given itself a theme of being a Charitable Organization that strives to bring good will and fortune upon those who have been forgotten and lost in the wake of the war between Eorzea and Garlemald. Out of character we hope to harvest, create, a work together with our members to make this a home that will stand the test of time. We strive to build ourselves up piece by piece and learn from the mistakes we make along the way. We plan to do player vs. environment content outside of our normal roleplay focused events. On top of all this we simply wish to make this a place where you can meet folks and make friendships that will hopefully last well after this game has come to an end. Welcome to Norvalla! It is important to note we do utilize a RP System that utilizes Character Sheets and /random. The system is designed to keep new members and old members practically in line with each other but reward people for their own character strengths and weaknesses allowing people to be stars in critical moments during our story telling process. It is also our way to measure activity by rewarding members with AP (Activity Points) which will be the main factor when it comes to promotions. We've decided to promote people based on what they give and provide the company and eliminated the 'Special Treatment' that often occurs in companies where friends are the only ones promoted (Obviously if your in a FC you should be a friend but were more concerned with special treatment of 'Close' friends). We believe in transparency and this is one of this mechanics that keep things fair and even across the board. Also our /Random system has a greater success rate for characters then standard dice systems where its primarily off the number game. OUR ORIGIN Norvalla is born from the single idea that those who are forgotten should not be. To serve the people who are displaced by war, who are victims of famine, who suffer losses and who are forgotten by the Hero's and Lords of the land during this tumultuous period of strife. Three individuals came together to craft the Idea that would be seeded as Wanderlust first but would begin to grow into the Organization known as Norvalla. Ayame Tatsuya, Kodama Tatsuya and Yezekael Telesphore are those three individuals who had decided the average day to day labor's of being Mercenaries was not enough and so the idea of doing work for good and charitable cause was the better of the two paths. Of course this is still akin to the work Mercenaries would take, however the way on which individuals are paid for their work is much different. As the seed grew so did the structure of which Norvalla would stand upon. Having a need to keep some resemblance of order among the projected goal of the organization a rank structure was formed. Where new members would be welcomed within the Free Company by being a part of the old guard and assigned someone of the Knight Status and Above. The goal of this assignment is not to place command over the new person but to give them an immediate connection to the Organization. To help integrate new folks and give them a way to engage immediately. OUR EVENT SCHEDULE Currently we are just recruiting and doing Light RP. Once Shadowbringer's has been out for a week we will be hosting regular events weekly and biweekly. The following is what we plan to host throughout a month. Main Story Event (We are utilizing the world as our Canvas!) Training Events Promotion Ceremonies Player Vs. Environment Events (Map Runs, Raids) Social Gatherings Mentor Events Member's that just join our ranks are initially marked as a Recruit. It is here they are introduced for a short period to our community, delve into its confines and learn about how things work. During the period on which they are a recruit we plan to engage them, get them involved day one into a Mentor Program which Recruits and Squires alike are assigned to a Knight individually or at times in Squads depending on the number of Knight(+) we have available. After you achieve a certain amount of AP (Activity Points) you will be given a ceremony on which you will be elevated to the rank of Squire. The follow will explain each of the ranks a little better but it is very important to understand that your out of character rank is 'New Member' and your in character rank differs. Recruit - Brand new member to Norvalla. They have been interviewed, processed and assigned a Mentor. The first rank of many that a member is granted and a rank that helps identify new faces to the Free Company so current members can provide aid and welcomed greetings. Squire - The Second Rank a Member will Achieve. This rank is a representation of the dedicated efforts of a New Member, their progress through our system and their understanding of it. They are engaging other's and are a part of the community (Involved in events with and without their mentor, joining the Main Story Event and Social Events too!). They are well on their way to becoming Knighted. When you achieve the out of character rank known as 'Full Member' you have now entered the rank of being a Mentor and someone that can be looked upon as a guiding force for our community. The first rank you achieve as a Full Member is Knight. Knighthood is important as it opens doors for you to host events with new members, lead in character and provide solid feedback to leadership to help and aid in Norvalla's Growth. You are a beacon of a future that has yet set its course. From Knight you will advance to Knight Lieutenant where you will be granted access to leading a Small Squad of New Members in times when Knight's are in short demand. You can take new members on one-shot missions leading them into the fray against Bandits, the wilds or even providing succor and respite for the lost. You are nearing the end of the Full Membership Status for when you leave Knight Lieutenant behind you enter the Status of Veteran Member. The following is a brief Synopsis of the Full Member Ranks. Knight - Your a full member now and with it comes the opportunity to lead new members into the greater aspects of Norvalla. Just as you had been raised by a Knight (or higher) you will be given the opportunity to meet someone new, engage them in RP through interactive missions and develop them into a strong asset for Norvalla's cause. You will also at times take point in Story Missions and will be a guide for the future success of the Organization. Knight Lieutenant - You have risen yourself to a prominent role within Norvalla. You have trained, honed and introduced new faces into the ranks of Norvalla's old guard. You will be looked upon for future leadership roles as you continue to grow and continue to aid in the mentorship of new members alike. You may be at times asked if you'd like to raise a Squad (A group of Squires / Recruits) in times when Knight's are in short demand and may even lead missions in the Main Story Event or side ones. Veteran Member's have been with the Free Company for sometime and have gone through the paces. They have seen what is successful and what isn't. Due to this not only will new member seek their guidance, leadership will often go to them and inquire their opinion, their perspectives and their advice. They have the eyes and ears of the community upon them as they have demonstrated loyalty, commitment and a passion to remain with the collective. They have groomed, helped bring in new members and have been a willing participant to many events, stories and affairs. These individuals are the roots of the community where as the Full Member is the trunk and the New Members the Branches. Veteran's start off at the rank of Knight Captain and can work their way up to Knight Commander. Conclave Members fall within these ranks as well, however they have taken on more out of character responsibilities and commitments giving them the out of character rank of Conclave Member rather then just Veteran Member. As stated Veteran Members are very important and in some way an extension of the Conclave itself. Knight Captain - A commanding role among the Membership of Norvalla. Not only have they been around for a considerable amount of time but they have also put in the paces and have helped many Eorzean's during their travels. They've taken on tasks, faced challenges and have been a presence among Norvalla for sometime. They mostly take point in Missions and are sought out for their experienced council. Knight Commander - The pinnacle of the Norvalla Structure. They are a commanding presence in keeping Norvalla on task. They understand the mission better then anyone as they have faced the horror's of those who suffer from them. They are leaders among the members and even though there may be a day when there are Multiple Commander's does not diminish this rank. They are often Kind people who welcome new folks alike while remembering where Norvalla has been and their advice, their words and their council are always appreciated.
  8. If your tired of joining a Free Company that only focuses on Tavern's, Inns and Social Gatherers and not touching the larger world on which our characters live then perhaps you've not checked out Norvalla yet. We plan to utilize the world as our backdrop. To explore, to delve and to build not only our characters but a living environment that surrounds them. Come check us out as I'm certain you wont be disappointed.
  9. We are looking forward to Shadowbringers and thus we really wish and hope to fill out our ranks with those who are seeking to delve into the story from the Eorzean Prospective. Clearly traversing the space/time between shards isn't exactly feasible but we can certainly contend with the thinning of the Aether and the issue's that is causing. If your seeking more to your RP then just taverns and dives come check us out! I promise you the world will become your backdrop!
  10. Our Main Story Event is kicking off and this would be a fantastic time for people to join our ranks as we plan to host a gathering this Wednesday to discuss the First Mission of the Season. This event will be setup as a prelude to build both story and put investment in with each of our members. The Details: Years have gone by since the sky had filled with Crimson Light and etched by the harrowing scream of the Elder Primal, Bahamut. It has been years since the lands of Coerthas had been covered in sheets of ice and snow, years since thanalan, la noscea and the shroud have been damaged by crimson shards left in that terrible dragon's wake. Eorzea has faced battle after battle against the Garleans, Liberated Ala Mhigo, Liberated Doma and for what? The people stuck among all this chaos are the very people forgotten by the governments and by those who amass power, wealth and victories. Mind you victories that are born on the backsides of the very people who have granted them said power. Now we face a more dire situation where the Aether is starting to feel thin. Where a looming, ghastly effect washes out across much of the land. Where death's whispers are starting to be heard as the echo's of our sins have now piled up large enough where we may not be able to turn back. So where does that leave us? We only have one direction we can go and that is forward. Forward in providing succor, respite and aid to those people lost to all this. To do what we can to stay the tide of pain, suffrage and whatever else may follow. Norvalla shall start and rise to become a shield.. no perhaps more like a Rampart. We will do our best to slow this darkness that crashes against us wave after wave. Its all we can do to keep those we love safe and to keep those in the shadows from despair. We head out to Ala Mhigo where we shall take on our first task - A darkness that has been growing that Norvalla hopes to keep at bay.
  11. Our House Exterior and Interior
  12. Tonight we are doing an open rp (Meet up) for those within our community. It will be a soft introduction to the reemergence of our RP focus and the first time for many of us to engage each other since we've formed.
  13. Just want to Quickly welcome Darshendreux to our Community! We just interviewed this Elezen the other evening and we are very pleased with how the interaction had gone.
  14. Just want to stress as we recruit and start commencing in character interviews I find myself making sure to remind everyone that we do utilize a Light Character Sheet based system that has a Success and Failure Dice Roll System (It has a greater chance of success for players then standard systems that count the numbers as numbers). It is designed to make sure the disparity between new and old members is limited but still rewards activity. Promotions are tied to our AP system (activity point System) which eliminates the role that leaders often take upon themselves and end up promoting the people they really like. Its a bipartisan way to grow in our community.
  15. Recruitment still wide open! Definitely looking for folks who enjoy some good pen and paper styled roleplay events that reward activity for promotions rather then how bonded you are with individuals. Our story's will focus on everyone with it occasionally interwoven with a members own personal backstory to interlock the interpersonal connections (That's a lot of inters!)
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