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  1. until
    Steel Bear Enterprises will be hosting its Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday July 21 (7-9pm EST). Location: Goblet, Ward 18, Plot 51 All are welcome to visit the up and coming private trading establishment. Please come by and peruse our wares. Feel free to meet and mingle with our merchants and artisans! If all that shopping makes you hungry or thirsty, feel free to head down to The Bear's Den tavern, located below our market. There you will be served the finest in liquors and steak by the friendliest staff. You may also hear our mercenaries telling stories of adventures past! (All gil for RP events is IC, however, donations may be accepted.)
  2. Steel Bear Enterprises will be hosting its Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday July 21 (7-9pm EST). Location: Goblet, Ward 18, Plot 51 All are welcome to visit the up and coming private trading establishment. Please come by and peruse our wares. Feel free to meet and mingle with our merchants and artisans! If all that shopping makes you hungry or thirsty, feel free to head down to The Bear's Den tavern, located below our market. There you will be served the finest in liquors and steak by the friendliest staff. You may also hear our mercenaries telling stories of adventures past! (All gil for RP events is IC, however, donations may be accepted.)
  3. Ravenael

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone! I'm ravenael. I just rerolling over on mateus after coming back to 14 after a long break (sorry if the formatting for this post is ugly. I'm doing this on mobile) MMORPG background I've been playing them most of my life, from EQ, to WOW, to Rift and even ff14 1.0. MMO is my favorite genre. RP experience I've done some rp here and there but nothing major. I'very always wanted to get involved in a group dedicated to it and 14 seems likes its the most rp friendly. Character ideas/info I have a basic character profile I made and i've been thinking about as i level him to fill in the dots between the past and the time he is in 14 (I feel like i've been writing a novel and I haven't even gotten to rp yet in game) How did you learn about the coalition? Google What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Medium to heavy. I've never done serious rp before so I want to dive into it fully (I am playing on ps4 so I expect it to be a challenge but one I'm excited for) Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) Hobbies include watching anime and primarily playing games (im also a huge monster hunter fan which I am super hyped over the crossover). I also have a 1 year old son that likes to throw his hard, plastic toys at daddy (he has a strong arm on him) That's pretty much it. I can't wait to see everyone in game and start meeting people.
  4. Click Here for our past event photos! Next Event Date: July 28th, 7PM EST!
  5. Hiya howdy doodle doo. My name is Vee-- a professional idiot who's barely making it past college. I've been playing for FFXIV for a few months now (I play with a group of friends), and finally made the plunge to make a character on Mateus since I want to get invested in it in my free time. I'm definitely new to roleplaying any type of MMORPGs, but not to roleplay itself in general (as I've been roleplaying for a handful of years with my bundle of trash OCs). Regardless, may need someone to show me the ropes since I'm Your Local Idiot™ and have the brain function of a five year old. I'm still somewhat new to FFXIV, certainly not a veteran, but I feel I'm not "internally screaming while my resting heart rate is a panic attack while going through a dungeon" anymore. I guess my first priority is being situated in a roleplay FC, since I'd like to have a little community who I can chat OOC/IC with. I'm also seeking IC friendship, and romance, for my character Kanae. A little about Kanae (have her bio on my Tumblr , though still a work in progress since I'm still changing things); Death-obsessed as she's finding any opportunity to meet her end, but ironically her forte lies in the art of healing. Her main goal in life is finding "something to die for", and she hopes that she will. Often the aloof, yet strange Raen is sleeping anywhere possible whether it be standing or in a den of snow wolves, avoiding any mundane tasks given to her, daydreaming about a victorious death, or when intoxicated-- picking a fight with the nearest tall person (which is not too difficult) insight because of her said messed up instincts to fight those who could easily pick her up, and hurl her into the sky. There's plenty of other things that are included in her bio like her irrational fear of moogles, and how she has an affinity for thinking terrifying things are cute. I tend to roleplay weirdos, yes. So, yeahhhh-- thank you for listening to me ramble. My in-game name is Kanae Ujie, and my discord is kanae#3647!!! Hope this works.
  6. Z'ylarix

    Z'ylarix Colfire

    I. Basic Info Characters: Z'ylarix Colfire (RP), Zyldara Colfer(Different Server(Non Roleplay)) Primary character: Z'ylarix Colfire (On Mateus), Zyldara Colfer(On Cactuar) Linkshells: None currently Primary RP linkshell: None currently II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy. I will aleays be in character unless I absolutely need to be out of it or im out of game. Views on RP combat and injuries: I used to RP combat in forums and chat rooms a ridiculous amount. If its still the same then im okay with it. Views on IC romance: I like romance IC. I myself am pansexual. Kinsey scale 3. So I will be making my character the same. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): It's cool as long as I am consulted first on it. Don't want random connections I don't know about. Views on lore: I love the lore of the game. I don't know as much as I should but I will always try to stay consistant with lore. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I will always be in character unless I get a private message asking me to talk out of character for roleplaying reasons like connections or I have to suddenly leave due to work or emergencies. III. Other Info Country: Canada Timezone: UTC -3:30 Contact info: DISCORD: Zyldara#5143 I roleplay as a female even though I am Cis Male because I relate more to females and enjoy it more then a male.
  7. PLEASE LIST YOUR SERVER, HOUSING AREA, WARD, AND PLOT. This will help me place the listing in the proper area. Template code for a new server (please paste from the HTML/source edit mode) Easy form for entries: [b]Server:[b] Server name here [b]Housing:[b] Housing name here [b]Ward:[b] Ward number/division here [b]Plot:[b] Plot number here [b]Description:[b] Description here
  8. Hi! I'm pretty new to Mateus in general, though I have been playing FFXIV since 2.0 launched. I am new to RPing in this format, though not at all new to roleplaying in general. I have roughly 10+ year experience. I'm totally willing to RP in game or over discord. Whichever is more convenient at the time. I am really looking to get my Raen Au Ra Yuriko Mitsuhoshi into some plots, and maybe eventually her brother Hiryu. Romance and friendships are a priority for me, but honestly I'm down for whatever you can come up with. I don't have any specific hooks, but if you come up and say something to her she's going to respond. She won't go searching you out, though. Not until she's comfortable with you. You can read her character profile here, on the Wiki. I do have Discord, but my username is hard to search, so just drop yours in this thread or in a PM and I'll add you. Looking forward to seeing/talking with you all! I. Basic Info Characters: Yuriko Mitsuhoshi, Hiryu Mitsuhoshi Primary character: Yuriko Mitsuhoshi Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I prefer somewhere in the medium to heavy range, but I can really do any level that's comfortable for you! Views on RP combat and injuries: Eh, I prefer to avoid it? But I'm open to discussion. Views on IC romance: I enjoy romance plots a lot, and I'm really looking forward to getting Yuriko and Hiryu both in one, though I am a stickler for "IF IT FEELS RIGHT FOR THE CHARACTERS." Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Yes! Friends! Rivals! Enemies! All of the above! I like interaction a lot. Views on lore: I'm still learning the lore completely, so forgive me any mistakes I might make. I am doing my best to learn as much as I can, as quickly as I can. If I don't know, I usually ask, and if I'm wrong please let me know! And maybe also source it so I can do some digging myself and learn even more! III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: PST/UTC-8 Contact info: Feel free to message me in-game, send a message on here, reply to this page, or even use my discord! I'd rather you send me YOUR discord, though, as my discord name is usually hard to search haha.
  9. “ᴛʜᴇ sᴀғᴇsᴛ ɢɪʀʟs ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴏsᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴛᴀʏ ǫᴜɪᴇᴛ… 𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖊 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖗𝖔𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖘 Stern chestnut eyes that darted about the room, talented fingers tracing along measured movements; every motion the elezen made was precisely as intended, never an effort laid to waste. The woman exuded an air of calm confidence that would bring a pause to a room once her lips parted to speak. With purpose in her step, she never lingered in an area for long lest her precious time was spent in waste. An investigator’s work was never done. … sᴀɪɴᴛs ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ sᴛɪᴛᴄʜ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʟɪᴘs sʜᴜᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴡɪʀᴇ.” [Name] Nathalie Desroches [Server] Mateus [Description] A rogue investigator originally hailing from Ishgard, the elezen left her citystate on questionable terms as rumours of heresy murmured the same - her father consorted with Dravanians, as some believed, and had renounced the church. “Absurd,” she’d curtly retort, countering but one claim. “Dragons speak to my father no more than the birds which grace our church’s pillars.” Mere bells before the covers were torn from her bed for interrogation was she malms away from the beautiful horizon beset by Ishgard’s towering structures, fleeing to Eorzea where her she believed her lust for the truth of things may be put to use. [RP Hooks] Perhaps they met within Eorzea, or previously before within the streets of Ishgard. If your character might still appreciate the inquisitive ways of Ishgard’s previous rule, Nathalie was an elusive target now made easily traceable due to her more relaxed travel methods with the change of power in the citystate. Friends, family, enemies, all can be arranged with discussion. [RP Style] Medium to heavy, lore-abiding with dark and mature themes. More information as to limitations, themes, and how you can contact me can be found here.
  10. Elen

    mateus Catherina Renard

    Character profile Name : Catherina Renard Race and gender : Hyur, midlander, female Age : Close to 25 Main class/job : Black mage Free Company : The Black Garden Co. GC allegiance : Immortal Flames Physical traits : Shoulder length auburn hair, fair/medium skin tone Martial status : Single Sexual orientation/attraction : pansexual (gender/race), kinsey scale 3 Player profile I. Basic Info Characters:Catherina Renard, Sypha Belnad'des (alt) Primary character:Catherina Renard Linkshells:None Primary RP linkshell:None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm used to heavy, though I've slowed down lately to take some more "me" time. Other than "technical/logistic dungeon/raid party chat", I'm always IC, even when questing! Although kind of timid to make the first steps, I'm always willing for all kind of RP, as long as it's respectful. Views on RP combat and injuries: I had my first experiences with a RP combat system about 2 years ago and I think it's awesome. As long as everyone is treated with equal chances, I'm all in! Views on IC romance: I'm a sucker for romance. Even if it's not exclusive, I love living and roleplaying deep and rich romance. Bring me flowers and I'll melt. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I don't think I've roleplayed family ties. I've also always built friendship while roleplaying, building and living it for "real". Family ties are usually included in the background, without putting them on the field. Views on lore: I respect and play with the canon lore at 100%. I just wish I knew more! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): For me, Say and Tell are IC, Yell and FC are OOC, Party and Linkshell have various roles. III. Other Info Country:Canada Timezone:EST -0500 Contact info:Pray [align=center][glow=blue]~More character information below!~[/glow][/align]
  11. Moonlight Bliss Celebration House The Moonlight Bliss Celebration House is gathering center built to celebrate love and the coming together of spiritual unions between lovers. Conveniently located in the Goblet, Ward 2 - Plot 8, the Moonlight Bliss Celebration House is available for rent for day or evening events. Our doors open this Saturday, the 14th and we invite you to come visit and enjoy the amenities between the hours of 7am and 9pm. For our brochure full of colorful photos and more information, visit Moonlight Bliss Celebration House
  12. Neneso Neso

    mateus Weekly Adventure Event

    Adventure is the lifeblood, the essence of all that comes to this world. As such, weather discovered by chance, or brought up by circumstance, one must be ready to leave on a journey. To fight, to discover, to thrive, to live. All are welcome to join, for we are all adventures in our hearts. Where: P36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision) -We will meet here before heading out. -Be on time, we won't know to wait for you. Starts: Tuesday, Jan 2, 08:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST)(And then every Tuesday thereafter.) Follows regular /random fight night/Grindstone rules (See below if unsure) Depending on how many show, the rules might change, so be ready for unexpected surprises. If you are concerned about being able to teleport to the location, don't hesitate to shoot us a tell shortly before the event. How Fights work All fighters roll initiative, pc's have 6hp if under 7 fighters, 3 if 8 or greater. Whoever roles higher goes first. They emote their attack BEFORE rolling. Whoever rolled second goes next. And so on and so forth. Note: The boss does not have to follow these rules. Example: A used flamethrower Random! You roll a 41. Random! You roll a 844. B dodges the fire, and casts magic missile on the darkness. Random! You roll a 739. Random! You roll a 196. A 's darkness is hit. (1-0 to B) __________________ This was archived so repost time ❤️
  13. Neneso Neso

    mateus Bar/Fight Night

    Come one come all, to this event of fighting, and drinking. Indoors we host a Bar where free drinks are provided to any who wander in. Should drinks not be your fancy, or your tipsiness be enough to wish harm upon another, the beach houses a fighting tournament. Where: Plot 36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision) When: Friday, 08:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST) Bar: Drinks are free to any who come to our small abode. Menu: https://tinyurl.com/AARPmenu Karaoke night(NO!) Fight: Follows regular /random fight night/Grindstone rules (See below if unsure) Winner receives a prize. Fighters may donate money to the prize pool. Night: It takes place at night. Note: Bar fights are not allowed. If you want to fight take it outside. How Fights work Both fighters roll initiative. Whoever roles higher goes first. They emote their attack BEFORE rolling. The second fighter roles against their roll. If the first is higher, it's one point. The second fighter now emotes their recoil, and attack. First to three wins! Example: A used flamethrower Random! You roll a 41. Random! You roll a 844. B dodges the fire, and casts magic missile on the darkness. Random! You roll a 739. Random! You roll a 196. A 's darkness is hit. (1-0 to B) ___________________ Noticed this had been arcived soooo repost!
  14. Neneso Neso

    mateus Bar/Fight Night

    Come one come all, to this event of fighting, and drinking. Indoors we host a Bar where free drinks are provided to any who wander in. Should drinks not be your fancy, or your tipsiness be enough to wish harm upon another, the beach houses a fighting tournament. Where: Plot 36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision) When: Friday, 08:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST) Bar: Drinks are free to any who come to our small abode. Menu: https://tinyurl.com/AARPmenu Karaoke night(NO!) Fight: Follows regular /random fight night/Grindstone rules (See below if unsure) Winner receives a prize. Fighters may donate money to the prize pool. Night: It takes place at night. Note: Bar fights are not allowed. If you want to fight take it outside. How Fights work Both fighters roll initiative. Whoever roles higher goes first. They emote their attack BEFORE rolling. The second fighter roles against their roll. If the first is higher, it's one point. The second fighter now emotes their recoil, and attack. First to three wins! Example: A used flamethrower Random! You roll a 41. Random! You roll a 844. B dodges the fire, and casts magic missile on the darkness. Random! You roll a 739. Random! You roll a 196. A 's darkness is hit. (1-0 to B)
  15. Heya folk! Neso here. I'm the leader or Amber Role Play. Or A-RP for short. ❤️ Here's our company info. Feel free to pop on by if you're looking for a fc to join. Or just come on by even if you're not. We love meeting folk If you have any questions let me know! We run 3(technically 4) events. If it has 'company' it's free company members only -Tuesdays: Adventure night. We go out and fight things -Wednesdays: Company rp night. Technically not an event as it's more 'self run' in that it relies on others to function. Come to the company and rp, if you want. -Fridays: Bar/Fight night. Come for the drinks, stay for the brawl. -Saturdays: Company Storyline. In which stuff happens, and we spend the week discussing what happened. FC Name: Amber Alyssum Tag: <A-RP> Leader Name: Neneso Neso - The Laladome#8597 FC House Address: Plot 36, 14th Ward, Lavender Beds. (South subdivision teleport) Type: Adventure Active Times: 6+ hours typically ranging from 8pm EST to 2AM Seeking: Roleplayers from any cut of the cloth. ~ "May the sun be behind you, and the winds favorable as you travel to a new dawn." Public knowledge: A-RP is a company that gives anyone and everyone a home, on the condition they be prepared to do anything and everything. To the outside they are a 'for hire' group that will do any job, be it gardening or monster slaying' Less public knowledge: To the rare people 'in' there is also a dark underbelly, as Neso is a keeper of balance. This group takes on morally gray missions for lucrative gains. While Neso would never admit it, the 'good' side of the company simply cannot make enough to keep up with the influx of people requesting help. (icly that is, oocly we love new peeps) "Do you feel that there can be a thing such as too much good?" Those who answer yes to this question will be given an offer of recruitment to the Black Claws. Contact: Neneso Neso Website: amberalyssumrp.enjin.com Discord: discord.gg/TWUEWem
  16. Hello everyone! I'm excited and anxious to make my introduction. First things first, I don't plan much ahead so this is all going to come sputtering off the cuff (and no revisions or back-tracking to make it perfect, dammit!) --- if I seem like a rambler I apologize. It has been far too long since I've written creatively or even tried to role-play. Over 10 years for RPing, actually. I've played FF14 for about 4 months now on another server and finished the MSQ...but something was missing. The world is so immersive and beautiful. But, I have NO idea what is going on in the story! Why? Because I rushed through all the content to play with my friends and basically skipped through everything. Oof. As I continued to play, raid, and PVP, I wanted to learn more about the world and all the quests my character had gone through. I started to tell myself, "Enko you can just re-watch all the cutscenes and read up on the lore and you'll be fine!" Nope. Too boring. I actually wanted to re-live it all again ---the *right* way this time --- so I decided to roll a new character and start reading all the quests. But wait, maybe I could do one better. I used to love to RP, hell, if the creative juices were flowing I could actually bust out some decent words that almost made sense! Maybe I could try *gasp*.. RPing in FF14?! So here I am. I lurked reddit from work, found this community, created an accuont when I got home and BAM! the introduction is almost done. I have no idea what kind of character I'll create, but I did design his look and class. He's a Hyur Lancer, level 2 currently. His personality, background, what makes him tick? No clue! I think in my re-exploration of the FF14 story I may just play the hazy adventurer suffering from amnesia. Never did quite recover from The Calamity! (see, I read something from the story.. lol) It seems fitting considering that I quite literally know nothing of the world and will enjoy re-exploring it on my own terms. In any case, I look forward to meeting new faces! This is becoming a wall of text so I'm signing off. Just because, I'll also fill out the optional template. I may have also not read any of the questions until this very copy-and-paste moment)
  17. \ The Nakaoka TeaHouse is hosting auditions to find a few entertainers for the upcoming Shirogane Hanabi Taikai! Where: Shirogane Ward 13, Plot 28 When: Thursday July 12th Time: Starting at 7pm EST until Kami only knows Sign up by contacting either Shintaro (Shintaro#2107) or me (Kuro#6868) on Discord or in game (Shintaro Nakaoka and Katsuro Wakahisa) Please specify around what time you’ll be available and, if you know, how long you’ll need for your act so we can have an idea. The Shirogane Hanabi Taikai event itself will be held on August 9th at around the same time, 7pm EST, so make sure you’ll be available that evening too.
  18. Recruitment: OPEN Hello all! I'm posting here because my FC, Nal Jewelry & Trade is looking for contacts to expand our activities and involve other people in our plots while also dipping our toes in other stories. Nal Jewelry & Trade is a criminally themed family business based in Ul'dah. After suffering the loss of their head-of-house and enduring through severe debts, the deeply rooted Dunesfolk family found they had little choice but to turn more heavily toward the Ul'dahn underground to turn a steady profit in these unsteady times. Whispered rumors in the streets tell the tale that, under the flag of a legitimate jewelry business, they run a successful illicit operation which includes the smuggling and distribution of drugs and stolen wares. We're looking for people and FCs to act as competition/opposition, allies to hang out with, and new members! What we offer as antagonists and allies: A mature 18+, lore-abiding community Grounded roleplay (No Mary Sues) An open mind and willingness to participate The willingness to 'lose' for the sake of a story An active group of great writers Regular plots & events that you are free to join in Discord & forum What we offer to members: All of the above plus: Housing; we have 2 estates, 1 large FC estate and 1 small right beside it. Double buffs Access to our IC and OOC in-game channels If you're new to Mateus, new to FFXIV roleplay altogether or are just thinking about making an alt we'd love to hang out with you! Please contact me here on the forums either by replying to this post or PMing me. Alternatively, you can contact me in-game as 'Kukufeni Yuyufeni'. If you can, check out our WIP website for rules and other info: https://nalffxiv.weebly.com/rules.html
  19. Hello everyone, o/ I'm seeking one or two (maybe 3! ) individuals who may be interested in getting together to create a performance troupe. Singing, dancing, acting - the whole nine yards! Experience isn't really necessary if you're concerned. I can teach you about macros and related things to get you off to a great start and with practice, you'll be hitting those high notes with ease. If things go well enough or there is interest, maybe we could chat about making a performance house FC in the future. Thanks for reading. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, send me a PM here. Evie
  20. Hello guys, I'm Kari (or Kairi in game), and I'm coming back to FFXIV, but since I don't remember a single thing about the gameplay, I decided to start a new character, and this time I would like to do some RP. The only problem is that, I've never done RP in an MMO before, and also English is not my first language, so I'm afraid to annoy people somehow. That said, I would really love some tips, if you guys could, or maybe a mentor? /o/ Anyway, here some info if that would help. MMORPG Background To be honest, the only MMO I've played massively was Ragnarok online, after that I only played offline games, and mostly RPGs. RP Experience I used to play in chats and things of the sort... And does tabletop rpg games count? Character ideas/info My characters tend to be neutral and serious. But, this time, I'm trying something different and doing a clumsy/happy miqo'te.. but I'm not sure yet 😓 What kind of a role-player are you aimingto be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) since I'm a newbie of the sort I'd say I'm want to start it light, but aiming to be a heavy role-played 😊 And something about me... I really love Otome games/novel games, and sometimes I like to write silly stuff with a friend.
  21. Greetings, fellow storytellers and make-believers! I've been playing FFXIV for a few years now, and roleplaying even longer, but this is my first attempt at doing both simultaneously. My RP experience began in the world of forums, and consequently I can be rather long-winded and slow to post. These days I probably average a paragraph or two per round, though I'm always happy to adjust to the flow of the group I'm in (preferably not too big of a group, mind you, or I get stressed out). I'm not yet sure how well I'll fit in to Eorzean RP, and I'm a bit nervous about the learning curve (i.e., how/when to incorporate items, emotes/animations, and other game elements into my posts), but this site looks like a great resource so hopefully I can get started soon! For now, I'll leave you with the intro template, but please feel free to ask if there's anything else you'd like to know. MMORPG background: This is my first! My husband is a huge FF fan but also an introvert like me, so we decided to try out an MMO together and see what happened! Suffice it to say, it worked out much better than we could have expected. I've recently made an alt (or two) on Mateus since my home server doesn't have a big RP scene and I'm taking a break from raiding and such. RP experience: At the risk of revealing my age ... over a decade, primarily on forums with a few shady virtual world detours Character ideas/info: Not a clue, but I tend to play prettyboy jerks. It's kind of my brand at this point. I've rolled a Duskwight archer who I suspect will take himself far too seriously and sit around taverns brooding. Some sort of underhanded dealings will likely be involved. How did you learn about the coalition? I've had this site bookmarked for ages but I think it came from reddit? What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Medium - heavy Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) By day, I'm a chronically ill old lady who works a boring desk job while dreaming of being a writer. I love cute and creepy things in equal measure. Nero is my FFXIV husband forever. If I'm writing, there's a mug of something hot and probably caffeinated within reach and an appropriate playlist queued up. Forever editing.
  22. Good evening FFXIV RPC!! New to this game, but I have been quietly absorbing the lore over the last few weeks and feel confident enough to want to make IC contact for the first time. I just joined the FC Casually Pretending and have been tipped off to several community events this weekend that I could attend. While I try to work up the nerve to actually do that, I decided to type up my little character concept that I've been working on. I am hoping someone may reach out via /tell and be interested in helping a newb dip her toes in the waters of the community, as well as maybe being connected with some of the popular linkshells. Most of my roleplaying experience has been from casually playing tabletops, most of which have lacked the right worlds for me to feel connected to. I am hoping to finally find a creative outlet in this game and this community! I. Basic Info Character: Nyko Shiyu Age: 24 Race: Miqo'te Clan: Keeper of the Moon Deity: Menphina, the Lover, Goddess of the Moon Gender: Woman II. Background Settled deep in the darkness of the South Shroud, the Shiyu tribe has remained self-sufficient for over a century, but has fallen on hard times since The Battle of Carteneau. Reluctant to adopt new strategies for surviving the growing dangers, the twin Mothers in charge of the tribe have suffered great losses over the last several years. Nyko, the youngest of six daughters, has lost three sisters and one of her five cousins since the conclusion of Carteneau. Protests from the tribe's third family, primarily a family of gifted gatherers, began when the twin Mothers refused to seek refuge in the city-states, instead opting to recede further into the Black Shroud to a location believed (by them) to be protected by aetheric energy. While the Shiyu tribe has enjoyed a short couple of years of peaceful relocation, they have suffer a new problem. Stagnation. Unable to maintain the same level of self-sufficiency since losing two-thirds of the tribe, Nyko's mother has charged her with ushering in an age of modernization for the Shiyu tribe. While her sisters and cousins rebuild, she has put down her bow and picked up the katana. Drawn to the ritualism of maintaining and studying the blade, Nyko believes it to be the perfect discipline for her tribe to adopt, able to almost instinctively understand the craft. She currently works under the employment of the Immortal Flames, honing her skills through various mercenary work and sending everything she earns back to her family. Lower ranking members of the Flame may recognize her as a middle-ranking officer, though of almost no significance. III. Personality Having witness repeated tragedy within a very small community since she was just a teenager, Nyko has adopted a rather guarded and reserved demeanor most of the time, while at other times can seem emotionally underdevelopment. Though seemingly an introvert and observer, this is often contradicted by childish wonderment and curiosity, as if suddenly adulting became too hard. IV. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium Views on RP combat and injuries: Open to fair combat, details to be discussed beforehand. Views on IC romance: My character's primary focus is on supporting her family, this doesn't mean I do not or will not consider IC romances, the context would just have to be compelling, and would likely touch are darker themes such as mental health issues. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Absolutely. Nyko wants to meet everyone. She wants to understand how you all survive so she can safe her family. Views on lore: I am still absorbing the lore, but I typically support tasteful lore-bending, though I try to play it a bit closer to the chest myself. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I am typically IC in /say and /tell, I haven't joined any linkshells. V. Player Info Name: Autumn Gender: Woman Free Company: Casually Pretending Country: USA Timezone: PDT Contact info: Discord: MagkAutumn#6635
  23. Hello! I am a returning player and have some roleplaying experience in FFXIV. However, I am not new to Roleplaying in general and I try my hardest to stick to the lore. I am currently making my way through Heavensward and once I finish I will start on Stormblood. That being said, I can be quite busy and although for the time being, I am free right now, that may change in the future due to my College classes rearing their heads. Regardless, for Out of Game RP, it is preferable to reach me via Discord or Personal Messages on here. My In-Game Character name is Kaguya Yozakura! Don't be afraid to say Hi! Discord: MoonKunoichi#6237 Now, what about Kaguya? Kaguya is a Raen born to a famous Oiran by day and Kunoichi by night, Lady Chiyome, in her homeland. Despite her Mother's occupation, Kaguya was loved and doted upon by her mother and the many of the other Courtians of the Yozakura Brothel, from which her last name comes from. Always a quiet and observant child, it only made sense that Kaguya was trained in the Ninja arts and excelled rather quickly. That being said, Kaguya was sent to Eorza in part to hone her skills with Lady Yugiri and to help in the efforts of keeping her countrymen safe. Kaguya. herself is rather dutiful and strong-willed. She tends to be fairly independent but will accept the help of others when necessary. Kaguya also tends to put less consideration into her own needs and ends up putting the people around her at a higher priority, meaning she places anyone precious to her ahead of herself. What I am hoping for is possible meetings with old friends or maybe just fated encounters that eventually turns into friendship or maybe something more! Regardless, hope to hear from you guys soon!
  24. This call to arms had been answered and is currently closed. Hello folks! I as you may have gotten from reading the title of this thread, I have recently been handed a free company on the Mateus server that is the proud owner of a mansion located in Shirogane - Ward 7, Plot 30, to be exact. Yes, this is the premium plot near the hot springs. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to dedicate to starting my own free company and I am mostly a solo player. I simply do not have need of this much space and I am of the opinion that the largest plots of land should be left exclusively to free company ownership. Not to sound like I am mounting a high horse or anything, but I just can't picture a scenario where a solo player would need more space than what a medium home has to offer. Plus, I like to try and support the RP community when I can. Anyway... Point is that I have this plot of land and I don't feel right not making an effort to do something with it. Since I don't have time to start a FC of my own, and I don't want to just give the land away (I didn't get handed something like this for free, after all - this cost me nearly every gil that I had and then some), I have decided to rent it out, so to speak. I am looking for an individual (or a group of individuals) who have aspirations to begin their own role playing free company. I'm not willing to relinquish the guild master rank of the FC, as I don't want to run the risk of simply having the place taken out from under me, but I am willing to make any and all of the following concessions... 1. I will change the name of the FC to whatever is decided upon among you and your officer team. 2. I will change the tag of the FC to whatever is decided upon among you and your officer team. 3. I will change the FC crest to whatever is decided upon among you and your officer team. 4. I will set up the ranks to your liking and appoint you and your officer team to the highest ranks possible, with all of the power that I can bestow to those ranks. 5. I will either stay out of your way as much as possible, if you wish or I will support your efforts in whatever officerial/managerial capacity that I am able with my time in the game - whichever you'd prefer. 6. I will throw the full weight of my ability into helping make your FC successful if you choose to have my help, and I can connect with your FC concept. 7. I am willing to make changes, up to and including a name change and a fantasia to my character if my current IC persona does not fit your guild theme. 8. I will absolutely help decorate. I LOVE building and decorating in online games. It's one of my favorite things. If this sounds like it might be an opportunity that you would like to seize, you can either contact me here on this forums in either this thread or through PM, or you can contact me more directly on Discord @Raelthorne#2394.
  25. Hello, everyone! Returning player here, looking to gather some contacts for my main character. Yayonzo Poponzo is a Gridanian born archer, who happens to be highly proficient with his weapon of choice. His uncanny knack for archery was discovered at a young age, when he first began to toy around with a bow and arrow. A natural talent developed rather quickly, catching the eyes of other residents of the Shroud. The most important set of eyes, however, belonged to the Twin Adder, who naturally took an interest in a potential talent. After a few visits to his household, Yayonzo's parents were convinced into pushing his talents even further, ensuring that he would one day develop into a worthy soldier to fight under the Serpents' flag. This plan came to fruition, at the cost of a normal childhood for the lalafellin archer. As he continued to improve, most residents began to respect him in a way that a fan might look upon a celebrity. Close friends were very hard to come by; the few tight relationships he'd formed were with instructors that helped fuel his knack for learning. His only real "friend" came in the form of a birthday present from the Twin Adder- a chocobo chick, sent to him in hopes that he would return the favor at a later date. Yayonzo would affectionately name his bird "Quill," and bring her virtually everywhere he went. To this day, she serves as his rather sassy and spoiled sidekick that hardly ever leaves his side. When conflict broke out in Ishgard, Yayonzo was brought into action to fight among the Eorzean army. Figuring that this was the moment his life had been leading up to, Yayonzo agreed without much protest. He would do his duty, putting his bow to use on the frontlines of the Dragonsong War, until the conflict subsided and his side eventually came out victorious. The war itself took a toll on Yayonzo, who quickly vowed to retire and put his bow to a more practical use- one where he could utilize the skill in a more passive manner. Thus, the archer decided to partner with his trusty steed and become a personal courier, delivering high priority messages and packages across Eorzea. It's a job he much prefers over mindless combat; his bow is only drawn in times of self defense, and he gets to interact with people all over the realm. With a bright smile and a cheerful demeanor, he and Quill put their hearts into delivering their cargo efficiently and safely! I'm currently looking for RP contacts to help get him re-introduced to the world of FFXIV! I don't mind in game or Discord RP, though at the moment, Discord happens to be more convenient, since my schedule is pretty dynamic during these summer months. Some potential hooks with Yayonzo include: -Maybe your character needed something important delivered, and Yayonzo was the man for the job? -Perhaps you're a resident, either recent or long term, of Gridania? His name would be familiar- maybe not immediately recognizable, but you may have heard of him before. -Dealing with a problem that could use a skilled fighter? Yayonzo is no stranger to helping out, so long as he feels that it's justified. They could possibly work together in order to solve the issue! I'll include his wiki page here as well, just in case you'd like a little more of a peek! I'm excited to get to RPing again, so please don't hesitate if you'd like to get to know Yayo a little more! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Yayonzo_Poponzo