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  1. With the advent of the updated chat room, we're now able to be in multiple rooms at once. Even prior to the update, there were other chat rooms available - both OOC and IC chats - that were never utilized since it meant leaving the "Main Chat" and missing any conversation going on there. But now things have changed, and now a user can be in up to three chats at once. And can even make their own chats for even more utility! And so, it's got me thinking - as I am wont to do when I let my mind wander some - about how we can use this new functionality to the fullest. Especially for the RP angle, now that you can be in one without missing anything in the OOC chats. There were a few RP "locales" before prior to this - though many probably never noticed or used them - a generic tavern location, a generic arena-type place for RP combat, and a sort of "field" location. So... do we just make those again? Do we add more? Do we remove some? Do we even need any since any RP "scenes" could just be in private chats? How do we work with this? Well, in my musings, I wondered what any "default" or "standard" RP chat room would work in this situation. Should it be a static location (like the Quicksand) - so that people come in know what they're coming into, but also limits who/what can RP there? Or do we leave it a nebulous generic locale (like the previous RP chat rooms) - where the location is determined by whoever's RPing at the time, which both adds freedom but could cause confusion for those coming in? Each have their pros and cons that I haven't really delved too deeply into. However, it did get me thinking about a "static" location that wasn't static. A location that moves so that it could feasibly be anywhere and, thus, provide the familiarity of a concrete location without also potentially limiting who could RP there based on... well... location. My idea was: The Winged Boar - IC Chat room Stout Drink is a Hellguard bartender who had a dream - to see his drinks served all over Hydaelyn. And, with the backing of an Ul'dahn noble, he's managed to make that dream come true in the most unprecedented of ways: an airship transformed into a flying tavern! Now, wherever you are, you're always just a linkpearl call away from a cool, refreshing drink. As for the name? Stout explains it best - "'s like they told me when I pitched th' idear. 'A flyin' tavern? WHEN PIGS FLY.'" Basically, it's as I put in my dorky little blurb there - a huge airship that got turned into a mobile tavern. So, even if your character sticks around Limsa or Ishgard or Gridania... they could all still show up at this tavern for RP. And the staff is all NPCs (unless, of course, you want to RP the wait staff!) so you're not needing anyone but you and your RP partner(s) to do a scene there! And from that, I figured a thread like this would merit existing. While the focus is primarily on what IC RP rooms we, as users, would like to see as part of the "main chat" list... I don't see why OOC ones couldn't be suggested as well. After all, currently we just have a General OOC Chat and one for spoiler-y discussions. Maybe there's something else that those two wouldn't cover. Voice your thoughts and ideas! And feel free to use my dorky blurb formatting for it if you'd like. Let's really get some use out of the new functionality the new chat widget offers us!
  2. EDIT:I did a more clearer summary of this information, but I have left the older post still up here. I put it all in nested spoilers now, so it should be much easier to read than in one giant essay.
  3. one thing I am running into and having confusion with is finding out when it would be best for my character to speak, even if it's to no one in particular, when to have the character think the line (via italics or similar), and when to describe what the character is feeling at the moment (like "Kallera felt blah blah blah, a slight reminder that she needed more blah.") Is there any advice with this? I want to make sure I'm giving the next responder enough to interact and play with on their next interaction.
  4. One thing I have noticed over the course of playing several MMO's is that North Americans do not like to role-play or rather have no idea that role-play is even a possibility in these games. For those few of us that do know that RP can be done and done well in an MMO setting, it's disheartening when you try to get something going only to realize that all of the servers and free companies etc. are all inaccessible to you. Despite this, I notice that when I'm on my RP specific character and do a mild form of half in character half out of character RP in small settings like duty finder, people seem to really enjoy it (and for some inexplicable reason I get commendations where is I don't on my main). So the enjoyment and want for RP is there but people just have no clue how to go about it. What tips tricks and suggestions do you have for people like me who are on non-RP servers that want to either start Something up or just create a small link shell to get the RP spirit going?
  5. Curious if you guys like work that into your -insert foreigner status- character too? I mean like help add weight to the whole concept of being not really part of Eorzea. The language barrier I mean. I like to think it captures the whole idea of being a foreigner too, because it isn't enough to just be culture shocked and clueless. I mean one of the key points of my coast skink (Thanks KISS) is that she can't for the life of her speak Eorzean. Stuck with the old tongue that I'm probably assuming is going strong in all the tribes. Also curious, for those who do this anyway, if that affects your chances of getting rp? Walk-up mainly because planned is convenient in its own way.
  6. Hello everyone, My friend Aelfred and I were planning on organizing an IC RP wedding for our characters. The thing is...it's A GARLEAN WEDDING !
  7. So if you don't already know, MSQ title given for 3.5 is spoiler-y TURN OFF TITLES AND DON'T EXAMINE PEOPLE IF YOU CARE ABOUT THAT Please also consider you are visiting a thread labeled and titled for discussion of spoilers.
  8. So a couple of nights ago I ran a Halloween haunted mansion event for some of my Fate-14 players. They found themselves dealing with the spirits of a fallen Ishgardian house that had a very serious and, to anyone who has played the MSQ, wrongheaded approach to rooting out heresy - they would secretly feed captive Ishgardian commoners dragon's blood to test their purity and then kill the resulting dragon as proof of their sin. When the ghostly head of the house explained all of this to the players, I had to immediately inform them OOC that trying to correct the ghost if they were playing their characters as knowledgeable about the events of the MSQ would have been unwise, because they would have instantly said "That's not how dragon's blood works, dipshit" (paraphrasing here), and probably gotten themselves stuck in a tough fight with limited resources. After all, why would a centuries-dead ghost know that Ishgardians at large all had draconic heritage? And why would a ghost - a being stuck in its ways - care about that kind of thing if it were told to them, and not dismiss it as lies? Now I freely admit I metagamed this for their own safety, but that's not the point of the post. The speed with which the players were about to correct the NPC as to the "right" lore and stick their feet in their mouths, coupled with the recent discussion on Au Ra origins from a few weeks ago, has had me thinking about how frequently we position our characters as generally being correct about the setting. This has nothing to do with subjective character opinions like politics or discriminatory attitudes, but more to do with how we don't like our characters to be wrong about the "bones" of the setting. When it comes to how the various magic systems work, or the history of the setting, or how to make magitek function, characters either don't know how to do it and admit as such, or they know the facts and know them in correct and proper fashion. We may have racists in-game, but we tend not to have Flat Earthers. So to dispel that notion for myself because RP is a wide and varied place, I'm putting these questions to all of you: 1.What do your characters believe that you know, OOC, to be fundamentally incorrect about the setting? 2.How do you address people trying to "correct" your character about these misconceptions, especially if it's very important to your character concept? And how often does it happen?
  9. DISCLAIMER!!! The discussion here is not to hate/bash/criticize one particular game or mmo! DO NOT use this as a means to spread hate! Lately I've been seeing something strange in not just myself but other friends when it comes to MMO games. Some of them (like me) enjoy playing more than one MMO even if they are Sub games. But as of late, it's becoming far too stagnate and 'stale'. Friends I've talked to either play the following games... Final Fantasy 14 World of Warcraft Elder Scrolls Online (Since the update happened) and...well that's really it. I've been thinking about this since Pangya closed down for good. (Why! It was a good game! D: ) [align=center]IS THE MMO MARKET AT A STANDSTILL?[/align] From a business point of view, it's way more risky to make an MMO of a video game considering the humongous cost, development time and active updates that have to be added along with server upkeep and to ensure there is a steady income to break the minimum of what you spent on an MMO. So many Pay model MMOs have failed in our time.... [align=left] Age of Conan[/align] [align=left]Star Wars The Old Republic Black Desert[/align] Wildstar (New IP didn't help it either) [align=left]And that's to name a few. Even Final Fantasy 14 back when it was 1.0 didn't fair well with critics at launch and they took a big risk no company ever did for an MMO, which was remake the game. It worked, yes but i doubt something of that caliber could be done again. So right now our MMO selection my be vast but a lot of them are either Copy Paste of the same game style or even the same game (Looking at Aura Kingdom and the 4 other copies...) and some game that never even make it out of beta (*COUGHWARFRAMECOUGH*) I want to know what you all think? Is the MMO market at a standstill until the next big amazing game? Do you think we will ever get another big hit like Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn? What do you think would need to happen if we are to get another hit? Share your thoughts and voice your concerns :3[/align] [align=left]- Parth Makeo [/align]
  10. [align=center]So, I've been awake trying to figure out this silly boy all morning and figure that worst comes to worst, I'll more than likely cry myself to sleep over not picking up my lorebook more often. Most of this information is from my early morning drabbling so will come in bullet point form, and I'll probably be updating this thread with more relevant information as time goes on-- also collapsible tabs would be neat to know how to do! I tend to get a little overzealous ' n' :dazed:[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]R'adato Tia [/align] ♦ An upbeat and optimistic Seeker Miqo'te that hails from the Southern Continent. Born in Meracydia, R'adato was one of the few children of the tribe's previous Nunh, and his mother's only child. Raised amongst an assortment of sisters, cousins, and aunts in a communal environment, he was considered a runt for most of his youth, and still isn't very astounding to this day. Tiring of the dreary expectations of his home, he came to Eorzea five years ago, fully intent on fueling his wanderlust. ♦ 27 years of age. Born 13th Sun of the Seventh Astral Moon. ♦ Seeker of the Sun ; 1/8th Keeper. ♦ The branch of Rah he grew up in regularly made a point of traveling the deserts, and were hunters by trade. Proof of age came when they were capable of wrestling down a beast with nothing but their bare hands. While they had a few settlements here and there, including a small coastal town, he's accustomed to being able to travel wherever he pleases. When they came of age, they got facial tattoos that connected to their birthmarks. ♦ His mother is a witch doctor by blood, and a soothsoyer through trade. For the tribe, she often communed with the spirits to attempt to bring blessings to her tribe. Descended from Keepers, her youth was oft filled with the startling dichotomy of wishing to be with her grandmother's people, and staying alongside her mother. When she had R'adato, she decided to name him with the conventions of Keepers in mind, but ended up making a mistake- ergo, most people believe him to be a second son, instead of her only son. ♦ His father, R'Tyakya, was the chosen Nunh of the tribe, and remained such undisputed for little over half a decade. Known for both his savagery and cunning, he eventually came to decried as a cheat due to his underhanded tactics coming to light when able challengers continued coming down with illnesses. When a new Nunh overtook the clan, R'adato and his siblings were seen as something akin to a weakness on the clan. ♦ A few years prior to coming to Eorzea, he had the fortune of having his love for martial arts ignited by a wayward Fist of Rhalgr that began traveling some two decades ago, and managed to come to some form of agreement with the then at the time Nunh to be treated as an honored tribe member. While nobody exactly knew what she did for a living, she did make a point of contributing as often as she could to her hunts. Despite her advanced age, R'adato did end up coming across her honing her skills at one point. She ended up taking him beneath her wing to teach him what she could before she passed when she saw his potential. As close to him as he was his own mother, R'adato often wears her old garb, albeit, dyed a different color. There's a lot she didn't manage to pass on, so when he came to Eorzea, his chakra was only partially opened. ♦ Not a Warrior of Light in public scenarios like this, he is either possibly touched by the ability to transcend speech, or just really lucky at reading body languages. ♦ One of his traveling companions is Chanda Singh, a Keeper from Sharlayan ( and my friend's child ) who seeks to become a Grandmaster of Magic by learning every form of mysticism she can come across. She's leagues more booksmart than R'adato, who is more of the sort of person who goes along with his feelings and get them into trouble regularly. They ended up meeting when he- who was residing in Ul'dah at the time - and she, who was residing in Limsa Lominsa, were hired to do a joint operation in Primal Punching. ♦ Carteneau was bad times. R'adato still has scars from losing some of the nicest people that he's had in his life, and maybe possibly subconsciously clings to Chanda as a sort of emotional support. ( In the shameful, non-canon version of him as a WoL, I crushed all of his optimism to bits when he realized he'd been displaced by five years before building it back up as a shaky facade to keep Chanda from worrying. ) ♦ His wanderlust generally covers his desire to actually learn and master every style of martial art in the world. While he is familiar with the Fists of Fire ( an explosive form of punches and kicks that utilize internalized aether flow to create harder impacts ), Earth ( a defensive style that focuses on redirecting force utilized by enemies and using it to deliver devastating blows, and Wind ( an evasive style that utilizes internalized aether to make him fleet of foot ), he learned the art of Pugilism but a few years ago, and retains the almost bestial style of combat his tribe raises all kids to know. While it isn't likely that he'll learn every martial art, because of his passion, he has a surprising knowledge on human and monster physiology. He has a few Chakras unlocked, possibly. ♦ Debating on his literacy levels. He's more than likely illiterate in fanciful Eorzean script, and holds a slight disregard towards reading more than what he can manage in one sitting. Master Grandma was a strict taskmaster, but she never seemed to pound the importance of learning how to read something fierce. ♦ Languages spoken are Huntspeak, and Common Hyuran. He knows a few Highlander dialects, doesn't speak a lick of Elezen, and finds Lalafellen to be a lost cause to learn. Doman is pretty and Master Grandma often regaled him with tales of her travels there in her youth, but it's otherwise a lost cause aside from a few basic, often mangled phrases. It makes the language barrier difficult to get, when he may or may not have an innate understanding of what is trying to be communicated, but can't really talk back. ♦ Searching for his wayward band of adventuring pals from five years ago for the sake of reunions.
  11. Hello all, I am currently going though a tough time with one of my characters. She is currently an Elezen female but was originally a Miqote. From my time playing both races i noticed i had more walk up RPs as the Miqote and have been frequently ignored as an Elezen. I have also noticed bits of racism here and there in the rp as an Elezen and a lot of what keeps happening is unfavorable to me as a player. I was thinking of using another fantasia to change races to something that will at least no longer receive a cold shoulder during RP. I wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else or if I am unlucky? Also would Au Ra have this same issue in anyone's experience?
  12. Hello FFXIV Roleplayers! I'm fairly new to FFXIV and would like to have a Seeker Miqo'te character (due to aesthetic reasons). While the Seeker Miqo'tes lore is interesting, the tribe convention doesn't really suit my taste. So, I decided to establish a backstory for my Miqo'te. Roughly, he is the sole survivor from an attack to his tribe, and later was adopted by Lalafell lady and decided to take her surname. I do have a couple of questions regarding to this. Are the tribes of Seeker Miqo'tes one very large pack? Or is a tribe composed of smaller packs which travel separately? Because having an entire tribe, say, Antelope tribe, getting annihilated doesn't seem too be lore friendly :dazed:. Is it plausable for a Seeker Miqo'te to be adopted by a Lalafell? Would it be possible for a Lalafell to travel to the area of the Seeker Miqo'te? Or perhaps vice versa or somewhere in the middle? Feedback and suggestions to my character backstory would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks FFXIV Roleplay!
  13. My charactere seeks to rebuild a clan/tribe of the Keepers of the Moon from scratch (there had to be a start somewhere) and I am at a crossing where I would require some opinions, visions of the RP community if willing to give it. Considering there had to have been a first time : Can the rebuilding of a clan really rest on the shoulders of a female single person with the responsability of a male keeper along, should this be considered under another aspect. I want to walk a road, that I think ultimately should work fine, but nevertheless I am interested in hearing what the RP community has to say / think about it and how they see this as viable in a RP context, knowing the place male Keepers occupy within the society of the Moon, so that I can move forward with some better ideas. I would appreciate the vision of external eyes on this attempt of mine. My thanks for the attention.
  14. Hello, it's been a while! Ever since the friendly welcome and backstory help when I introduced myself, I've had a great appreciation for this community; even if I may or may not be a part of it at the moment. I'm currently struggling with yet another problem, but it might have a simpler answer than I thought. Ever since I got into MMORPGs at around 2003, I've struggled with Altitis and class pride. I basically hopped around between multiple classes and roles while having no idea if it actually "fit" me. I've considered myself a career tank for years, but I'm starting to wonder if that's best for me or if I should add another role that I never knew that I was great at along with it. Heck, maybe all three (if support is still considered DPS) together would be the best route to take! All in all, my question is: How do you know if a job or role in FF XIV is THE ONE? I mean, when you look at the skills, the gear, your gameplay performance, and think to yourself (or out loud), "Yep, that's me! I don't plan on ditching this anytime soon!" Lastly, have any of you felt that "click" with not just one role, but two roles or more? What are your reasons or history behind it? Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your responses as well!
  15. So, I've seen a lot of people who use fantasias, sometimes they use it because they want to create a completely different character and retire their old one, which is fine. But I also see people who use fantasias and keep their character the same and make some excuse for it, like magic or something. I'm just curious as to what you guys think. Can a fantasia be used ICly, do you think fantasia, the item itself exists in lore? Let me know. I'm pretty neutral on the subject myself and I just go with the flow, whatever makes people happy I guess.
  16. Hey there! Ive recently returned, and Ive decided I wanted to try a concept that I've seriously, SERIOUSLY wanted to do, but I didnt want to level a character again and do all those shenanigans. Basically, I'm wondering how Garlemald's nobility works. I would /think/ its similar to Ishgard's with houses and such.. but I know Garleans are similar to Romans. Is there houses like that? Could there be more than a few noble houses that are pretty much 'general' un-named noble houses? The question came up when I was asked what my character's 'middle' rank was. I looked at this from the FF14 Wiki: The ranks observed so far: Royalty: zos: Emperor yae: Member of the royal family in the line of succession. wir: Member of the royal family with no claim to the throne. Military: van: Legatus tol: Tribunus laticlavius or Tribunus militum sas: Tribunus angusticlavius or Praefectus castrorum rem: Primus pilus or Pilus prior quo: Primi ordines or Centurion pyr: Optio, Tesserarius or Decurion oen: Duplicarius or Legionarius Specialists: nan: Chief engineer or engineer mal: Primus medicus or senior magitek technician lux: Chief medicus or magitek technician kir: Senior medicus or senior technician jen: Medicus or technician Public Officials: iyl: Dictator or Princeps senatus het: Consul, Praetor, Tribunus plebis, Aedilis, or Quaestor goe: Censor dus: Lictor Unknown: fae eir The majority of citizens bear the ban title and those who appear to be well respected artisans have adopted the title cen. aan is a title bestowed on the people of annexed territories and they lack even the basic rights of the citizens. People of annexed territories can gain citizenship for a display of exceptional skill or 20 or more years of military service. Would my character have to have the 'wir' rank to be considered nobility? Im not trying to be related to the emporer, or that specific family. I just want to have my own unofficial noble house. Similar to a keeper clan or tribe. Is this doable without lore-breaking?
  17. -----Possible Spoilers and spoiler related discussion warning. If you don't want to be spoiled because you haven't done most of the FFXIV contents past 2.0 or 3.0, and even after 3.3, please click back button! But anyways, get the book! It'll be up at Square Enix store on October 17th 2016 for $50!----- I actually waited on that terrible merchant line at FanFest 2016 for this book, and boy do I feel like I've got a treasure book. (No. But the Fanfest 2016's merchant line was the worst thing that Fanfest ever delivered and planned out by staff members. 5-6 hours of wait to get few items?) Anyways, the book itself is just plainly amazing in regards to all of the details that you ever questioned about the Final Fantasy XIV lore from 1.0 to 3.3 (And one more Primal to be revealed for 3.5!) It also explains about all of the character's first and last names instead of their titles such as "Ilberd of the Dullblade", and actually has his own surname. And who would have thought Nael van Darnus was actually a dark version of Joan of Arc, where Nael was originally a female under the guise as Nael from the start ? O_o;; Never have anyone. Kinda blew my mind. It also details all of the pre 1.0 history in general like the Allagan Empire, Amdapor, Great Flooding, and has its own official timeline. Politics, organizations, and factions are also well detailed by history and their political and religious beliefs. Even non grand company factions like Sharlayans, Garlean Empire, and Ala Mhigo are explained very well too. Even the relic weapons, Esoteric Gears and job gears have their own story backgrounds. Jobs have their own history in details. This might actually help out for those who want to make their character backgrounds They also explained Othard cities besides Doma, which they did write Dalmasca in that paragraph. Its cover has a very cool looking design, like if you've just picked the book directly from Great Gubal Library. The book itself is about 300 pages, and I've barely read each of them. In fact, it'll take a while for me to intake a lot of these information to understand the FFXIV lores. Keep in mind that this book is not "perfect" book since the story is still on-going and expansions are still on-going. The lore and book will always be updated and we will probably see another one of these in second version (different designs with larger version of the book). But this is even worth of getting even right now since it has plenty of good information as it is. It has a minion pet code included in this book, but let's face it. We all Roleplayers had been dying to grab this kind of book for a very long time. Don't hesitate to pick it up on October 17th at Square Enix store!
  18. Look at that, as seen there, there are only TEN (10) dragoons in active service by the end of the war. Even at their peak it was a small club of 30 or so. and thing is? I can point out 9 out of the 10 Estinien Heustienne (maybe not count because she was reported dead) Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt Brucemont (named dragoon that gives you your armor and appears in 50 - 60 drg quests) 5 nameless dragoons on the lead up to the moogle quests. that leaves ONE SPOT, POSSIBLY TWO (maybe 7 if you want to assume being those nameless dragoons) for an active service dragoon in RP....KOJI WHY
  19. So i thought about this in the morning (Yeah i got up early enough for breakfast for once) and while making toast...I got to thinking... What sort of appliances could exist in the universe with the technology and limitations? I don't think I ever read if there was a 'toaster' device aside from ovens so a head cannon creation i thought of: A Toaster would be Ironwork made, fueled by super heating iron with Fire Crystals through a mechanism that 'sparks' them to work and designed like this: The shards have to be changed every couple of uses since it will deplete each time. Reason for the heating plate is that it helps regulate the temperature so it doesn't get overly hot. Through we may have to reinforce the Exterior to not burn people by accident Or maybe an elaborate 'Microwave' (I call it the Re-heater!) but instead of Radiowaves, it's heating method is an experimental Ceruleum battery. Meant to reheat food without the waiting time of preparing an oven beforehand. Or how about Magiteck powered blenders! Made from Mythril Blades, Built in chilling unit (requires 5 ice shards per use) and a strong casing that even rocks cannot break! (Warning: Do not actually put rocks or Coblyns in) Share your thoughts and crazy ideas :3
  20. Hello everyone, I'd like to make a quick survey on the game's usability for personnal review! May you help me by sharing your experience and opinion on the game's gameplay? :love: Negative feedback Did you experienced any difficulties when you started playing the game? Is it still the case with your experience so far? Why? Did you have (and still have) troubles to handle some things specifically? Is there something you would have never understand at all if people would not have told you? Positive feedback What do you find useful in your experience of the game? Why? Is there something you can think of which helps you a great deal in your activities and/or is very comfortable to have? Are there things you find particularly intuitive and quick to handle? Just one example among these questions is already great! Thank you all!
  21. I've been waffling over mentioning this for a little bit since I cleared A12 last night. Considering this thread is being posted, I think it's pretty obvious what conclusion I came to. This is heavily dependent on the end of the Alexander quest chain and the cutscenes that follow, hence the spoiler tags. Anyway, it's not an uncommon thing - at least, not that uncommon at the Runestone where I see most of my magical combat - to see people playing Summoners who can summon and/or trance Primals other than the Big Three and Bahamut. And to varying levels of detail and power creep. Some can only summon the one special Primal Egi - Shoshopu's Leviathan-Egi is a good example of this. Others can summon and trance the whole set - having Titan out as they trance Shiva before switching to a Moggle Mog Egi for combat reasons that escape me. Point is, there's some degree of precedence of RPers accessing Primals beyond Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan. I've avoided doing much of that myself (even though I "cheated" Gogon into having his Three via absorbing the soul energy of prior Summoners from his Soul Crystal... long story) mostly due to not feeling giving Gogon those abilities really added anything or fit his character beyond "must have all the power." Anyway, as I learned more about Alexander itself and how it was very heavily focused on knowledge and predicting the future (later to be shown through time travel for the Illuminati and Alexander itself apparently existing enough out of time to look at past, present, and future simultaneously and both witness and compute infinite possibilities)... I kinda ended up thinking he was a very fitting Primal for Gogon. This was mentioned back in one of the Prompt threads of which Primal you figure your character would serve if they were Tempered or something similar like that. Anyway, I started musing on the idea of Gogon somehow tapping into Alexander's power. Now, before the pitchforks come out, the first thing that came to mind that Alexander is way too powerful for there to be an Alexander Egi since even Ramuh was canonically considered too strong for the Warrior of Light - though that's personal belief on the matter and I'm not going to openly refute someone who summons up a tiny castle-mech at the Runestone if they really want to. In fact, I would put the sort of power he had (and the fact he was drawing aether from all over the planet with the horn) roughly in line of Bahamut. Which gave me an alternative solution - trancing. Before I learned about the time travel, I had ideas of Gogon bathing in Alexander's aether when it was ultimately defeated and gaining the ability to trance the robot to fire a giant mecha laser instead of a giant dragon one. A simple re-flavoring of an existing ability, realy. Then the ending cutscenes happened. Alexander decides to "erase" itself from existence since its own presence defies the reason it was summoned - it cannot create a perfect timeline because its own aether-draining nature will result in causing destruction and ruin. And it does this by effectively stasis-locking itself in a time-bubble for all eternity. Or something. Needless to say, this means that the stolen aether - aspected into what is needed to summon/trance a Primal - is forever locked out of time and is inaccessible. Which kinda put a damper on my idea. So it leads me to this thought: folks (like myself) may still want to access Alexander for RP stuff like this. I'm just curious about ways to go about it ICly that might make some manner of sense given the outcome. I suppose being IN Alexander for some or all the fights would suffice - the defeated mechanical enemies and such likely suffused with Alexander's aether - but that also entails being with the Warrior of Light on his delves or at the very least part of Biggs and Wedge's investigations (and yes, I'm aware it's odd to be iffy of that approach when I'm musing over how to ICly gain access to the abilities of a giant, time-traveling mecha-deity). Perhaps just being in Alexander's presence while it was active might be enough - since it wasn't actively tempering things near it (or inadvertently tempering like Goddess apparently does in her little quest) - perhaps in that brief moment the shield is down and it's exposed in its full glory outside the barrier? Or perhaps, even though it's in temporal stasis, it is still technically existing (though it is neither draining nor consuming aether in this state, I'd assuming) and thus just being around it even after the fact could be enough to gather enough "residual aether" to allow Summoners access to its abilities. Or, conversely, would Alexander be considered "unsummonable/untranceable"? Dreadwyrm Trance required bathing the the residual aether of Bahamut after he was basically exploded, and that never happened to Alexander. And the only time Alexander itself was technically "defeated" was during the fight with the Prime in A12 - thus relegating access only to those who were with the Warrior of Light in that final battle. Or am I just thinking way too hard on this and either should just do what I want using whatever logical-sounding explanation I come up with... or, opposite, just drop the idea because re-flavoring Dreadwyrm Trance is a silly idea? Thoughts? Theories? Opinions?
  22. So, about the patch.... I actually didn't have much time to get things done yesterday since I didn't get home until late last night but I did enjoy everything I was able to get done. For any level 50s who are trying to get Titan Hard mode done are probably very shocked by the fact that they're getting insta-ques. Speaking of titan, did anyone else notice the dialogue change? I thought it was pretty neat and at the same time, kinda sad. Poor Ga Bu's parents are dead (even if I saw it coming, it still made me a bit sad). What do you guys think about the 3.4 MSQ?
  23. As we stand on the brink of being told what the next expansion is all going to be about, there's the big question of WHEN. Come with your guesses! When do you think we'll get the expansion? Personally I am rooting for May to be the month, because I don't wanna wait until next summer.
  24. Hello! I have recently begun considering making a clanless Seeker of the Sun character. I am personally not too interested in the tribal aspect, but I also like the other side of it. Those who willingly split from the pack to find their own path, free of tribal life. Now, I'm probably going to make this character regardless of what is said, but I want to hear everyone's thoughts on clan/tribeless Seekers.
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