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  1. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our weekly Social Events. Please enjoy our izakaya or soak in our indoor hotsprings (sento!), perhaps a visit to our outdoor amenities through our onsen? If you haven’t yet, please try out our dry and wet sauna on our top floor. If that doesn’t fancy you and you’re of need of healing of either body or mind… Please consider our Wellness Center. We offer general healing, shiatsu, acupuncture, divination, and various other natural remedies. Social Hour Server: Mateus Date: Thursdays Time: 7:30PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://www.uranami-onsen.com **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty. Host & Hostess Club Server: Mateus Date: Fridays Time: 8:00PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Please enjoy our amenities at half off our normal rate! Please come by and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and chat & mingle with our staff. Enjoy a hot soak & perhaps a nice bottle of Wineport Red with our lovely hosts & hostesses. The Big One Botanicals Server: Mateus Date: 1st Sunday of the Month Time: 6PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Shirogane; Ward 12 // Plot 58 The Big One Botanicals has a tsunami of different products for you to try. Come by our herbery in Mist w15/p27! <An Arashi-gumi Subsidiary> *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://www.uranami-onsen.com **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  2. Our Website: [ Click Here ] Our Story: [ Click Here ] Our RP System: [ Click Here ] Contact Ryslo Suramlo#0001 if you have any Questions via Discord. Currently Recruiting 12 Members (Active) to fill our Current 4 Squads. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION Our Community is being created to bring to life a living, breathing and interactive story telling experience where each player will have moments where they are highlighted and moments where everyone is at center stage. Where you feel engaged immediately with the community and where you can learn, develop and grow within the lore that Square Enix has provided us. Not new to the lore? Wonderful as you grow in our community through progression, meaningful rp encounters and involvement you will be able to help shape the future of our community by hosting varying events of both Adventure and Training. Now Recruiting for Crossworld Linkshell (Activity will still be monitored, Character Sheets Still used, Discord still accessible and all RP done on Mateus). Where did Oracles of Empyrean get their Concept? So we intend to run this very akin to how a Jedi or Sith Guild would in a Starwars game except we will be utilizing the Mythos of Final Fantasy, Eorzea and Othard. New members will be assigned to 'Core Groups' which will help them grow, develope and learn the methods of the Oracles and when they achieve the rank of Acolyte they'll be assigned to a specific Oracle. They will host individual training sessions / missions for their Acolyte and record the encounters on our site. Each Sunday we will calculate your attendance and give out Skill Points on which you can spend to grow your character - Eventually your character will achieve one final rank before making it to Oracle on which they'll be faced with Five Trials. These Trials will determine whether or not your character (RP Method) is ready to become a full fledged Oracle on which they can then help foster the future as the Oracle that had been responsible for their care had. Why all these steps? Ranks are important but story is far more important to us. This method allows us to help keep people on the same footing, ensure standards are met along the way and that everyone is treated the same. We want people to feel connected to others and we want this legacy to be built. As you rank up you'll be highlighted by attending beautiful ceremonies and as you grow through all these methods your character too becomes an ambassador to our home. In the end we want to make sure we can tell a story and one that we all can be proud to retell. Memories are far more important to us and the trip we take then whos on top and whos on bottom. Initiate 2 week Trial Period - Assigned a Squad This rank is our starter position within our organization. Those coming on board will be given a in character meet up prior to being invited to get that in character connection started. Next once invited they’ll assigned a Squad. Squads are led by an Oracle. In these squads they’ll be able to go on small missions (small events) doing anything from escorting to hunting. General good work which will build the immersion of the world up while building connections with your fellow squad mates. After two weeks of activity you will be promoted to Acolyte. A sign you are a full member with our company at that point. Acolyte Full member rank - Continue progression As an Acolyte you will be still attending squad events but also allowed to attend the free companies main story events as well. You will continue to work on building a connection with your fellow squad mates. This rank is all about charting your path, building further bonds with your free company mates and finding your niche among the collective. Once you acquire a cumulative of 60 skill points you will be eligible for promotion. Adept Veteran Member- Undergo Trials - Path to Oracle As an Adept you will be experienced enough to finally undergo a set of five trials. These trials will make sure (in character) your ready to lead your own squad or at least make sure your ready to bare the title of Oracle. You’ll still attend squad events, free company events and as said the special trial events. Trial of Knowledge - an event will be organized to introduce some final fantasy lore into your characters journey. These events will reflect the past but they don’t necessarily have to recite lore simply reflect it. Perhaps journeying through some old ruins, walking a path well traveled or even visiting a place where the Oracles had treaded before. Trial of Self - by this point enough should be known about your character that a small event can be held where your character squares off against something that haunts them, some unfinished business or perhaps just dealing with an issue that had come up prior. This trial is very focused on you the player, a small event with you as the star. Trial of leadership - you’ll take point during a mission. You will be assigned the leader a night, making decisions and orchestrating others. Success or failure this trial is meant to give you as a character and player insight on the day to day of an Oracle. Trial of communication - more of an ooc event. You’ll get together with your Oracle and they’ll go over the procedures that they need to do weekly to best arm and prepare you for the next stage. Showing you the forums from their perspective, going over mission requests and logging attendance. Very important trial to arm you with needed knowledge. Trial of the Empyrean - the last trial. This is an event that will be organized anytime there is someone ready to take this trial by an Empyrean. Your Oracle and Yourself will wear for this event special robes created by the organization to undergo a ceremony that is special to you and your Oracle. A final farewell for the Oracle and their squad member as you will be granted at the end of this trial the rites to be promoted to Oracle. A separate promotion ceremony will be held in front of everyone to honor the moment. Oracle Squadleader - Mentor Rank Oracles are the free companies mentors. They lead squads, run small squad missions and record attendance. They are in charge of small groups but also a part of the governing body of the organization as they will be invited to meet with the Empyreans twice a month to go over progress, present ideas and influence in character direction for the oracles labor. They are also responsible for providing information about members (how they are progressing and so forth). This is a vital role as we will only open recruitment based on how many Active Oracles we have and how active their members are. They are also important as they work with other squads to ensure they have cooperation being bred and making sure if one of their members can attend an event they are hosting that week that they convey to another Oracle if they can take said individual for their day of training that week as to ensure everyone has ample opportunity. It’s part of the reason a squad will only ever comprise of 4 slots (that includes the Oracle). Oracles are invited to tough events every other week that’ll be hosted by the Empyreans as this is meant to tether the Oracles with the Empyreans. Plus important too as the Oracles are tethered to their squads. Very important this cycle as it keeps everyone connected. Empyrean Member of the conclave - Administrators Empyreans work for the collective not the other way around. What do we mean by this? They strive to crest custom content for the free company - they work on recruitments, interviews, trials, Oracle missions, and the Main story event. They also run website administration and discord. Also responsible for running a squad and following the same guidelines as previous ranks. While each Empyrean is responsible for all that has been noted including administration of peer to peer issues the following are what each Empyrean will be focused in.
  3. Join Uranami Onsen’s Staff at Costa del Sol “Isle of Neverending Summer” for our 1st ALL YOU CAN EAT CHARITY CRAYFISH BOIL! Sponsored by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Namazu. All Proceeds go to the humanitarian NGO to help support displaced Namazu. We will be on location at Costa del Sol for this event! Bring your swimwear! Date: 3.26 (thur) & 3.27 (fri) Time: 7:30pm Pacific & 8pm Pacific (respectively) Location: Mateus Costa del Sol x:36.7 Y:25.1 Menu: https://uoccb.carrd.co/ https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/post/612708238097563648/uranami-onsen-charity-crayfish-boil-326-27th
  4. Next Event Date: Apr 5th, 7PM EST! Brought to you by Chimera
  5. Astrid Lionheart : (https://calmfishy.carrd.co/) Quick Facts Age: 18ish ( It's unknown to her, she just guesses). Height: 5'0. Weight: 94lbs. Eye Color: Blue. Hair Color: Red/Orange. Favorite Color: Green. Home: Topmast Apartments Handedness: Right. Weapon of choice: Gunblade or Bow & Arrow. Sometimes even her adorableness. (The best weapon of them all) Mount: Chocobo - Sunshine Sexuality: Bisexual Relationship Status: Single Description Astrid is a slender, slip of a Hyur; a sunbeam frozen midday, she has a surprising radiance, though suitably hyperthermic traits still showed in her pale tone. Sun-kissed and immortally smooth, edging an almost unblemished and pure from the coruscating. Her hair freely-swaying waves of ginger, woven and braided together in a tight pony-tail, when unleashed, it cascades down her shoulders and to the small of her back, to the dusting of ebony lashes at her eyes. Eyes so similarly touched in muted brook-blue gaze outward, half-lidded, and aloof; necessary in such learned ruse to tame the teeming, wild gleams of youth. Her smiles sway from tawdry to terse, and her mirthless witticisms and a deceptive indecision to cordial compendary suggest that occasional broad, impish grin was far more fitting a tell for her exact preference in comity, which worked poorly to allay the effects of sleepless evenings as she's so used too. Indeed, her most prized possessions were tomes and song supplies, weighty with fettered and tattered covers and adorned with gaily-colored ribbons jutting at the ends of pages like frazzled and forked tongues, whose locations shifted and danced freely with each day. Wrought with various drawings, doodles, song lyrics, and scribbles that would likely only be legible to her. Fashion varied, with a preference in trapping and accessory that did little to hide her familial power. Astrid frequented leather attire, jerkins, britches, usually in colors that complimented the girl's own irises nicely. The attire form-fitted due to her own couturier-work. She was handy and typically fashioned her own belongings and tools needed for her survival, and at other times clad in thick sets of plate armor that coated her from head to toe Background Astrid was orphaned at an incredibly young age. Dropped off at the Orphanage in Limsa Lominsa at around the age of one. She knows next to nothing about her family or even her heritage other than her surname as it was inscribed on a small necklace she had on when placed before the doorstep. Around the age of ten, Astrid decided it was time to leave the Orphanage. She ran off into the city, never to be seen by her caretakers again. The Girl ended up mostly raising herself, with the assistance of strangers she met throughout her journey. She eventually learned how to hunt, and found she had a knack for singing and playing a lute. She cashed in on her skills, earning herself enough Gil for her day to day requirements. As of late, she's found herself working with a Mercenary group. She's earned more confidence through their teachings and training, while eagerly awaiting whatever might come her way next.
  6. The Forest Children is a traditional Keeper of the Moon community located on Mateus but is open to anyone on the Crystal datacentre. More information about the community including how to join the discord can be found here. Our events are open to anyone over the age of 18 ic and ooc who wish to learn more about Keeper of the Moon culture or simply wish to enjoy the festivities, no matter their race. This moon, The Forest Children will be celebrating Nymeia, the Spinner, watcher of celestial bodies and goddess of fate. In honour of the goddess Nymeia, The Forest Children will be hosting a Fate and Fortune market. We are currently seeking fortune-tellers and merchants for the event. If you are interested in signing up your character as a merchant or fortune teller, please fill out the form here. If you’re unsure if your items would suit the event or you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our admins Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) or Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837) on discord. Rules for merchants and fortune tellers are available below the cut or can be seen on our sign up page. Additionally, we will be raffling off a total of three prizes (one of them being a Dalmascan item of the winner’s choice!) to help raise funds for future Forest Children events. More details can be found here. Where: Amethyst Shallows, Lavender Beds, Ward 16 subdivision, Mateus server. When: Friday 3rd of April at 8 pm EDT/ 5 pm PDT/ 7 pm CDT Who: Keepers of the Moon and anyone who is interested in keeper culture are welcome to attend and participate in the Forest Children events. Merchants and Fortune Teller Rules: 1. If you -CAN NOT- make the event for any reason, you must contact and admin at least 24 hours prior to the event. 2. Merchants and Fortune Tellers are expected to show up 15 minutes before the event begins at 8 pm EDT so that Admins may assign ‘booth space’ and go over any changes that may have happened last minute. 3. Merchants must sell wares that fit the theme of Nymeia- If you’re not sure feel free to contact a moderator on discord or in-game at anytime! They will be more than happy to help you out! 4. All currency is ic and no ooc gil is to be traded. If any gil/donations are offered forth, all merchants are asked to refer them to the Food Booth (which will be doubling as the Forest Children donation booth). All donations will be used for future Forest Children Events (Example: Prize money for future competitions, covering giveaway prizes, etc). Any further questions or concerns can be sent to The Forest Children administrators Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) or Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837) either ig or on discord.
  7. Hello Everyone!! I've only been playing on FFxiv since October, but I'm not a stranger to MMO's , I used to Play WoW since BC. I am still fairly new to Rp though, but have been doing it for awhile now, and I am no longer afraid! haha Chce is a half Elezen, half Xaela fortune teller who was born in Coerthas, and calls Ishgard her home. She is also a healer, and loves to help out others whenever she can, with her words of wisdom or with her words of healing. In a way she is somewhat a therapist to her friends as well. She is clumsy, and very forgetful, well spoken at times and is easily distracted. This is my first time posting so I have no idea what else to put down or how much, but here is her card I made for her, and will be adding to it shortly for all the people that has made an impact in her life so far. https://chcelihzeh.carrd.co/ I am open to all types of Rp, no ERP though-she is taken (lol) I prefer slice of life, but can do combat, and am willing to try others if the need arises I can do paragraph typing , although i prefer the you say a sentence or two , and i respond in kind type. My time zone is PST I am always on discord , feel free to message me there or on here if you have any questions! Coffee#3579 And I am normally in game at night around 10pm PST and also in the mornings as well. My work has me all over the place, with different hours so If you see me in game that means I have the time to play!
  8. Forewarning: The bot is very much still being worked on. Changes and updates will be posted here as they happen. Currently hosted on AWS: the bot should be up 99% of the time. To add the discord bot to a channel you must have "Manage Channel" permissions and follow the below link. https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=398617953999781900&scope=bot&permissions=0 Once it's there, give it a role to prevent it from talking in channels you don't want it interacting with. Planned features: Daily notifications automatically. Timezone Indicator Option to notify when an event is starting If you have any suggestions or features you want added, don't hesitate to ask! If you want to offer to assist with the programming side of things, don't hesitate to contact me on TheLaladome#8597 Current Commands !monday !tuesday !wednesday !thursday !friday !saturday !sunday !day !tomorrow !help !addhelp !add Changelog Known Bugs: Using !day and !week or any commands at the same time causes the program to get confused. Wait for the 'end of post' message before requesting another. The code to separate words eg: 'lavender beds' is not working
  9. Please come stop by for an enchanting evening tea-party held at the Blackrose Estate. We'll be delighted to serve you and make all your Little Ladies Day dreams come true! All proceeds will go towards the Refugee Relief Fund as every princess ought to help her subjects wherever possible.
  10. <GO-RP> | Medium RP FC Located on Mateus | Mist, Ward 20, Plot 26 Active Times: Noon to late evening (CST-NA) Event Frequency: Held on a once a week basis & on weekend evenings (though subject to change) Leader: C'ehres Tia Officers: Chusei Tanaka, Oraborus Musa, R'abodji Jhida, Sui Kaneuchi Alignment: Chaotic Neutral RP Themes: Adventure, Mercenary / Contract Work Source Links: https://fc-gilded.carrd.co/# The Gilded Onslaught, or simply known as The Gilded, is a coalition of mercenaries, fledgling adventurers, and vagabonds alike. The pursuit of coin through whatever means the employer dictates is what drives the group and there is little not within their scope of operation. Who are we? Although a new face on the server, the Gilded Onslaught aims to provide a strong tight-knit and laidback OOC environment and an IC framework that allows characters to both jump into any storyline at any time. With that being said, all of our events are completely character-driven and encourage further personal character growth, alongside a character dossier roll system that emphasizes your character's abilities. Our events could range from long-winded expeditions, reconnaissance missions to casual social nights. There also tends to be a couple broken bones, someone 'accidentally' destroying an artifact we were going after, and one person having to drag a bunch of idiots to a nearby infirmary. We highly value creativity and flexibility, so we will always prioritize clever scenarios over rolling dice. Most of our events are better scheduled to fit the greater sum of our members' time. We also put a great deal of enthusiasm in helping members create and run personal story lines. Outside of RP and given the nature of being a medium frequency RP FC, we can often be found doing in-game content, watching shows together, playing other games, or AFK in the randomest spots. ICly, our members could be found all over Eorzea and some beyond, and under our ranks are those with a plethora of skill-sets. Our estate hall (OOCly located in the Mist, ICly in Western La Noscea) serves as our main office that is open to the public for those wanting to talk business or for our members as a meeting place. What are we looking for? We're looking for laid-back members and well-rounded roleplayers! And while we're not a strictly 18+ FC, we expect everyone to have at least a sense of maturity and common sense. Our OOC environment comes with a zero tolerance for drama policy, but in exchange, you get a handful of shitlords who don't take themselves seriously. As we also have members who are either busy or partake in other in-game content, we need people that are capable of finding their own RP at times, or even take initiative within the FC, whether it be content and roleplay storylines alike. We also appreciate patience during the process of building an entirely new FC from the ground up, so please understand that things might oftentimes be slow. We're also happy to take in new roleplayers with the willingness to learn, alongside those with the ability to take constructive criticism. The Gilded is always looking for new blood and welcome to characters from all walks of life and alignments (just as long as your character is lore-abiding), including: fledgling adventurers, mercenaries, the average grand company member who tires of the rigor, researchers, specialists, merchants, and.. well.. you get the gist — practically anyone who seeks adventure and/or a heavier coinpurse. However, we're not just exclusively looking for roleplay within our official roster. Given that at the end of the day, the Gilded is a mercenary company, we're willing to take up business with outside contacts. If you're interested in setting up a joint event between FCs or becoming a potential collaborator, contact one of the officers! How do I join? Our recruitment process is simple. If you're interested and have read through our rules first, just reach out to any of the officers if you find them in-game or via Discord by our main recruitment contact: snowball#4613. You can expect a response within a couple hours. Due to recent events, we have also altered our recruitment process just a bit and we now allow applications through our Discord server. If that is more to your preference, apply here: http://tinyurl.com/gilded-disc After coming into contact with an officer, we can work out how we'll induct your character into the Gilded. This can include a formal in-character interview or discussing having already established contact prior. We're also happy to invite people who don't roleplay, but are happy to join the ride and hang out. Happy RPing!
  11. Hiya~ Name's Strongth, Nice to meet you all! Edit: I ended up transfering to Mateus, so I'm not going to be avaliable in Chaos server In case anybody read this and was thinking of contacting me. I'd still love to have someone to touch base with or a FC or something so I'll appreciate any advice or support I could get going forward happily. I'm always willing to learn. Anybody on the Chaos datacentre (or elsewhere, if I decide to transfer to NA) who is willing to take a newbie and show them the ropes I would be thrilled. I'm tentatively excited about starting to RP, I love storytelling a lot and I've done a little research about how I should go about it, but there are still a couple notes bothering me; Most importantly of these problems being my character's lore. Unfortunately I can't really talk about the problem unless I've explained the chara, so here goes. I've grown very attached to my characters named Strongth for a long time, since much earlier, to the point that I have made 16 of them in various games to date and this being my 14th strongth named Strongth (the) Xiv(th) (yes this is a coincidence). The problem in question being the Strongth family tree dates back to other game worlds like that of monster hunter, bloodborne (just to name a couple) and the family have a habit of falling into interdimensional portals so to speak, and ending up stranded in different places. Is this going to be a big deal in terms of clashing with FFXIV lore-friendlyness? My headcanon is pretty lame, but it's become something important to me, if I have to compromise the character lore too much I think a little part of me would die inside... I'm keen to hear any of your thoughts or advice. Cheers and have a wonderful day!
  12. Name: Ghoul Server: Malboro (Crystal) Timezone: Central Looking For: Long term or casual RPs in-game and on discord Type of RPs: Romantic, Platonic, Adventures, 18+, etc Available Hours: Whenever, usually Discord: G H ♡ U L !#1313 I decided it was easier to consolidate all of my rp characters onto one thread, so here they all are! I am looking for long term or casual roleplays to be done over discord and in-game. I'm pretty flexible and relaxed when it comes to plotting. If you are interested in plotting with any of my characters listed below please shoot me a message on here or on discord! ENOCH DOTHARL, Xaela Au Ra Male, DRK ( Discord RPs ONLY ) https://toyhou.se/1632360.-ffxiv-enoch MARCELLOIX DAILEMONT, Elezen Male, GNB https://toyhou.se/5001153.-ffxiv-marcelloix MANA ITEYA, Raen Au Ra Female, WHM https://toyhou.se/6018030.-ffxiv-mana DIVYA DEI-ILJA, Rava Viera Female, DNC https://toyhou.se/6184883.-ffxiv-divya
  13. Save the Date! Crystal’s 4th annual Little Ladies’ Day Charity Ball & Banquet is coming soon! Sponsored by Sunsgerel Monsaran & the Midnight Pearl, this event features other FCs and players with a variety of games, vendors, performances and more! Stay tuned for more information! When: Sunday March 1st, 2020. 5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST Where: Amethyst Shallows, Ward 1, Balmung If you’d like to vend your wares, perform, host games, or otherwise participate please message the blog, contact BumblingSeaBiscuit#5703 on Discord, join the server, or message Sunsgerel Monsaran@Balmung in game! As always, we couldn’t do this without you and we’re excited to see all the fun and unique characters and free companies at this year’s LLD CBB. ♥
  14. The Forest Children is a traditional Keeper of the Moon community located on Mateus but is open to anyone on the Crystal datacentre. More information about the community including how to join the discord can be found here. Our events are open to anyone over the age of 18 ic and ooc who wish to learn more about Keeper of the Moon culture or simply wish to enjoy the festivities, no matter their race. This moon, The Forest Children will be celebrating Thaliak, ruler of rivers and wisdom and god of knowledge. The Forest Children invite Keepers of the Moon and those interested in learning more about traditional Keeper of the Moon culture to join us for an evening of storytelling and a “Sending of Knowledge” event at the end of the night where people will be given an opportunity to partner up as a student and teacher. Read more details about our “Sending of Knowledge” event or read on below. What: An evening of exchanging stories about our clans and ancestors Where: The Dravanian Hinterlands (x 16.0 , y 38.8 ), Mateus server. When: Friday 6th of March at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST Who: Keepers of the Moon and anyone who is interested in keeper culture are welcome to attend and participate in the Forest Children events. The Sending of Knowledge At the end of the night, event-goers who are interested in learning something new or teaching a person something new will line up around a pool of water. Those who wish to learn something can write what they wish to learn on a piece of paper, fold it into a lotus and glide it across the pool of water where a teacher will be waiting. The teacher will endeavor during the week or two following the event to teach their new student what they seek or help seek out someone who can. If you wish to sign up as a teacher or student for the Sending of Knowledge event or have questions or concerns, please contact us on discord. Admins: Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) or Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837) Event Runner: Aife Dolabnha(Aife#6195)
  15. ==Appearance== Begugtei has meduim length dark blue hair that is styled by the wind. Has odd eyes, his right eye is yellow, and the left is a vibrant blue. Like other Au Ra, he has limbal rings around his eyes. The limbal rings is black, causes the colors to pop. His body is lithe in form, though he doesn't like hearing it. Believes that term is meant for women. Skin color tone is a pale-ish white. He has face paint around his eyes that is a pale bright green. Like other Xaela his horns, and scale color is black. His tail isn't of the slim variety, it is one of the thick tail. ==History== Begugtei does not have much history as he is still quite young. He is of the Dataq tribe, pretty much the most nomadic of the Xaela Tribes. Doesn't really have much in friends due to nomadic lifestyle. When it came time for him to tame/bond a Yol he ran. Mostly due to his fear of heights. Shame of his fear and not wanting to admit to it he ran. He journeyed to Ul'dah to start a new life. ==Personality== He usually acts first and thinks later. Begugtei acts mostly on instinct, and gut feelings. The Xaela loves to flirth with women. Though when the flirt becomes something real he tends to get as nervous as the Dhoro tribe around outsiders. ==Affiliations and Known Associates== As of right now he doesn't have any. He is looking to make some. ==Characteristics== * '''Nicknames''': * '''Age''': 20 ** '''Nameday''': 21st Sun of the 5th Astral Moon * '''Gender''': Male ** '''Sexuality''': Straight ** '''Marital Status''': Single * '''Alignment''': Neutral * '''Height''': 6'7" * '''Weight''': 185 lbs * '''Body''': lithe * '''Hair''': Dark blue * '''Eyes''': Right eye yellow, left eye blue. Limbal rings black * '''Skin''': Pale white * '''Clothing''': Prefers leather. ===Likes=== * Meat * Kumis * Milk * Cheese * Animals ===Dislikes=== * Height * Machines * Airships * * ===Areas of Expertise=== * '''Martial''': Hand to hand combat * '''Crafting''': * '''Other''': ===Strengths=== * Physical strength * The ability to act * * * ===Weaknesses=== * Women * Heights * * * ==Other Notes== ===Religion=== Not an overly religious Au Ra. He does pray to Oschon. ===Quirks=== Can get timid when a woman gets aggressive in the pursuit of love ===Equipment=== Fist weapon, and leather armor. ===Known Haunts=== You might have run into or otherwise know NAME from: * Thanalan * Pugilist Guild * *
  16. until
    Save the Date! Crystal’s 4th annual Little Ladies’ Day Charity Ball & Banquet is coming soon! Sponsored by Sunsgerel Monsaran & the Midnight Pearl, this event features other FCs and players with a variety of games, vendors, performances and more! Stay tuned for more information! When: Sunday March 1st, 2020. 5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST Where: Amethyst Shallows, Ward 1, Balmung If you’d like to vend your wares, perform, host games, or otherwise participate please message the blog, contact BumblingSeaBiscuit#5703 on Discord, join the server, or message Sunsgerel Monsaran@Balmung in game! As always, we couldn’t do this without you and we’re excited to see all the fun and unique characters and free companies at this year’s LLD CBB. ♥
  17. Norvalla Mission statement and core roleplay mechanics: A call to all would be knights, heroes, and bastions. Norvalla is founded on three core principles. Virtue, that each member holds themselves to a moral standard befitting heroism, from our Recruits to our First Warden. Liberty, that each member has the freedom to follow and accomplish their own goals and dreams, be it within or without the free company. Kinship, that each member is not treated as a hindrance but to be uplifted by one another. Through kinship can any member acquire aid from another, to achieve their passions. Through these core principles Norvalla soars like a phoenix. Consecrating all within it’s searing pass. Norvalla’s main priority is routing evils that plague the common folk of the star, whether the common folk know it plagues them or not. In addition many within have their own goals to pursue, and through kinship are able to accomplish them. While most roleplay within the free company is of the casual variety and doesn’t have to play by rules, Norvalla has several roleplay mechanics in play to assist in making roleplay a meaningful and orderly experience. Firstly there is the Mentor Program. This is a system offered to every new member, pairing them with an elder member, in a sort of squire knight relationship. In essence the Mentor Program is meant to give the new member not only someone they can rely on to offer them aid, both OOCly and ICly, but also a friendly companion who will stand up for them as they begin to fit in within the Free Company. The Free Company itself has an expansive leveling system, to pair with our loose RPG rules, fitted with its own set of feats and abilities that one can earn. Starting out within the ranks a new member will be freshly understanding their place within, and the leveling system represents this. Though as a new member levels, through the system, and forges their own path the rewards they will gain for doing such is extensive and rewarding. The predominant way that a new member will rise through the leveling ranks is through weekly events. Through a number of experienced and exceptional DMs, Norvalla runs one to three events per week, rewarding equivalent experience to be used for the leveling system.These events are a mixture of independent character’s side stories, but will always contain at least one Norvallan “main story” event. Norvalla is an experienced roleplaying community interested in forming character bonds, providing an avenue for character growth, and most importantly generating entertaining and amicable roleplay opportunities. We look forward to all interested inquiries, and will respond posthaste to discuss in character interviews. Click here to check us out!
  18. Felroses Tag: (FelRP) Felroses is a company that prides itself on the diverse skills of their members. A smaller contracting company, Felroses, holds their own against larger competitors all while building a close-knit environment for their members. The nature of their work sees them acting as a shield for those that contract them, usually standing up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. The Jagged Stag tavern is a source of pride and respite after missions and a chance for members to interact with the public in a more relaxed setting. Who are we looking for? *We are currently seeking to fill roughly 8 slots and expand once we feel the group is comfortable with our planned schedule* -Security -Engineers -Jack (or Jill) of all trades -Medical Staff -Tavern Staff Officers: Odval Qestir Rhothyrt Qestir - Sheepshifter#0602 Helaine Qestir - Sanghela#5818 Our Current Schedule: Our current schedule is built around each month. The tavern opens twice a month and sometimes operates special events for companies wanting to rent space in our private bar. We have one large FC event planned every month, usually towards the last week. The final event is a random event depending on the needs of the members, either an individuals story development or just a relax at the FC day. We currently operate on an EST schedule from late afternoon to night. If you feel this company would be a good fit or you would like to know more about our tavern the following links may be useful. Carrd: Felroses website Our Application: Felroses Application Our Menu: Jagged Stag Menu
  19. Dropping some screens of my catboi I'm reviving/re-writing. Vadi'a Voxhumi He will be around 19/20 years old around 4ft7in (140cm) in height Any romance would be male X male will wield summoning magics, focused on fire element type beings is a total clutz, timid and stutters a lot is a prodigy in reading, writing, deciphering and otherwise studying/discovering/translating ancient Nhymian texts and a prodigy when it comes to languages --due to his line of echo, he just tends to be able to learn languages REALLY quickly....he also has a huge aether pool...tha's pretty much it for his echo though NO he is NOT a WoL/WoD YES I am open to plots involving travel to the first and back (c'mon those places are too beautiful NOT to RP in) He is single, and homosexual I'm open to dark/mature/erotic/gore/hardcore/slice of life/adventure/ALL themes I do hope to write with someone who can provide a paragraph style. at least 3 lines per post if not more, to better match my own pace. https://dia-v.carrd.co/ He is level 70 SCH atm and I'll level DNC through ShB (third time completing ShB, will take me some time)
  20. Clan Widjigo is a deeply traditional Keeper Clan branching away from their previous clan; Nswala. They have roots set in the deep East Shroud near the Sylphlands where Shroudgloom hangs heavy. They are a very old clan, however, they are currently being born anew under a new head; Matron Nhym Nswala. They are all trying to find their way in the modern whilst remaining true to traditions and lifestyles as well as adapting to new traditions set upon them by their ancestors, the Cannibalistic warmongers; Widjigo. It’s all ironic really given the clan’s now vegetarian diet and previously pacifistic ways. Somehow, they’re making it work OOC Information: We’re a rather small, close knit group of like minded individuals just looking to have fun! We would love to see some new faces among our ranks, and seek to create stories and memories with our members. If you want a laid back group of traditional Keeper of the Moon RPers to hang with, we’re a good option to consider! Generally, we’re active around 6PM PST and onwards. We’ve got a lot of night owls and EU/AU players. We do not tolerate OOC drama nor do we tolerate OOC bleeding into IC. We also understand that people have lives, and so we only ask that you log in once or twice a week if possible. We regularly host RP nights on Fridays at around 7PM PST, and have random/encourage misc RP scenes throughout the week as well! While we are mateus based, we also take recruits from other servers on crystal datacentre. Currently, we’re seeking keepers of the moon to join our clan but guests of other races are welcome to live amongst the Widjigo Clan as guests. For more information, our FC webpage can be found here or contact our FC leads on discord at Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) or Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837)
  21. Has anyone made one for here? If not, I was about to do it.
  22. Hello everyone! I figured here would be the best place to introduce myself to the roleplay community of FF14. I've been playing the game on and off for a while, leveling up slowly and enjoying the story/lore. For the longest time, my main MMO was Wow, but I've also played GW2, ESO, Wildstar, Archeage, just to name a few. Due to losing interest in BFA and the inactivity of the RP guilds I was part of, I decided to fully commit to FF14 and has been in it since the beginning of the year. As said previously, I was a member of roleplaying guilds before and I have a few years of experience with different communities. Due to RL reasons, I couldn't roleplay much when I switched to this game, but now I feel ready to give it a serious shot. Surprisingly enough, I discovered this site through a non-roleplayer: my cousin, who introduced me to the game, really enjoys watching RP from afar and suggested me to have a look at this forum. So, thanks cousin! ^^ I currently have those characters that I was to use for roleplay: A blunt and power hungry Dwarf from the First A bounty hunter that wanders the land in search of her next target. I'm keeping it vague so that people can explore their stories. I consider myself a medium to heavy roleplayer depending on who I roleplay with, but that doesn't mean that I mind Light RP. I'm looking for connections, RP partners, being a part of the RP community and have fun in general. Don't be shy and see you in the game!
  23. Hello, everyone! I'm new to Final Fantasy, only roughly a month or so in, but I have extensive experience with RP on GW2, WoW, and text-based roleplay. I also try to be lore-abiding as possible, but I don't know all the intricacies of FFXIV lore, so any corrections would be welcome and appreciated. My hours are usually afternoon to late-night, 3 PM - 3 AM PST, roughly. My character is Ceigdraga Rhendhemsyn, a Sea Wolf Roegadyn who's a pirate-turned-mercenary. He doesn't speak the common Eorzean all that well, since his family are relatively recent arrivals from Aerslaent compared to the greater Sea Wolf population. He's a 'Hedge Wizard' Thaumaturge, as he's had no formal training in the art aside from a book stolen from a ship, along with a professionally-made staff. Recently, he's come back to Vylbrand from spending a few years trying to be successful as a sellsword in Ul'dah, and is willing to take on contracts or work with others for profit. Below is his carrd, still very much a work in progress: https://ceigdraga.carrd.co/ If you're interested in talking, my Discord is Chubark#1114 and my in-game name is Ceigdraga Rhendhemsyn. Hope to meet you soon!
  24. FC Name: Amber Alyssum Tag: <A-RP> Leader Name: Lililero Bibilero - The Laladome#8597 FC House Address: Plot 36, 14th Ward, Lavender Beds. (South subdivision teleport) Type: Adventure Active Times: 3+ hours typically ranging from 10pm EST to 2AM 2 events every week. Seeking: Roleplayers from any cut of the cloth. ~ "May the sun be behind you, and the winds favorable as you travel to a new dawn." Public knowledge: A-RP is a company that gives anyone and everyone a home, on the condition they be prepared to do anything and everything. They are a 'for hire' group that will do any job, be it gardening or monster slaying' Contact: You are welcome to come by the home, or enter our discord, or join our website. Website: amberalyssumrp.enjin.com Discord: discord.gg/TWUEWem
  25. I. Basic Info Characters: Fjola Eryut, Senogg Primary character: Fjola Eryut Linkshells: Norvalla, ClanDestine (non-rp) Primary RP linkshell: Norvalla II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I usually swing between Medium and Heavy depending on which the crowd I roleplay with. Views on RP combat and injuries: Injuries are bound to happen in stories. I'm all for temporary wounds, permanents if they are discussed in advance, but I don't plan to kill any of my characters. My past experiences with combat RP were both with /rolls fight and descriptive turn-base narrative. Views on IC romance: As long as it feel natural and not rushed or pushed on the characters, I don't mind. However, I'd like to avoid any OOC misunderstandings regarding romances: it is purely IC and nothing else. I'd like to avoid ERP, as I'm not comfortable with that kind of roleplay and would prefer to use "fade to black" instead. Whatever you imagine with the characters afterward is up to you. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): It's always fun to make new acquaintances and expand my RP circle. Family ties can be created for each characters as both have a vague amount of siblings, but the ties would have to make sense without having to change their backstory. Views on lore: With such a rich lore provided by SquareEnix, it would be a shame not to use it to it's full potential. There is so much to learn and use from the FFXIV's universe that I find little reasons to deviate too much from the source material. In other words, I stick to the lore. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use emotes and say chat for the normal RP interactions. Anything in between double parentheses is OOC. III. Other Info Country: Canada Timezone: UTC - 4 Contact info: /t or PMing one of my characters in-game 
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