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  1. Hello, everyone. My character, Xau Dolabnha, is a Keeper of the Moon. I originally designed her long before I had any concern or knowledge of FFXIV lore, and so I had given her dark brown skin, black and white heterochromia'd eyes, and black and white two-tone hair. Over time, as I developed her character more and began to integrate my vision of her into the FFXIV world, I fantasia'd her eyes into two normal, brown ones, and I dyed her hair to a more dirty blonde-ish color. While I've made her significantly more lore-friendly than she was at first, there are still parts of her that I don't really want to change - for example, I really like how she looks with dark brown skin, and I'd like to keep that, even though, lore-wise, most Keepers have grey-scale skin of various shades. The question I have for the community, then, is what would you consider a valid, lore-friendly reason as to why a certain character of a certain clan of a certain race has an unconventional skin color compared to other characters of the same clan and race?
  2. First off, I'll start this post by saying I have a personal theory that the Azim Steppe is probably an Eorzean-equivalent of China, due to the similarities the Au Ra living there have with tribes such as the Mongols of the Xiongnu that the Chinese dealt with throughout history. Additionally, almost all of North Eastern China is a steppe. Anyway, with that in mind, I was wondering whether or not Taoism and other similar Chinese Religions and philosophies exist in Eorzea (Like Confucianism or Legalism). We do know that items such as the Taoist Robes or Taoist wool is obtainable by by players. And Does this also mean Taoism was invented and is followed on the Azim Steppe? (Keeping in mind that the entirety of Taoist history occurred in China.)
  3. If you aren't willing to be spoiled by anything and everything Stormblood, get out! Anyone else think the WoL was awesome for saving the small group from the first -insert however Lakshmi 'tempers' here- of the immediate group.
  4. Hello! I've been planning to do some reworking in regards to one of my characters, and after playing through Stormblood I took interest in Fordola, as well as the group she commands. I know they were created by Gaius back when he was still around, but do we have anything more to go off of besides what's shown in MSQ?
  5. Hello, I have been looking for an RP server that isn't balmung or jenova (currently on) I just haven't had any luck finding one. But I did hear about omega but it's still so new that I could barely find anything on the RP community. So if anyone can help with how much RP has been happening on that server would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey! So I saw a discussion on tumblr the other day about half breeds. It seems like most people think that they could exist so I have some questions. Is calling someone a half breed considered racist? and Are half breeds looked down upon in society? By half breed I mean something like a half elezen, half hyur or it could be something like a person who has a parent from Garlemald but another from Aldernard. What do you guys think?
  7. tragicdeatheveryonecriesfantasianamechangeintocuteaura Kinda tired of all the doom and gloom, so let me go on those normies fun discussion topics; how would you retire your main character? A lot of them seem to retire by lol die, which a lot of times I think it's kind of unfair and expected? Honestly, if I would retire Quki, before the whole Fantasia/Name Change, I would definetly just make that she's tired of an active life, and decides to settle down on some residential district and make a simple living; that way I could move forward, but if anyone ever wanted to talk to her, I could always rp her as long as not in-game.
  8. **The New server for the EU data centre has been named; it is Omega! Details will come 15/06** With the lockdown of Balmung due to an extremely high population, I figured now would be a good time to open a discussion about the migration of EU players to an EU server. This lockdown comes at an arguably fortuitous time as players are all but ready for Stormblood to go live in June, meaning the vast majority are all in that downtime phase where we might be farming for gear, levelling crafters, or levelling alts. Thans to this, I believe we can dedicate more time to the discussion of such topics. Now, before people jump to conclusions I would like to preface this with my own thoughts on the matter. As it stands, Balmung is by far the largest and most well known RP community. Everyone who is everyone is on Balmung, most everyone I follow on Tumblr is on Balmung, and my EU friends also play on Balmung. Why wouldn't you want to be on Balmung? Well, there are a plethora of reasons. Housing is scarce, marketboard prices are very high, ping is high now that servers have physically moved to California etc etc. Unfortunately, now people don't have a choice in the matter. They have to choose another server whether they like it or not until "the population stabilises", which leads me to believe that Square Enix want it to somewhat even out across the servers. This brings us to the potential migration of EU roleplayers to an EU server on the Chaos data centre. Not only would it provide a new hub of roleplay -an EU sister to Balmung, if you will- it could potentially aid in lifting the lock that is currently in place on Balmung. But why would you want to move? Why should you? Well here are a few reasons you might consider; -Housing is available, for you, and for your FC. Perhaps you have dreamed of having an FC mansion to serve as an RP hub for you and your friends? Perhaps you wish to open a Tavern and create a venue to be enjoyed by all? Perhaps you even want a lair for your villainous character to do all their shady dealings? Now you have that oppotunity. -Lower ping. -Less timezone problems. No longer will you have to stay up until 3am because your contact in Pennsylvania couldn't log on until later. You friends and contacts may only be an hour or two ahead/behind you. Far easier to coordinate than 5-8 hour time differences. -Attend ALL the server events! We have EU-friendly events now, but imagine being able to attend all the ones you could? Not having to stay up late because of time zone differences, no more missing events because it starts at Midnight and you have work the next day. -Added incentives. The latter statement is likely regarding EU to EU transfers, but is worded ambiguously so I figured I may as well post it for good measure. It is worth noting though that the exact same post is on both the NA and EU Lodestone. This is really all I have to say on the matter. Though I am also going to state that should a community migrate, and my friends and I with them (since they are EU too), I would happily transfer my main to the server of our choosing. EDIT: In the interests of keeping the EU community whole, I would like to caution against transferring immeditealy to an EU server. It is clear at this point that a new server that is to be added with 4.0 will be the winner in the poll (which I cannot edit because I'm silly and didn't set an end date). Therefore, with respect to that, I will make a new poll when the information about the new servers, in particular the names of the servers, and we can decide as a community from there.
  9. The Poll should be closed now or should be closing very soon. As such, I'm renaming the thread so it can continue to be used to discuss alternate RP servers and a resource for players that continue to look to the RP-C for alternatives. Please by all means continue discussions, the previous threads will still be linked in this main post as well as the old post in a spoiler tag. Updated: 5/23 A new Alternate RP Directory thread has been created for a one stop resource for all active RP servers. If your information or server is not listed in the thread please PM me and I will add it ASAP. Alternate RP Server Directory
  10. Let me preface by saying a couple things in case they aren't clear: 1) I support creating a new second RP server. 2) I think our main focus should be the official designation of an RP server/ 3) I recognize the splintering and chaotic nature of the RP community as a whole, and understand that the opinions of one person to the next may vary widely even in similar groups. With all that being said, from my first experience, and the second hand experiences of others, I have come to see there is a problem on Mateus as a second community. Either before the lock of Balmung, or sometimes just after it, RPers from Balmung's community ventured onto Mateus to create new groups. Some of these RPers were new, some old, some just ready for a new adventure knowing that a new adventure was needed because of the lock, and then it seems to me there must also have been some of Balmung's outcasts. When I say outcasts, I don't mean thrown out by the community, but rather those who have bad experiences here, either once or on more than on occasion, and decided not only that they didn't like it here, but also that the community as a whole were all the same: terrible, rude, mean people who aren't out to RP but rather to ostracize. As a Balmung native, and someone who has RPed here since 1.0 (basically since it wasn't Balmung back then of course), I know this not to be true for the most part, and also to not take the community on RPC as rule of law for general RPers in our community. I wouldn't have even brought this up were it not for experiencing these folks within the first hour of being on Mateus, and directly in main chat. I think Balmung was brought up innocuously on some subject, and more than one person expressed that they "don't like Balmung, and maybe Balmung RPers shouldn't be welcome here". Naturally this event caused many who are native Balmung RPers to react not so well, considering that much of Mateus will soon be made up of Balmung it didn't make a lot of sense to have this attitude. After that event I sort of shrugged it off, the LS leaders quieted the rhetoric and we moved on, though I certainly felt less welcome and only logged on maybe a couple more times and then not at all on that character after the incident, realizing that my fire for the server kinda died after that at least for now. That was a couple weeks ago now, and though I haven't touched back with the community there, I have been hearing from others who have dug themselves into this community a little more, that they have experienced much the same and more than once on the Discord server this time. The above are just a few experiences from those who are trying to move onto Mateus from Balmung, but aren't feeling welcome. I guess I was hoping that more opinions on this could be shared, more experiences good or bad, so we can get some of this bad blood out of the system at least in this corner of the world, and move onto to having Mateus be a possible place of future great RP. *Mod edit: This thread's title has been altered.
  11. So it's been a long time since I've played and my biggest issue is the one's i used to play with don't play any more, being someone who's Rp'd for a long time I figured what better way to maybe spark my love of the game again but by finding a good RP group. so here i am. I've got a few questions if anyone is willing to lend an ear. first, i know this is probably asked a million times but is there any select servers that work best for someone looking for RP communities?, i know back in the day Balmug and Gilgamesh were non official. but is there any that i should look into trying to get a character on. secondly i plan on starting from scratch i feel like jumping back into where i was back when i played would do more harm than help my interest to play the game again. In doing this I've tried coming up with an idea as far as character wise since i'm going to be working my way though most of the jobs again, what would most peoples reaction to a character who's personality changes with which job he currently is in game. kind of like a split personality for each weapon? (not sure if this is probably way over played or if people shy away from it I've done Split personality RP before and find it fun and interesting.) ideas, feelings, concerns? All in all nice meeting you and i appreciate any feedback this gets.
  12. So, the Azure Dragoon is chosen by the eye of Nidhogg, right? He is chosen and given the power of the eye. Clearly the power works over long distances because you are Azure Dragooning about while Estinien is holding onto one and the other is on Haldrath's coffin. One can even argue that the power could still subsist even when Nidhogg is revived as Wyrmstinien because the tie is never broken. BUT How are you still Dragooning about now that the eyes have been entirely spent in the summoning of Shinryu? They don't exist anymore, they are gone. Kaput. Do they still exist inside Shinryu and that's how it works? Aside from videogame mechanics where it would suck if all Dragoons forgot how to Blood of The Dragon after 3.55 but given how the new stormblood abilities seems to be a deepening of that eye connection (Gaze of the First Brood, First Brood includes Nidhogg and Hraesvelgar and others) how is that working? I guess the job quest will explore that, which makes me sad because I just wanna know about post-war dragoons and their role in Ishgard afterwards
  13. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=17831&pid=293283#pid293283 JUMP POTION INFO FINALIZED! ALTERNATIVE TO JUMP POTION IS REVEALED: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=17831&pid=290493#pid290493 Halfway marker: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=17831&pid=278554#pid278554 Read that for info So I've noticed a lot of (justified) hate over the idea of jump potions for all regions. The idea of buying levels to skip the mundane and dare I say...most boring part of Final Fantasy. I for one will most likely buy them. I want to hear from the more active users about this idea. Do you embrace it? Ignore it? Quit the game over it? Feel cheated for hours put into grinding? Middle of the road? I'm sure some of you have some words. Update 1: So far the replies are indeed in some agreement or middle ground. I am so glad this community is really calm and thoughtful about all possibilities :3 And if we somehow get more information from the Fanfest in Japan about this, do feel free to mention it. Update 2: So a few points being brought up in this thread are as followed...and my opinions on these for once. - Not everyone reads/watches Dialogue/Cinematics and some just want to get to endgame. This is true. My first time leveling through 2.0 back when it first launch was all about reading and watching the text...and then the patch content came and by 2.2 I was skipping all the filler cinematics and saying 'LET ME FIGHT LEVIATHAN ALREADY GODDAMMIT!' which is kind of bad. In today's internet, information about the story is widely digestible in smaller formats for any RPer looking to get into it and frankly, not everyone can remember every little detail without some googling. So the ease of technology is partial to blame (Even now the Lorebook doesn't seem like a good purchase with people sharing images online...unless you are like me and most RPers who want a physical thing to read offline) - Jump Potions would bring more bad than good. The Jump potions atm in China get players to level 50 which is 10 levels below the current cap and skips over all but Heavensward xpac content. With seeing how the level 90/100 boost worked in world of warcraft, i can say it will only do harm if it came out about a few months before the next xpac and the boost got people to level 60 and skipped ALL of the Heavensward storyquests for them. That is a crime and shame when there is time to do it. So it will bring more people in to play (even if frustrations will arise of occasional 'WTF DO I DO' people.) and read guides. Fun fact too, one of my current mythic raiders in wow started in Warlords...as a boosted character. He's a damn good hunter asking questions and getting a rotation down. It's a rare sight but those players DO exist. - Skipping levels kills the experience/charm/story of the MMO. And not being able to play with your friends can make or break your MMO experience. Face it. Leveling is an outdated model the moment expansions are introduced to a video game. Vanilla wow for instance had 60 levels and two large zones at release. By Burning Crusade...those zones were EMPTY (say for occasional rep grinders if bored or gathering those mats for vanilla potions and such) and everyone was in Shattarath more than anything. As expansions continue, those zones become outdated and left barren. Yes, I am in the boat that your first time through you SHOULD level through the content from scratch on a toon...but in FF14's case as others pointed out, you have to wallow through hours of meaningless filler from 2.0 era that had to tie you over until the next big patch that introduced maybe another turn of Coils, another level of Crystal tower and 2-3 new dungeons. Solutions are introduced and the Khole book was a good solution (even if i see it as a lotto ticket ) but it will never fix the problem of that initial start. I know i said i wouldn't put my opinions but I felt like breaking it for you guys. After all, I'm the other mmo player with RP in FF14. So i have felt a lot of that initial bad wave back in Mists of Pandaria. Thank you for the continuation of opinions and sharing your thoughts to your fellow FF14 players and RPers. I love how Civil you guys are
  14. Hi, I am a new RP'er coming from Elder Scrolls Online. I Thought it might be a good idea to come ask the community about my RP ideas. Thanks for your help with Eorzean lore! I was thinking of role playing the son of a Ala Mhigan Noble who escaped from Ala Mhigo before the violence started. The idea was to have him work to Liberate Ala Mhigo with the help of Ul'Dah. (which im guessing won't ever happen in the game) I was wondering, does anyone know of any specific reasons this is a bad Idea? Or even ideas on how to make this more interesting? Thanks in advance! -Kelso
  15. I'm looking to get some lore and viability checks as well as some opinions for a character idea I've just finished. I don't exactly have too much of an idea how the Maelstrom works, how they name their ships, and where exactly technology stands in different decades, so that's what I'm mostly needing clarified with lore. Viability-wise, I need some help on seeing if a physical healer can make it in a world with magic healing, (I would figure they can, but you never know). Anyroad, here's the character information: Basics: Catharine Mella Bethune, or Missy as she usually prefers, is a Midlander Hyur in her late twenties whose primary profession for the last ten years is acting as a self-taught nurse and contract medic for the Maelstrom in Limsa Lominsa. Her hair is entirely silvered as if she was much older than she is, and has been since she was ten, due to a hereditary trait consistently passed down in her family. Appearance: Despite all of her efforts to conceal it, Missy visibly has a prosthetic left forearm made out of a mix of carved wood and leather with metal mechanisms attached to the remainder of her left arm. It is purely controlled by a small, flat lever on the inner side that basically controls making her hand close inwards to the maximum of a loose fist. Her tinker brother made a total of three for her, but the second one has always been the one she prefers. Profession: She uses very little healing magic, instead opting to use various medicines, bandages, light surgery, and the like out of personal preference. She has only generally treated people who walk in off the street and the guards in the city, but on occasion she has ended up treating a few higher ranking soldiers. She learned what she knows from a few old books and experience, but she’s basically been doing it her whole life. Most of the time she works in her clinic; also known as the main room of her somewhat small house. Personality: For a very large majority of the time she stays in a calm and motherly attitude towards any of her patients regardless if they are older than her, continuing to treat them like children even after they are long out of her care. This includes (but is not limited to): fixing meals, bringing up embarrassing topics, terms of endearment, and general fussiness. Sometimes the kind side of her can vanish in dire situations, but the calm never vanishes. Her sympathy for almost anything borders on boundless, and she is in some ways, too caring.
  16. Updated: 5/18/17 This thread is being made for the discussion of an alternative RP server now that Balmung is under indefinite lock down. This is a thread for deciding on which server should be deemed the RP server. If you wish to discuss the Balmung server lock down and it's repercussions go to the megathread: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=19397 We are here specifically to spread awareness of the RP communities in our smaller servers and the health of said servers. Please do not bring in server vs server drama. I would like us to speak on the merits of what the communities have to offer as I will plainly admit I am ignorant to the going ons of our smaller RP groups. The RP-C has been focused specifically on Balmung for a long time and the spotlight should be shown to the smaller servers. So! Community leaders! Free Company Leaders! Let's hear what your server is doing and how it's doing! This post will be updated as more feedback is provided to create an easy index for players. EDIT: Please, the topic of what should have been done and debating the closure of Balmung should be taken to that thread. I do not want that conversation spilling over here. We are here to specifically discuss and promote the various alternate server communities, not debate over if such servers should exist. Maril has given us a quick post of the scope of the many servers and companies on the smaller servers! MATEUS Foxfirestorm's Mateus Rundown Kylin's Mateus Feedback Sable's Mateus Endorsement Vexander's Mateus Endorsement Rosekitten's Mateus Endorsement TK Hikaru's Mateus Endorsement Jeanne IX's Mateus Endorsement FallenFedora's Mateus Endorsement Seraphine Felstar's Rundown SIREN Kylin's Siren Feedback FAERIE Lynae Flores' Faerie Rundown Ink's Faerie Rundown Widow1987's Faerie Rundown JENOVA Redariesye's Jenova Endorsement
  17. So I'm a newbie when it comes to RP. Today I decided to use my Fantasia, then Transfer+namechange my old Keeper of the Moon from way back when I first played some years ago. However in my attempt to find a pleasing name I ended up making him a bit of a special snowflake, be it that his name includes the 'ra suffix, making him the fifth son. When a guild member saw I had added this to my nickname in the discord channel, it prompted a discussion on how lore breaking it'd be to have 4 brothers even when it's explicitly stated that even the largest of Keeper clans rarely have more than two or three sons. We decided to drop it since I stated that I won't be doing much RP on that character to begin with or adding them to the FC but it still bothers me that my quest for aesthetics lead to me creating a RP faux-pas. So the questions I want to ask are; Just how badly did I mess up? Keeper families are already smaller due to being quite insular but exactly how large is a family unit? Realistically speaking, my own RL grandma on my dads side had 11 kids, 8 of which were daughters and I'm the last of 5 children, all guys. So is there anything explicitly saying that my character's mother couldn't have possibly birthed say(purely for example) 16 children in her lifetime? Does the world of FFXIV even go by today's standards on what a typical family unit consists of, particularly what number makes up a "normal" family and what would be seen as a large/excessively large one? This is all keeping in mind that giving birth to one male doesn't or rather shouldn't improve the chances of the mother giving birth to more females or decrease the chance of giving birth to another male. 'Cause if it did, then Hydaelyn's got some wickedly authoritarian scale balancing going on.
  18. So I recently mad a FC and I need some help getting it past the registration and so I wanted to make a thread on here for it. What is a good template to use for here?
  19. I am looking for opinions and examples of/about using amnesia as a plot point/element in your characters story, be it in the background or in the present situation. Less about viability, but more along the lines of how would you react if you came across a character with amnesia? Do you believe it is something that can be done "Right" and if so, what would you do to the element to make it work and perhaps let it seem a little bit less like the cliche it has become. Is it an element that has become worse or better as the years have ticked on for your roleplay experience? Is there a flaw/fault that people always end repeating when it is done? I'm also thinking about what difference if any it makes to you, that such an element is placed in a character's background versus being done in for example a year-old character. Does the latter end up seeming more like a "lazy" retcon? It's been a heck of a long time since I've actually debated amnesia with anyone, so I figured why not give it a go here. Thoughts?
  20. I've been wrestling with the idea of making an amnesiac who's been given a Lalafellin name on account of not rememebering theirs, and trying to make a name for them I've come across an issue that all the googling my fingers can manage hasn't found an answer for: What part of a Lalafell's name indicates their clan? Considering I can only find multiple instances of the same naming conventions, and all of them mention that Lalafell surnames are such only in form, not function, does any part of their name indicate clan? Or is it up to the members of the clan to remember who's related to them without any family naming traditions? I know that there's the obvious example of the Coco's in the THM guild, but I'm not entirely sure if that's actually a clan name, or if it is a clan name, does that still hold true for plainsfolk names. *shrugo* I just really don't know. I'm not the most well versed in lore and I'm still pretty new to rp, and haven't yet seen much in AAR to begin with.
  21. Hello, everyone! I was chatting with a couple friends of mine, and an idea struck me. Now, I don't know whether this has been fully realized yet or not, but I'm going to post my idea and let people be inspired by it, if they so choose to be. So, here's my cool/crazy/fun/interesting idea; You take a group of people and make a linkshell or an FC of the sort, with mercenary/rent-a-fighter/bodyguard-esque people. Taking jobs, escorting caravans, etc. "But Maeve, there's already plenty of mercenary FCs and it's hardly a new concept" Don't worry, I'm getting to it! Now, normally, an FC like this allow people to hire them to perform some sort of task. It's usually another company either wanting a villain for an event, or to do some kind of dual-FC type team-up event, or alternatively, the client could be a single person. The main thing here, is that the -cliennt- is the one coming up with an event to do. They do the DM'ing, roll the dice, come up with the monsters, so on. What if it was the other way around? What if this FC allowed people, as groups or on their own, to hire them, and the -FC- would provide the event, based on what the client wants/needs? This would work great in tandem with people who're not affiliated with an FC, or someone who's trying to further their own story, without 'just having it happen off screen'. For instance, if your character's a researcher, and he wants to get his hands on a specific artifact, you could contact this FC, let them know the gist of what you need, and they would set up an event for both the client, as well as their own group. This would, of course, require at least one, if not more, DMs that are willing to spend their time working on events aimed at other people (Although they could of course weave some personal FC stuff in there). But aside from that, I personally think this is an idea that could really help out people who're not in an FC, or those who'd like -more- than to just RP and have events with their own circle of friends. What do you guys think? Please let me know down below! For the record, I'm not going to create this, but I felt it was a good idea to share it with you lot
  22. Hi. I'm still fairly new, and started putting together a background for my character. I still need to see what outfits I can get for him, but so far I've had some fun with him in a few encounters here and there. My problem is my lack of knowledge on the lore and what is/isn't okay despite some researching the past weeks. So, any comments/suggestions? The character seems a bit lack luster to me so far. Name: Tomasu Kusakiri Race: Raen Au Ra Profession: Wanderering Blade/Adventurer Interests: Gardening, Wandering, Philosophy Background: Tomasu Kusakiri is a refugee of Doma, brought across by the ships leaving that area after the Garlean desecration of their homeland. Born in Doma, the man grew up with a loving family who's fate escapes him to this day. Growing up, he was like much other children and an active if inquisitive life that lead him to learning the ways of the sword and spear under his parents to help him better face the dangers of the world. Despite their attempts to discipline him, none of the lessons really took root at that early stage of his life. He seemed more wild than anything with his skills, and often could be found playing in the woods around his home village. Once he reached roughly his teenage years, Tomasu was still pretty wild. Still working in the woods with other youths to hunt, track, and otherwise make a living. He would help as much as he could around the house while his father or mother were away at their small merchant stand or playing security for other merchants. During his teenage years, the Garlean destruction of Doma happened. One of the refugees, Tomasu was separated from his family. Forced aboard a ship despite being armed, he sought to help out the other refugees as much as he could while doing his best to not break down. It wasn't until the ship landed and he heard of their move to Mor Dhona that he decided to help by striking out on his own. It took many months and a couple of encounters with Garlean scout squads from near Mor Dhona before he struck out on his own. By then, he had decided his vengeance was at least mostly satisfied and decided to do something that he would rather have done with his parents' leave, wherever they were now. Explore the world and find some place for him to call home. It was this exploring that lead him to Gridania and attempting to settle there. Staying in Quarrymill, he went through the judgement of the Elementals and was found acceptable. The oddity of being judged by the Elementals sits with him to this day and he respects the Twelveswood for it being as close to the Doman's religion as it may come to be in Eorzea. Wandering the forests, he frequently wanted to Limisa Lominsa, Mor Dhona, and Ul'dah via airship or aethyrite to ask for news on his parents and still does so to this day. He has settled into the wandering life and enjoys it despite one day dreaming of finding a home for himself somewhere in Eorzea, if not one day returning to Doma or Ala Mhigo to help against the occupation there. EDIT: Rewrote the background on 3/29/2017 since there was a ton of lore I didn't know that responders to the initial background helped with.
  23. Hi. I just recently transferred to Balmung and I was wondering where some of the hang outs are for RP? I know there's the Quicksand, but that's all I've found so far.
  24. Hey all! So my Hikari is a paladin in the traditional sense, she doesn't own a soulstone or anything and knows incredibly basic conjury and how to use a sword and a shield. Not really the point but just a tad of background. I'm trying to figure out if there is anyway she could 'hear' Azeyma, her Goddess of choice? IC'ly I have Hikari constantly going out to help the people of Eorzea, defending villages from wild boars, escorting someone to a city, all that good and paladiny stuff but is there some way she could hear Azeyma or could Azeyma send her a nudge that's sort of a feeling of 'Hey go here'? Thanks for any help or feedback!
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