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  1. Chocobald

    mateus Dimitraux Vairemount

    >> REAL NAME: Dimitraux Vairemont >> ALIAS: The Silvered Tongue Snake >> GENDER: Male >> AGE: Around 30 years >> HEIGHT: 6'8.5" >> WEIGHT: 155 lbs >>ROLE: Red Mage/Alchemy Assistant >> CONCEPT: A terrible man, from a terrible place, tries to do some good. >> APPEARANCE: [align=justify][/url] - Also, just what he looks in game -> [/align] >> PERSONALITY: [align=justify]A slithery, cold individual who keeps his poison inside, brewing. Waiting. His warm and colorful words are a contrast to what he hides inside. A reforming selfish man, only recently he puts an effort to help those around him. His charm is just another weapon in his arsenal. [/align] >> HISTORY: Son of Ihadulca, the head of the 'Terrible Seven' all female gang, Dimitraux suffered abuse and worked almost as a slave for the family for half of his life. The other life was lived as a vargrant who lived in the Twelveswood. [align=justify]Recent Updates: After finding a female Migo'te called Yulfe Lhenka and male Wood Waller named Cyrilaux, the Duskwight overheard a conversation about one denying its legacy. Confused and angry, he lashed out at the two. Only for them to try to soothe and help the vagrant. A similar event happened to the Xaela and ally to the league, Hao Dataq. Hao somehow saw potential with the way the Elezen ported himself in public and offered him a donation of one thousand gil so he could better feed himself while pushing him into joining an adventurer guild. It was in the Carline Canopy that Dimitraux made his debut, and it was there he met a band of adventurers who called themselves 'Nophica's Crow' - A fancy name to call those who worked for the Canopy in a more public manner. It was in his early adventurers that he bumped into Jei'me, the mysterious yet elegant alchemist, which he detested at first for having a face that reminded him of Ihaduceme, his eldest sister. Despite his opinions on Jei'me, he saw potential on enlisting her as an alchemist for Nophica's Crown latest adventure - The hunt for the Yellow Miteling. After Juliasra, a Xaela representative of Nuur Khuudas acquired the bounty, the Duskwight aligned himself with the Adventurer's League and tried to do a ploy to acquire Nuur Khuudas attention. Jei'me confronted him, asking his intentions. He reveals it's all for selfish gain, yet the Hyur-Elezen hybrid said she would miss him if he were to leave. She also made a prediction that the ploy would fail. And she was right, despite all pomp and circumstance of an event hosted by Dimitraux, the Nuur Khuudas barely acknowledged his efforts. In a drunken haze with the other members of the League...Dimitraux had a moment of clarity as he was carried on and nursed back to his health by Jei'me herself. Now, a full fledged member who organizes expeditions, one that has found true love, Dimitraux is a proud member of the Adventurer's League. Or this was to be, on their first quest, it appears a phantom of the Duskwight's past is stalking both he and his new friends. [/align] >> RECOGNITION: [align=justify]A public figure knows for his sharp tongue, he is Jei'me assistant as well a Carline Canopy regular, sometimes even a clerk. [/align] >> CONTACTS: [align=justify]Hao Dataq, Kuro Kuroko, Jei'me K'satria, Cyrilaux, Irathas, L'nimuni Hena, Kinkoz - Are all inner circle friends [/align] >> MISCELLANEOUS:Relationship Status: Spoken for Organization:Nophica's Crown, Adventurer's League Favorite Colors: Purple, Grey, White and Green Favorite Place: Gridania Favorite Pastime:Triple Triad, Studying new skills Personal Hero: Jei'me K'satria Hated Foe: Irathas, Yulfe Lhenka, the Terrible Seven, Ul'dah regulars Pets: None >> QUOTES: "What is that you desire?" "Walk in the light of the Crystal." "I walk the pathway of words." >> "SOUNDTRACK": OOC Notes and References: I'm always down for character driven plots, hit me~
  2. I. Basic Info Characters: Sayuri Tsumikusa Primary character: Sayuri Tsumikusa Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Right now I'm focused on hitting level cap so uh, kind of none for just right now but when I start RPing - I generally hover around light/medium. I have a group of friends I like to do game content with and am pretty busy with RL stuff so for the moment I can't be RPing for all of my free time every day. I'm fine with Skype/Discord RP to make up for this though! I'm a little anxious about stuff so having a date/time planned out first is really preferable for me. That way I can make sure I have an hour or two set aside. Views on RP combat and injuries: I like putting my characters through hell and soaking up all that delicious angst. I don't mind freeform combat with people I can trust to be reasonable. Injuries are welcome - bring on the bruises and cuts - but long-term or permanent injuries are something I'd like to communicate about ahead of time. Roll combat is also absolutely welcome. My character in FF14 isn't a really heavy combatant, though, so it's likely I'll have her get stomped or try to have her escape rather than fight. Views on IC romance: Has to develop naturally, and with my personal taste over a loooong period of time and with a ton of will-they-won't-they. If you're actively searching for a romance for your character I'm probably not your lady. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Yes please! Sayuri still has family in Othard so any one who wants to give their Raen a cousin or something is welcome to send me a message to see if we can work something out. Friends, coworkers, enemies - all are welcome! Views on lore: I'm playing Final Fantasy, so I'd like things to feel Final Fantasy. I am incredibly new to the world, however - so I might make a few mistakes and welcome correction. In all games I've RPed in, though - I stick pretty close to lore. I don't hold others to quite as strict standards as I hold myself - just be sensible and we're cool. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use /say and emote for IC or party chat/tells if there's an event going on and things are super crowded and likely to have posts lost in the chatter. Haven't got a linkshell yet so totally unfamiliar with that mechanic but from what I gather I'm probably cool with RP over that too. III. Other Info Country: Western Canada Timezone: Mountain Contact info: PM me.
  3. Captainsnyder

    mateus Looking for Rp Contacts

    Hello there! I'm relatively new to Mateus but not to Role-play, I am looking for Rp contacts for my character but let me tell you a bit about him. Rokuro is a highlander whose grandparents immigrated to Othard years ago before the Garleans took over, he consider's himself a Doman but knows that he has Ala Mhigan Roots. For most of his younger years he worked for his father's blacksmithy collecting ore and minerals for his father to make swords for the Sekisaigumi, it was through this that he also learned how to craft weapons but also how he came to join the Sekisaigumi once he was old enough. He left the force after twenty years and has since opened up his own stand selling food. As I said I am looking for any contacts whether it be people he's arrested and made enemies of or people who simply come to his stand on a regular basis, I'm open for anything! If interested please leave a response here or simply message me
  4. My compatriot and I are recent transferee's to the Mateus server, and we're having quite the difficult time finding anyone to play or roleplay with due to the odd hours we're available (Being night shift really makes it hard to keep social contacts). So we're hoping that there are other individuals out there that have odd hours, enjoy morally grey roleplay and don't mind a little booty hunting so to speak. Our characters are a gentlemanly pirate captain who's confidence is far too high for someone who's recently nearly lost their ship, and his trusty navigator the only crew member who hasn't abandoned him so far. We're not huge sticklers when it comes to roleplay, as long as it's fun and the misspellings and grammar mistakes aren't glaring, we're not english majors after all. We're just looking to have some fun and enjoy the game (and roleplay community) casually. We can be found in game as Trail Arnizay and Chess'a Raeh. Hope to see some of you all around!
  5. Hi! I'm Six and I like to art. Also RP, but I've been a little shy in being able to actually get into things as of late. Been lurking here the past month and decided it was time to make an account! After years of going "EW WEEB STUFF" I finally tried out the game and immediately ate my words. I've read up a little on lore specific to my character but am still incredibly new and currently starting on Heavensward's content. I've an Au Ra Raen as my main and like to heal via Yugioh. While I'm a n00b when it comes to FF14 lore, I've played my fair share of MMOs (WoW, SWTOR, ESO), some as a heavy RPer, some as a heavy PvPer, some as a heavy raider - if not all three. Nevertheless FF14 is a different beast and I'm still learning some of the ropes and crying over AST card RNG. You guys have an awesome little community here and some really great resources so you will probably see more of me, if only art thread posts. I'll get over my social anxiety one day. :V
  6. Hello folks! Behold my obligatory "hello, I'm new" post! I'm Scarably, formerly known in assorted communities as Rabbly, now with 50% less B and extra SCA. (Caution: new formula not yet evaluated by the FDA.) I've been doing the MMO roleplaying thing since original EverQuest, drifting betwixt various games over the past fifteen years or thereabouts. I was also quite a fan of the single player Final Fantasy series back in my console days, though IX was the last one I played. After weathering some recent real life woes, I'm looking to immerse myself in a new game with cool people to get my spirits up again, and a couple of good friends urged me to come here. Both played on Balmung, but will be transferring and/or rerolling with me on Mateus. I am currently in the process of learning the essentials of both the game and the lore, and will jump into RP once I've got a reasonable grip on things. I shall be the brains, insofar as I actually have any, behind this lady here: [align=center][/align] You may see me lurking around the Quicksand and such, creeping on your RP to get a better idea how things work here. The Miqo'te are my favorite race of the current offerings, and my favored archetypes to play are the wicked witchy-warlocky spellslinger :evil:, and the angry-but-faithful tanky defender :frustrated:. A'mynset will be falling mostly into the former category. Thematically I tend to veer into weird territory with my RP, but I try to balance it out with a bit of humor. My favorite authors are Lovecraft and Douglas Adams, if that gives an inkling as to how my mind functions. Anyroad, looking forward to meeting you all!
  7. Y'ello, future friends and compatriots! I've been lurking since Stormblood came out and Mateus became a hotspot for RP. I've been RPing for a good majority of my life at this point, primarily on forums, though I'm a sucker for pen and paper RPGs. I have about 1029 questions, and I've been perusing all the lore and character development forums and not quite finding what I'm looking for. Once I have it, I may turn it into a helpful little guide, because... that's what I do for a living. The exciting world of technical manuals. Anyways, that aside, I was curious as to whether I can just dump all my questions here, or if I should start small and drop things in place? I have the beginnings of a character written up, I'm just worried about all the things that may come with translating from play by post to MMO. I joined the Mateus discord, and had a small conversation, but I'm a bit... hesitant to just start throwing questions at strangers in a non-forum fashion, you know? Ah well. Hopefully I will see a bunch of you out there!
  8. **Small Heavensward MSQ spoiler in the background** Background: Garinn Draz has fought for Ishgard as long as he can remember. As a highlander, he was seen as somewhat of an outsider at a young age, but through battle quickly earned their camaraderie and admiration. He took up the lance and has loved it ever since. Eating, drinking, fighting, and winning: it was a straightforward life, but one that Garinn enjoyed and excelled at. With the end of the war and the opening of the gates, Garinn has decided to explore the rest of Eorzia. He is amazed at the different races, places, and all it has to offer. He plans on enjoying as much of it as possible. Recently, he has enjoyed taking up fishing and cooking said fish. Looking for: Garinn has joined a trading company, and is thoroughly enjoying this new group of friends. However, he is most eager to expand his group of friends to go on adventures with, or to just sit around and share stories over a barrel of Ale. Since he is also learning the ways of trading, he is also interested in meeting merchants or other businesses looking to expand their network and opportunities. So! If you are interested in having a loud highlander join your friends or ranks or are in need of a bodyguard or muscle, be sure to send me a tell in game or post here!! ((I have been told my roleplaying reminds people of Reinhardt from Overwatch or Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Ripping off of shirt and flexing may happen during roleplaying.))
  9. So I've finally found some free time to really dig into rp. I've avoided it more or less after the server transfer as I've been far too busy aiding my FC mates in getting them caught up story wise. I've had a few track me down and it made me want to dive right back into the rp scene. Please note if you do go to the wiki it is heavily being edited at the moment as I removed nearly everything from the character and her adventures from Balmung.. I wanted a fresh start. A tidbit on the character: Lorraine was born and raised in Ishgard but left at a fairly early age to form her own path in the world. She carries on her father's craft and is a decent probably lesser known smith. Though rumors can spread from time to time and folks hear word of her craft and skill. More common then not she is found in Limsa but that is a rather long tale that you'll have to find out for yourself. (not sure what else to put here sorry! Also please forgive her Bo Zeek.. he was probably dropped as an egg) What I am seeking: Anything and everything minus romance? I am 100% after lasting friendships, be it business partners, traders, common adventurers in need of some repairs. Shoot even drinking buddies are very welcome. I'm also up for discussing unfriendly relations as well. While my character is no hardcore warrior or legend in the making.. she can still stand her own when needed and odds are in favor her mouth and habits get her into some form of trouble sooner or later. I'd love to get some child-hood friends worked in. So if you have an idea by all means pitch it to me. I love bouncing story ideas back and forth. Pretty much if the character sounds interesting, can be of use or you want to make a business with her.. message me in game (Lorraine Vezari), on discord at Rosekitten #0317 or contact me in this thread or in a private message. edit: please note in game my name shows up with the last name of Vezari, odds are I'll go by Dunois until my husband gets around to officially rp'ing everything out with me for a proper wedding (we're just not made of money so name switching back and forth isn't something we can do)
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/Yuuta_FR/status/892304105875623936 Server [Mateus] Seems out wonderful FC leader Kidaka of the Crimson Lanners was requested to help with an AMV. Its pretty good so I thought id share it with the rest of you lot! Shes the female AU'ra in the whole vid. Enjoy Surprised she shared it with the rest of us LANNERS lmao
  11. Arashi'ka Naeuri

    mateus Arashi'ka Naeuri

    [align=center] Arashi'ka Samurai | Storm | Bird | Stone [/align] [align=center]Arashi'ka's Tumblr[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Deep within the Ruby Sea, a bijon Raen village lies… among its sacred tranquility; born amidst a storm, she cries. A girl unlike the other girls, discipline instilled at an early age. A bird among a sea of fish, but a bird within a cage. Chosen to serve the people, to become a Samurai. Her heart a sturdy steeple; Honor, her true battle cry. Shunned by the village’s women, yet respected all the same. One among the warriors; Arashi'ka in name. A peaceful Storm unsettled. A longing for the unknown. A warrior’s heart disheveled, not wishing to leave home. A request for the Samurai to aid, no longer a stone of the Ruby Sea. With courage, she reluctantly obeyed, leaving him behind, her only family. Arashi'ka, A Samurai. A Bird. A Storm. A Stone. Emerging the depths to rectify, and face this world alone. [/align] [align=center] [/align] *WIP*
  12. Momonija

    mateus Looking to start IG RPing

    Hullo peoples owo/ I'm an RPer with experience in forum RP, but not so much in the fast-paced spread of IG RP and would like to try it out with some people who are okay with slow typers... Not sure how common that is but if anyone has a more RP-focused FC accepting beginners they'd like to recruit me into tell me about, I would very much like to know more! Have a couple of friends who might be interested in a more RP-focused FC than our current one. And now for the template because what is self-introduction: MMORPG background: Have played a good amount of WoW, tiny amount of GW2, even less Aura Kingdom, was present for the end of the SMT MMO's lifespan, tried to play TERA but the servers were prejudiced against Southeast Asia (*grumble grumble gold sellers*) RP experience: Only forum RP, some chat RP with close friends who didn't mind the long slow types so essentially it was still forum RP but in a chat medium Character ideas/info: My character is going to be a brooding old Lala who is politely friendly, have made a wiki page for him here. How did you learn about the coalition? Happened upon while looking up lore for my woefully uneducated self What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Probably on the lighter side? Being new and all, am not sure how much I can RP, especially because I will be making a big move soon. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) Oh boy, narcissism mode on~ Uh... I'm not very interesting as a person, my hobbies are listening to Vocaloid songs and flailing as I attempt their complex drumming patterns. Oh and also anime. Light, fluffy anime. Okay! That should be it, hope to hear from someone at some point o3o
  13. Hi, I started playing FFXIV a couple weeks ago, and it's time I introduce myself to the RP community. MMORPG background: played most AAA MMO's out there, started with WoW in 2005 I think. Main MMO's I played were WoW and SWTOR, but I tried AoC, TESO, FF14 v1.0, The Secret World, etc etc. Currently playing Conan Exiles and FF14. RP experience: started RPing on SWTOR as a trooper, still RP there as a Sith apprentice and an Imperial soldier. Never had the opportunity to do tabletop and such, so my "RP experience" is mostly online. I went to two LARP's and enjoyed it a lot. Character ideas/info: Using the KISS principle, I made Gabriel Sombresmonts. Following his dead mother's footsteps, he trained to become a Dragoon. As he neared the end of his training, things changed, Ishgard no longer needing so many of them. So Gabriel found himself without purpose and began traveling to find his place in the world of Eorza. How did you learn about the coalition? Good old Google. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Currently light as I'm still unfamiliar with the lore, but I aim to be medium. I always welcome suggestions and corrections that are constructive. So if you see a mistake in my RP, please, do not hesitate to point it out. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) European, so my play-times are a bit at odds with the majority, I guess. Working father of a little demon. Classic hobbies, reading, movies, TV, animes, games.
  14. Looking for a romance for my female Raen. She's an intellectual type who dabbles in many kinds of magic and aspires to master them all. A former Hingashi native, having moved to Eorzea 5 years ago and set down some roots. She could use an outgoing type to counteract her introverted nature or a fellow bookworm to bounce theories off of. Prefers females of any race, though has a bit of a weakness to cute lalafell. Contact me on discord at Kasumi#3846 or in game between 3pm and 10pm Eastern Standard Time on the name Kasumi Tatsu. Will also occasionally check this thread and alerts but not as reliably.
  15. [align=center]"If there is something you want, it's very likely I can acquire it for you."[/align] [align=center][/align] X'bali is a woman who has been torn in many paths of life, molded into her current position by her mistakes and the hardships she has come about. Some would call her bitter, others would call her a bitch, but either way her curiosity and survival drives her to not judge what's right and what's wrong, but what makes her gil. Completely untied to any organization, she is a hand for hire. Her top assets are healing, scamming and sneaking. Reading your fortune or snagging your coin purse, don't fall for her doe-like eyes and silken voice. Unless you are into that type of thing. In-depth Profile Here ------- Hi there! I've recently just xfered from Balmung to play with some friends and see if I could get some quality RP on a smaller scale. I'm looking for a FC, LS, or just random friends/acquaintances/job offers that could potentially lead into some more long term RP. Romances and all that are possible, but I prefer to let the story carry out and see what happens, not a huge fan of forcing those types of things. If you're interested in meeting Bali, message me here, in-game (X'bali Edanti) or Discord KittenPrime#8250 Thanks!
  16. [align=center]Ophelia Blacke [align=left]Ophelia is a firey, energetic, redhead Hyur with a never-say-die attitude and a love for the sea as deep as an ocean trench. Born in Limsa Lominsa and raised by a caring grandfather, Opehlia has had a fondness for the ocean as long as she can remember. She grew up loving fishing, sailing, and swimming. She finds beauty in everything in the sea and even the fiercest storms only draw awe and excitement from this boisterous redhead. As she grew up she was awed by the talents of adventurers passing through Limsa Lominsa and heard their tales of adventure. Word of spear fishing also reached her and she sought to combine her interests; by training with the spear at the Lancer's Guild in Gridania. As of today, she's formally completed her training at the Lancer's Guild and is continuing on her adventures through the world, finding great joy in both helping those she encounters on her travels and seeking out exciting new fishing spots. Secretly, she has another desire; to find her parents. The two of them were adventurers and vanished while out on an important task that her grandfather would not speak of. Deep in her heart she still believes her parents to be alive, even though they've been missing for over twelve years. Everywhere she goes, she asks if people have seen a man named Graham and a woman named Freyja. [Ophelia is a LV30 Dragoon] Hello! Thank you for reading. Ophelia's background is still a fair bit of a work in progress and will grow as the character develops. I'm looking for male and female companionship for Ophelia, both as friends and romantic interests for her. Romantically, she's interested mostly in women, but male Hyur and male Roegadyn might strike her fancy. Mostly, though, personality is the most important thing when looking for a romantic partner, so how the characters 'click' is the most crucial thing of all! I'm on EST and play mostly during the afternoons. Images are up above, just click on the name. Hope to hear from you soon! [/align] [/align]
  17. Dweek

    mateus Canceled

    [align=center]Canceled due to RL[/align]
  18. Hello folks, The Xaelan Tradepost is going to be hosting a Trade Market next month, Aug 19 & 20th. I am seeking vendors who'd like to come and be a part of the market, selling their wares. Of course, we want customers too. Instead of having vendors by a particular in-game class (ie; bsm, arm, crp) I've broken the various items down so regardless what class you have, either high or low levels, you can participate. Just to get some examples; Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Armoires, Shelving. Tool Maker: All tools - no weapons. Gardener: Flowers, Seeds, Vegetables Miner: Ores, Rock Cobbler: Any type of foot armor Misc: IC items like musical instruments Here is a breakdown with more ideas - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S4C2ACDckNnxTqlukc4uX2zN1JBdI7VWFlXO2KEeBG4/edit?usp=sharing It's preferred that vendors come with pre-made items (atleast 5 items) that you can advertise to buyers. Whether you take orders is up to you. If we get enough participants, you may find everything you need there at the market, to make a special order! Also, whether you accept OOC gil, IC gil or trade for other items is also your decision. Both days is not required to participate so don't let that deter you. If interested in signing up, please feel free to contact me here through PM, in-game @ Kokona Amamura or via Discord - Cayah#6424 Space is limited. Thanks for reading!
  19. Trail Arnizay

    mateus Iconoclast <ICT> [Mateus]

    The old vessel looks as if it had seen better days. It's hull creaks with the passing of each gentle wave in the harbor, and quite a few of the planks look as if they had been replaced by drift wood as quick patch job. But still there is an air of pride about the thing that was undeniable as it's griffon emblazoned flag waves in the breeze. Of course to all those in the know it was quite obvious this was a 'privateering' vessel, but the papers always checked out and it's small crew was always very insistent they were mere haulers, at least when speaking to the proper authorities. You didn't need to be told that though, now did you? After all, you found the encoded scroll, sought out the crew and answered the call to set sail and prepare for adventure and reward on the high sea's... Iconoclast is a new roleplaying guild on Mateus who are looking for casual players to join us in our adventures throughout Eorzea (and beyond). Most of us are long time players of both this game and World of Warcraft, and we're avid roleplayers in and out of game. We are looking for friendly members who enjoy Roleplaying on the darker side of the law, and describe themselves as 'good people, as long as the reward is good'. The crew has room for all sorts, be it chef's, carpenters, mercenaries, or just anyone looking to grab some booty. The guild roleplay will more often than not deal with dark and mature themes, but we don't want it all be edgy, there's room for humor and light heartedness in the life of a pirate. That being said we would like all our members to be 18+. Currently we have no FC house, but we do have plans on purchasing one or converting one of our personal houses in to one should the FC grow. In addition to recruiting, we are more than willing to play supporting characters in the roleplay of other FC's. Message me on here or as Trail Arnizay in game. Chess'a Raeh is also available for more information and an invite if I'm not around.
  20. Hey there! So I have a connections thread for my Balmung characters, so I figured I'd make a thread for my Mateus character. This is Relana Spiros, dunesfolk lalafell, researcher & scholar, Ul'dahn noble:
  21. Hello, nice to meet you. My name in game is Saeyoung Choi. (I'm a Mystic Messenger fan ) I am looking for a stable <--- RP partner, who also enjoys the occasional (or more) ERP. I like story and concept, and I don't mind straying (slightly) from the canon lore. Saeyoung was originally Haruhiko, a character I played a very long time in XI. I was rather attached to him, and transferring to XIV back in 1.0 I decided I just wanted to keep going with what I had. I -am- looking for a romantic relationship with another male (I am also male). Nothing in real life please. If you'd like to know more, I would be more than happy to speak with you in game or just leave me a little note. I enjoy making friends as well. I've posted here before, but it's been so long since then. I thought I'd give this another shot. Please, if I've stepped on any toes, feel free to let me know and I will adjust myself accordingly. Have a wonderful day.
  22. It's summer time! But not only that, is officially opening for business! To celebrate both of these great occasions, we'll be having an in-game, in-character celebration at the Company Headquarters in Goblet, Ward 4, plot 32. Come to mingle, eat, drink, tell stories around our outdoor fire pit, and enjoy the warm weather! We'll also be holding a raffle, so don't forget to check in with Kyara when you arrive if you want to enter the raffle! Festivities start at 7PM PST on Sunday 7/16.
  23. Leader: F'zula HuntFC House: None currently. Planning on getting a large at Shirogane. If not there, when one opens, funds secured for this already. Type: RP event and story drivenDescription: Blue Pegasus Shoppe is designed to be a furniture front for a intel group. The Front though is geared to be fully operational on the surface. Only certain groups will be made aware of their backend ICly or candidate who shows skills equal to the tasks. Those FCs that would potential allies in aiding our stories or ways we can aid to theirs are welcomed at the companies meetings to help each other mutually. These are decided as FCs get to know each other and determine mutual benefits.All candidates for the FC must be interviewed before being admitted in. RP Type: Available for those of a neutral, light or darker RP styles.Seeking: Sales, Host/Bar tender, Furnituer maker (Crafter and gathering), Store Guard (Store security and darker welcomed), Spy/Intel, Slaver and slavers (Crafting slaves and gathering slaves only used, not trying to be a brothel) OOC LS avilable for members of the FC and those who wish to join as allies or even be potentials groups of conflicts. Description: This is designed fo the OOC communication for members of Blue Pegasus Shoppe and friends and allies to communicate about activities and or have a good laugh. As the FC is geared at helping to craft requests could be asked on here as well so any willing crafter is more than welcomed to join as well to aid with handling requests.How to join: Send a message to myself for an invite. Discord: [/url][ltr]http://discord.gg/wvx3yAP[/ltr]
  24. I'm looking for friends for my Female Sea Wolf Pugilist Ganzdoen. She is chaotic good, all about freedom. I'm looking for people to RP with during my horrible hours. Usually 1am east coast onwards most nights.
  25. [align=center][/align] [align=center]THE AUREATE WARD [/align] [align=center]Private military company, trade, and investment[/align] Leaders: Liana Alesius, Luther Aldric FC House: The Mists, Ward 10, Plot 2 (Large) Discord: Here Medium/Heavy RP, 18+ only The Aureate Ward is a private military and trade company that projects force and negotiation alike to protect its interests and allies. We seek to acquire all manner of precious (and occasionally dangerous) treasures, protect trade routes, guard allies, and enforce contracts. We are in special need of skilled fighters who are willing to lend their strength to our cause and fill their purse in the process. The Ward offers you a second chance. For those who are down on their luck and in need of employment, The Aureate Ward's recruitment and inclusion does not discriminate based on your status as a refugee, outcast, outlaw or otherwise. Not a soldier? We employ non-combat personnel as well! Medics, traders, artisans, entrepreneurs, entertainers, servers, dancers, poets, etc. all have a place in our ranks. Skill is our trade, where ever yours lie. Interested? We welcome you to join our Discord to ask questions and meet the crew if you'd like. You're also welcome to message me here at the RPC, on Discord at Strigiforme#3953, or in-game under Liana Alesius or Luther Aldric