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  1. So, new to FFXIV RP, but not to RP as a whole. I've recently started trying to get into roleplay a bit on Primal while I wait for my next paycheck to level/story skip an alt on Balmung, with a character I'm pretty confident in but haven't had time to properly flesh out or get a feel for. That aside, recently I was hopping between RP spots advertised in party finder, and while I was in one, someone's RP hook got taken way out of hand. It was pretty simple, x stole y from z, yadda yadda. Only thing is, it blew up completely, to the point where the people hosting the tavern actually all got up and left the estate, all because of one person refusing to let something go. When it was over, the one person sent me a tell for whatever reason, commenting on my character attitude (not an affront to me, I don't think) but they accused the hosts of metagaming, which I personally didn't see, but it might've gotten lost. Twenty minutes later, a new listing has popped up on the board, I go check it, and it's the same group that left in a completely different house, same characters, just a different bar/tavern. This immediately turned me off from the area as I didn't want what'd just happened to happen again. My only question is, do these sorts of things happen often? Like, completely abandoning a setting because someone's stonewalling in an argument? I really want to get into the RP community in this game, but if these things happen often I might not. Sorry if this breaks any of the guidelines, first time posting on here. I tried to keep it as vague as possible, and I'm genuinely curious/worried about this. Does anyone have an answer?
  2. So! I have been thinking about viera ears for a while. When viera were first released I didn't care that they couldn't wear many hats/hoods because just think of the difficulty of getting them on or how big the holes would have to be. I had thought about how their ears may get cold. Everyone else can wear earmuffs/hats/hoods to keep their ears warm. And then an idea came.. Ear Socks. Its exactly how it sounds. Socks but for ears. I personally think it would be awesome. This was all a while ago that I was thinking about that, but today my mind went back to viera ears. On the game the ears look stiff and don't move at all. That could bring one to forget that rabbit ears are flexible and can move. I know I forgot. So.. I'm wondering. Are viera ears as flexible as a real rabbit's ears? I personally would like to think so because in terms of rp that could give your character so much more expression just like cat ears do for m'qote. What do you guys think? Should viera ears mimic a rabbit's or should they be stiffer than a rabbit's?
  3. So, I had a friend toss this to me--apparently it's an official response from Yoshi P on the First to Source etc. debacle that RPers are left in. I suppose it is still left up to the individual to decide, but for those who care I thought it would help contribute to the discussion. I don't know exactly where the screen shot was taken from, but if someone's seen it, feel free to post a link.
  4. Through roleplay, how would one attempt to travel to the First from the Source, so that our whimsical fantasies of our PCs playing through the light-flooded world could be reality (sort of). I may have a few ideas, and I would definitely love feed back! (Please note, at the time of writing this, I am just starting the ShB MSQ) * Way #1: Faeries of the First are capable of travelling from the First to the Source, through the usage of (what I can guess) physical material from the Source. Thus, I believe that it could be very possible that, by happenstance, a stray faery wandering the Source could be used as transportation to the First. * Way #2: A simple portal. Possibly a freak accident, or the effect of a small invasion of Sin Eaters entering the Source. A very. . . difficult occurrence to conjure up within one's mind, but also could be a possibly viable mode of transportation. * Way #3: Aetheryte Mishap. This one is very unlikely, but I still put it on the table. Imagine you are using an experimental teleportation spell or are using aetheryte travel to a rather 'defunct' aetheryte. This may cause some fluctuation, and most likely resolve in a violent death. However, I am sure there could also be a slight chance that streams would cross and you can just so happen to end up within the world of the First. However, I find this idea, even if I made it myself, highly unlikely in any event. * Way #4: Hydaelyn. A very simple concept for those who roleplay as those with the power of the Echo. Hydaelyn, either by proxy or by her own power, sends your character to the First, as possible aid in the effort to stem the flood of light. These are the only things I could muster, and I will note that I am not particularly was well-versed on most topics and lore within the game. However, I truly wish that this post will hopefully sparks all manners of discussion on the manner, so that we could all find a way to allow our characters to enjoy the experiences of the First.
  5. A discussion I'd like to have is based on a question I and some friends have been asking ourselves. "Is RP on Balmung dying, or is it changing?" The reason for this question is we've noticed less RPers showing up to events like the Runestone and Grindstone and also less in the Quicksand. We're seeing more players who don't RP inside the quicksand, a lot more ERP alts but much less people there to RP. We've also noticed a rise on people roleplaying villains who are stronger than most players and require an army to defeat only for them to resurrect the next day unharmed. We're all from back when ARR was current so maybe our perception is off, maybe we are missing something. Maybe it's just a downtime due to content since none of us are heavy content-goers to say the least. So I wanted to ask you the community, do you think RP on Balmung is dying or at least decreased temporarily for some reason? Do you think it's just changed and if so how? Do you think Balmung being locked down and another RP server forming had anything to do with it? This isn't really just for Balmung either, if people from Mateus want to chime in go for it, I'd just like to hear people's opinions on the matter in a friendly well-mannered discussion.
  6. I've noticed a trend on the XIV subreddit that really confuses me, but any time I ask this, I just get flamed with no real answers. What's up with all the Thordan hate? Basically, any time I talk about the redeeming qualities of any other villain we've had, its usually received very well and a lot of people agree with me, or at least discuss why they disagree. But the moment I mention that I liked Archbishop Thordan, or that his perspective had some merit to it, I get downvoted until my comment becomes hidden and not a single person replies. This has happened probably five or six times. I don't particularly care about the downvotes, I just really want answers! You guys are, on average, a good bit more mature and level-headed, so I'll ask you: why do people get so upset about Thordan? I realize this is a strange question, but I'm just frustrated because I really liked him and I just want to be able to talk about him without people getting mad :?
  7. MIRKE'S MENAGERIE A Collection of Sounsyy's Lore Compilations for RPC Use I've been asked before and have meant to do something along these lines for some time now. I've been doing posts here for a long time, so long that most end up getting buried somewhere and I end up redoing them with new info. Other times, I make large lore posts on my Tumblr, but not here. The goal of this thread is to compile those large lore dumps into one place that will be easy to search through. Also when transferring existing posts into this thread, I'll attempt to update with new lore from game and Encyclopedia Eorzea as much as possible. Please note this will take me a lot of personal time to do. I will be moving at my own pace. I don't promise frequent updates, but feel free to check back occasionally for new posts. Thanks! And I hope this helps! ^^ Thread Rules: Please keep any commentary strictly lore related. Requesting topics is acceptable but best left to the General Lore Questions thread. I move at my pace, meaning I will get to previous posts and topics of mine when I get to them. Only my posts will go into the Index for easy searching. Be excellent, kind, and respectful of any others who do post in this thread. Lore Index: [002] - The Races of Man: Elezen, Hyur, Lalafell, Miqo'te [003] - Races Continued: Roegadyn, Au Ra, Interracial Children, Lifespans, and Foods [004] - (coming: The Beast Races) [005] - Languages of Hydaelyn [006] - Notorious Monsters of Eorzea [007] - Order of Nald'thal, Ossuary, Sacrarium, Erralig, Adama Landama [008] - Nophica, The Hearers of Stillglade Fane, Greenwrath, Wildlings, and Elementals [009] - Ishgardian Heresy [010] - Rhalgr and Ramuh, the Fist of Rhalgr, and the Monkhood's Chakras [011] - Ala Mhigo, the Imperial Territory [012] - The Near East [013] - (coming: Sharlayan, the Old World) [014] - Mamook, the New World [015] - The Southern Continent of Meracydia RPC Lore Index: Tumblr Lore Index:
  8. Hi, so let me explain cause im not good with wording myself haha... Yeah. Anyway i recently became a little curious bout this sort of thing and i always loved good stories and the like. As you may or not imagine that i was a little curious when i found out what rp means and what you do. So i wanted to ask you peeps what brought you to role-playing out games or why you do so. On a sorta different note, my curiosity is so strong that i bothered to make an account just for this question. This is also my first time posting in anything fourm-like...i think?:moogle:(also, im gonna use these emoji cause they cute. i have no self control).:tonberry:
  9. What would you buy? IC or OOC. OOC and IC, I’d buy an apartment a bunch of cool furniture. Sadly I’m super broke, so I have no way of getting the few apartments left open... I can dream, though!
  10. Hey there! So back on WoW I was a DM for my guild and usually my arcs would be about several weeks to one month long, but that was mainly because events would always happen at least once a week no matter what unless a person important to the plot couldn't make it or if I had a conflict/was sick. My friend just ended his arc that I was in, and it lasted from September to the beginning of December, so almost three months. I thought it was a little long, especially since we were doing sessions for it twice a week, maybe once a week if someone had a conflict. So I'm just curious and want to ask the community of RPC - how long should the ideal story arc last? What's your opinion?
  11. I don't often make a thread like this as I am so rarely hyped over something, although this year is indeed shaping up to be something incredible. Getting Street Fighter 30th Collection and Mega Man X Collection, all for steam is just amazing, and yesterday it was announced that Dark Souls was getting a Remaster for everything under the sun almost. This made me incredibly giddy since I love both Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls ( sadly the latter is not getting a remaster nor a PC release but if it did.. ), with the other two game being lower in the enjoyment scale for me, I've wanted to play Dark Souls 1 in Dark Souls 3's Engine and just imagining all the flowing coats and stuff. Sweet! In my excitement, I finally got around to sit down and record various cut scenes that I've wanted to do for years, and put it together in this neat little video. There are things I feel that could been better with the video, but I was satisfied enough with it to let it be. Are you excited for this news? Or perhaps, you've never been into Dark Souls at all? I'd love to hear it ~
  12. So, obviously in-game we're pretty durable. Bullets are a mild annoyance on the same level of getting stabbed in the face, hit by magic lightning, or being set aflame. But how much of that carries over into RP/lore? I could see magic users as having a pretty decent excuse - Protect spells and other barriers could be justified as blocking a gunshot or two, deflecting a sword swing, and so forth. And we also have proven evidence that aether is imbued into our clothing and armour the more we use it. So while it looks like we're wearing a flimsy robe, it could offer much more protection than it would seem. Essentially, how durable do you treat your character in terms of being wounded or incapacitated, either during battle or other things? Would a single bullet or stab wound ruin your day?
  13. I've asked this question to myself, many times. But how exactly do you roleplay as a burglar that breaks in and steals a prize possession? Because letting someone know that you stole X thing kinda defeats the entire purpose. I mean this like /em took Player's trophy and placed it in her bag without being seen isn't really what I call thieving. So how do you actually roleplay as a thief or a burglar? More over, I guess you can just go into another person's mansion and steal an item from there but how will they know it's missing? Forgive my english. Im not adept at it.
  14. Hi All, I have been playing FF14 for just over a year now and have only recently been intrigued by the RP community after doing some research into it. I have done a little RP before but only text based so this is all new to me. Just wondered if anyone would mind providing any feedback on what I have come up with for my character. I have done some research into the seeker tribes and I have tried to keep my story kind of in line with what I think may be ok: Character Name: Thorn Thunderfists Character Gender: Male Race: Miqo'Te Seeker Character Disposition / Mood (generally speaking): Energetic (Sometimes referred to as hyperactive…) with a positive view on life. Background Story / Info: Growing up in the Sagolii Desert always had its ups and downs for Thorn. Found as a baby amongst the brushes near the Forgotten Springs by a wandering female U-Tribe Hunter, he was taken in. Choosing to raise him as her own the female hunter; U’Rurilo had to deal with a lot of disdain from the other tribe members about her decision. She also had to deal with the fact that as an outsider Thorn was not allowed to have a U-Tribe name, so instead she took inspiration from the thorn brushes that she had found him in. Shielding him as much as she could from the other tribe members, she raised Thorn to be a self-sufficient child so that if he ever found himself alone he could at least survive. She was a positive soul always advising Thorn to find the good and the excitement in things. Unfortunately for Thorn at the age of 10 cycles, U’Rurilo was killed during an Amalj'aa ambush while out hunting. This left Thorn a true outcast within the U-Tribe. Knowing he would not last long as a male Seeker Miqo’te he ventured out into the Sagolii Desert. Many thought him as good as dead, but Thorn possessing a persistent soul proved everyone wrong. For many cycles he survived the desert even making a return to the springs to resupply. Eventually Thorn managed to find a regular job at Byregot’s Strike keeping the mines clean from dust and sand, and on occasions the odd clearing out of monsters. One night when the sky was clear and the stars were bright Thorn started to wonder what else was out there in the world, and that very next day fate, being a funny old girl, presented Thorn with a glimpse of what could be. A group of travelling adventurers wandered into Byregot’s Strike looking for ways to make some quick gil. During the nightly drinks Thorn watch intriguingly how close the adventurers were. At some point during the night one of the adventurers; a burly Roegadyn, who had tanked the ale back, started to get a little boisterous with his fellow adventurers asking them for a sparring session. None would accept, but Thorn did, to the surprise of everyone around. The excitement of the fight thrilled Thorn and he never wanted it to end, he even managed to land a few hits on the Roegadyn that shocked the giant. But the fight was ended when the Roegadyn pinned Thorn to the ground by sitting on him; “You fight like a storm possessed boy, your fists are like Thunder when they hit, fast and true.” The words still etched into Thorns mind to this day. Saying goodbye to the adventurers left an itch in Thorns stomach, he wanted that companionship, he wanted to see the world. So he left, he got on the next cart to Ul’Dah to start his adventures. Never saying no to anything Thorn has experienced a lot during his travels, and he never wants that to end. Special Details: Thorn just wants to find a big Roegadyn preferably with a big bushy beard to be his best friend, they will drink together, adventure together and share bro hugs when they are feeling down, happy, or just… all the time... I haven't given Thorn a specific job role as he will generally try to fight with anything at hand, however I don't picture him being a magic user. This is still a work in progress so any feedback will be much appreciated. Also while I am here I currently play on the Louisoix Server and have recently joined a small RP linkshell that is still deciding on what to do. If there are any other Louisoix players that are currently RP'ing or thinking about it please let me know as I would be happy to join if you are accepting newbies.
  15. [align=center]_________________________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]Hello Fellow Roleplayers![/align] [align=center]_________________________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]First off, I just want to personally say Happy New Year to everyone, and hope so far it has been great for you, as well as your experience playing FFXIV.[/align] [align=center]I have recently come back from a short hiatus I took on Mateus, trying to focus on family/college before plunging my toes back into the game once more. Knowing the Quicksand has been the go-to place for RP, I decided to jump on in and get back into the playing field. Unfortunately, upon my first experience back at Mateus, I noticed... Well, trolls. [/align] [align=center]Now mind you, trolls during Open RP is going to happen to matter where you go: Any and every RPer knows that once they encounter it during their journey through the RP world. Sadly, new members within the Mateus Community may not necessarily know that, or may be new to the community in general and want a feel for the server before they dedicate themselves to it. Now, if it were a stray troll or two, it's not really that big of a deal: Normal stuff. You can typically keep it from tarnishing the RP immersion. But recently since coming back, I have noticed the Quicksand has been just *littered* with trolls, even seeming to be more trolls than RPers.[/align] [align=center]Daily. Non-stop. Friends and FC mates sending me messages concerned and frankly annoyed by how bad it has gotten. A lot of my friends are new, and are honestly very disheartened by the community they are experiencing firsthand, and not the community we **want** to share to them.[/align] [align=center]That's where my concern and desire for change kicked in. [/align] [align=center]Quicksand has always been known as the central RP hub for FFXIV RP, Transferring across multiple servers as a hotspot for walk-up RP. I have enjoyed the crazy and memorable experiences in there, and it will always have a place in my heart, but I honestly feel for Mateus, it is time for us to branch off into new waters, and see more of what the world has to offer.[/align] [align=center]_________________________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]Well, what's the plan?[/align] [align=center]___________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]Upon first thinking of this problem, my first thought was Well, how the hell are we gonna come up with a hub?[/align] [align=center]What drives people to go to a location to RP? Is it the sights? Is it the playability with RP? Is it the nostalgia you get from spending countless hours grinding with your friends?[/align] [align=center]Then I realized: It's all of that.[/align] [align=center]It's the experiences. It's experiencing that location for the first time. It's searching every nook and cranny that spot had to offer. It's learning that within that place, you can create stories beyond your wildest dreams. It's going through that area in the past, remembering all the memories you shared with others.[/align] [align=center]Why not give people that experience? Give people that feeling of finding a place to call their sanctuary? [/align] [align=center]My idea? I want to gather a list of RP places that could be the new potential Hub, centralized around the theme "New player friendly." Reason being, I want both new and old RPers to be able to come to this spot and have a great time, and hopefully significantly lower the troll population with this project. Quicksand has always been known as the go-to spot, so naturally trolls knew where to go. We can never truly eliminate the trolls, but we can at least find a place where they would have to actively search for us, which should help the situation tremendously.[/align] [align=center]With this list compiled, I would then have it to where each week or two, there would be RP events specifically revolved around that place. So for example, if we had chosen Wolves' Den as a choice, an RP event could be a fighting tournament with PVE RP DUELS. Which honestly, would be pretty badass.[/align] [align=center]After all the fun is had and all the events have ended, we come to the time to reflect and vote on what one stuck near and dear to our hearts the most. After a semi-final and final vote, we would have our winner! Ding ding! [/align] [align=center]____________________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]That's where I need your help!!!~[/align] [align=center]________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]At the end of the day, we all are a community. We grow with one another, learn with one another, and share with one another. Without your help, none of this can happen. I am only person, and this project needs A lot of willing people who want to find a new place where we can promote a more friendly and positive-energy environment than the one that sadly our Quicksand has become.[/align] [align=center]But hey! New Year, New Change! [/align] [align=center]I need people who want to brainstorm places, people whom want to help plan events for each place that is presented, give people within the community a fun challenge to see what they can come up with for the area that is chosen for testing. I need people who are passionate about RP, who want change and are eager to get more RP engaged within our community. [/align] [align=center]https://discord.gg/HPbYNFU is the Mateus Discord. We plan on having some brainstorming there, but I will also be overseeing the forums here as well for those whom would like to contribute to this cause. Once I get our people here, I will construct a more solid post here in the forums so everyone has a clear place to go for this project. I know I have spoken to a few Balmung folk whom also play on Mateus, so I also urge you to join as well: You are as much apart of this community as anyone else whom joins our server. [/align] ___________________________________________________________________________ [align=center]So yeah! Let's get this going! [/align] [align=center]_____________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]Please feel free to contact me on my discord StormyGlormy#8635 if you want to privately message me on there concerning your interest, or please post here in this forum! I look forward to seeing many of you lovely faces signing up for this project, and can't wait to give Mateus a brand-new place to call home. <3[/align]
  16. Hey guys! I am a new player to FFXIV though I have been playing WoW for a long time mostly on RP servers. After searching for a while I found out that Balmung is the best server for RP in terms of both population and accessibility however for some reason the realm is blacked out whenever I try to create a new character. So my question which other realms should I go for? RP is my favorite type of play style and I would really like it if you guys could help me out
  17. [align=justify]Now, I know this is a topic which has popped up in a number of circles and games -- as espionage, spying and gossip are often pretty popular around role-play communities. With this topic, comes the "time-old question" of: how should one proceed to eavesdrop on a public conversation? I've had several interactions with characters I've spied on in the past as well as characters spying on myself. In some other games -- such as WoW -- the issue is generally resolved with simple game mechanics such as Stealth; unfortunately, XIV does not offer much for a "true" stealth and I've encountered loads of people who will still see you. My inquiry is in regards to what people consider proper etiquette for spying on someone in a public venue. I've had several instances where people have altered their conversation/behavior when alerted OOCly to my eavesdropping as well as ICly to an emote stating that I am eavesdropping. This has caused me to often disregard this when faced with public settings however, I will walk closer to targets or simply move to stand nearby -- so as to give a more reasonable hearing range. What I am curious about is how this community feels about eavesdropping without emoting or whispering directly that a character is doing such? How does one feel about eavesdropping with an emote only and no whisper? How about with a direct OOC whisper regarding the eavesdropping? I'd also like to hear if others have had successful run-ins with people not altering their behavior once they are alerted to someone listening in? [/align]
  18. hello everyone. I have been looking through the forums and can hardly express my gratitude for making such a forum! Now what i would like to know is the following. In real life we give certain properties to stones and crystals and metals that supposedly ward of evil, magic, spirits etc. I was wondering if there is such a sing in FF14 as well. Currently I am RPing a plot with a friend who is very susceptible to aether in general. In this particular case dark aether. Is there anything lorewise in the game that could ward off the effects of aether on an individual or at least damper them? I was thinking of crafting a bracelet or neckless made of the said items that she could wear in RP to protect her while we play out our plot. Thank you all in advance for any help you can give
  19. So after doing a lot of merchant RP the last couple days, it's become very apparent to me that there is a huge discrepancy in the perceived value of Gil. So I've started paying close attention to the price of what my character buys most often: Beer. In the real world, if I'm at a bar, I expect to pay between 2 and 6 USD for whatever is on tap. But in the last two weeks in XIV, I've paid as little as 65gil and as much as 3500gil. And the 3500 wasn't me getting something really pricey and exotic. That was about average for the menu. I'm kind of curious to know how much gil your character carries day-to-day, and what their financial status is. I feel like Marisa carries around a thousand gil, and that's enough to buy food and drinks for a couple days. Also, what do you think beer should cost?
  20. [align=center]DISCLAIMER![/align] [align=center]I am by no means trying to start a war of servers or anything to ignite a feud. This is a topic i've been asking myself and friends and felt like getting off my chest. KEEP THIS CIVIL![/align] Stormblood has been out for nearly six months or so and in that time i've seen people on Balmung and met move to other servers in the first few days (who now are regretting their choice for some reason) and overtime the effect of a server effectively contained with no way to transfer back on nor make a new character brought a slowly growing issue.... [align=left]No new blood. "WELL NO SHIT PARTH! OF COURSE NO NEW BLOOD WOULD COME TO THE SERVER!"[/align] [align=left]But this is a problem in of itself. Without new blood we might face an incoming drought of RP contacts and friends. Now i am sure majority of Balmung won't care and personally i don't mind RPing with my pals on the server since i came. My problem is when people get either tired of a character but cannot really RP on the server if they have no alt characters, or people who want to make a fresh start for some reason but find that people will most likely know who they are. New RPers are all heading to Mateus and good on them, but i feel as if without any chance to 'return' to Balmung for anyone who left or want to try the server, there's no real growth that can come from Balmung less we all suddenly hit the reset button on our RP characters and start fresh. While of course we all are caring and loving of our characters, the fact that Balmung does not seem to be opening it's gate will wane. I was lucky to get six characters on Balmung before the lockdown. I have six potential characters to RP as with varying levels of personality. Though some have exclusive items or are much more tended to. For others? Not so much...[/align] [align=left]People i have talked to on my discord who transferred their characters to mateus are kicking themselves in the ass for not keeping at least one person on Balmung for sake of talking with pals or casual RP. So i ask you all...What are your thoughts as a balmung player about the Lockdown? Do you feel like at some point you might just drop RP activity until they open the gates? Do you think Square should just update their server capacity already to accommodate more than 50k characters? (tbh i'm just joshing on the number ) [/align] I'd like to hear your concerns.
  21. Specifically for Au ra! I'm keen on rping my 'non-human' characters, well, not human-like. I know FFXIV leaves little to the imagination sometimes, but there are a good deal of artists that draw Au ra like sub-monster humanoids and I'm super into that (Please look at my favourite Au ra picture of all time, here http://nickutried.tumblr.com/post/166586137732/in-which-what-if-au-ra-looked-like-their-concept). I know a fair few people that roleplay their Miqo's and Au ra as biologically differing humanoids that are either beastly on the outside and diverse within, so I'd like to see if anyone else does it in the general populace! Examples of stuff I'd be interested in hearing out are head-canons to perhaps your own character, regardless of whether you are 'lore strict' or not. Some examples I see around are regarding enhanced hearing, running higher temperatures, pseudo-claws instead of hands, alternate tail shapes for function (IE biologically natural stubbed tails or more prehensile tails (more catlike)), crazy jaw strength, resting BPM differences, hormone differences, bent backs, far wider thighs ect, ect. My reasons beyond liking these changes in peoples characters? I'm a h u g e biology nerd, and this sort of thing is insanely interesting to me!
  22. I've been looking around between the RPC's wiki pages, some tumblrs, and even original websites and I was curious to see some more on how you use them or what specifically for. I've seen some who use them as a character's activity tracer to what they're doing to this day in time as well as some that are just well documented backgrounds. Do you have multiples or just one? Why did you pick the host you did and how useful is it in your opinion compared to others? I've made a couple RPC wiki pages myself and find myself getting lost in a sea of HTML like I used to when I was in web design. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since more advanced customization is allowed typically and you can sorta feel out your own layouts and pages if you're not 100% savvy with coding. I'm experimenting with tumblr a bit but it seems more grounded in social aspects or keeping up to date than just forming a bio. Which also seems like it could be nice to have one of each, one for a general story/background and one that updates what your char is getting into. Feel free to drop links in here and share your thoughts about them overall o/. Even if they're not widely recognized or known about, share em!
  23. Like are they also tainted and corrupted just like their void aether or is it not? Is it possible to cure them of its corruption or...? I don't think I've seen much dishes which has voidsents meats were used on so I'm curious. Granted, I don't know much voidsent creatures so there's that.
  24. So I've seen a couple ideas like this thrown around from time to time and I was curious how they go about it. Like do we have any NPC's that make racist remarks based on you being miqo'te or something? Also are there any particular remarks or stereotypes people use? I'm a lil uncomfortable asking this personally but I got curious one day what people could think of that is considered offensive towards an au ra, a roe, or miqo'te etc.
  25. This was brought up in another topic, but do you roleplay the different races as having different physical capabilities (miqo'te able to jump higher and be more agile than hyur) or as basically the same (your lalafell can arm-wrestle a roegadyn and win at least half the time)? My first instinct would be toward differences - it seems logical to me that a roegadyn would always win in terms of physical strength against the other races unless magic is involved, a miqo'te probably has the best night vision and is very agile/flexible, lalafell are quick and can easily hide from the larger races, hyur would be jack-of-all, master-of-none, Au Ra likely have a natural toughness thanks to their scales, etc. But I can see where that would impose limitations on people and is contrary to some scenes from the game - we see a lalafell fighting seemingly evenly with a hyur in the pugilism arena, most fighting is done with aether-enhancement which would make muscles potentially meaningless, people enjoy have a character that looks slender but is stronger than visibly muscular character, and so forth. What do other people think? What do you usually see played out, IRP? Whether it be people competing in a foot race, or arm-wrestling, or an RP fight where it comes down to a contest of strength or agility?
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