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  1. Dwassyith Swanra

    [Balmung / Mateus / Omega] Rajal Akeem

    Character Name: Rajal Akeem Character Age: He looks around mid-twenties, perhaps a tad older. Character Gender: Male. Character Race: Judging by his physical features, Seeker. Character Profession: Officially? A gardener. Un-officially? Something else... Character Residence: He is seen often loitering in and out a building in the outskirts of Ul'dah. [Character Background & Personality] This is something I am going to leave for IC discovery. I prefer to let everything - or almost everything - about my character to be found out through IC interaction to preserve a feeling of fresh surprise and spontaneous interaction. His background, personal story and even personality can be explored by simply engaging him ICly through a walk-up approach. [Possible RP Hooks] Alley Lurker: Rajal is often seen loitering in the filthiest and less reccomendable alleys of Ul'dah, talking with a myriad of individuals - albeit what's behind such low-toned conversations, remains unknown. At times, he is seen exchanging money with rags-clad inhabitants, in the most worn down corners of the city. Ever so fleeting, his presence never lingers for too long. [Dark / Mature themes involved] Desert Loiterer: The verdant-eyed Seeker often crosses the threshold of the Ul'dahnian walls to head into the desert - at times for hours, other times for days. The man can be spotted transporting wares in and out of the gates. It is not unusual to catch his fleeting presence in trading outposts built around oasis. Jobs-giver: It is rumoured that Rajal is not a stranger to pay 'volunteers' to do something for him. At times he is seen tagging along, other times, he does not. One thing is for sure: the kind of tasks he gives out, are not the kind one can find pinned on the bulletin board. The black-skinned Seeker does not speak openly about them either. Non-Tribal Miqo'te: It is word of mouth that Rajal doesn't share any roots with his former tribe. Thus, he might not have the common notions of tribal customs, behaviour or religious beliefs. The reasons why he appears to be so detached from his biological family ties is not commonly known and might have to get investigated. --- How To Approach? -- You can approach him freely without asking me for pre-emptive consent, whenever you see him loitering in Ul'dah! Walk-ups are my favourite! You can also contact me on Discord, I'm always up for a chat: Dwassyith#1278 I don't have any Wiki / Tumblr profiles and I don't plan on making them as a personal choice.
  2. Tango

    Funny story

    I love roleplaying and heard that Mateus was a good RP server (since Balmung is full), so I stumbled through FFXIV's weird UI trying to get to the Aether data center to see if Mateus was open, since apparently that one is getting hard to get into (so I've heard). Lo and behold, I find my completely untouched relic of a 1.0 character that I thought was deleted years ago... on the Balmung server. With legacy characters, you're able to change everything about them when you log onto them for the first time in ARR+, including their name. Yay! So yeah, I'm here now. I have no idea how to roleplay in a game, but I've been doing forum/Tumblr/Livejournal/whatever roleplay for a long time.
  3. Hello fellow RPers, I am here fishing to see if there is an interest in a Garlean Military style Free Company/Linkshell. If there is enough demand for such a thing amongst our Community be it making an alt or body alt for such a thing I would gladly start what I have begun to lay the groundwork for, such as obtain an FC house and lay a few foundational things for but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to see what you our community think. Listed below are a few things that one could come to expect should this come to fruition as an FC/LS, it would be a Castrum/Military base stationed in Ilsabard but unlike most bases, this would be home to civilians and families being home to a commissary and residential area. The kinds of events that would be hosted are as follows. Keep in mind this is just a rough outline and idea. Military Operations: - Airship battles. - Breaching and/or Extraction scenarios. - Dealing with rogue factions, or rebellion. - Conquering Towns/Villages/Areas for Empire Control. Casual Events: - Poker night in the barracks - Marksmen/Combat Competitions - Balls/Ceremonies Training: - Lessons covering militum combat styles and legion tactics. - Standard decorum; perhaps drills or general classes covering how to address peers and superiors, as well as how to behave on a daily basis. - Combat scenarios where the troops play either side alternately, learning how each group would think and act in the instance.
  4. The Matron's Reach Clinic is open for walk-in patients of all kinds. The clinic is located in the Goblet, Ward 7, Plot 6. You can: - Drop by with both minor and major injuries. - Get a regular check up before you head out on adventure. - Get answers to your health-related questions - Be referred to a therapist - Find a specialist for your ongoing medical mysteries - Get cured from poisons and venom * - Purchase potions, bandages, medicine, ointments and even a hangover cure. And much, much more! If you think it can happen in a clinic, then you're right, it can! The event is open for everyone, and the clinic is neutral, rest easy - even criminals can be treated and wont be prosecuted afterwards. For requests, information and all else, send a tell to Maril Hawker or add me on Discord as MeanderingMind#8375 * In the event that you have been poisoned, we recommend showing up at the clinic within one bell of the incident. Delays may increase your risk of a fatal outcome. ** Treating healers with disrespect may lead to salt getting into contact with your wounds.
  5. Upcoming Balmung RP Events note: the original poster here no longer maintains the weekly events. Head over to the latest post for events! -=NOTICE=- Erah'sae now maintains the Balmung RP Calendar. Direct all messages to him.
  6. Saikhantuyaa

    balmung The Spellstone Tournament

    Spellstone Tournament Sundays, 8pm EST @Fesca’s Wash, Central Thanalan ( 21.0 , 25.8 ) ~ The following advertisement is placed in every major publication in Eorzea, with colorful fliers strewn throughout the four city-states. ~ Students of magic, brothers and sisters of sorcerous might. For some time now we have heard your concerns regarding the state of magical competition in Eorzea. It is no secret that it is rather difficult to conduct a tournament of magic users. One cannot imagine why this might be the case, though I would hazard that we are a inquisitive sort, as keen to push the boundaries of our chosen arts as we are to test ourselves against our peers in the realms of spellcraft. Although one could also argue that the authorities feel a certain degree of discomfort when a group of people who can set said peers ablaze with words gather in the one location, and this tends to make for a tense atmosphere for all concerned. Our company has some experience with regulating a wide scale tournament with a cast of diverse and colourful participants, as anyone who attends the Grindstone can attest. Therefore, in partnership with our colleagues from the distant shores of the Far East, we offer those of a magical disposition a similar opportunity to test their might against their fellow Archons and Magisters, Sorcerers and Warlocks, Wizards and Scholars alike. Are you at the pinnacle of your art? Shall your foes tremble at your arcane might, or shall your flame be consumed by the magecraft of your foes? Spellstone employs a simple set of rules meant to ensure the relative safety of competitors, staff, volunteers, and spectators alike. Any who are familiar with other fighting tournaments (such as the Grindstone) will already have a grasp of these rules, but for those who have never participated in such events, we ask you to read over them very carefully before deciding whether you wish to compete! Any and all are invited to participate, from seasoned archmage to learning student of the arcane; this is a contest meant to give those of magical inclination a battleground to test themselves and their mastery, as well as foster relations between mages from all walks of life! Rules IC 1. No force that would be lethal - even without the dampening field. While injuries and pain will be sustained on the field of battle, we at Spellstone do not condone outright murder, dismemberment, or permanent harm of any participants. Remember that you are within sight of Ul’dah’s gates - Immortal Flames are on hand at any moment to deal with attempted murder and drag away the offending individual to face incarceration or otherwise. 2. No illegal magics - this includes Black Magic, White Magic, Void Magic, Necromancy, etc. Have a care of your surroundings and do not do anything that could earn you the suspicion of your peers or alert authorities to illegal actions. 3. No removing your opponent's will to fight via sleep spells or other mental manipulation. This is a contest of magical strength and prowess; if you are not going to fight fairly, do not enter. 4. No animals. 5. You will be medically cleared before beginning each round. If you have sustained injuries, they will be healed via potion or spell. You will not be allowed to move on if you deny healing and recovery-based tonics. 6. No use of ether potions or other external means to regain Aether. This is also a test in managing your resources. As specified under rule three, if you do not intend to fight fairly, do not sign up to compete! 7. No fighting with a condition that will make your participation in the tournament more dangerous ( such as an unhealed prior injury or pregnancy ). No staff, volunteers, or participants in Spellstone wish to worsen prior health conditions to the point they endanger your life. Have a care for yourself and others around you. 8. This is a tournament of magic - no striking your opponent with martial weapons and techniques. Use of melee weapons as foci or a means to direct your magic are accepted, but do not attempt to cleave your opponent in two; save that for the Grindstone. OOC 1. Treat everyone with basic respect and decency. 2. If you have concerns related to the Spellstone or its participants, bring them directly to leadership. This includes concerns relating to the "lore friendliness" of spells your opponent is using, ways to improve the event and Discord, concerns about the OOC history of other participants, special considerations your character will need, and many more things. We won't know unless you tell us! 3. By participating in the Spellstone, you agree that if your character is disruptive, staff characters will be able to overpower them and remove them from the event. This will be done ICly via features built into the spell dampening field, so that we don't force you to accept that our characters can automatically beat yours in a fair fight. 4. No gatekeeping or policing. Unless a character's player has been issued a ban by the staff, they are welcome. If you feel any characters or players who are present should be kept away, bring your concerns to the staff (see OOC rule 2). This also governs IC posturing and threatening to keep people you don't like away. Participation is optional and by participating you agree to adhere to all rules. ~ There will be a prize of 300k to the tournament victor at the end of the night - as well as an additional sur-prize for the winner, which will change every week! ~ Caveats to be aware of: All of us at Spellstone understand that disconnections can happen at any time, for any number of reasons. However, in the case of such, participants will only be alloted 10 minutes once their character disappears from the game world to log back in. Should a participant not return within this time limit, their match will be considered a forfeit and their opponent allowed to advance. This is in the spirit of keeping the tournament fair and moving forward. ~ We will be using the Grindstone approach of /random rolling for defense and offense! ~ Event staff and volunteers can be found by the Looking to Meld symbol, though a detailed list is provided below. If you wish to join a growing community dedicated to the enjoyment, participation, and management of Spellstone, feel free to join up with us at: https://discord.gg/5cHuzcV!
  7. Hey there folks, I'm a relative newbie to FFXIV, and looking for some patient RP contacts to help me build my character! Although still fairly new to Eorzea, I'm an experienced RPer, a quick learner, and have RPed as dozens of characters in numerous games. Hieronymous Wrex * Race: Roegadyn * Gender: Male * Alignment: Lawful Neutral * Sexuality: Straight * Background: Wrex is a tortured soul with a regretful past and a repentant eye towards the future. Born in Limsa Lominsa and raised there as an orphan, he has spent a considerable portion of his life in the navy, serving with the Maelstrom as a seaman and later as an intelligence officer. Now retired from military life, he regrets much of the time he spent serving, and has repurposed the skills he gained in his first career in order to find new work in Ul'dah as a private investigator. Above all, he desires to help people, and hopes that by giving aid to the downtrodden, he might redeem himself from the regrets of his past life. * Personality: Seemingly aloof and sarcastic, he can often strike people as being uncaring. He does, however, have a tendency to devote himself completely to any cause he feels strongly about, and is quick to offer his help to anyone he thinks might need it. * Hooks: He is currently seeking work in Ul'dah as a private detective. He also has a long history of service in the Maelstrom, and is likely to recognize other veterans with similar service records. About Me I'm an experienced roleplayer who loves creating complex characters and getting lost in intricate plots. I adore a good mystery or adventure, and definitely won't turn my nose up to any romance that blossoms along the way. My only real hang-up is with Mary Sues, which I don't have much patience for. I love discovering and exploring the flaws in characters, and am easily bored by those that seem 'too perfect'. I'm currently in UTC+6 (Central US), and although I try to get online as often as possible, my playtime can sometimes be a bit spotty, so I'll probably be easiest to reach via Discord. If you're interested in RPing there, send me a PM and I'll send you my details, otherwise I look forward to seeing you in game!
  8. Lunar Rose Academy <Lunar> Is looking for FC and Non FC members alike. We are a school who teach in various subjects. From basic reading and writing, to combat and magic casting. We need teachers (We have reached a max number of teachers at the moment, BUT! We will need more again when we have more students, so stay tuned!) School staff, and students. People who are more active will be rewarded with various gifts. Like gil, materials and more! This is what our teachers will give classes in so far: Kai'to Kahjela - Writing Refinement Tamachi Kha - Combat Classes Juni Valturi - Magiteck Classes V'rasha Tenbe - General Studies/Aethurology Titor Jaraba (Citadel Five-four) - Alchemy Yousuke Sumiyoshi - Medical Science Ayane Mayuzuma - Magic Casting/Language Are you interested into joining our little group, or do you have questions? Please send me a private message on here, add me on discord: (Masao#2913) Join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/fe3rNcC Or feel free to message me in game on Ayane Mayuzuma. Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day.
  9. Join us at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea.
  10. Join Teatime at 7:00 PM eastern time on Monday, November 19th at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea. This event is bi-weekly at 7:00 PM eastern time the first Monday and third Monday of each month. If you’d like to learn more about our FC including details on our Information Brokering and Private Investigations services, our Recruitment, and more, please go here!
  11. Maelstrom Command RP LinkShell Community AKA <<FLEET>> Grand Company / Military / Law Enforcement / Adventuring We are a LinkShell focused RP community – meaning that while we do have a Free Company, no one is required to join the Free Company to be considered a fully fledged member of the community. You don't have to leave your FC friends to play with us! We're always accepting new members, and we love helping out with events for other RP groups too. For more info on how to join, or how to ask us to help out with you event, read the info below! (Last updated on 10/18/2018) Though we are a military group, our IC flavor is a little bit different than your typical military setup. In a nutshell, the Maelstrom is comprised of former pirate crews, each whom had agreed to serve whichever Admiral might be sitting in Limsa's high seat at the time. When Merlwyb won the most recent Trident competition, declared martial law, and essentially established herself as the permanent leader of the Limsan Navy, many former Knights of the Barracuda made the switch to the newly reestablished Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa (the Maelstrom). Overall, they're an organized military group, with a clear rank and uniform hierarchy, that operates in a slightly more chaotic good/chaotic neutral alignment than similar groups. OOCly, we are a largely community run group, meaning that the members are given as much creative power as they would like in creating events and deciding what direction we would like to go as a group ICly. We are constantly collaborating: planning events together, taking turns DMing, finding ways to tie our character's backstories together, etc.! Our focus as a community is to help each other move the personal stories of our individual characters forward, using the backdrop of Limsan lore and a loose military structure as a force that helps drive it all forward – with Sylb (MoenMoen) acting as the safeguard/protector, and the social main tank, for the community. We value quality over quantity, and real life events over RP pretendy time. Event attendance is never required! Above all else, we are determined to be a safe place to share ideas, grow as creatives, and to have fun, dangit!! We avoid drama like the plague, encourage one another, and have each other's back at all turns. As a bonus, we have cultivated an atmosphere that is a genuine safe place for members of the LGBTQA+ groups to hang out without worry of judgement or bullying. Who we are ICly: Officially commissioned personnel in the Maelstrom Grand Company! Maelstrom Soldiers Knights of the Barracuda Yellowjackets Foreign Levy (Adventurers) Privateers (Trade, War, & Black Sails) Mealvaan's Gate assessors Who we are OOCly: Friendly nerds who love to chatter and hang out and goof around! Human meme generators Housing fanatics Glamour savants Artists & writers Emoji addicts Mighty Punishers Interested in learning more? Check out our RPC Club page for the full deets on how to join:
  12. Morha

    A (Super) Late Intro

    Goodness, I came on here a year ago and never made an intro. SO, UH...hello, everyone! I play Morha Hijahl on the Balmung server. I recently came back after being gone for about a year, so I'm happy to be here. It's good to meet you all! (Don't mind me while I lurk.)
  13. Teatime <<Tea>> is a med-heavy role-play free company on the FFXIV Balmung server. The Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern is a cozy teahouse and bar located within the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood, serving a wide array of beverages and snacks and selling their own specialty loose-leaf blends of tea. At least, that is what is most publicly known. Less mainstream is the knowledge that the establishment also serves as a front for an information brokerage and private investigations business. Secrets, lies, rumors, intrigue... what is it that you are seeking, or selling, perhaps? Pay us a visit, cut a deal, and spill the tea. Or just enjoy a warm drink and some pleasant company! Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern Lavender Beds Ward 5 Plot 58 Lavender Northeast Subdivision Leadership Leader: Faye Covington Discord: Destiny (Faye)#8463 Tumblr RPC Rules | Info Brokering & Investigations | Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern | Teatime | Tea Menu Click here to go to our Club! Follow Teatime on tumblr!
  14. IC A company that was once run by two Ala Mhigans who felt their glory years had passed. They retired and, with them, the company did as well. Ownership of the company plot and rights to act as a free company passed hands for some time until, finally, it landed in the hands of Aedan Blacke. Aedan, as a friend of the original owner of Black Griffin Adventuring Company, sought to restore the company to its former glory. As such, he met with the original owner, learned the tricks of the trade, dusted the cobwebs out of the house, met with contacts to begin gathering work, and opened the doors. As such, Black Griffin Adventuring Company had been reborn.... OOC Overview Black Griffin is a company of fun-loving adults that want to have a good time playing all aspects of the game together. As a company, we strive to offer an immersive and fun environment for RP, PvE, and even PvP should the player so desire. A Home for a Broad Spectrum of Characters Black Griffin is a company that was founded to fill what we thought was a hole in the community: a lore-abiding company that offered both adventuring and slice of life for all that joined. The company not only offers adventuring through the use of the house's leveboard and contracts, but also a social atmosphere for both company members and their friends to gather. The large majority of our events will have an adventuring theme much like one would pick up from the Adventurer's Guilds and Grand Companies around the game and, as such, will take place out in the open world. Adventurers, not Warriors of Light As a company we tend to run what some might consider "lower power level" characters. What this means is that our characters are not paragons of their chosen fields. While they may well be skilled in what they do, they are not capable of leveling mountains, taking on small armies on their own, or creating craters with their powers. We like for everyone to share the spotlight while telling stories, not for one invincible character to shine brighter than all others. Transparency We're a company that offers transparency from the officer core. All things done by the officer core will be known to every member of the company. We do this for two reasons: We wish for this to be a company made by every individual member, not just a select few people with the powers to kick, invite and promote. Anything done by the officers is not meant to be secretive. If and when a decision is made, a post to inform every member of the company will follow. The post may not be verbatim what the officers said during their discussions, but it will contain every pertinent detail. This also includes our applications. All applications submitted to our company are viewable by every member of the company as we value their input on the potential applicant as well. Casual Atmosphere Looking over the various posts in the forum might give the impression that we're overly serious about everything. We're not. While we do like particular themes and environments for our RP, such as particular lore and "realism" standards, we still take a casual approach to it all. We're not looking to be a huge company filled to the brim with hundreds of players. Our aim in making this company was to provide a home for like-minded people that wanted casual-paced RP, based in lore and "realism". As such, we will never really have any large recruitment drives in the hopes of grabbing tons and tons of people, but will instead use the occasional party finder post and pokes in whispers here and there. This casual nature also flows into our event planning. We all have lives outside of the game and use this game as a way to de-stress and "escape". Having to worry over having weekly events and the like doesn't do much to serve that purpose. As such, while officer-led events will happen, they may not be on a weekly basis. We're just here to play the game as a group, enjoy some RP along the way, and get phat lewts from punching pixels. All Aspects of the Game We're a group that loves all aspects of the game, not just the RP. So, often times, you'll find many of us running dungeons and raids, pulling together groups to make money doing treasure maps, and sometimes getting together to grind out wolf marks for those sweet sweet PvP glamours (and sometimes achievements). To help facilitate this, the company has a discord that all members (and their friends, within reason) are invited to upon invitation to the company. The discord is often used to remind members of upcoming events, as a way of communication between members for both general conversation and RP when otherwise unable to get on the game, and has several voice channels to accommodate any number of groups in the game at the same time. Discord is never required, but is certainly highly encouraged. You'll often see members sitting in the general voice channel just "shooting the shit" together. To visit our company site or for more information about our company policy, click here!
  15. Masao Aniko

    Lunar Rose Academy Opening!

    A New School Year! Details: November 3rd at 7:30 PM EST (11:30 GMT) Lavender beds, Ward 13, Plot 30 Summary: Lunar Rose Academy is having its grand opening! We're a school focused RP housed in Balming. Come and see what classes we offer, or become a student/teacher yourself! There's a suprise in store for those who attend and join us. If you are already a part of a company you'd rather not leave, then you have the option of joining our Linkshell and Discord, where you'll be notified on Classes and Events. Join us as we open the doors to a glorious new school. We're determined to teach, learn and create an awesome RP Experience. We hope to see you there!
  16. Masao Aniko


  17. AdolescentPrince

    [Balmung] Retainer LF Connections

    Hello everyone thank you for clicking on this thread! Currently my character is at a certain point in his story where he would want to serve a lord or lady or a noble. This is more of a pure thing and I'm not really looking for ERP or anything of the sort. The person he's serving could be evil, good or whatever. Also other RP connections are also highly welcomed! The retainer thing is more like the main hook but, I would love any connection. Here's a tiny bit of background info on him from my last post and what he's up too, but other than that for more info feel free to ping me on discord. Kou#9836 Kousuke Akarui Age 21 Miqo'te Male Seeker - Doman Origin Half-Blood Prince - After he had his encounters in Erozea he finally decided to go back to Doma and find his royal birth mother. He stayed there researching for awhile finding out who his real birth mother is. He eventually found his birth mother but, his mother couldn't recognize him. He was able to prove it with his brand. There he stayed with his mother for a bit before her husband came back from a business trip and at first it seemed like everything was fine and he was accepted but, he saw the man take advantage of Kou's mother. Kou stood up to the man and demanded him to stop. Kou tried to use his nobility status as a weapon, but the man easily tossed Kou aside and called him impure and not of full nobility. The man tossed him into a jail cell where Kou had no power to do anything. Out of frustration he was at least able to escape, but he's trying to find a way to help his mother. He decided to serve as retainer to a noble lord or lady that may be able to help, as he has had retainers wait on him before how hard could pretending to be one be.
  18. Kasumi Gakunin

    balmung [Balmung] Doman shinobi LFC

    The Basics –––– • NAME: Kira Shinoda aka “Tiger Eyes” (Professional handle) • AGE: Mid to late twenties • RACE: Far Eastern Midlander hyur • GENDER: Female • SEXUALITY: Heterosexual • MARITAL STATUS: Single. Not looking. • SERVER: Balmung. Physical Appearance –––– • HAIR: Long, black sleek hair, usually worn up in a long ponytail with two sides covering the side of her face. • EYES: Amber brown. • HEIGHT: 5’2, average for a Far Eastern woman. • BUILD: Toned, athletic but still slender. • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A thin burn mark down one side of her face, usually hidden by part of her hair. A myriad of irezumi tattoos indicating she was once a member of a Far Eastern crime syndicate, usually hidden by clothes and/or armor. • COMMON ACCESSORIES: Usually two ninjato or some other form of Far Eastern sword. Hidden daggers and shurikens. Sometimes a small pistol of Far Eastern design. Usually wears a hood or something else to hide her face. Personal –––– • PROFESSION: Shinobi; assassin for hire, information broker, bounty hunter. • HOBBIES: Cooking. Meditation. • LANGUAGES: Fluent: Doman, Hingan. Eorzean Common. Some :Garlean. • RESIDENCE: Small apartment in Shirogane. . • BIRTHPLACE: Yanxia, Doma. Location unknown. • PATRON DEITY: The kami. Not that religious but follows Far Eastern holidays and traditions. • FEARS: Leadership, getting close to people, relationships. Relationships –––- • SPOUSE: None • CHILDREN: None • PARENTS: None; both dead. • SIBLINGS: unknown • OTHER RELATIVES: Aunt- matriarch of the Kusanagi shinobi clan. Cousin, heir apparent of the shinobi clan. • PETS: Messenger/hunting hawk. Name unknown Additional information –––– • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess Possible Hooks –––– • Shinobi for hire – Trained as a shinobi since childhood by her mother, Kira is a honed assassin and information broker, amongst other skills typical of a shinobi. She now serves her mother’s shinobi clan, taking less then legal jobs on their behalf. Shinobi of the Kusanagi can be hired for the right price, both in the Far East or abroad. • Ex crime boss – The former “Dragonhead” of a branch of the Black Lotus Syndicate @blacklotus-ffxiv in Eorzea, Kira was thought to be murdered by her Uncle after the death of her Father. Some may recognise the woman from her time with the Syndicate, in Eorzea and abroad, although she seems intent on keeping the fact she’s alive a secret. • Black Market Buyer – Unable to contact any of her old sources of Black Market goods, Kira is always on the lookout for new suppliers of poisons, weapons and anything else useful for her work Ooc info –––– Contact method: I can be contacted on discord at Kasumi#6195 or on one of my tumblrs kasumi-ffxiv or kira-ffxiv as well as ig on Kasumi Gakunin or Kira Shinoda Online times: I’m Australian, located currently in AEDT time. Usually I’m available from 8 pm est onwards except for when I have class or real-life stuff. I’m most comfortable rping with EST or PST players although I’m usually around until 12-1 pm GMT for any Europeans players interested. I’m not one of those Australians though that stays up super late and attends EU events. What rp are you looking for? Plot based rp, new contacts, ect. Not looking for Erp or romance rp. Please respect this and don’t push the matter. I also won’t rp with mun or muses under the age of eighteen. Sorry. Not looking to join a fc either since I run my own fc. Far Eastern themed rp such as yakuza, shinobi ect rp is more than welcome. I’m happy to have her as a villain as well. Despite Kira being an alt, I’m quite bored with my main at the moment, and I’m hoping to get back into rping Kira for a change of pace. I recently bought her back after a hiatus of 18 months. I’m able to rp in all locations, except those that require flying in Stormblood (because I’m lazy). She’s not really a nice, warm, fuzzy character. If you’re looking for a “nice character” to rp with, she’s probably not your girl.
  19. Kasumi Gakunin

    balmung Golden Fox Trade House

    The Golden Fox Trade House is an international trade company with ties to the black market both in the Far East and internationally. Officially, the Golden Fox Trade House specialises in the trade, wholesale, acquisition and transport of import and export. However, behind the respectful business front, their main business is dealing in the black market, obtaining and distributing goods, wares and services of a more questionable nature. Unaffiliated with any clan or business, the Golden Fox functions as an independent and neutral trading company and criminal enterprise, seeking to expand its operations within Othard, and the West. Golden Fox Trade operates out of two venues, one in Shirogane and the other in the Mists. Both are shop fronts known as the the Golden Fox Trade Emporium. Here both legal and illegal trade and services are sold, the shop supplying an array of exotic wares from the Far East and Eorzea along with under the counter black market items. Items of interest can also be sold or traded, with no questions asked. For the right price, acquisition and information services are also available to any buyers in need of discretion. The Golden Fox grounds remain neutral ground, open to all of criminal and non-criminal persuasions. The Golden Fox Trade House (Fox) is medium to heavy role play free company which operates during peak North Americans times. The majority of the rp that goes on within the company is morally grey and more mature themed although light hearted rp is more then welcome when appropriate. Due to the mature content of the rp within the company we do not be accept players (or characters) under the age of 18. Bonuses to joining our company include: - A medium free company house in Shirogane - Personal House used a GFT HQ in the Mists - Bi-weekly social nights so members can get to know each other. - Regular attendance at community events. - GM-ed plots that last 2-3 months on a regular basis - A smaller free company where you can get to know your fellow company members easier. - A focus on quality over quantity when it comes to rp and company growth. - And all the normal stuff like discord, a website, a tumblr, ect Recruitment is now closed! At this time we are currently seeking free company members only. However, individuals with interest in joining the free company potentially in the future are welcome to apply as linkshell members. Both players and characters applying for the free company must be over the age of 18 due to the mature themes of the free company. We are also only recruiting main characters. Alts are welcome to join the company however if you should join with your main character. Ideally, since most our activity takes place during North American EST hours, members available during these times zones will also have an easier time attending events. Roles we are currently looking for IC include: Mercenaries: Sellswords, adventurers or anyone open to morally grey work who can wield a weapon. Please note we only looking for recruit mercenaries (not including medics at this role if full) at this time. All other applications will be rejected. Merchants & Artisans: The Golden Fox Trade House is in need of staff to supply, and sell its wares. Whether you have a knack for sales, or the means to acquire goods both uncanny and valuable in nature, the Trade House could benefit from your skills. Information brokers: The Golden Fox is now furthering it’s black market services to include information brokering. Anyone with skills in this field is welcome to apply! Retainers/brokers: The Golden Fox is now seeking retainers to deal with company business including brokering deals with other company’s, assisting with the day to day running of the company and more. House staff: From shopkeepers, to chefs, to guards, the trade house has secured a medium plot of land in Shirogane that is in need of a staff to work around the house and store. Healers: Menders of ailments, both physical and not, to care for injured company members, and work closely with house alchemists and potion-makers. Currently not recruiting for medics/healers. Unfortunately, we have an over abundance on staff already. Other: Have a role in mind you feel would fit in with the trade house? Feel free to apply. If you have more questions, or wish to apply, please check out our website (and be sure to read our RULES, & IC INFORMATION). Alternatively, please feel free to contact our officers Kasumi Gakunin, Relexano Delmandi or Caolan Achaius. Special thanks to Etani'a for the design of the website and graphics for Golden Fox Trade House.
  20. ================================================================================================================================== The Masquerade RP Tournament Sundays - 5PM EDT EC-RP Sponsored Balmung Discord link: https://discord.gg/TFjFcwh (Signing up in the Discord is required for participation) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mammet hobbles into the tavern, hops on a crate, and then slaps a flier across the wall. The automaton takes a moment to make sure the flier is perfectly aligned, that a candle will illuminate the writing upon it, and then scampers out the bar to return from wherever it came. You approach the parchment with its heavy use of purple dye. "The Masquerade," it says, with a dark mask of lavender velvet, black porcelain and silver trim. It has a date and a time, Darksday, after the Sixth evening bell. It has an address, coordinates to what one could assume to be an overgrown garden, not far off the Arboretum in the old, abandoned Sharlayan colony... Do you attend? (credit to @enairu for the artwork) ===================================================================== Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands (X: 13.6 Y: 25.4)
  21. Hey there! I'm looking for Roleplay contacts of all kinds, both short- and long-term, for my main character, Dayir Laurent. Dayir is on the Balmung server, but I am always interested in Discord RP, or even Google Docs. A bit about me. I have been roleplaying for many years, and currently work as a product designer on the East coast of the United States. My RP style tends to lean towards the heavier side; the sort of posts that go a little longer than a paragraph, and I enjoy descriptive, emotionally interesting roleplay. That being said, I'm more than willing to fit my writing to your preferred style. I have a long way to go before I consider myself good, but I enjoy writing stories and delving deeply into my characters. What sort of RP am I looking for? At the moment, Dayir is in need of contacts of all sorts. He is open to Romance, and there is very little subject matter that I would not be willing to touch on; darker themes are acceptable, as well as slower, slice-of-life, if that's more your speed. I love variety in my RP. It can be difficult to find a solid partner, so long-term contacts are extremely welcome, but not necessary in the least. In-game and Discord are both completely okay with me. I keep a solid frequency, and am very active in-game. You can find me online most evenings. Huge nerd, I know. Character Information: Name: Dayir Laurent Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Au'ra - Xaela Profession: Explorer, Scholar, Collector, Adventurer for Hire. Residence: No permanent residence, but holds an office in The Goblet. Tumblr/Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Dayir_Laurent Brief Backstory/Personality Blurb: Dayir Laurent is, above all, a man who holds an abstract desire, somehow material and intangible all at once. The blood of adventure flows through his body, but that isn't it. A deep love of information, lore, and the stories that make the world sing covers his mind, but that isn't it. From deeper it stems, a driving, singular desire that tints every aspect of his struggle, his occupation, and his love. Dayir Laurent wishes for the things that no one knew could ever exist. A curious, focused gaze would find you from behind his spectacles, wondering just where you might lead him. And just what he can get out of you. Making his living as a collector and expert in the retrieval of priceless rarities and lost histories, he travels the world, diving into the most reckless pursuits at the mere mention of a rumor, a long career of danger and a longer waltz with death coating his world-weary body, comrades and combat both tinting his soul. He is both stoic and calm, and yet relentlessly curious, traveling the world and collecting lore and artifacts, several of which hang from his body as he walks. Plot Hooks: ■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical or old, Dayir is likely interested in what you've got going on. ■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical old, and illegal, Dayir is doubly interested. The things that society says are wrong are usually where the most interesting things happen. ■ If your character is a scholar, or a writer, or a bookworm. They have a lot to talk about. ■ If your character is interested in exploration, or finding new experiences, or simply needs to get out of their comfort zone, meeting Dayir could be a powerful experience for them. ■ If your character is looking for a traveling partner, Dayir is always glad to have company, and I love writing small adventures for characters. Contact Details: Discord (River#8158), or send me a message right here!
  22. Rosamund


    Introduction Metaphysick are a company of paranormal investigators led by a mysterious benefactor. We're a tight-knit group of friends and allies, preferring quality over quantity in our membership. An overarching plotline keeps us moving forward each week while social and one-shot events occur on a regular basis. We are mostly active during EU peak hours, i.e. between 5 pm and midnight GMT, although we do have a few NA members. Background Metaphysick was established by someone known only as 'M', with the goal of forming a professional team to cleanse Eorzea of the voidsent menace. M spares no expense in providing their employees with the tools required to do their job and generously compensates them for their efforts. Speaking only via linkpearl and keeping both methods and motives close to heart, some would no doubt be loath to trust this mysterious figure, but thus far they have proven true to their word. What We Do We are paranormal investigators based in Mist, Ward 12, Plot 35, also known as the Midnight Bastion. Our roleplay largely revolves around undertaking work for our anonymous benefactor, M. He or she is devoted to eradicating the world of voidsent; to that end, we exterminate creatures as well as capture and study them in order to improve our techniques. As we deal with combat fairly often, we use a flexible combat system which has been crafted and tuned over the course of several years but still allows plenty of room for creativity. Using the game's built in /random text command, we determine hit chance and other variables. Each character is also allowed personalised abilities to improve those numbers, provide support and more. Of course, not every roleplay session is going to end in blood; to that end, we have a system for determining the success of actions such as sneaking, bluffing and so on. Every character's skills and flaws are taken into account to keep situations realistic, so a scrawny librarian will have a harder time moving a large boulder than a muscle-bound warrior. But sometimes we just want to kick back and relax. Impromptu social gatherings and holiday parties are regular features, where you can get to know your allies outside of the field of battle. We also keep an eye on Balmung's roleplay scene and encourage members to attend publicly held events with us. Who We Want We have a small but active player base and want to keep our friendly and intimate atmosphere. As a result, we seek like-minded individuals who will participate regularly and take the many opportunities given to fit in and make themselves at home. Everyone is welcome to host events and we are happy to assist those who have little or no experience running a plot, whether it be co-DMing or merely providing advice. Any character with an interest in voidsent, the occult, ancient ruins or simply wanting to make the world a better place would find good company here. As you can imagine, we are predominantly good-aligned and would only make an exception for extremely well-written malicious characters. If you're unsure whether your character would work well with us, please do get in touch with Torhe Raanu or Rosamund Hale to discuss your ideas and circumstances. Please complete an application on our site if you're interested in joining. (Note: Recruitment is currently closed.)
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    Faye Covington
  24. This event has unfortunately been canceled! Please feel free to move this post to the event repository! Apologies for any trouble!! In the spirit of All Saints Wake, Rendezvous will continue their annual tradition of offering something new and fun for people to stop by and enjoy! This year, we present to you... This will be an Escape Room style event, where people can sign up for the themed Escape Room of their choice and then try to puzzle their way out before it's too late! While most Escape Rooms have a time limit of an hour, we won't have any sort of real world restriction to accommodate for typing speeds and the like. This is meant to be spooky fun above all else! If you become too scared OoCly for any reason, simply tell the person running the room and they will allow you to leave at any time. If you're interested, simply sign up for one of our Escape Rooms below and show up at 2:30 PM CST to the Host Club (The Goblet, Ward 8, Plot 13!) Sign-Up spaces will be limited, as each person who's running a room can only handle so many people in this sort of hands-on storytelling capacity. ♥ Escape Room #1: Cursed Classroom You show up for an ordinary day at school, though, this day, you are beset upon by a great misfortune: a curse from the deceased. You're suddenly locked into your home room, and must find a way to escape. As you wonder why such an event may be happening, an old rumor comes to mind. In that very same classroom, an entire class of children and their homeroom teacher once died in a tragic fire. You thought it was just a myth, but the vengeful spirits still linger, wishing to trap you there and subject you to the same, sorry fate. Three slots are available for this room! 1. S'imba Tia 2. 3. Escape Room #2: Haunted Hot Springs Visiting an onsen seems to be the latest trend from overseas, so it's only natural to be called to the experience of the soothing waters and their calm respite. This spa, however, holds a much deeper, darker secret. The waters turn black -- or is it dark red? -- and the door jams shut, hand prints appearing in the fog as voices echo over the room. As you look to the other attendees in your group, you all realize that you are not alone. Three slots are available for this room! 1. Anstarra Silverain 2. 3. Escape Room #3: Dead & Breakfast You show up to enjoy the hospitality of a high-end Bed & Breakfast, delighted to find that it is hosted by a charming maid and butler. Yet soon you realize that things are decidedly... off. The pair speak strangely, and whenever you're invited to your room for the night, you spot coffins therein. It quickly dawns on you that you must escape before your hosts return, or you'll be the ones on the menu. Four slots available for this room! * 1. 2. 3. 4. * Should this room not be ready in time for the event, signees will instead be placed into either the Cursed Classroom or the Haunted Hot Springs rooms upon arrival. We look forward to hosting you all for this special Halloween occasion!