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  1. JOIN US FOR ANOTHER NIGHT OF GOOD DRINKS, GOOD FOOD, AND GOOD BUSINESS. Designed as a ‘neutral ground’ of sorts for less-than-scrupulous folks in search of a place to do their under-the-table dealings or just keep an ear to the ground while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat, The Cloak & Dagger will be opening its doors to the general public on Sunday, April 8 at 8PM EDT. Located at: The Goblet, Ward 11, Plot 55—Balmung. (Last call will be at 10:30 PM EDT.) We hope to see you there! As a brand-new feature, The Cloak & Dagger now has a job board. Located on the ground floor in the corner, the more… Normal-sounding jobs and rumors can be perused at one’s leisure. These are meant to be RP hooks, be they penned by members of the Ebonguard, Cloak & Dagger staff, or venue regulars. Anyone is welcome to submit additions to the job board by sending an ask to @ebonguardls! The clients for these jobs or sources of these rumors do not have to be player characters, so we welcome you to get creative and go wild. Less legal and more criminal-oriented jobs would be located in the lounge upstairs, accessible IC by ordering a Cloak & Dagger cocktail. Caveat: jobs or rumors that are not lore-compliant or are meant to target a specific player character without their additional and proven consent will not be added to the job board. The job board can be viewed on the venue’s information page or via Google Docs here. The Cloak & Dagger welcomes performers to its stage! Please contact @ebonguardls for more information. The Cloak & Dagger is an RP venue affiliated with the Ebonguard criminal network LS, owned IC and OOC by “Crow” (Leonnaux Altoix). If you’re interested in helping run a monthly public RP event (be it as waitstaff, security, etc) at The Cloak & Dagger then please contact me via the Ebonguard tumblr. No lasting commitment or membership of the LS is required on the part of volunteer staff! For more information, please see this page under the ‘volunteer’ tab.
  2. Fresh sheets of parchment can be found posted upon the market boards of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah respectively. Each is thin, scribed eloquently in a bold, lilting hand. The characters appear in deep crimson ink upon its face, begging to be read: The Grindstone The Grindstone will be holding an official Blood Match tournament for its fighters every Saturday. Any and all are invited to spectate, as the events will be free to the public. We request only that those who attend are respectful of our fighters. If you are not, you will be asked to leave. In order to participate in this event for prestige, please contact Sigyn Shieldbreaker of the The Grindstone in Ul'dah or arrive no later than half-past the ninth evening bell. Up to sixteen contestants will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Any who seek to participate in our sparring matches are also welcome to find us on any other evening at the site where we will hold our competition-- Outside the city of Ul'dah in Central Thanalan in Fesca's Wash. If you are interested in joining the Grindstone Linkshell, ask for Sigyn Shieldbreaker, Dhatura Inoxia, Lizbet Sharpe, or for any available Overseer to procure a pearl. An entrance fee of FIVE hundred gil is required in order to participate-- the collective amount will be presented to the respective Champion. RULES: 1. All weapons and armor are allowed. 2. Non-lethal shots to the groin, extremities, or to the head are allowed. 3. Any use of magic whether passive, defensive, beneficial, or offensive is currently NOT allowed. 4. Death blows are not allowed. By entering the tournament, you hereby agree to the Overseers preventing you from committing such an attack by any means necessary, even if it means your death. 5. Overseers WILL be respected and treated as a temporary form of authority by all spectators and combatants in regards to the tournament itself. 6. If a winning combatant in a bracket refuses healing, they will be refunded their entrance fee and removed from the tournament. Time: Saturdays at 10 pm EST (Time Conversion) Location: Fesca's Wash in Central Thanalan. The Bridge Events: Official sparring tournament for the Grindstone. A minimum of four participants per event are required in order to hold that event. Journeyman: Free-form* (Temporarily Closed) -Fight proceeds until an opponent concedes, physically or verbally. Journeyman: Roll-based -Fight proceeds until THREE successful strikes have been placed on the abdomen, a ring-out, pinning, or physical/verbal surrender. Requirements: -All armor is allowed and may be used as extraneous weapons. -All weapons are allowed. -Accessory weapons should be moderated. -Magic is NOT allowed during matches. -Entrance fee of 500 gil (flexible). -If you intend to enter the event, please remain outside a party so that you can join a party with your opponent from tier to tier. This way if any issues arise, the Overseers can enter your party and assist as needed. -Before the event, please go to http://rolz.org/group and use your character name and room name: Grindstone-- wait for your room number which I will give you after we begin organizing ICly. For more information regarding our rolling system and IC rules, please see our directory page.
  3. Heyo! I'll cut to the chase: my friends and I rolled on Balmung when it was open and have finally decided to dip our toes in, so to speak, if we can find a good FC fit. I have searched manually and been told the ones I have found thus far are either "not that active" any longer, are not recruiting, or ended up not being what we were looking for after all. There are a definite four of us, and possibly up to five. We have something of a tall order in mind for an FC, but we also have a lot to bring to the table. Here's what we are: Active (mostly in the evening - night EST hours), and willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort to the right fit, including with tanking and healing. Dedicated writers who take the hobby seriously, but on an average day are not serious in the slightest OOC. A lore-heavy group not adverse to research to see if something is plausible IC before going forward with a character or story line. People who do not require, expect, or even want our characters to be the paragons of their chosen field(s). We believe a good story should always take precedent over a Who's the Biggest Badass? contest and are prone to self-policing to make sure our characters don't have so many abilities / powers it waters down the significance of other characters in a group. Willing to fill out applications, do interviews, and work our way up through the ranks both from an IC and OOC perspective. Strongly against IC and OOC bleed, self-inserts, etc. Here's what we're looking for: A group that is active! For us, this specifically means that RP is a regular occurrence, and the more organic the better. We are hoping to find an FC where the members are eager to give newcomers the time of day outside of weekly/monthly event nights and include us in their stories. We are willing to work to get there and pay our dues, but we are not looking to be cold-shouldered either, whether intentionally or just for lack of effort on the other parties' end. A lore-heavy group. I know a lot of things in lore are vague or up for interpretation, but I feel like everyone has a good idea of what I'm getting at here. OOC maturity, compromise, and moderately thick skin. We are not looking for FCs who regularly troll other RPers or shit talk outsiders in FC chat as they're RPing with them. We are likewise not looking for groups prone to making a pastime out of being offended. While we strive to not be assholes and certainly aren't throwing out slurs, we don't want to spend all our time picking eggshells from our feet either. We are not throwing up the "no drama!" flag because arguments happen no matter how close a group is, so instead, we hope to find a group of people capable of arguing, working things out maturely, then building a bridge and getting over it rather than tantrum-throwing and immediately disbanding the guild because of one bad day. Voice chat must not be a requirement. One of us is mostly deaf and one of us is just shy. As for themes, we are not set on anything, but we are looking for something more story-driven than taverns, tea houses, and generic merc groups that never leave their house. Taverns that have "a dark side" where that dark side never does anything on screen also fall under this. We have nothing against any of these things, it's just not what we're looking for. Our characters are up a bit up in the air for the time being, but will be fully fleshed out (likely including their own wikis) before officially applying anywhere. We are trying to get a feel of what all is out there that would meet our OOC criteria before we decide which way to lean. Theoretically, we're looking at a Roegadyn brawler, a Kha relic hunter, another Kha with an interest in anthropology, and a duskwight leading this little crew.
  4. Organised by those lizards at the Game of Dawn Thrones Xaela Discord, you are invited to an archery tournament to determine the best sharpshooter in all of the Azim Steppe! Xaela and Non-Xaela alike are encouraged to partake in the competition or simply come along to watch and cheer others on. There will be prizes to be won, rules and other news to be announced shortly! When? Saturday 16th June at 5pm EDT/10pm BST Where? The Reunion, Azim Steppes (Sign-up will start here, then the competition outside the walls) Server? Balmung only. Contact Oyuu Dataq or Ajir Qalli (aka me, the OP) for more information. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you there! MORE DETAILS TO COME SOON!
  5. Hey all, Completely new to this site, so I hope I am doing this right, but feel free to let me know if it isn't in the right place. When Balmung opened back up for the first time following the release of Stormblood, I managed to get a few blank characters in for future use, and though I didn't do anything initially, I am now looking to make use of them. I will preface this with saying that a good number of things aren't set in stone about the character, but what little I do have in terms of what I would definitely like to do with him is have him be an Ala Mhigan Highlander and also be a Monk. So, what follows is a very flexible, unfinished and rough draft idea for a story for the character, Ranulf. Ranulf was one of twin sons born to a couple at one of the Temples of the Fist. Alongside his brother, he trained on the temple grounds until the day when the Mad King's forces stormed the temple grounds laying waste to all in their path. Though their parents were slain, the boys were among those lucky enough to escape with their lives, secreted away by one of the Fist adepts. Like many Ala Mhigans, they eventually found themselves in Thanalan, where the adept who had saved their lives attempted to help them and eke out something of an existence. While he served as something of a parental figure to the now orphaned boys, he still felt the loss of the temple and not standing with his brothers in arms keenly, falling into a depression. As the years would pass, he would attempt to teach the boys what little he could, and they would take to the lessons with gusto, whilst attempting to make a living in and around Ul'dah, a life that was not easy by any marker. Essentially what I am looking for; Family What I would love most for him is someone who wanted to roleplay as his twin brother. I'd be happy to work on a look that works for both of us in this regard or any other details that would make this work. Master It would be great if I could find someone willing to roleplay as the person who helped he and his brother escape from the Mad King's purge as children and who essentially taught him all he knows about the monkhood and served as something of a surrogate parental figure to him. Friends Given the insular nature of the Ala Mhigan refugees, I'd love for him to have some people who he could know from among those who fled the fallen city-state, be they people he knew growing up in that community, or people who he could come to know in the future. Others People who he would have known from having lived in and around Ul'dah, be they general acquaintances or people who may have hired him for work, be it menial labor or mercenary work when he was older. As I said, what I am working with is only very rough and I would be happy to change or work around anything above in a way that works for all parties involved and brainstorm anything we can. As for roleplay style, I have been rping for a good few years now, mostly in FFXIV, and have loved it from minute one. I am a flexible, multi-paragraph writer, and hope for something similar if able. I prefer MRP and am open for romance/erp (male leanings) if the story/characters call for it. I wanna take some time working on leveling him and all of that (I am insanely ocd when it comes to completionism in rpgs) so I am happy to take time brainstorming and working on anything with people if they are interested. I live on the east-coast of Australia, so my times may be a bit out of sync, but I am more than happy to also make use of Discord in order to facilitate conversations or even roleplay when the need arises for alternatives, though I do much prefer in-game rp when it can be done. Thanks for reading my wall of text, and feel 100% free to message me for any queries or interest about this at all. Looking forward to meeting people!
  6. I'm looking for new connections for Arin, both good and bad. Plot based RP is my main focus with the potential of DM'd events, adventure, and suspense! I am very much open to all forms of RP (dark, combat, etc). To briefly summarize Arin: Most of her years were spent at the Ossuary in Ul'dah after becoming a run-away where she learned the arts of Thaumaturgy aligned as Lawful Good. Eventually she got into research, mostly independent, and none of her works have ever been published. She has fought for her life, lost her memories, regained them, and even went as far as to break the law for the greater good. In current day Ul’dah, the now Chaotic-Good (perhaps steadily becoming Chaotic Neutral) aligned Arin will almost always be seen lurking Pearl Lane in search of information. It could be for a third party business partner that has employed her or it could be for her own benefit. Which one? Who knows. What I'm looking for: Friends: Arin is very friendly until forced to be otherwise. So long as you’re good to her, the people she cares about, and don’t actively attempt harm on the innocent, you’re likely to be good in her book! Arin tends to be drawn in most by characters of aggressive, the so called ‘tsundere’, or rough character backgrounds/personalities as a result of her ever-observant behavior. She thoroughly enjoys doing things to see what types of reactions she gets before recording the data in a journal. Sometimes she might even attempt to make the person break. Antagonists: Arin has a deep-seeded hatred for all things Garlean. At present time, there is no other person or persons who hold her disdain. Depending on what one might do to her or against those she cares for, however, that could change. Arin is also more than capable of being an antagonist as well! Despite her do-good personality, my little Keeper can also be very cruel. The lengths she has gone to in the past for revenge have been startling. Allies: As an aether analyst and information broker, there is more than enough potential for job inquiries. Arin is willing to accept jobs if presented. She might even have job requests of her own with her current task in mind! Other: If there's another role you'd like to play just let me know! After all, what's life without a myriad of different personalities? Other information: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Arin_Tayuun If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to reach out to me either here or in game!
  7. Every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EST on the Balmung server, Magical Miscellanea, the vendor for every mage, will be opening its doors! Here, you can appease your appetite for the arcane: fill your pockets with potions a-plenty, purchase one-of-a-kind tomes, have your future foretold, and more! Server: Balmung Location: Lavender Beds, ward 11, plot 29 Time: Every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EST Contact: Jehni Kaiyn Need questions answered? Contact us here, in-game, on Tumblr, or on Discord! My Discord ID is Jehni#1467. You can find us on Tumblr at https://magicmisc.tumblr.com/.
  8. Strawberrycake

    balmung Mikky's Barber Shop!

    Yes! This an IC barber shop and lounge, trying to channel the idea of the classic barber, in the era where it was a place for socialization and camaraderie, not solely haircuts. We will be open on the First and Third Wednesdays of each month, unless stated otherwise, from 7:00 pm est till 10:00 or so. Appointments can also be made by messaging me on here- this lovely site I never use, or in-game on Mikh'a Galanai. The shop is located in The Lavender Beds, the 11th ward, subdivision apartment 1. Are you best man at a wedding and just now realizing that scraggly ponytail isn't gonna cut it? Are you tired of your husband's lack of care for his scruffy appearance? Are you proud of your hair, and want someone who you can rely on to keep it that way, week by week? Are you going off to fight the Garleans abroad and want to sport a spiffy new haircut before you're on your way? All these questions and more can be fixed at Mikky's Barber Shop! The Barber Mikky's is a barber shop, so Mikky himself specializes in doing traditionally male haircuts- short, neat, and clean. A piece of parchment is nailed to the back of the front door, depicting his "menu," the common hairstyles he's ready to do on a dime. Just say the name, and he'll get right on it. **The Menu** That's not to say he's not gonna cut your hair if it doesn't fit within those set parameters- he'll listen and do his best to the type of look you're going for. If you don't have a clue, he will always default to "the classic." Disclaimer of Sorts: Mikky was trained to be a barber, specializing in short, clean, simple cuts. He doesn't have much of the experience to be confident in longer hair and womens' cuts, but he will try if the customer wishes! He'll just make sure they're aware of that. Mikh'a stocks dyes and similar products for hair, but only for sale and not for use. Cuts only! Appointments must be made if one wishes a haircut, except during the two times a month that walk-in hours are present. We can do groups, but they must book in advance. We're fully prepared to cater to a full party, be it for wedding preparations, Grand Company events, or any other formal event or occasion. The Lounge Barber shops need not only be about haircuts. They are sanctuaries for chatting, drinking, and generally getting along. We keep a fully stocked bar, with one complimentary drink per cut (though you're free and encouraged to perhaps buy a second or third). There is plenty of room to kick back, relax, and just talk about whatever. We have the waiting area, as well as tables in the back, if one needs to do some paperwork outside of the office, or perhaps wishes to challenge another patron in Triple Triad (Disclaimer: I don't actually have a Triple Triad board. Yet.) The bar and sitting areas are NPC manned, and thus open at any time if players wish to stop by if Mikky is out, or offline. The bartender is a hulking Au Ra with, oddly, a thick Lominsan accent. He calls himself Drake. The Shop Mikky not only cuts hair, but sells various hair products! He has a homemade pomade recipe, as well as other brand-name items. He's recently begun to stock a few dyes, as well as shampoos and conditioners. Happy Customers! ~ OOC Unfortunately, Square Enix does not let you use other peoples' aesthetician barber poles! Even though there's a whole "accessibility" menu in housing. Thus, the cut can be rp'd, but than customers must run to the nearest accessible one (probably a port to the inn in Gridania and back). Yeah, it kinda sucks. Oh well.:dodgy: Connections! A barber is one cool thing, sure, but it's much more fun with connections! There -are- currently two barber chairs in Mikky's shop, so we could hire another barber- or perhaps an apprentice! A stylist contact would be really cool, too! To do all the hair stuff Mikky can't. They could even be the ones to control the empty chair! Drinks! You may have noticed there is no drink menu. That's because Mikky's is a very small business, and would like to promote other small businesses! If you have a company or business making your own drinks (preferably alcoholic, of course, lol), we'll stock it! Other craftsmen and stuff! Perhaps a tailor, clothes designer, seamstress? Other aesthetic-based careers and occupations. Would be super cool to be hired by a group for their big formal event, and have the hair, clothes, decorations, and catering all be outsourced to different IC shops and companies!
  9. Aegir

    The Second Grand Melee

    A SPECTACLE FOR THE AGES The Second Grand Melee Saturday May 26th, 7:00pm EST, Gates of Judgement [Eorzean Alliance - 4th Combined Brigade + Gold & Glory] In celebration of our continued victories against the Garlean Empire, the Eorzean Alliance announces the Second Grand Melee, inviting our newfound allies from both Gyr Abania and the Far East. Bearing both arms and magicks, the Immortal Flames, the Maelstrom, the Order of the Twin Adder, the Temple Knights, the Ala Mhigan Resistance, and the Doman Liberation Front shall set forth under their standards and show the star which nation wields the finest warriors! Document: https://tinyurl.com/2nd-melee The Second Grand Melee is a battle royale combat event based off the MSQ instance “A Spectacle for the Ages.” Only this time, it’s not Ishgard vs the Eorzean Alliance, it’s every faction for themselves! Our combat system shall use a unique balancing method to ensure that every faction starts off on equal ground. The goal is to gain points for your faction by defeating another combatant. Each faction will be granted a CHAMPION at beginning of combat that is worth extra points! Risk of injury will be minimalized, thanks to some special stoneskin magic from the Conjurer’s Guild. Enlist Today! https://discord.gg/vQSfRay Does your character belong to one of the Grand Companies? How about the Ala Mhigan Resistance? The Doma Liberation Front consists of allies from the Steppe and the Confederacy. Then you can participate! Unfortunately for this event, we will not be accepting adventurers. Uniforms will be required to be worn at the event. Please look for our uniform guide (coming soon!). GMs: Kale Aideron, Aegir Hlerson, Lirilith Maellan
  10. A discussion I'd like to have is based on a question I and some friends have been asking ourselves. "Is RP on Balmung dying, or is it changing?" The reason for this question is we've noticed less RPers showing up to events like the Runestone and Grindstone and also less in the Quicksand. We're seeing more players who don't RP inside the quicksand, a lot more ERP alts but much less people there to RP. We've also noticed a rise on people roleplaying villains who are stronger than most players and require an army to defeat only for them to resurrect the next day unharmed. We're all from back when ARR was current so maybe our perception is off, maybe we are missing something. Maybe it's just a downtime due to content since none of us are heavy content-goers to say the least. So I wanted to ask you the community, do you think RP on Balmung is dying or at least decreased temporarily for some reason? Do you think it's just changed and if so how? Do you think Balmung being locked down and another RP server forming had anything to do with it? This isn't really just for Balmung either, if people from Mateus want to chime in go for it, I'd just like to hear people's opinions on the matter in a friendly well-mannered discussion.
  11. Tonight is the big night! Opening in our new location and our GRAND opening of our newest venture, the Topaz Treasures Restaurant! Upstairs you can get your sweet tooth on or downstairs you can indulge in a more savory, intimate meal. Stop by Goblet ward 18, plot 24 at 8pm est for some great food!!! https://rubylightbakery.tumblr.com/
  12. Upcoming Balmung RP Events note: the original poster here no longer maintains the weekly events. Head over to the latest post for events! -=NOTICE=- Erah'sae now maintains the Balmung RP Calendar. Direct all messages to him.
  13. ================================================================================================================================== The Masquerade RP Tournament Sundays - 6PM EST EC-RP Sponsored Balmung Discord link: https://discord.gg/TFjFcwh (Signing up in the Discord is required for participation) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mammet hobbles into the tavern, hops on a crate, and then slaps a flier across the wall. The automaton takes a moment to make sure the flier is perfectly aligned, that a candle will illuminate the writing upon it, and then scampers out the bar to return from wherever it came. You approach the parchment with its heavy use of purple dye. "The Masquerade," it says, with a dark mask of lavender velvet, black porcelain and silver trim. It has a date and a time, Darksday, after the Sixth evening bell. It has an address, coordinates to what one could assume to be an overgrown garden, not far off the Arboretum in the old, abandoned Sharlayan colony... Do you attend? (credit to @enairu for the artwork) ===================================================================== Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands (X: 13.6 Y: 25.4)
  14. Zair'is is a ronin that helped form his own company known as The Sophic Hand. After his near death experience and long stint as a POW by the hands of the Empire - he abandoned his previous patriotic stance as a stalwart Maelstrom soldier to one of bringing balance. He has a much more cynical outlook toward war, mainly due to the reasons they are fought but ultimately finds himself at the disposal of a cause he finds interest in. He enjoys drinking, dark humor, watching other people try to mack the pants off of others, and eating as many different types of food as he possibly can. Despite his heavily scarred and rough appearance, he has a surprisingly chipper attitude in most occasions and usually isn't one for verbose commentary - preferring to take the direct route and keep his responses concise and to the point. I'm not really looking for anything very specific per say, but I certainly welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about his beliefs or his outlook on the current war in Ala Mhigo/Doma. More simple than that, someone who also shares his interest in food and ale. After close to two years of being a POW and then training essentially 24/7, he's looking for something a little more light hearted.
  15. Shopu & Totowai present Spellguard, a new small-team and magic-based competition! Test your teamwork and tactical skills in contests of magical strategy! You and a teammate must protect your team's shield generator, which protects you from the opposing team's spells. Your team's goal is to deactivate the opposing team's generator. The team which goes undefeated for the entire night will be rewarded a modest gil prize and bragging rights as the finest Spellguardians! All are invited to spectate, and all mages are invited to compete! We only ask that spectators do just that, and not interfere with the event! IC RULES: **Updated 7/23/2016** No killing. Spells with the intent to maim or kill your opponent will not be tolerated. This rule is enforced for the duration of the event. No forbidden magic. While we encourage a wide variety of magic and aetheric manipulation, and don't mind if you bring experimental elements to the competition, we desire to keep the magic safe for the users, competitors and spectators. Magic such as Void Magic and Black Magic, for instance, can endanger yourself and others around you. We shall enforce this rule for the duration of the event. Please have a word with Spellguard staff in advance if you are unsure whether your particular school of magic is permitted. --- The Familiar Clause: If you are an arcanist, mammeteer or use other, multiple magical or magic-wielding familiars, we ask that you choose one (1) familiar for each round. Be considerate and respectful to eachother! This includes: fellow competitors, fellow spectators, equipment, and event staff. Event staff are to be respected and treated as a temporary form of authority by spectators and combatants in regards to Spellguard. In the event that combatants themselves become injured during the round, you are required to accept healing from Spellguard staff in order to proceed to the next round. We reserve the right to remove violators from the premises for the duration of the event. Time: Every other Friday at 10 pm EST (Time conversion) Next tournament: May 11 Location: Seagaze Markets at the Mist, 6th Ward Mechanics and OOC Spellguard is a new RP event on Balmung that aims to take a tried and true formula and offer it from a new angle: 2v2! A team of two has a "node" that defends the team from their opponent's spells. While the node protects anyone within its shield, it can't protect itself! These defense nodes can take three hits before shutting off, and once that happens, the match is over. While the mechanics will still be similar to the /random vs /random you know from events such as the Grindstone and the Runestone, from an IC aspect this will open up opportunities for a lot of fun character interactions! To participate, you and your teammate should arrive between 9:30PM and 10PM at Seagaze Markets and line up in the half-circle of Seagaze Markets. Once it's showtime we'll /yell for everyone to get in line, go over the rules, and will pair off teams with an opposing team. Matches are one-off competitions, with the winning team moving forward and fighting someone else in the next round. This process repeats until only one team is left undefeated! Combat is thus: Both teams will use the /random command for their rolls. Both teams will choose one person to roll initiative. The highest roll wins and will attack first. Each team will choose who is attacking and who is defending. While one person can do both, we encourage teams to divide the roles so everyone gets to RP. The attacking player writes their attack in a custom emote using /em. After posting, they roll with /random. The defending player rolls to defend. If the defender rolls higher than the attack, they have successfully avoided their node taking damage. A lower roll means your node takes a hit. In the event of a tie, both parties reroll. After determining the result, the defender posts their /emote in response. The defending team's attacker now rolls a counterattack with /random, which the other team's defender will attempt to defend against. This process continues until one team has failed to defend against three attacks. IC, the node protects the team players itself from spells, but it is vulnerable to spells itself. The team can either defend it by knocking it out of a spell's path or defending it with an additional magical shield, or however your character could conceive of protecting it!
  16. DATE: April 15 , 2018 9pm EST LOCATION: Haukee Manor, Central Shroud x10.8, y22.8 Whispers in the shadows speak of the black markets. No one ever knows where theses dealings are but so many trade their goods in secret. Not one specific person owns these markets though so many dark lords claim to hold that title. Even so, One voice rises to match those lords in waiting. The main auctioneer priding them self in their job while casting a shrouded gaze to the seas of darkly acquired wares. Such a sight can warm even the darkest of hearts when coin rains so freely. OOC: I am wishing to run a actual black market event and wishing to organize this. FOR SELLERS: Ask sellers to come early for stall placement(my character or other organizers will have you 'pay' for a stall and set you up) so we are not all crowded Turn your meld sign on if you are a seller so shoppers can see you Yes I know you should be underground *theory wise* which is why I picked a place I don't see many people wandering. Sellers I ask use /yell (not shout) to announce your wares vaguely but party chat or whispers for actual selling to a individual for privacy. Your choice how you run your stall. Wish to make it a game? Do so! TO AVOID SCARY CHAT SCROLLS! Sellers please party your interested shoppers and deal through that! If you are looking for work, Negui Malaguld will be requesting those willing to work for them in order to acquire goods. You are a leader or someone that runs a black market and wishing to help sell your wares? OR anyone wishing to sell anything! Negui Malaguld would wish to speak to you. I wish to actually set up rp meetings icly/ oocly organizing this to see it successful. VENDORS: For anyone interested in being a vendor, our sign up form can be found here. We should still be lore friendly!! DO KEEP that in mind! INTERESTED?! Looking for vendors! Missed last month?! NO WORRIES! Snag a spot this month! Looking for FOOD VENDORS! No seriously! I paid close attention to many people and heard a few shoppers looking for food! Even we need to eat you know? Wishing for other FCs wishing to host each month! (I will help you of course!) Contact: Sani Benitoki in game or send me a message here in forums to set up ic/ooc meet up or on tumblr Black Market Council Officers (Other FC leaders/people helping run this): Kasumi Gakunin Shady Individual [align=center][/align]
  17. Hey there. I've been RPing on Balmung more or less since ARR launched, with a few (extended) breaks thrown in here and there. That said, this will be my first time posting on here, but this seems like it must be worth a shot so here we are. I have several characters and can be a bit of an altoholic, but for now I'll focus on one character at a time. So without further ado... Meet Natsuki. She is a Doman samurai who enjoys poetry (and, in fact, will start writing it just as soon as I, as a player, stop being bad at it), is kind and even-tempered, and yet loves a good fight. Coming from a family with a proud samurai tradition in service to Doma, she now finds herself in the position of being the head (and only remaining member) of a formerly-noteworthy samurai family at the age of 20 after the rest either fell or went missing during the revolution. Having been sent as a refugee to Eorzea, Natsuki was spared this fate. She has since spent a significant period wandering Eorzea getting to know its people, and even at one point finding love - at least, until duty required her to return home once again. Unfortunately, after having returned somewhat recently from a break from the game, Natsuki has found herself not only bereft of friends, but also newly single. As someone who places a high degree of importance on her close relationships with other people, having no one to lean on has left her in a rather sad, lonely state. And thus, to the point of this ad: I'd like to find a few people who would like to meet our little lizard. This could be anything: old friends, new friends, a new romance? Maybe your character's Doman, and might have known her as children? Maybe she could have met your character somewhere behind the scenes during her time touring Eorzea? Or maybe you just meet her one day somewhere out in the world. And as much as I'd like her to meet some friendly faces, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to making a couple enemies, either. Garlean characters would be a strong candidate for this angle. Just to note on the romance angle: for one, Natsuki only likes ladies. But also I'm not looking to rush too headlong into one. I'm open to discussion either way, but it's also a let-it-happen sort of thing. That aside, if you have any ideas for how you might like your character to interact with mine, please feel free to shoot me an idea or two and I'd be happy to talk.
  18. Khunbish Avagnar

    balmung Primevil[Fate14][OOC-Post]

    [align=center]These events use the Fate 14 2.0 system, make sure to have an approved sheet ahead of time[/align] Fate 14 Master Post is Here Primevil IC-Thread is Here Current Event Posting is [http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=19994&pid=301335#pid301335]Here[/url] This will be run using Fate-14 2.0 System & the Turn system used in Verad's Merchant, Marine and Anstarra's Starsfall ~~~~~ In the wake of the Dragonsong War, with the awakening of Azys Lla, strange new forces from an ancient time began stirring, or maybe they were already stirring and just no one began to notice until now... Current Story Aspects - Gratitude of House Dzemael towards Adventurers
  19. Miss Eorzea Returns on the 2nd of June, 2018! Another cycle has just about gone by, and it is time to find the next Miss Eorzea. Last years winner, Kiera Hawkeye, joins the judging panel with sharp eyes ready to pick out her potential successor. Don't have stuff to show? Don't worry - The final decision is made by the crowd, show up and vote for the most beautiful talent according to you! The showdown begins at 6:30 PM EDT/11:30 PM BST/ 3:30 PM PDT. The How To: Two rounds of the competition will be held. Contestants must sign up in advance to secure their spot, and should they appear late to the show - well, then the show is over for them! On the day of the event, contestants will first be paraded off in the Bikini round, where they will also be presented with their name and chosen cause. Following that, the talent round will begin. In the talent round each beauty has 3 minutes to execute something that shows off their best ability. We do politely request that real harmful magic and real weapons not be used on stage. Harmless replica variations of both are allowed. The Winner takes home a prize of 500.000 gil, and a sketch done by the very talented Aegir! - The Miss Eorzea contest, and the following Mr Eorzea contest, are accepting sponsors! Get your character's business, guild or other promotable promotion promoted during the event! Contact MeanderingMind#8375 for details. How do I sign up? Sign up by submitting your name in this thread, via PM, tumblr-ask or in-game tell/message. Your event organizers are: Maril Hawker (Meandering-Mind.tumblr.com) Template: Character Name: Introduction piece: (Example: This is Maril, who likes sunshine and puppies. Her cause is World Peace) Optional screenshot: Not a fan of the ladies? No problem! Mr. Eorzea is slated to happen on the 7th of July!
  20. Hey everyone! So, I've on and off been returning to FF14--I have 8 characters on Balmung, most of whom have RP established, etc. But I've found very little time to actually play the game for the extended periods of time that I used to (I can't afford 10+ hours a night to RP anymore >.<). While I am mainly a Balmung player, I was actually looking to see if there's anyone who was interested in primarily tumblr/discord RP... https://charcenoir.tumblr.com/Rules These are my general rules for RP and myself and what I'm okay with. I tend to RP more gritty/dark themes...so keep that in mind, if possible ^^ I have two mains but am looking to expand on some alts/new character ideas, including 1 Garlean (villain) and 1 character located in Hingashi/Kugane. I have a few anti-heroes I'd like to try out too! I am kinda busy with work and some other stuff so most of the RP I would do would be out of the game and maybe monday/tuesdays when I am free. I know this is a strange request, way of coming back to FF14 RP but this is the best I could think of for what I want to do.
  21. The Elysium May get a bit starry-eyed this coming Tuesday for our open showcase! Join us for a night of laughter and music that is renown to warm hearts, dazzle the senses, liven souls, and weaken even the brittlest of stony exteriors! ✭ Who: Performers from across Eorzea! Dancers, singers, harpists, aetherialists & more! ✭ Doors open: May 15th, 5PM PST / 8PM EST / 1AM UK ✭ Entertainment Begins: 8:30~ PM EST ✭ Where: The Wanderer’s Elysium: Mists Ward 11, Plot 5 [BALMUNG] ✭ Other Tidbits: We welcome all performers to our stage, both in-house and out, and our performer slots for this cabaret are currently open ! ✭ OPEN SLOTS: We have 8-10 slots usually for each Cabaret with a first-come, first-serve basis. We do withhold the right to grant Keeper’s Kiss members priority on available slots. If you are interested in performing at this event (or in the future!) please feel free to contact : @shroudwayman (Renaux#8571) @the-false-ser-toes (Certo#2705) , or @vachir-qerel ( Vachir#1337) for more info! ✨
  22. Hello! I'm simply going to get right to the point so if you have questions or have ideas please feel free to comment as anything helps at the moment. An Elezen male and a Miqo'te female are looking for an RP free company that is in the middle of serious RP (more fighting, adventure, military, work base sorta thing) and a slice of life RP but something that isn't romance heavy. While we like serious RP more than slice of life we would like to have that moment of a breather when we do need to just relax. To give a bit of detail, we were raiders within our old company and officers but due to some disagreements we decided it was in our best interest to leave and took a break from the game as a whole. After talking a bit about it, we decided that finding an RP company may help us bring back that spark we've missed and if raiding comes with it so be it. The two characters are very serious workaholics, one is a healer and the other is an old general who is use to the gears of war. We love Companies that host a lot of events, even if its just for the free company just things to do as a group, but we are looking for a company that is welcoming and just friendly all over. We do have discord and are more than willing to talk but the female (AKA me) does have PTSD which does cause a huge amount of social anxiety and it may take a bit to get to talking, it is something that is being worked on but I felt needed to be mentioned, just so there is no misunderstanding about being rude, cold shoulder, or unwelcoming. We are looking for an adult ranged of a company simply due to the fact we curse and don't want to feel stressed about having to watch that. I think that's about it, if you know FC willing to talk, who are accepting or the like, please let me know! We'll be on tonight in party finder looking for an fc as well but I'll probably be on earlier in the day in party finder hoping to get a head start.
  23. PLEASE LIST YOUR SERVER, HOUSING AREA, WARD, AND PLOT. This will help me place the listing in the proper area. Template code for a new server (please paste from the HTML/source edit mode) Easy form for entries: [b]Server:[b] Server name here [b]Housing:[b] Housing name here [b]Ward:[b] Ward number/division here [b]Plot:[b] Plot number here [b]Description:[b] Description here
  24. Join us at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea.
  25. Join Teatime at 7:00 PM eastern time on Monday, June 4th at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea. This event is bi-weekly at 7:00 PM eastern time the first Monday and third Monday of each month. If you’d like to learn more about our FC including details on our Information Brokering and Private Investigations services, our Recruitment, and more, please go here!