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  1. Returning player looking for connections for deep character roleplaying. Currently I have no roleplay connections here and would like to develop friendships and intellectual rivals to talk with for long periods. I do not have extensive lore knowledge but I can learn. I currently have a character but willing to start a new job to accommodate a role as a apprentice or squire. I am flexible to be written into any current story. Since new characters on Mateus is not allowed, I can re-customize my character. She is currently a young Au'ra arcanist.
  2. Draco Giraffa

    mateus Draco Giraffa

    Character: Draco Giraffa Race: Au Ra / Raen Profession: None. A wanderer, drifter that does odd jobs to support herself. Playstyle Amount of RP: Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Terrible at PvP. Roleplaying combat, good. Views on IC romance: Possible, but one would have to work on it. Views on non-romantic RP: Anything goes! Spontaneity is welcome! I work best in text rather than voice. I like to delve into character building roleplay and more intense scenes. Views on lore: Too much not learned. I have yet to understand, which is why I am playing unknowledgeable for now. Contact and Availability Country: USA Timezone: CST (Weekdays Mornings or Late Nights, EU availability) Contact info: Mateus Discord @Draco Giraffa or PM here.
  3. Altann

    Altann Tumet

    Full Name: Altann Tumet Race: Au Ra, Xaela Tribe: Tumet Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Age: Mid 20's Height: 5'2 (Max height for female) Weight: Rude Role: Pugilist, soon to be Rogue, soon to be Ninja Appearance: Tanned skin from traveling, golden eyes for which she was named after, darker brunette hair she cuts bluntly when it starts growing longer then needed. (I'm still leveling so her attire is TBD) Attitude/Personality: She has one, an attitude I mean, being tied to a tree at the age of 10 will do that to you. I imagine her to be bold, caring, strong-minded, and snarky.
  4. merCheart

    New to RP, hi everyone!

    So, since I come from a super small server and had like no luck finding anyone willing to RP, I decided to make a new character on Mateus! I still don't really know what to do/where to go, or even if there is a generally agreed upon minimum level for RP, so I'd love any help/guidance i can get! Thank you!
  5. Hallos! o/ I'm Xandrie Embercraft - I come from multiple MMORPG's - I can't tell you all of them, that would take more fingers than I can count with! I'm a long time player, but new RPer on Mateus and I'm looking forward to learning all I can, and hopefully meeting some wonderful people along the way. I'm still learning the ropes and reading the fantastic resources here in regards to lore - wow have I a ton to discover. <flops over> RP for me has mostly been in TTRPG (D&D) and such so this is all new stuff...and its going to be great! So...yeah! ...Wanting to expand my horizons, meet new people, experience their stories and ideas...make some friends that I can have an amazing time hanging out with! I'll probably post something in the Directory and tell you a little more there, wanted to send out warm greetings and encourage all to say hello in return!
  6. ((IC)) Hallos! I'm Xandrie! My friends call me...well Xandrie! ...but also sometimes Xan, and hmmm...Kiki? Not sure where that came from but it stuck!..yep, my name is different...and I really think that's just fine. I've come here looking for kindred spirits to spend time with. I seem to have a good amount of my days where I spend it alone and...I need to change that! I've been so busy exploring and learning about new customs and peoples...it's wonderful, but exhausting and as I said...a bit lonely at times! Where am I from?...I'm from a little known area high in the mountainous peaks of Gyr Abania - I don't hail from one of the typical tribes, its really not our thing...but to each his or her own, right? I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, exploring...and just generally getting myself into and out of trouble. I love to make others smile, happy is the best way to be! Among my favorite things are: cupcakes! ...well sweets of any kind, and ...hmmm flowers - peony and cherry blossoms in particular, thunderstorms, and - well - anything cute! ...but I also really like adventuring and a good challenge..and protecting people I care about. My favorite color is purkle...I love to wordsmith - because many times words just don't make the sense they're supposed to by themselves. I've been told I'm not all that good with social graces or norms - I really prefer just to get right to the heart of things and growing up where I did...we didn't have any of those kinds of barriers to knowing people. - so forgive me if I'm at times a little over zealous. I really have the best intentions, despite how it may come across at first. So! There's that...and I think I covered the important things? Look me up if you're in the neighborhood! ((OOC)) Being newer to IG RP I've given Xandrie a loose framework of a background...something that will grow and evolve over time through her experiences and interactions with other people. My goals coming here are pretty much as stated, I'd very much like to connect with others and through that perhaps find ongoing friendships, stories, romance ...whatever may come her way! Please let me know if I've covered enough here or if I should add further information or details. Cheers!
  7. Xandrie

    mateus Xandrie Embercraft

    I. Basic Info Primary character: Xandrie Embercraft Female, Miqo'te (Female Player) Marital Status: single Sexual Orientation: Bi/Pan - Love, is love and I think that's that. ((Player info...)) I've generally played mostly PVE but as time goes on I wish to forge new and lasting friendships, and RP has - over the past year or so - been increasingly interesting to me. I enjoy good narrative and meeting like minded individuals. Personality: Xandrie is a light hearted individual, bubbly, friendly, outgoing...sometimes too much? ...social graces are not exactly her thing but she tries hard. The big cities and populated areas are new to her and she is doing her best to fit in. Many of the universally accepted norms are completely foreign to her.. in an endearing way. Her indomitable spirit constantly seeks to make others smile, help others love life as she does, and cut through all the extra unnecessary noise that comes between people. Primary RP linkshell:RPers of Mateus II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I've played a while, but new to RP here. Light to Medium - wanting more medium than light maybe? I have some amazing friends in our PVE/RP FC and I very much enjoy exploring RP arcs and impromptu settings with them. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm really not much for combat RP, I'll watch and cheer friends on, absolutely!.. but participation - that isn't my thing. Views on IC romance: It would be nice to have that special someone to share this amazing place with... though it's not something that I feel can be forced or planned. It's just so much better when it's natural and organic. Also, IC - IG stays IG. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Friends? All the yes! The more the better. Family? I have a tenancy to adopt people as family members, not ICly - I usually develop close ties with people I grow to care about. I very much enjoy getting to know quality people, hearing the stories they've created around their characters, meeting like minded individuals, having fun together. Finding all the silver linings and beautiful places. Views on lore: I don't know much about the lore, I'm learning every day! I will say, definitively that I am not a fan of the whole Miqo'te clan - species propagation methodology, so I do not follow it. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say /shout = IC /tell = OOC/IC /party = OOC/IC /fc = OOC /ls = OOC/IC - (( for OOC )) ...but whatever works for others too? III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:Pacific Contact info: Contact In Game
  8. LovelyVenita

    Dancing with Solitude

    The warm summer air lingered on as the sun took its resting place at the sea's surface. Along the cobblestone paths were neighbors and strangers gathering before the extravagant mansion, each of them dressed to impress and hiding their faces to add to the allure of the unknown. Advertisements had been going out in the cities for weeks about the late spring ball, which fueled excitement among so many. It was an opportunity to mingle, rekindle, and allow for new friendships to bloom. Those who chose not to go were regrettably making a mistake of a lifetime, as some would tease. Standing off in the distance, the young Au Ra watched as people flocked indoors with their friends, lovers, and strangers. All with someone, rarely none alone. This was a defining moment for the woman. She had managed to brave the outdoors and reunited herself with the nature of the world, but she had struggled to find the place where she truly felt part of with others. All week, she spent her well saved gil to invest in fine fabrics and dye just to prove to those back in the homeland that she wasn't so without or broken in the head. Glistening in fine gold and black silk with all the frills and fluff, Venita slid on her mask and mustered up the remaining courage left inside to take her first steps forward into an unknown beginning. In her younger years, the Raen listened to the tales of their makers. The clash between Dusk and Dawn paving the way for the birth of the ancestors. It was known as fact that the two great beings struggled with power before settling their match. Peers of hers were convinced of this raging war between Dusk and Dawn. Thus giving life to the idea their own lineages were precious and absolute, the better of the two. Xaela tribes were the insufferable other half of the Au Ra, better off reduced to nothing more than ash given their more barbaric way of life. The Raen sought to dominate through sophistication and blood-right, which left Venita questioning what made them any different than their brethren across the line. Questioning the divide was one thing, but to also seek truths about the ancient tales was to tread into waters better left untouched. Inside the mansion, the party raged on. Music filled the halls and laughter from all around echoed room to room. Taking careful steps around the crowds, the Raen managed to squeeze past the large groups of people idling at the stairwell and found her ideal spot just south of the pastry table. The sweets neatly arranged by type and sizes! Bigger slices of pies and cakes filled the bottom shelves, whereas the smaller quick pick snacks laced the top shelves. Curiously, she canted her head at the mass selection and knew then that if nothing comes out of this event, at least she got to eat cake. Lots of cake. Paying no mind to the dance floor, she missed the moment where the butler ran about to gather couples to the area. He mashed strangers, foes, friends, and lovers together to encourage them in taking part of the whole purpose of the night's event! Once satisfied, he called attention to the floor. He had to call for it a few times before the room settled down and the music ceased. As he gave introductions, Venita became all too aware of what was happening and filled her plate with a few more tasty pieces before cramming herself into a nearby chair. After his grand announcements were complete, he motioned with a flick of his hand and the music picked back up. The slow wave of notes rising and falling like a gentle breeze on the water's surface. It paved the way for those wrangled on the dance floor to find common purpose, be it by giving in or finding enjoyment in the arrangement. Though timid most of their steps were, something remarkable happened. The Raen watched as the paired partners discovered the rhythm they shared with the other. Even if they fumbled for longer than their neighbors, there was this love of life which sparked between two souls. With balance came harmony, which in turn produced one of life's most treasured moments. Venita could not help but see what she had known for all these years to be true. Back in the homeland, her ideals were dismissed as wild stories of an ill mind, but she knew it not to be so. The legend told of the bloody war waged between Dusk and Dawn, but had their ancestors been any wiser, they would have seen the dance between two beings. Dusk reached for Dawn to feel its warmth and the Dawn craved the Dusk's endless embrace; together, their colors weaved between the lines sparking the explosion of purple and orange hues as they connected to one another. The opportunity to write and rewrite a moment in time. It was almost prophetic watching the couples twirl and glide along the dance floor, especially as the music slowed to its end. There was a brief series of seconds were the partners could sense the world's eyes upon them and it did not matter. The thoughts of what comes next was in their control, they the creators of their own truths and futures. She watched as each individual spent their next seconds carefully and though no two choices were the same, she felt a warmth fill her soul as she witnessed the full cycle of what she had always known. As beautiful as it were, a familiar pang rose in her heart and although she hadn't been there for long, she knew it was time to go. Stuffing her face with one last delicious pastry, the Raen left as quietly as she arrived. Once outside, she found herself breathing easy again. Wrapping an arm around her front, she wandered on to the shoreline. She may have failed to make the friends she longed for, but the night was not wasted. Until the rising sun came again, she danced to the only song she knew in her heart with solitude at her side. Never for a moment regretting what she lost to gain her truth.
  9. Hello folks! I am coming over to Final Fantasy XIV from World of Warcraft because... Well, let's not get too hung up on how terrible Blizzard are at designing systems for their game, communicating with their player base, and considering player feedback. Simply put, I am just sick of their sh*t. Some friends really sold this game to me, told me a little about the game's history, and how the developers seem to have a genuine love for their product and an appreciation for their fans. Figured since I am leaving WoW anyway, I'd give this a shot! I am a long-time role player from various mediums. I don't know much about the world of Eorzea, but I have been doing some serious crunching. In the process, I have decided that I will be playing a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. I'll be going for a more tribal and traditional theme to her character. So... Yeah. Just stopping in to say hello!
  10. Hello! Recently I've decided to take a shot at FFXIV RP and I'm currently looking for character interactions. I am in no way new to roleplaying but rp over FFXIV is still something I'm new towards. I'm always looking for people to learn from and to assist me in improving!I do all and any types of roleplay. Script or Paragraph roleplays are OK. Long term or short term roleplays are OK. I'm open for friendships, rivals, enemies, family, romance, etc. More 18+ types of roleplays are fine so long as it's discussed beforehand and you are, indeed, 18+. If any mature or even darker themes are something you would like to keep out of character interactions, please do say and it can be easily done! AboutKimiko Yumi || Au'ra || Female || Bisexual || Mateus ServerBeing the daughter of a pirate, Kimiko personally found herself unable to embrace the lifestyle her Father seemed to adore so much. The crew and ship had rules and yet it always felt as if the sea was so lawless. Sure, the entire ship respected one another but anyone off that ship was fair game. The stealing, violence, bribery, smuggling... it never sat right with her. Through her eyes, there was always a sense of wonder and excitement on land compared to the ocean. Her Father kept her rather sheltered upon the ship, forbidding most interactions on the mainland due to the fear she'd run off one day. His fear came true either way. Kimiko finally wanted more out of life than a boat full of criminals and set off on her own. The runaway girl is still growing accustomed to life on land, finding everything she sees to be exciting and new. The sheltered lifestyle has left her naive to the simpler things in life, although violence and similar topics never seem to phase her much. Kimiko grew up on stories of her Mother told by her Father, tales of a strong yet gentle healer. Aspiring to be more like her Mother, Kimiko has her current goal set upon becoming a Scholar and White Mage. For the time being, she finds herself in Lominsa, studying the arcane arts.
  11. Hello everyone! I am a returning player to Eorzea and I am looking for contacts for my young Seeker of the Sun character concept. Before we get to my little Seeker however, I'd like to go over a few quick points about me, the player, my role playing habits, and gaming habits. A Little About Me I have many years of role playing experience and can easily produce multi-paragraph posts to match what is going on around me. That said, I prefer to keep such replies to out-of-game RP mediums such as Skype, Discord, Personal Messages, or Google Docs. In-game, I prefer to produce shorter, more concise posts due to the in-game character limit, particularly when there are multiple people in the area trying to role play. In relation to the above bullet point, I have Discord and am willing to share my contact there with friends for the purposes of out-of-game contact and/or role play. I live in the Eastern-Standard timezone. That's GMT -4 (-5 during daylight savings). I mention this simply for scheduling matters for events and such. This also ties into my next point... I work Monday through Thursday in a second-shift position, while working first shift on Friday. My schedule itself is a little unpredictable however, as I do not work in a job where I have a set quitting time. My job is done when my work for the day is finished, not when the time clock hits a certain hour. This makes scheduling events through the week a hopeless effort for me, but it does mean that my weekends are wide open with no chance that I will be scheduled to work a Saturday or Sunday. *Exact hours of my schedule are readily available by request.* I enjoy all aspects of most MMOs, and FFXIV is no different. I will be partaking in RP, PvE, and PvP in equal measures. Friends are always welcome to join me in these activities. I also play a plethora of other games! If you have me on Discord and you see me playing a different game that you also play, friends will always be welcome to join me in this so long as my party is not full. With all of that said, let's move on to my little miqo'te! Name: S'hatsuho Kheda Name Pronunciation (Minus the Miqo'te Racial Hissing): Suh-hat-soo-ho Kay-duh A Brief Introduction to S'hatsuho S'hatsuho is a young miqo'te who is still coming into her own. At (roughly) the mental and physical maturity of a sixteen year old human, she feels as though she has a lot to prove and she's finally of age to leave her tribe behind on a pilgrimage that is held sacred to her people. More on this later. She has grown up hearing tales from her mother and older sisters of the world beyond the horizon of their island home - tales of adventure and wonders both natural and manufactured. These tales made her long to leave home and see them for herself, but she does not aspire to leave her people behind forever. S'hatsuho is very attached to her home and to her culture. She would never outright abandon her people, but she possesses a wanderer's heart. She will return home now and then to check in, bring gifts of wealth and materials back to her village, and to reconnect. This is the way of her people. This is the nature of her pilgrimage. It is this connection with her people, combined with her desire to see the world, that defines S'hatsuho and the way that she has lived her life. Deciding at a young age that she would one day leave on one of these sacred pilgrimages, S'hatsuho has lived her life on that premise. She has trained with the tribe's hunters and fishers from a young age, learning skills that she would need to survive on her own. She has learned how to cook hearty meals from her mother and older sisters so that she would not go hungry. She sparred with the tribe's warriors so that she would be able to defend herself. She has always worked towards self-sufficiency, should she need to be. Despite her young age, she has grown into one of her tribe's most valuable providers, excelling in the arts of the hunt as well as being a well-respected fisher and forager for the tribe. Her skills as a warrior are also commendable, boasting skills with the lance and greataxe that betray her age with a respectable grasp on archery to boot. S'hatsuho has lived her life for this moment - the moment she would leave home. A Brief Introduction to Her Tribe S'hatsuho hails from a tribe of Seekers of the Sun who observe the cloudkin totem of the Zu, and who (obviously) take their tribal label from the Eorzean alphabet's 'S'. Her village's ancestral stories tell of how their sept came to be long ago, when a hunting party of the ancestral Zu tribe encountered one of these powerful beasts while hunting in La Noscea. They grounded the creature with ropes, but when a handful of their hunters clumb atop the great avian beast, it broke free from its bonds and flew out over the great sea with the miqo'te hunters still atop its back. The beast landed on the largest island of an archipelago off of the southern shores of La Noscea, where the hunting pack then claimed their prey before realizing that they were now stranded. These were the founding members of S'hatsuho's sept of the Zu tribe - according to tribal legend, at least. The sept has since grown quite large. In present day, the sept consists of three villages, one of each of the three largest islands of the archipelago. Each village has it's own Nunh, but the tribal elders that govern the sept as a whole oversee all who call the islands home. S'hatsuho's people are hunters, gatherers, and fisherman. Agriculture is not a large part of their way of life due to the soil of the islands being composed largely of sand and clay, leaving limited fertile farmland on the islands. That is not to say that there is none at all, but it is highly valued and closely regulated by the tribe. Only essential crops are grown on the island. They cannot afford to waste space on luxury crops such as sugar or spice. This is where the sept's sacred pilgrimages come to help. Again, there will be more on this later. The sept's relations with the nearby city of Limsa Lominsa, and by direct correlation, the Maelstrom, are somewhat tenuous. Needless to say, with these miqo'te making their homes out at sea and having developed into a seafaring breed of their own, their history is fraught with conflicts with the pirates and brigands that self-proclaimed that region their domain. Still, with the founding of the Maelstrom and the construction of Limsa Lominsa, these relations were soothed somewhat. The pirates that once attempted to raid the miqo'te villages are now valuable trading partners, bringing valuable resources onto the islands in greater number than the pilgrims ever could. In exchange, the merchants gain access to the many hidden wonders of the islands that they were once chased from as pirates, as well as handcrafted island trinkets, of which Limsa Lominsa has a few wealthy collectors. A Brief Introduction to the Pilgrimage of Zu No one can recall when the pilgrimage became such an important part of the tribe's culture. It has existed for as long as their written accounts of their history, and it is believed to have been a part of their culture from the day the sept learned to craft water-faring vessels. As far as any of the modern tribesman can tell, it has been with them since the time that their ancestors came to the islands. The pilgrimage is a sacred ritual and coming of age trial that serves many purposes. First and foremost, the pilgrimage maintains its original purpose of honoring the spirit of the migratory Zu, the tribe's totemic protector who is known for its own voyages across great distances. To this end, it is seen as a journey of spiritual growth in which the pilgrim attains wisdom of the world that they could never learn on the tribe's island shores alone. It later came to be recognized as a rite of passage for the young. Females who journey from the tribe's shores as a pilgrim are seen as prized mates by the Nunhs, and Tia who never leave the island's shores can never challenge a Nunh for his title. Only after a Tia has seen the world, will his tribe acknowledge him as strong or worthy enough to sire the next generation. Lastly, it is common practice for the pilgrims to bring gifts back to the tribe from the world beyond the horizon. This act serves as a way to bring small amounts of wealth and rare materials to their village. In this way, each successful pilgrimage improves the life of not only the pilgrim, but it also serves to better the sept as a whole. There are no tribal taboos that stagmatize a pilgrim who ventures from the island multiple times. This practice is actually quite common among Tia, who may undergo several pilgrimages before they feel that they have the strength to take the title of Nunh. Tia who do this, and who claim the right to breed, are highly valued as Nunh by the tribe's females. Likewise, females who take multiple pilgrimages before settling down on the island are highly valued by the Nunh as mates. The only restriction placed on this pilgrimage is on the Nunh. Since a Nunh could obviously not perform his duties to the tribe if he were not on the island, males may not embark on a pilgrimage after claiming the title of Nunh. If they wish to make this journey, they must wait until they are overcome by a Tia, and their duties are passed to another. So them's the basics! I tried to make sure there was a lot of potential hooks built into S'hatsuho and tried to make sure that she was designed with open-mindedness and an inquisitive nature to make role playing with her quite easy, while still clinging to that tribal feel of a traditional miqo'te. There are bound to be a ton of different ways that just about anyone could meet and greet her! So what are you waiting for!? Every big, bad hero needs an adorable sidekick!
  12. Hello! I just returned about a week ago after a year, I recently transfered to the Matues Server. I was hoping to make some new friends, and get started in RP.
  13. Ashram Narse

    mateus Hello from the RP newbie

    Greetings fellow RPers and to those on the Mateus server especially. Though I hope you all will check this out. I'll tell you a little about myself and then I'll have a few questions at the end if anyone is up to helping a RP newb get around. First, this is my first MMO of any kind. Been on since launch day on the PS4 and have never not wanted to be logged in. So much to do, so many cool places to go, so many interesting people, so many "interesting" people >.<. I'm a huge RPG fan all around and now that I've caught up, so to say, on content and finding most of my friends are jumping to other servers to raid more or hang out with real life friends, I find myself with lots of free time. I have always wanted to try RP, even wanted to play D&D when I was younger but no one where I lived played, and so I figure now is the best time to try. I am sadly more shy than I realized. I've been working on my characters background, but after several revisions I'm no closer to being done with it. I have tried to RP with a few people in game but I'm never sure how to approach many things. Many use the /em to start their stuff, others use "*" to dictate movements they make, others just want to sell ERP sessions for gil, and others still send back a "Don't talk to me" message even though their "RP" is up and their search comment says, "WU/T loved." Is this all normal? Is there more I should know before I go out to try this? I'm reading some of the articles here today so that will help some but it's funny, I can make a million bad jokes and puns in Party Finder, in Dungeons, Eureka, and so forth, but walking up to a character in a virtual bar gives me pause. Well, that's it for now. Like I said at the top, I would appreciate any and all advice and if you on Mateaus and you see me around, say "Hi" if my RP is up, I'll try to do the same. >.<d
  14. PLEASE LIST YOUR SERVER, HOUSING AREA, WARD, AND PLOT. This will help me place the listing in the proper area. Template code for a new server (please paste from the HTML/source edit mode) Easy form for entries: [b]Server:[b] Server name here [b]Housing:[b] Housing name here [b]Ward:[b] Ward number/division here [b]Plot:[b] Plot number here [b]Description:[b] Description here
  15. Priae

    [Mateus] The Jeweled Cypress

    In short, The Jeweled Cypress is a bi-weekly tavern night hosted by the Chimera organization in an attempt to gain further clients and / or employees. It is held every other Sunday at 7PM EST on the bottom floor of our Free Company Estate located at the address above and further information is updated on our event thread as linked below. ♥ For more information, click here!
  16. Click Here for our past event photos! Next Event Date: May 20, 7PM EST!
  17. Ashram Narse

    Ashram Narse

    Ashram Narse Race: Hyur, Midlander | Gender: Male Age: 20 | Residence: Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 34 Occupation: Mercenary, Thief, Odd Jobs Apperance Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 175 pounds Hair: Black with white or blue streaks Eyes: Icey blue Complexion: Clean shaven with a pale complexion Body Type: Athletic Physical Condition: Fit and trim Distinguishing Features Tattoos: None Scars: One long one from above left eye across nose to lower right cheek, a giant scare across his left chest from almost his neck to half way down his right side Birthmarks: None Preferred Weapons: Lance, rapier, short swords, katana, broad sword and fist Preferred Armor: Leather, cloth, chainmail, and small plated armor Skills and Abilities Magical Skills: Lacks control in magical areas but can focus through weapons when needed Physical Skills: A lifetime of practice and fighting have left him a weapons master Flexibility: Above average Trade skills: Mines and fishes when needed, is working on being a better blacksmith Special Abilities: See background for more Special Occupational Training: Spends more hours perfecting his skills then the average fighter Areas of Expertise: Swordsmanship, lancing, riding, beast knowledge, and meditation Personality Ashram tends to be a quiet observer of people. Often watching someone for a long time before he will try to make conversation. He tends to speak with a polite manner during friendly times but during stressful times, he can revert to a gruff, foul mouthed ball of anger. He is slow to open up to others, most times questions about his past will be brushed off quickly. He seems to always be keeping something hidden and covers it up with quick jokes and moving the subject back to others. He hates to be as he calls it “all dolled up” and avoids fancy dress clothes. Worn boots and dirt covered armor are his preferred dress. He tends to prefer the wide-open spaces of the wilderness to the cities but tries to come to them to try and get a better understanding of how people are. He hates people that wont pull their weight and is quick to move on when something is annoying him. When it comes to others, he prefers to keep men at arm’s length as much as possible. He would say they should be at (blades length). He has a distrust of males in general but isn’t opposed to working with them or talking to them when needed. As for females, Ashram can be very flirty and playful. He gets distracted quickly by revealing outfits and is one who isn’t opposed to a fun time. When asked, he will usually say that he, “Wants to create his own harem worthy of the Gods.” Those that don’t know him think he is just joking, those that know him say, "Maybe its not just a joke." Misc. Quirks: Very curious about people. Also, can’t resist exploring and traveling Positive Personality Traits: Reliable, determined, observant, loyal, and can be funny Negative Personality Traits: Distrust of males, avoids large crowds and groups, chasing of females, has a rage that is dangerous when revealed. Temperament: Calm and easy going most of the time, if a little bit paranoid at times. In battle he tends to go into a “all or nothing” mentality Favorite Pet Sayings, Words, Idiolect: “There is no normal, only me.” Speaking Style: Polite and cordial, very rarely does he speak broken sentences Integrity: He is willing to steal, but only when it serves a greater good Impulsiveness: Usually only when a woman is involved Boldness: Above average, almost to the point others would say he doesn’t care for his own life Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc): Works hard to always maintain control, training and meditation help, as well as long rest periods between fights. When given into his rage, he has to work it out physically till he is to exhausted to continue Bad Habits/Vices: Doesn’t like to speak about his past and will pursue a target even if it leads to the group he is in’s detriment Prejudices: Garleans. Even those that have turned on the Empire Pet Peeves and Gripes: Those that are to lazy to work, lack of common sense, and boys that dress as girls Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Feeling weak or vulnerable to others. Fears: Being imprisoned, useless, forgotten, and ignored by others Interest & Views Hobbies: Reading, blacksmithing, fishing, exploring, and good food Religion: Thinks the Gods are real but that they do not care about the people Patron Diety: None Adherence: None Tolerance: Tolerant of those that keep their beliefs to themselves Expression of beliefs: Never Converting others: Never Attitude: The Gods are there, so what? Religious Association: Will work with them for the right price Religious Role(s): None Death & Mourning: Will mourn a friend’s death but won’t offer prays Philosophical: None Moral: Neutral. He still steal if its beneficial but won’t do anything that harms or affects children or the sick and dying. Political: Let the politicians and rulers handle that Background Ashram doesn’t like to speak about this and will avoid all efforts by others to talk about it. Affiliations Employer: Runs the Narse For Hire (sole employee) Nationality: He claims from Ala Mhigo Organizations: Works with a Free Company, Magnus Mode at times Friends: Very few Social Class: He never keeps track, he isn’t poor but hates how the wealthy act History Place of Birth: He claims Ala Mhigo Upbringing: Doesn’t discuss this. But it is clear he is educated more in physical pursuits over academic ones Noteworthy Family Members: Pet dragon “Raven” and his Chocobo "Pyrotess" that he claims is his family Longstanding Rivals/Friends: None as of yet Possessions/In Her Bag: usually has the bare basics, gil, change of clothes, and anything else needed for survival in the wilds or cities Existing Conflicts: None as of yet Duties and Obligations: Has been hired by Magnus Mode to try to recruit others Significant Past Events: Doesn’t talk about it Mysteries: Why wont he talk about his past?? Adventure Trigger: Promise of rewards (whether it’s gil, items, or something else) Miscellaneous Sexuality: Always looking for a new “conquest” Relationship Stance: Not opposed to more than one partner. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Romantic Status: Single Libido: High Sexual Expressiveness: Flirtatious, Teasing, telltale winks Sexual Expressive Style: Through talking and gestures Openness to Sexual Experience: Is “always willing to try something once, twice if he likes it” Promiscuousness: Gets around Common Places to be Found: Out in the wilds, especially near waterfalls, taverns in the cities, the blacksmith guild, and his office in the Lavender Wards Roleplay style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): All (keep in mind he is new to it all) Views on RP combat and injuries: Hasn’t done any yet Views on IC romance: I am accepting of a romance as long as it plays into my character. A one night stand is ok so is a several month long partnership. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): He has no family to speak of Views on lore: Still learning it all and trying to keep it straight (please be patient) Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Prefers /tells but will use /say, /em, and LS if available Other information Country: USA Timezone: Eastern Playtimes: Generally during the week and weekends 9pm – 2am Contact info: In-game, Discord: Ashram Narse#8308 Other Notes: Will be updated as my character grows
  18. Elen

    mateus Catherina Renard

    Character profile Name : Catherina Renard Race and gender : Hyur, midlander, female Age : Close to 25 Main class/job : Black mage Free Company : The Black Garden Co. GC allegiance : Immortal Flames Physical traits : Shoulder length auburn hair, fair/medium skin tone Martial status : Single Sexual orientation/attraction : pansexual (gender/race), kinsey scale 3 Player profile I. Basic Info Characters:Catherina Renard, Sypha Belnad'des (alt) Primary character:Catherina Renard Linkshells:None Primary RP linkshell:None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm used to heavy, though I've slowed down lately to take some more "me" time. Other than "technical/logistic dungeon/raid party chat", I'm always IC, even when questing! Although kind of timid to make the first steps, I'm always willing for all kind of RP, as long as it's respectful. Views on RP combat and injuries: I had my first experiences with a RP combat system about 2 years ago and I think it's awesome. As long as everyone is treated with equal chances, I'm all in! Views on IC romance: I'm a sucker for romance. Even if it's not exclusive, I love living and roleplaying deep and rich romance. Bring me flowers and I'll melt. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I don't think I've roleplayed family ties. I've also always built friendship while roleplaying, building and living it for "real". Family ties are usually included in the background, without putting them on the field. Views on lore: I respect and play with the canon lore at 100%. I just wish I knew more! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): For me, Say and Tell are IC, Yell and FC are OOC, Party and Linkshell have various roles. III. Other Info Country:Canada Timezone:EST -0500 Contact info:Pray [align=center][glow=blue]~More character information below!~[/glow][/align]
  19. Valreth

    mateus Seika Obinata

    Race: Au Ra, Raen | Gender: Female Age: 25 | Residence: Shirogane, Hingashi Occupation: Sailor, Apothecary Assistant, Other Height: Weight: Hair: Often a deep purple with teal highlights, but has been known to change her hair. Eyes: Teal with icy teal limbal rings that appear to give a subtle glow Complexion: Smooth, pale skin with portions covered by ivory scales Body Type: Athletic Physical Condition: Fit, healthy Distinguishing Features Tattoos: Scars: Birthmarks: Other: Two-toned hair Sailor-inspired attire Decorative metal bands on the ends of her horns. Preferred Weapons: Rapiers, short blades, magicked crystal focus, bare hands Preferred Armor: Leather and cloth - anything able to provide protection without sacrificing mobility. Magical Skills: Red Magic Physical Skills: Rapier, short blades, fists Flexibility: Both physically and mentally flexible Tradeskill: Alchemy, average tailoring Special Abilities: Special Occupational Training: Balancing her inner aether, swordsmanship, short-blade work Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Acrobatic Fencing Sailing Areas of Expertise: Alchemy Swordsmanship Red Magic Most of the time, she comes across as standoffish, taking awhile to warm up to others and while she may not always be outwardly kind towards others, she has her own ways of expressing her gratitude and friendship. For those that just meet her, she can have a sassy, strong-willed, and rebellious attitude until they earn her respect. She speaks her mind and is horrible at small-talk and lengthy conversations. Despite her attitude, she is capable of showing respect for her elders and manners when absolutely necessary, though she will grumble about it. Often times she’ll get bored easily with things, going off on her own to occupy herself. She doesn’t believe in coddling people, having the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” mentality. To those that Seika warms up to, she can be helpful, considerate, and laid-back. She’s a bit of a tomboy, preferring a good pair of pants opposed to a dress. She’s not big into ruffles and frills, preferring sleek and practical clothing. Misc. Quirks: Very curious about people, objects, etc. Always seeking more knowledge. Positive Personality Traits: Responsible, intelligent, educated, sound common-sense, curious, confident in her abilities, cheeky, passionate, hard to intimidate, strong-willed. Negative Personality Traits: Horrible at small talk and lengthy conversations. Does not trust others easily. Gets bored easily, stubborn, sassy, snarky, and sometimes a bit flirtatious. Needs to keep busy to help remedy her boredom. Standoffish, rebellious. Eccentricities/Characteristic Gestures: Speaks her mind (may or may not be a good thing). Does not like large crowds Temperament: Generally very calm and laid-back when not fighting. Favorite Pet Sayings, Words, Idiolect: Speaking Style: Casual unless conducting business or other serious matters, in which she'll switch to a more professional style. Integrity: Impulsiveness: Boldness: Average boldness. May become more bold if a friend is in danger or if she feels threatened. Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc): She may get irritated, but otherwise maintaining a cold demeanor as though it's not bothering her. She'll often remove herself from the situation to find a secluded spot to scream, yell, or blow off steam by training or going sailing. If unable to remove herself from the situation, she may verbally or physically lash out if escalated to her breaking point. Admirable Traits: Observant Willing to accept any job so long as she is compensated in some way. Has some manners. Negative Traits: May not always tell the truth (usually in regards to her emotions, though it may be difficult to tell IC). Somewhat of a Workaholic Does not trust others easily Bad Habits/Vices: Does not speak about her emotions well. Drinks Piracy Thievery Prejudices: Garleans Pet Peeves and Gripes: People that “Judge a book by it's cover” People that lack common sense Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Feeling like she failed at something (includes dates, conversations, etc.) Coming across someone better at something she also does. Fears: Being useless Being a failure Spiders Being lost at sea Mental Disturbances: Likes Dislikes Training Loud, crowded places Cooking/Eating Feeling useless Reading Stupidity Sailing Arrogance Interests & Views Hobbies: Cooking, Bladework, Alchemy, Magick, Swimming, Reading, and Singing (she tends to keep the singing to herself and close friends) Religion: Seems to believe in the Kami and superstitions Patron Diety: Kami Adherence: Casual Tolerance: Very tolerant Expression of beliefs: Occasional Converting others: Never Attitude: Religious Association: Not devoutly religious, but respects them. Religious Role(s): None Death & Mourning: Philosophical: Moral: Political: She doesn’t speak of her background much, giving small references occasionally when brought up, but isn’t completely closed off about it. Affiliations Employer: (Family Apothecary shop) Nationality: Unknown, often assumed Hingashi or Doman Organizations: Unknown, suspected past history with the Red Dragon Syndicate Friends: Unknown Social Class: Middle History Place of Birth: Somewhere in Koshu Upbringing: Typical Far East education for the middle class. Her father taught her swordsmanship starting from a young age. Noteworthy Family Members: Her parents own and operate a small apothecary shop. Longstanding Rivals/Friends: Possessions/In Her Bag: Existing Conflicts: Duties and Obligations: Significant Past Events: Mysteries: Suspected of having a past or current history with the Confederacy Adventure Trigger: Quests: Sexuality Relationship Stance: Monogamous Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Romantic Status: Single Libido: Active Sexual Expressiveness: Flirtatious, Teasing Sexual Expressive Style: Openness to Sexual Experience: Adventurous Promiscuousness: Unknown Common Places to be Found: Taverns Near water At her parent's apothecary shop Shirogane Kugane Limsa Lominsa Ul'dah Possible Hooks: Anything relating to the aforementioned interests, sailors and pirates, stories, books, local bars and pubs. I. Basic Info Characters: Seika Obinata (Mateus Only), Indranilsar Oronir (Balmung and Mateus) Primary character: Seika Obinata (Mateus), Indranilsar Oronir (Balmung) Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: Character Tumblr: https://seikaobinata.tumblr.com/ II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): All Views on RP combat and injuries: Negotiable. I'm comfortable with honor system or rolls, so long as it's not too in-depth like a DnD system. I'm also flexible with how injuries are treated, especially if for a plot. However I do have a preference that injuries require time to heal - that magic can only do so much. Example: Magic can help with critical injuries, stopping blood loss, mending tissue, etc. but there would still be a recovery time to heal fully with risk of reinjury. Additionally in combat, healing spells can make someone feel energized and refreshed. Views on IC romance: I'm open to my characters having romance, but character development comes first. The relationship should be allowed to flow and progress naturally. No ERP, but FTB is fine. I will play true to my character - if a relationship doesn't work out for my character, she will break it off. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Preferred type of RP. Also open to form pre-existing connections. Views on lore: I prefer to stay within the confines of established lore as much as possible. Minor lore bending is tolerated for plots so long as it's not outlandish. If I make a mistake myself, please let me know and I will correct it. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Open to use say, party, linkshell, and whispers when appropriate. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: Eastern Playtimes: Generally during the week and weekends 2pm - 10pm Contact info: In-game, Here on the forums, Discord: Valreth#0422 Other Notes: This character sheet is a constant WIP and will be updated as needed.
  20. Koti Nexus

    [Mateus] Garlean People

    Hey out there, I know on Balmung there is a ton of Garlean players out there, but I am really curious about those on Mateus. If you got a Garlean, be it Pureblood, conscript or traitor! I love to know who, cause I'm trying to see exactly how many are out there, cause I know darn well, there has to be more than just two or three. As for who my Garlean is? His name is Marius Sas Draco, Pureblood traitor, operating with the Free Company Midnight Envoy, is a wanted man by Garlemald (mostly wanted dead). Use to operate in Othard region, including fora time in Doma, but was moved around a bit in his earlier days depending on where he was needed. He is currently about 42 as age goes (he is an old boy).
  21. LovelyVenita

    Venita Naeuri

    Venita Naeuri Race: Au Ra, Raen | Gender: Female Age: Adult, 20-25 | Residence: Roamer Occupation: Curious Adventurer Height: 5'7" Weight: Lean Hair: Light purple, mostly lavender. Eyes: Lavender with black rings around the iris. Complexion: White like snow. Completely covered in elegant scales. Personality: Outgoing, charming, and sweet. The young Au Ra brings warmth into a room with her lovely smile and fun conversations. Despite being a loner for most of her life, it is obvious in her banter how much she adores getting to know people. She isn't one to make a fuss over small things and is rarely prone to angry outbursts. There's a lot of patience and compassion in her being because of a genuine desire to help others and make them feel wanted. Don't let that entirely fool you though! She has spunk and enjoys pulling people into crazy fun adventures. She lives to give people an experience they will remember, but it all comes from a loving place. I. Basic Info Characters: Venita Naeuri - Mateus Primary character: Venita Naeuri - Mateus Character Tumblr: TBA II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): All. Everything from lighthearted fun to serious dark themes, I will get into anything. So long as everyone is happy and on the same page, I am content too. Additionally, I LOVE to create storylines and arcs. If you are looking for good guys, bad guys, or something in between, let me know. I will find a way to help shape your story in some form. It's important to me that people's characters grow as much as I would like for mine to. Views on RP combat and injuries: I am much more comfortable with emoting these sorts of events and using a very loose/light dice rolling system because I don't really understand the high levels of DnD style combat rolls. Please note, I am extremely flexible and if you communicate things to me, I don't have an issue with roleplaying the outcome you may be hoping for instead. Views on IC romance: I'm a hopeless romantic. I enjoy having romance as part of my RP, but it is not a needed aspect. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open and encouraged. Views on lore: Open. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Comfortable with all chat functions except for LinkShell, mostly because I am still new. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: Central. Playtimes: Week days after 6PM CST, Weekends ALL THE HOURS. .. Mostly. Contact info: In-game, forums, Venita#5361 - Discord What am I looking for? I felt I needed to add this question in case someone comes wandering in and curious about my character. Personally, I am looking for RP friends. Starting over on a new MMO can be a little rough and I'm a social creature. I absolutely love hanging out with people and being part of a group. Mostly, I am looking for friends who want to just enjoy each other's company. On the RP side, I am looking for long term RP partners, but I am not picky. I absolutely love just RPing out in the world, making our daily grinds fun with some RP on the side while we get things done.
  22. Hullo! I'm new to FFXIV but not new to RP. I'm currently looking for more RP on Mateus and am interested in long-term RP and RP friends but any RP really is alright short or long-term. If you wanna have an idea of my character, I got this: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Alwyn_Asakura And if you see Alwyn ever online don't be afraid to approach. ^^ Just to give you guys a lot a better idea of Alwyn, a TL:DR if you will. Alwyn is best described as a laid back wanderer. He's been wandering for a good majority of his life with no end of it in sight. This has lead him to have a lack of social connection as he never stayed in one place ever for a prolonged period of time. Needless to say, he's been looking to make more friends and connections now and has figured out that, that sort of component to one's life is important to have. Due to his upbringing he's as compassionate and as kind as one can be, but in no way does that mean he's a pushover or that he's unwilling to defend himself or others that he cares about. Besides that he's just an overall friendly individual who's looking to make friends. Other Information You Can Ascertain From The Profile Hobbies: Fishing, Reading Likes: Food, Wandering Dislikes: Fighting, Meanness Everything else is basically in the profile link up above for those who are most interested except for the fact that he is straight. As a disclaimer: For IC love relationships with Alwyn, I've generally been letting things develop with people as they go along. He does have an interest in a certain individual at the moment. If you're interest in RP for Alwyn, add me on Discord (Tenkhin#8724 but message me that you saw the forum post so I know) or reply to the forum, or PM me on this site and we'll talk further about it, mostly though, it'll probably just be a meeting and seeing if both Alwyn and your character interact well with each other after a few RP interactions. Happy RPing you lot!
  23. Hello! I am new to the Mateus server, having just transferred and I am looking for some new people to Roleplay, hang out and just do fun stuff with. I am open to all sorts of contacts, including any Free Company suggestions. My character's name is Kimika Kaisuri, but she goes by the shorten version of Kimi. I am still working on fleshing out her character, but roughly she was a Shrine Maiden, who has since begun wandering Eorzea. She is a healer type, having a deep interest in Conjury and other forms of healing in regards to her own cultural background. She is also quite skilled in Alchemy, namely health infusions and fragrant perfumes. She has a very bubbly personality and is complete cinnamon roll. What I am looking for: Long-Term Roleplay - Romance inspired roleplay is quite nice and I enjoy it, so I would be searching for a long term partner in that regard. She is heterosexual. Eastern Time Zone - I am usually available between the hours of 8pm- 1am. Sometimes it can be earlier or later, just depends on what my work schedule is like. PvE- I do not do much pve content, other than just a dungeon here and there, so that would not be a primary focus for me.. but don't let that deter you! Crafting/Gathering - Outside of Roleplay, Crafting and Gathering is my main focus. I enjoy helping my friends when they need something of that manner. Friends/Discords - I need new friends to hang out with and Discord servers to join! If you think you may be interested, you can add me onto discord, talk to me in game or send me a msg via the RPC. My discord info is : Kimi#4570 (If you do add me, please let me know that your adding for RP.. I tend to be a bit shy and may not say anything until you do! lol)) I look forward to meeting you all!
  24. CavalierGamer00

    Jarrett Surefoot

    Introducing my main character! Stay tuned for in-game images and whatnot Character profile Name : Jarrett Surefoot Race and gender : Male Hyur, Highlander Age : 31 Main class/job : Dark Knight Free Company : None, yet. GC allegiance : Immortal Flames Physical traits : Blue hair, 6 fulm 7 ilm tall Martial status : Single Sexual orientation/attraction : Heterosexual Player profile I. Basic Info Characters: Jarrett Surefoot Primary character: Jarrett Surefoot Linkshells: None, yet. Primary RP linkshell: None, yet. II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm more of a light to medium RPer. Though I'm always IC as long as I'm in game, I tend to usually be running around questing or getting stuff done considering I don't have a lot of time online at any given point in the day. I usually lean toward slice-of-life RP because it's light-hearted and episodic. I like stuff I can get into for a few hours and wrap up in that session, since I don't have a consistent enough schedule to keep any ongoing RP at the moment. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm fine with it as long as every one approaches it honestly and realistically. When it comes to minor stuff (Bandaid level injuries) I'm ok with it just happening spur of the moment, i.e. spontaneous bar brawl. However, more serious injuries such as broken bones, or anything that would require serious healing/hospitalization, I would rather script it out before hand. It all comes down to serving the overall narrative better :). Views on IC romance: I love a great romance story, and I'm ok with romance IC between characters as long as there's ample OOC communication and separation. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I'm all for it! While Jarrett is an only child, I'm totally down to "adopt" brother's/sisters/children. It just makes for a richer RP experience! Views on lore: I'm not a stickler, though I like to view my decisions on my character through the perspective of the Lore. While I wouldn't go so far as abjectly breaking the physics/laws of the FFXIV universe, I am more than fine bending the rules. Especially if it results in a fantastic story! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Since I always consider myself IC, that's how I usually respond in most chat mediums. I'm fluid in how I utilize the varying channels. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: PST
  25. CavalierGamer00

    A Pleasure to Make Your Acquaintance

    Hello there everyone! I've been in and out of FFXIV over the last few years, though this time I'm looking to make some forays into the Mateus RP scene! I've seen quite the gamut of MMOs, and have RP'ed in most of them! From EverQuest (my first ever MMO), to City of Heroes/Villains, WoW, Age of Conan, LotRO, and WildStar Online, I've loved every minute of my journey in each of them. Each game, and community, has shaped and improved my RP. I've also come to realize that I tend to prefer episodic, slice of life RP. The reason being is because, for me, it's more light-hearted, easier to kick-start, and can usually be resolved within a single session. Jarrett Surefoot is my main, character and I'm debating on whether to make Pugilist (Monk) or Dark Knight his main class. Though I have a rough template for his current status. I keep gravitating to him being a wandering laborer/hand-for hire. He'll perform tasks (Mending fences, tilling fields, construction, etc) for either pay or food and lodging. Naturally, given his martial skill he'll also take on some guard-work as well. What I have yet to lock in, however, is how he came across the martial training. Being in his 30's will also play a role. While still a light-hearted, character with a positive attitude, he's had 3 decades worth of stuff he's seen, so there are definitely some emotional scars thrown in there (The Calamity pretty much guarantees everyone in Eorzea has seen some serious stuff)! As far as a little about the player behind the screen, I'm an avid gamer. I love the industry and where it's headed! I'm also happily married and have a 1 year old gamer-in-training. Being Passive Income Expert is what pays the bills and accounts for my somewhat erratic schedule. Essentially, I work with people established in their careers (bonus points if you're a gamer!) and are tired about the lack of control they have over their time and money. I help them learn how to build wealth and passive income through investing in real estate, which allows them the financial freedom to buy back that control. Of course, I have my own rental properties which generate their own cashflow! I look forward to seeing anyone on the Mateus server in game! Don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'm always glad to make a new friends.