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  1. I am looking for a dedicated long term romance partner for my raen dark knight kittra. This request will see a bit odd but there is a reason to it. I prefer a female noble or clan leader (who leads a RP FC) I am seeking romance/story but also to help the FC grow from within, I do not mind starting at the bottom ranks oocly but icly I would like to have kittrah as a personal guard who is also romanced with said person. I do not expect to gain any power through this it is simply to fill a story that kittra was made for long ago before the person quit. Below is a picture of her please pm me on here or add Magikarp's Ghost#4671 on discord. Also please be available daily for RP on discord or game. and no alts, I am tired of pairing my main with an alt only to have them vanish. Bit about her Kit appears 16 but is actually 23, she is cursed to not age (think presea from tales of symphonia) She is a tomboy though can be elegant and proper if required. she is natural female (flat chested though) and skilled with a blade. I will let the rest be learned via IC interactions. She also prefers females over men but may settle for a male if she finds one who is not rude/cruel or overly "manly"
  2. [align=center]Ophelia Blacke[/align] [align=center] [/align] About Ophelia: Quiet, but cheerful and full of energy. If left alone, Ophelia will spend her time just people watching or scanning the environment. It often comes across like she's lost inside her own head or, perhaps, just lost in general. She's actually taking in all the little details that people often miss because they're too small or overlook because they take them for granted. If engaged, she more often than not greets others with a smile and is always willing to listen. In fact, she's a much better listener than a conversationalist. A few years back on a botched job Ophelia sustained a heavy injury. Hidden behind the gorget she wears around her throat lies a wide scar that stretches from one side of her neck to the other. While normally an open person and willing to 'discuss' anything anyone asks her, she's hesitant to talk about the moment that led to her wound. The slash across her neck nearly bled her out and the inexperienced conjurer who attended to her injury on that dark night did so improperly. Ophelia's life was spared, but she can only talk in a faint whisper and doing so irritates her throat greatly. She communicates mostly through facial expressions and gestures. To get more complex points across, she carries a little pouch at her hip with tiny pieces of chalk and a small palm-sized blackboard. Look on the plus side; she's not going to spill your secrets anytime soon. During the day, Ophelia makes her living as a fisherwoman, spending her mornings fishing and selling her catch to the markets at Limsa Lominsa, where she lives a simple life in a little home by herself. She's known as a friendly and likeable sort and her comings and goings are so frequent that people usually pay her little mind. By night, however, Ophelia works as a scout, infiltration specialist and information gatherer for hire, going by the name of 'Whisper'. More often than not, however, her services are employed by the Rogues, helping them uphold the unspoken code of thieves and pirates. When 'on duty' for the guild she changes her clothing completely and dons a mask to protect her identity. Her eye for detail and silent nature make her a valuable agent to those that need to learn something they shouldn't. Traits: -Excellent covert operative -Capable knife fighter -Great memory -Great inductive reasoning skills -Excellent at fishing -Awful cook -Even worse liar -Susceptible to succumbing to curiosity -Thrill-seeker Theme: Roleplay Hooks: -Is your character in the Rogues? -Does your character want information? -Does your character need something stolen or transported? -Does your character recognize Ophelia from the markets? -Does your character somehow know Ophelia is living a double life? -Do you have information someone might hire Ophelia to get from you? -Have you broken the code? About Me: I re-worked my character since switching over to Rogue (Ninja, soon) as my primary class. Since I didn't get a chance to roleplay very much yet, this won't cause any issues. I'm still a little new to Final Fantasy XIV, so I'm not up on my lore just yet, but I've been playing MMO's on and off since WoW dropped Wrath of The Lich King. As you can tell by the title, I'm on Mateus, and I play at odd times during the week, with more frequency during the weekends. I'm on the east coast of the United States, so I'm on EST. If you're interested in RP, post something here, or message me in-game. I also have Discord (for text-based RP outside of the game). Thank you!
  3. Greetings and salutations fellow creators! Like others on here, I'm looking to meet a few writing partners to relax and RP with. I'm part of an FC that does cross RP with others and I'm not trash talking them at all but 99% of my circle of friends are guys playing gay women. I love them to death and wouldn't give them up for anything but I am looking to diversify my circle a bit. That isn't to say that we shouldn't RP if you happen to fall into that category! I'm happy to meet fun writing partners regardless of your preference and I wouldn't cheat myself missing out on what so many of you can offer creatively! I really hope this isn't making me sound like an awful bigot cause I'm not. I main Diannero Marcalous. A midlander un-deputized self-proclaimed constable in the Ul'dah area that gets under the skin of any Brass Blade or Flame Yellow Jacket that happens to have the unfortunate pleasure of Dian taking an interest in murders, thefts, or bandit activity in their jurisdiction. She isn't particularly righteous, more she just tries and solve cases out of bordom. A well educated and rich heiress is bound to have her hobbies just sometimes her hobbies lead to people getting shot. Her often reckless antics have earned her the excessively inflated and pretentious moniker 'Diannero Dawnshot' much to her own vexation. As the subject implies I Spotlight share. I like to be told a story as much as I love to be apart of it. I love when I can write around what other people are doing and integrate it into something that is 'ours' rather than 'mine'. It's the whole point of RP, I think. I'm on Discord all day and in game most every evening. Gweyr#9047 PM me for deets!
  4. Hello all! I'm looking for an RP partner for the Mateus server. I'm looking for any connection, whether it be a rivalry, romance, boss/subordinate, anything at all! My character hasn't really been fleshed out in depth yet. I have a bare bones personality and background in mind but I've had so little interaction and no development with her that I'm not opposed to making adjustments. A little about me as a roleplayer: I've been roleplaying for almost 16 years. I began on forums and chat and expanded to MMO when FFXIV was released. I'm available as often as time allows me to be. I'm a mother and I work a full time job so my most accessible times are on the weekends and weeknight evening past 9pm CST. I also play on the Balmung server as J'maaira Tuhl I am happy to help with leveling and dungeons! I use RP to leave the drama of the real world behind, so I don't condone or participate in OOC drama. I typically adapt to the level and style of RP that is used by other players I am roleplaying with at the time. I can be reached via PM here or through Discord @ kuukakulily#5984 Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Hello everyone! After tinkering around with character concepts, digging for lore, reading up on things and even asking here for some guidance (thanks again, Sounssy!) I have finally taken my transferred character from Balmung to Mateus and given him a fresh coat of paint. Background: He grew up in a small community of Keepers, hidden beneath the boughs of the great trees of The Black Shroud. A third born son granted him little reverence within his community and his mother urged him to begin his wandering as soon as he was able. Thus he turned to poaching alongside the Coeurlclaw until his eventual capture. He was gaoled for five years, his sentence merciful as he was eventually released to bolster the forces The Twin Adders as news came of the coming conflict in the east. A snippet of his background! A general idea of how he ended up where he is now. As a player, I'm seeking people who are lore-abiding. I hope that doesn't sound elitist, but I generally try to stay within the boundaries of the lore as much as I possibly can. Bending the lore in a few places is okay with me, usually on smaller aspects, but being the warrior of light or related to a major story character... or being a dragon, etc. I just cannot roleplay with in a fun manner. [align=center]Roleplay hooks[/align] [align=center] -Poacher (did you poach alongside him all those years ago?)[/align] [align=center]-Twin Adder (Grand Company buddies!)[/align] [align=center]- Grand Alliance (the companies mingle sometimes - Flames and Maelstrom, feel free to say hi!)[/align] [align=center]-Fencer (I don't mean red mages; poachers sold their pelts to the Far East for a sizeable amount of coin. Either you are the trader taking the illegals goods there, or you traveled to Eorzea to buy them yourself)[/align] [align=center]-Shroud native (certainly you have seen him standing around)[/align] Now, I am really looking for a longer term roleplay with anyone interested. Yes, I will do romance roleplay! It is not the only thing I am seeking, however; any friends, contacts, battle buddies, or even rivals may respond! I am interested in having a variety of people to roleplay with to flesh our characters out together and truly write something fun and wonderful! I am located on Discord as well, should we get talking and have interest in discussing a few things. I look forward to chatting with everyone.
  6. Hello FF14 friends. I've recently come back to the game and was hoping to RP with as many as you lovelies as I can. Currently, I'm leveling up 5 characters on Midgardsomr, but plan on transfering them to Mateus asap due to the Balmung block. I've talked with a few of you already, but here's hoping for a few fresh faces! Now, without further ado, I give you the (WIP) Backstreet Boys: Servus Lionheart/Mi'qote, Seeker of the Sun/Mid-twenties/Paladin of Ul'dah/wiki A calm and stern soul, the Lionhearted gladiator-turned-paladin is renown for both his skill in combat as well as his chivalric and merciful nature. One to not talk much about his past, it is common knowledge throughout Ul'dah regarding his life as a slave before winning his freedom by defeating his master in combat, only to spare the formers life, an act that won the respect of the crowd and the citizenry of Ul'dah as a whole. Now, having found a new purpose in protecting the innocent and keeping Ul'dah safe, Servus does what he can to take on the sufferings of others to alleviate their pain. With unmistakable bright pink eyes and a long mane of hair to match his tanned skin, he is an intimidating figure... except for the fact that he is significantly shorter than the average miqote, standing at a measely 5'1", something that his is quite quick to temper about. Owain Highwind/Highlander/Early-thirties/Dragoon-for-Hire Known for his squinty eyes and scarred face, Owain lives life by what he calls 'The Rule of B', that is: booze, breasts, and blood. A cynic at his core and a pessimist by nature, Owain is a gruff and muscular migrant who has seen more than his fair share of scumminess in the world, from Ala Mihgo, to Ishgard, to Eorzea. Not one to talk about his past or his future or goals in life, Owain is a creature primarily concerned with the present, the rest will fall where it may. Life is short, and there's nothing but cold darkness waiting, so might as well spend it doing whatever the hell you want. Wandering from city to city looking for excitement and work, Owain doesn't believe in honor nor looks out for anyone besides himself. He never speaks of his time as an Ishgardian dragoon, instead either getting angry or changing the subject. Speaks with a thick Scottish accent. Zansetsu Yamamoto/Raen/mid-twenties/Summoner and Best-selling Author With dark red skin and a pair of spectacles that cement his position as under-appreciated glasses-kun, Zansetsu is a high logical creature who thrives off analyzing the world around him. Coming from Othard with his family well before the Garlean invasion, he has adapted well to life in Eorzea and its customs. Loyal to Limsa Lominsa, Zansetsu proved to be a prodigal student who in turn became a prodigal Summoner, due to his scientific analysis of Beastmen worship of primals. More popularly however, Zansetsu is known for his status as a political-thriller and mystery-drama author. Secretly, the Raen is less scrupulous, writing an equally popular list of erotic short stories under the pen name 'Onion Knight' to much acclaim. Okit'a Bajiraah/Keeper/early-twenties/Fortune Teller and Mischief Maker A common sight in the markets of Ul'dah, Okit'a is an enigma: a shitty fortune teller, a drunkard, a sex fiend, a drug addict, and an overall ner-do-el. Rumors circulate that the swindling fortune teller was once, in actuality, one of the greatest diviners alive. Not wanting to follow his overbearing matriarch mother's demand to go along with a massive political marriage that would bring two equally massive Keeper tribes together, Okita took advantage of his youthful appearance and crossdressed as a bridesmaid to escape, leaving his bride, the future matriarch, at the alter. In a fury his mother, his tutor in all things fortune telling, cursed him to the ends of the earth, stating that since he was so fond of seeing the future with clear view that from then on he'd bring terrible misfortune to those who he read cards for. Not wanting to bring death and destruction, Okita found a workaround. By being drunk/high/horny the keeper could read the future without any misfortune falling others as a result. His livelihood saved, Okita now resides in the confined walls of Ul'dah, shirking responsibility and commitment to instead swindle passerbys for gil. Kunugh Himaa/Xaela/mid-twenties/Silent Warrior The product of a union between a Dotharl raider who took a Olkund maiden as wife, Kunugh is a behemoth in every sense of the word. Standing at 8'2", towering over even other Xaela, the warrior is truly a mind-boggling sight. Rippling with muscle packed everywhere onto his body, oozing testosterone to the n'th degree, and posessing utterly inhuman strength and toughness, Kunugh is a more mountain than masculine. With skin as dark as night and gray eyes that pierce the souls of men, Kunugh came to Eorzea shrouded in mystery. A Xaela of few words, he is more liable to reply in a single sentence or even just a grunt of approval than to engage in lengthy conversations. Still, his looming figure is both calmingly tranquil, yet a reminder to evildoers to remember their place. He loves soft things, cute things, sweet things, as well as his partner in crime, the Tiny Tapir known as Chochum!
  7. [align=center]Meet:[/align] [align=center]Gal Kamille[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]What I am looking for:[/align] Quite simply, what I am looking for, is to recreate more or less the Balthier/Fran(from Final Fantsy XII) dynamic but in FF XIV. Balthier, the dashing sky pirate, and Fran, his exotic, magical partner in crime. My character, Gal, would take the role of Fran. Powerful in magics, is an Duskwight exile, banished from the caverns of her people, she's roamed the land, somewhat lost, until she finds you, dashing, handsome(or not), smuggler/pirate/thief/criminal/mercenary(?). Both our characters bond, at first, a friendship and partnership. Your talents, Gal's magic, together, a life of crime, fun and action ahead of them. I do not want romance to be in the cards, if it comes, so be it. Perhaps it would even be healthier if their romances are outside of the partnership with other people. But our characters would be a duo(perhaps trio?) of misfits, slowly building themselves a reputation! Gal would fit the role of the mage of the duo. Of a few words, usually is a second thought, an accessory to the leading man. Of course, most know that without her, the dashing man would be incredibly weakened. In the OOC side of things, I've only just begun playing the game, I'm at level 18, but really enjoying what I have been doing. Anyone who would be apprehensive about my level know that I tend to become fiercely loyal to my MMOs when I start them. I want my character to succeed, both in and out of RP, and I want to do everything that FF XIV offers, so I will be playing the game as much as I will be RPing. If whoever answers this ad is knowledgeable in all things FF XIV, that would definitely be a bonus, but it is definitely not a prerequisite. Gal is very much my main character, my only character that I am actively playing. If you want to be her partner in crime, I would rather the character you use be your own main character. I'm ready to invest a lot, hopefully my future partner is as well. I will gladly answer any question any of y'all would have.
  8. [align=center]Welcome, one and all! I am V'ara Obahn, and I would like to inform everyone of The Reverie's opening on Monday September 18th at 7 CST and going on until everyone piles out for the night.[/align] [align=center]We have a menu here for all the foods and drinks we will be serving to our lovely patrons![/align] [align=center]Come down, have a meal, enjoy the company and make some new friends! [/align] [align=center]We are situated in Plot 49 of the Goblet in Ward 10, and we can't wait to meet everyone![/align]
  9. Hi there! I am not so new to the game, been playing it around two / three months or so and I am happy to say I really do enjoy the community and it's roleplayers! The only issue is, I see mostly casual / medium writers around the hubs I go to, nor can I find like minds that write in huge, detailed posts. I love to be very descriptive and to have a huge vocabulary when writing; colorful words are the best to me, but sadly I am finding it very rare to see other people who write like that. Even more-so I find it rare to find potential romance partners, seeing that they have to write in the writing style I like. I would get bored long term if someone did not share the same sense of wanting to write often and a lot! Now keep in mind romance is not needed, but if it happens, it would be with someone who would fit with what I am looking for here. Feminine types are preferred, but in the end, it's the skill of the writing that will have my eyes rather than the race or gender of the character! If anyone can write well and flourish their posts, I'd love to meet you, though keep in mind I am not fond of OOC chatter. Immersion is a huge thing to me, so I rather not be friendly OOCly. Feel free to add me in game at Yulfe Lhenka, or message me here with your screen name so I can add you and hopefully meet up somewhere~.
  10. Alright so a little bit about myself. I have been playing FFXIV since just after the PS4 release. Typically speaking I spend most of my time crafting and raiding. However due to time restraints raiding has become extremely difficult. So I was hoping to branch out into a bit of role playing. So I consider myself for the most part a pretty creative individual. I have always enjoyed writing, art, stories etc. However I have severe ADHD and mild dyslexia so doing open role playing is something I have been very self conscious about. As I tend to leave words out of sentences. >.< When writing something it requires me to go back and do heavy heavy proofreading into order to fix the errors. Anyways I have decided to break out of my shell and really get into it. Currently I am working on a story involving multiple characters that I created a long time ago. I will mostly be using my role play character as a center focus for my story. However I am wanting to get her into the world of Eorzea. Meet some people make some interactions and help use some of my experiences along the way to influence her story past the back setting. Now I have been to some local bars and have been watching general surface interactions. That I feel pretty comfortable with. Its more the story written content that is done within linkshells and Free Companies that I have zero experience in. From the approach, the way its handled, how its even started up. Just so many questions... I was hoping for perhaps someone seasoned that I could perhaps shadow or spend some time speaking to in discord etc that will help give me a bit of info on how the more "heavy" role play is done with in a MMO. *Really hope I placed this in the correct place If not super sorry.* Anyways thank you for all those willing to help.
  11. [align=center]________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Sanvi Dhavha[/align] [align=center]Age: 24[/align] [align=center]Race: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon[/align] [align=center]Alignment: Neutral Evil[/align] [align=center]________________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]Hello Mateus! *waves merrily*[/align] [align=center][align=left]I am currently looking for people to RP with my little crazy furball Sanvi! Long-term RP is preferred, since I would like her to have people to develop her timeline and whatnot! I am not really one for going to the Quicksand, especially with a character like herself since she is a bit of a wild card when it comes to her reactions to events and the like, so I was hoping to give a little bit of insight into her so that way I can meet some like-minded villains or people whom don't mind having a slightly deranged catte around. A little bit of details about Sanvi: She was raised in the East Shroud with a small group of the Dhavha family, living a care-free and solitary life. When she was still just a bantling, a group of Garleans attacked their tribe and took Sanvi with them. From there, she was tortured and broken to become in their eyes, someone to use for their own gains. Thus, her nickname became "Courier." She was freed from her captivity many years later at the destruction of the Castrum she was held in, and had to find her way in Eorzea on her own, where she later becomes a freelance Courier, offering to deliver packages and messages. She tries to play off as sane, but her time with the Garleans have made her a little... off her rocker. She's quite cheery and bubbly, but if you give her a big gun and tell her to go kill something, she won't hesitate. My biggest goal is to find people to develop relationships with: Whether it be travelling partners, boss/client, rivals, or love interests! I don't personally seek any of the types: Whatever happens between our characters, happens! The natural development of RP is what I seek. My timezone is EST, and I am on a good portion of the day, up to very late night (6am EST is usually my bedtime kinda late) so EU and the like are free to RP with me as well, since my timezones tend to stick with theirs as well! I work a few days late at night, but mot times I am on all day. [/align] Hope to see you all in game! o/ [/align]
  12. Hey there all, I played way back around when the game launched but never did find a good RP group to settle in with. After all this time i've decided to give things another shot! For some info, i'll follow a questionnaire I found in a friend's thread. I play all male characters both on Balmung and Mateus. I'll include a little info about each that i'm currently playing as well. 1. Bardal Merilius is my main on Balmung. He's a dedicated White Mage that aspires to become an Astrologian; he's inquisitive and loves the opportunity to be helpful in other people's problems, just as he enjoys traveling and mending sicknesses and injuries wherever he goes. He's bookish, shy, quiet, and meek, not to mention squeamish. He's the youngest of three siblings. His ultimate goal is to become a master of magic in all its forms, but his meek tendencies shy him away from harmful magic. He's kind to a fault when you can get him to talk. X'yhuzu Tia is a recently retired street urchin, having panhandled enough for a membership to the pugilist's guild. He's easily distracted, aloof, clumsy, and an outgoing jokester. He enjoys the fact he earns money by punching things people don't like, even if he's not all that good at it yet. He's on Mateus. Sigfred Sadler is an aspiring Dark Knight, but will sit tight as a Gladiator/PLD until then. He's impulsive, stubborn, regal, prideful, a bit snobbish, and certainly my most serious of the three. He's on Mateus. He was adopted into a declining merchant family who couldn't have children of their own, basically plucked out of a lower-class life and becoming spoiled because of it. His adoptive family looks to him to try and restore the family status. He has a good heart, but he's difficult to stand at first. He's not used to having anyone around that can put up with him for long, so he's fairly dismissive, but once he makes some actual friends he'd be a loyal one. 2. As far as dynamics go, just about anything is on the table. All three would welcome connections of any and all kinds. Bardal isn't fond of taverns or a night out on the town, but it wouldn't be impossible if he was nagged to go. Friends, Family, Rivals, even romances wouldn't be out of the question. Really I just enjoy leaving things to be flexible with the developing RP. 3. I mostly enjoy just that sense of community, a group of people involving their characters in a shared story and narrative wherever it leads. I think it's great watching characters develop alongside each other as things unfold. Note: On Mateus, i'm also plenty willing to roll new. Bardal is my only higher-leveled character if it matters much, sitting at just above 50. I'm new to Mateus! On both servers, none of my characters are in FC's or anything of the sort. Thanks for reading, and I hope to bump into plenty of you in-game!
  13. IC (Some light background spoilers for Stormblood MSQ and the 60-70 Warrior questline.) Suren is a man from the Oronir tribe who left the Azim Steppe during Magnai's rule as khagan, less than a year before the events of Stormblood. Although he takes the characteristic pride of an Oronir from his father, his mother was a Qereli exile - one of the "Taken" who succumbed to the "inner beast" lurking within her tribe's axefighters, known to them as the "will of Karash." During his early years, she raised him in isolation within the mountains, and trained him in the ways of the axe and the hunt, as well as tapping into the beastly will that had consumed her. Even since her son was born, she instilled in him shreds of the same power and insanity that sealed her own fate. Later, he was sent off to grow up as a proper child of the Oronir, and his father accepted him out of remorse despite the tensions it created. Even though he possessed terrifying skill as a fighter, the violent impulses it hinged upon earned him the fear and ire of his tribesmen. Unlike his mother, he was closer to the true method of harnessing the inner beast, which was altogether unknown to the Qerel and the Steppe at large. However, he was aware of the danger he posed and took care to avoid situations that fully drew it out - hunting fiercer prey alone and failing to put forth his full strength in tournaments. This persisted until he eventually eloped with a woman of the Qalli tribe in a sequence of violent events that sealed his departure. From there on, the pair took respite in Kugane and set out to travel the lands of Eorzea: often together, often apart. Although he lacked marketable talents outside his brute strength, perhaps that was all an adventurer really needed. tl;dr: He's a Xaela tribesman turned adventurer, resembling a canon Warrior with a somewhat questionable grasp on his violent impulses. His backstory is a lot more fleshed out than this, including the why of each event - I've got most of it written out and I might make a wiki page later - but the details are not really relevant to interacting with him. OOC I just freshly transferred onto Mateus. I'm not new to the game at all (I've done most of this Savage tier), and I'm not new to ingame RP either, but I know almost nothing about this server in particular. If anyone could point me toward RP hubs or FCs that might interest me, I would appreciate it very much, and I'm also happy to make new friends, since once again, I'm completely new to the community. I look forward to getting to know everyone. My character doesn't have a set location, so starting points are flexible. I'm open to any kind of RP except for romance/ERP due to the circumstances of the character. In particular I would love interactions with other Xaela, since they are (ostensibly) rare sights outside the Steppe in canon. I'm also open to plotting established connections, though that would definitely be easier with other Xaela. Discord available by PM.
  14. (Author's note: Every time a sin is committed, a new entry will be produced.) Entry I ** You are my hero. Were the words spoken by the Desert Rose. Again, as I found myself on the floor with the whole world burning by my hand. She plucks me up. Gives me a reason to keep going forward. Her tears are my fault. I feel the bound pulsating inside me. Choking me. Her smile is what I wish to protect. The only reason to survive is that she said she wanted me to. She needed me to. This is all new to someone like myself. Before the Desert Rose, my life was survival for survival's sake. This is why I am keeping this diary. I am to toss myself in the shadows once again. A hand is forcing me to commit crimes. Two missions, two sins. If you find these book on the cold hands of a Duskwight, bring it to the Goblet's Apothecarium. This is a way of completing my promise to you, Jei'me. Even if I do not return in body. ** End of Entry I
  15. Hey everyone, I recently came back to FF XIV and found myself without any friends on my old server. So I've decided to try my luck here and offer up the option of creating a new character for someone who needs another player to compliment their current main. I don't have a specific race or class/job in mind. I do however want to hear about what your hopes are for this new character. I should also mention I would only be willing to create a male character. I apologize for this being brief and as I get more information to share, I'll make edits to better detail the possibilities. For now, I'm an open book and want to hear everything. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some people soon! Discord available by PM. Edit 1: A few small updates. Timezone: EST. Hours of play: Tuesday-Saturday any time. Sun & Mon typically after 5:30 PM. Servers: Mateus and possibly Balmung.
  16. After a lengthy break from FF14 and some time to do a read up on all that's been happening since I've left, it's finally time for me to throw myself back in the ring. I present now my new Character, Yomi Aogane. The link to her wiki page is in my signature and here . What I am looking for, hooks (IC): -Casual contacts. While Yomi isn't a heavy drinker she does frequent taverns on her journey and travels through the realm. A little casual conversation about travels, adventures and trials that were faced and triumphs to celebrate in some way are always more enjoyable and memorable when shared! -Merchants, Smiths, Alchemists. Both her obsession over any form of bladed weaponry and her profession as a shinobi devour a healthy amount of equipment. Someone has a fascinating new weapon imported from Doma, or conducted a new toxin more efficient than normal, or just have a ton of vaguely high quality throwing knives? Yomi will probably want to strike a deal. -Adventure! Food, shelter, equipment, all of it costs money, of course. And while she has a humble sum stored away for emergencies, she does perk up when hearing of a good job offer that could reward her handsomely. Without some material reward, convincing her will be hard though. Look at the point above this though for non gil related inspiration! -Conflict/news from "home" While Yomi wasnt some well-known figurehead, word of her past could have circeled around in Doma proper, as well as among some of those who fled along with her. It could be feasible that someone caught wind atleast of the rough cut of her story. What then? Confront her about it? Slide it into conversation to get a clearer picture? Or outraged enough to storm at her and demand a duel? Considering how sensitive this part is I'd appreciate it if we'd discuss the possibilities of other characters knowing of her past before it being brought up in character, I hope that this is a reasonable request. On the other hand, she still does keep to her promise of returning to fight for her home, yet her main reason not to being the futility. As she is not aware of any of the current events in the east, someone who is and informs her could throw a right curveball into her current life. And any credible information, or the promise thereof, would be sure to attract her attention. OOC Information: I'm from Europe, so my Timezone, GMT+1, has me on times that are somewhat NA unfriendly. Until I go to Uni later this year though I have somewhat of a night owl time schedule. I'm on and about ingame and in character usually in the mornings or in the late evening. Primarilly she stays in and around Ul'dah, but if you can't catch a hold of her, send me a PM here and we can try to work something out. I lurk with the forum open about 80% of my time and will get back to you as soon as I'm able. If any questions rise up, post them on here or PM me. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you ingame!
  17. A new arrival is in town and she, somehow, doesn't look happy about it.. Hi! I am (gamerhandle) Saolomon and I've come to check out the RP scene on Final Fantasy. So far, I'm loving the game. It's not my usual cup of tea (being a fan of Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls and what have you) but it's got this unmistakeable charm I cannot shake. So here I am, trying to find some friends on Mateus and hopefully in the future in Balmung too, even if it's on lockdown as of the writing of this post. About my characters: Sigfrida Hornebrood is her name and I'm quite unsure what her game is. She's an archer, good at it. Unmistakeably an outdoorsman with her raw temper, she boasts black dreads and dark skin. Aside from that.. I still need a backstory. But hey, I'm up for ideas and stuff I need to get better aquainted with the lore here.. at least as far as highlanders are concerned. Abyllona Marmannwyn: A hardy(harrharr) pugilist, originally from Limsa Lominsa. Her main income is beating people for money and professional arm-wrestling leagues (just kidding, but no, girl's strong). She's tough-talking but somewhat naive, easy to anger and easy to forgive. Anyway! If anyone wants to hang out with a noob with a trial account, hit me up! Until then, Cheers, Saolomon UPDATE!! I now have the full game! I hope I get to see you all in game and to add new RP friends on Mateus
  18. I. Basic Info Characters:Yomi Aogane Primary character:Yomi Aogane. Wiki page link is always in my signature. Linkshells:N/A Primary RP linkshell:TEXT N/A [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium Rp, I follow the lore as close as I can, but bend where I need to. As long as a concept is well explained and believable, I'll gladly roll with it. Views on RP combat and injuries: While I prefer not too fight much, I don't mind my character(s) getting injured, though I want to talk things through before going into serious territory. Views on IC romance: Taken, not interested. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Not looking for close family ties, though people from her past (other survivors and refugees perhaps) are welcomed. Views on lore: I'll go with the above again. Following the lore as a baseline, but bending it to a necessary degree if the concept/situation calls for it.The how is what matters. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use the normal /say and /emote, maybe /tell for very personal ic secrets, though that more rarely. [*] III. Other Info Country:Europe Timezone:GMT+1 Contact info:PMs on here are preferred, I lurk around most of the time~ [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  19. [align=center] _____ "Sometimes, justice is best served by those who've been on its bad side. Kill one man, save ten. Kill a hundred, save a thousand. Just don't kill a thousand. That would be hard to cover up."[/align] [align=center]______________________________________[/align] [align=center]The Shadow Ward is a dark themed vigilante free company, who draws its ranks from the scum of society; murderers, thieves, arsonists, and even psychopaths can find a home here. They are a criminal organization who preys on other criminals; a group of evildoers led by a man who hopes that someday their crimes can make some good result. Heists, assassinations, armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, blackmail... if you need someone who's willing to get their hands dirty, you can come to the Ward. Just don't expect it to be pretty. They currently maintain a false cover as a private academy of warfare and mystic arts, extremely closed off to any outsiders and not allowing any but faculty and students inside.[/align] [align=center]We are a heavy RP guild, with an added focus on PvE, PvP, and character growth. The most important rule of ours is to try to build a grand story together. We seek to provide an entertaining foe to the various criminal organizations in Mateus, as well as serve as a rival and occasional outright enemy of the more light-sided vigilante FC's. Morals are gray here, and will only get darker. Best be prepared for Mature and Dark roleplays, folks. We are currently seeking members with criminal histories, or otherwise darker seeming characters. We are also seeking criminal FC's to co-RP with. We are currently a new FC, and as such there are still occasional hiccups to be worked out, however we are gladly accepting any interesting members. We hope to see you soon. Recruitment is currently open! If you are interested, please contact any of the admins listed below; after discussing things OOC, we will conduct a short IC interview, and the final decision will be made. :tonberry: _______________________________ Aether Landon [/align]
  20. [align=center][/align] [align=center] "Knowledge isn't power: Wisdom is. A fool can have knowledge in his hands yet throw it away in ignorance, a wise man knows what he holds in his hands, and uses it to further his agenda. This is what separates Gods from Men. Now tell me, what would you rather be, a God or a Man?" - Anonymous [/align] [align=center]____________________________________ Hello Mateus! The Midnight Tribune is a secret-society/espionage agency that uses a newspaper publishing office as a guise to keep the underground crime rings of Eorzea hidden and protected from the watchful eye of the law. Specializing in trading sensitive information, as well as taking out unwanted obstacles… for a price. ‘The Advocate’ is the name of the newspaper, the Headquarters being located in Ward 4, Plot 38 of the Goblet. The house is currently privately owned, though we are saving up to re-buy the house for the FC. We are a PVE-RP focused guild, encouraging character development and exploration through means of gathering stories and information in the world of Eorzea and beyond. We seek to help put in our efforts to the network of crime running within the other companies in Mateus, being hired from both the morally sound and grey. Whether it is intel gathering, or having a need to take care of a ‘problem’, The Midnight Tribune is willing to get the job done for the right price. We are currently seeking members whom would be interested in both diplomacy, as well as darker themes that involve networking with other crime rings (aka MRP) We are currently a brand new FC and still a WiP, though we are gladly accepting members into our ranks while we tidy up details on the FC. Recruitment: NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS. If you are interested in joining The Midnight Tribune, please place an application within our guilded site or contact an officer, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Upon accepting a paper application, a short ICly interview is conducted and the final decision is made afterward. [/align] [align=center]____________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]guilded.gg/theadvocate[/align] [align=center] Sanvi Dhavha (IG) Yisun Borlaaq (IG) [/align]
  21. Character Summary [align=center][/align] Name: Eyrisunn Bleistyrwyn Apparent Age: Early 30's Build: Imposing Orientation: Doesn't matter the gender, so long as she is in control. Status: Unemployed. To be up front, Eyrisunn Bleistyrwyn is a contrarian and misanthrope. She's meant to be the gristle in one's meat, if not blatantly antagonistic. There are two loves in her life, one being the sound of cubed ice falling into a clean glass before a hard liquor is poured, and the second is the misery of others. Save for outright stupidity and naivety, few things prickle her skin quite like seeing others enjoying a conversation, public laughter, and other things that normal beings tend to find agreeable. Physically, she's large and imposing which makes her suitable to work that requires muscle. There's potential in a bodyguard or retainer position, but her demeanor would leave much to be wanted in that respect. Legalities of the job can easily be overlooked, provided that the pay is worth the risk. Form of payment is negotiable, and must be in some cases--money alone is not often worth it. RP Plans Because she is a new character, it's relatively easy to twine her into any ongoing character story. Perhaps she's the brute that found your flyer, and ripped it down so no one else could see it before she applied in person. Perhaps she's that not-friend that an acquaintance has heard of that might be perfect for that not-specific job. Perhaps she was paid to raise ruckus in your life. It depends on what you want for your character, whether that be an obstacle to overcome for development, or if you happen to like dealing with acerbic characters beneath your employ. Conflict is the primary drive for this character, and she seeks it with self-destructive fervor. She is arguably incapable of having relationships as thought of in the typical sense, but if developments on this front happen, then I'm open to it--provided that you, the player, can sanely handle it while staying appropriately disconnected from your RP persona. I'm looking to make numerous connections for this character. If it leads to her finding a "home" within a company or linkshell, then that's just a lovely bonus, isn't it? Hooks Mercenary for temp work, or long term. Mercenary sent to attack your character--outcomes completely negotiable, from serious consequences to both parties to outright hilarity. Escort service from one region to the next, or bodyguard work in general. Be the unfortunate soul that she decides to force drunken diatribe onto at the tavern. Insert your choice of conflict type here! OOC For my OOC self, I am generally easy-going! Affably phlegmatic and always open to exploring the realms of creativity with others. I dipped my toe into FFXIV once before, and here I am doing it again. My account is old, but for intents and purposes I'm a new player still within the learning phase. Mateus has a much larger population of RPers than I expected, and it is quite the pleasant surprise. The real thrill of MMO RP is public RP, for me. As such, I adore community events and will gladly join people in their dives to social spots on the grid. Too much private RP makes for a sandbox type feel, and I want my experience in FFXIV to be immersive and full. Let's make stories together. Contact me here or add me in game by the name Eyrisunn Bleistyrwyn. Edits: Small things done here and there to make the advertisement more attractive. :tonberry:
  22. Hello RPC! I'm on the hunt for a seedy bar on Mateus. What I'm looking for is a place where I can hold fight night events with my FC and members of the community. The ideal place would be one that is cool with discreet criminal activity including, but not limited to; betting, some fight rigging and drug use/deals. I don't really have much to offer other than RP and my undying love and gratitude and know I'm asking to be pretty much let into someone's home which is a tall order, but if you got a place and need some people buzzing around I'd love to chat! Hit me up on here or in-game Junko Murasame is my character.
  23. Female Xaela looking for possible romance and future wife. Open to any race. She's a magick researcher looking into the uses and sciences behind all things aether and studies ancient magick civilizations such as Mhach and Allag. I'm available for message her or on discord at Kasumi#3846.
  24. greetings I finally found a dedicated partner, now I'm looking for friends and people to story build with!
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