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  1. Hey there all, I played way back around when the game launched but never did find a good RP group to settle in with. After all this time i've decided to give things another shot! For some info, i'll follow a questionnaire I found in a friend's thread. I play all male characters both on Balmung and Mateus. I'll include a little info about each that i'm currently playing as well. 1. Bardal Merilius is my main on Balmung. He's a dedicated White Mage that aspires to become an Astrologian; he's inquisitive and loves the opportunity to be helpful in other people's problems, just as he enjoys traveling and mending sicknesses and injuries wherever he goes. He's bookish, shy, quiet, and meek, not to mention squeamish. He's the youngest of three siblings. His ultimate goal is to become a master of magic in all its forms, but his meek tendencies shy him away from harmful magic. He's kind to a fault when you can get him to talk. X'yhuzu Tia is a recently retired street urchin, having panhandled enough for a membership to the pugilist's guild. He's easily distracted, aloof, clumsy, and an outgoing jokester. He enjoys the fact he earns money by punching things people don't like, even if he's not all that good at it yet. He's on Mateus. Sigfred Sadler is an aspiring Dark Knight, but will sit tight as a Gladiator/PLD until then. He's impulsive, stubborn, regal, prideful, a bit snobbish, and certainly my most serious of the three. He's on Mateus. He was adopted into a declining merchant family who couldn't have children of their own, basically plucked out of a lower-class life and becoming spoiled because of it. His adoptive family looks to him to try and restore the family status. He has a good heart, but he's difficult to stand at first. He's not used to having anyone around that can put up with him for long, so he's fairly dismissive, but once he makes some actual friends he'd be a loyal one. 2. As far as dynamics go, just about anything is on the table. All three would welcome connections of any and all kinds. Bardal isn't fond of taverns or a night out on the town, but it wouldn't be impossible if he was nagged to go. Friends, Family, Rivals, even romances wouldn't be out of the question. Really I just enjoy leaving things to be flexible with the developing RP. 3. I mostly enjoy just that sense of community, a group of people involving their characters in a shared story and narrative wherever it leads. I think it's great watching characters develop alongside each other as things unfold. Note: On Mateus, i'm also plenty willing to roll new. Bardal is my only higher-leveled character if it matters much, sitting at just above 50. I'm new to Mateus! On both servers, none of my characters are in FC's or anything of the sort. Thanks for reading, and I hope to bump into plenty of you in-game!
  2. IC (Some light background spoilers for Stormblood MSQ and the 60-70 Warrior questline.) Suren is a man from the Oronir tribe who left the Azim Steppe during Magnai's rule as khagan, less than a year before the events of Stormblood. Although he takes the characteristic pride of an Oronir from his father, his mother was a Qereli exile - one of the "Taken" who succumbed to the "inner beast" lurking within her tribe's axefighters, known to them as the "will of Karash." During his early years, she raised him in isolation within the mountains, and trained him in the ways of the axe and the hunt, as well as tapping into the beastly will that had consumed her. Even since her son was born, she instilled in him shreds of the same power and insanity that sealed her own fate. Later, he was sent off to grow up as a proper child of the Oronir, and his father accepted him out of remorse despite the tensions it created. Even though he possessed terrifying skill as a fighter, the violent impulses it hinged upon earned him the fear and ire of his tribesmen. Unlike his mother, he was closer to the true method of harnessing the inner beast, which was altogether unknown to the Qerel and the Steppe at large. However, he was aware of the danger he posed and took care to avoid situations that fully drew it out - hunting fiercer prey alone and failing to put forth his full strength in tournaments. This persisted until he eventually eloped with a woman of the Qalli tribe in a sequence of violent events that sealed his departure. From there on, the pair took respite in Kugane and set out to travel the lands of Eorzea: often together, often apart. Although he lacked marketable talents outside his brute strength, perhaps that was all an adventurer really needed. tl;dr: He's a Xaela tribesman turned adventurer, resembling a canon Warrior with a somewhat questionable grasp on his violent impulses. His backstory is a lot more fleshed out than this, including the why of each event - I've got most of it written out and I might make a wiki page later - but the details are not really relevant to interacting with him. OOC I just freshly transferred onto Mateus. I'm not new to the game at all (I've done most of this Savage tier), and I'm not new to ingame RP either, but I know almost nothing about this server in particular. If anyone could point me toward RP hubs or FCs that might interest me, I would appreciate it very much, and I'm also happy to make new friends, since once again, I'm completely new to the community. I look forward to getting to know everyone. My character doesn't have a set location, so starting points are flexible. I'm open to any kind of RP except for romance/ERP due to the circumstances of the character. In particular I would love interactions with other Xaela, since they are (ostensibly) rare sights outside the Steppe in canon. I'm also open to plotting established connections, though that would definitely be easier with other Xaela. Discord available by PM.
  3. (Author's note: Every time a sin is committed, a new entry will be produced.) Entry I ** You are my hero. Were the words spoken by the Desert Rose. Again, as I found myself on the floor with the whole world burning by my hand. She plucks me up. Gives me a reason to keep going forward. Her tears are my fault. I feel the bound pulsating inside me. Choking me. Her smile is what I wish to protect. The only reason to survive is that she said she wanted me to. She needed me to. This is all new to someone like myself. Before the Desert Rose, my life was survival for survival's sake. This is why I am keeping this diary. I am to toss myself in the shadows once again. A hand is forcing me to commit crimes. Two missions, two sins. If you find these book on the cold hands of a Duskwight, bring it to the Goblet's Apothecarium. This is a way of completing my promise to you, Jei'me. Even if I do not return in body. ** End of Entry I
  4. Hey everyone, I recently came back to FF XIV and found myself without any friends on my old server. So I've decided to try my luck here and offer up the option of creating a new character for someone who needs another player to compliment their current main. I don't have a specific race or class/job in mind. I do however want to hear about what your hopes are for this new character. I should also mention I would only be willing to create a male character. I apologize for this being brief and as I get more information to share, I'll make edits to better detail the possibilities. For now, I'm an open book and want to hear everything. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some people soon! Discord available by PM. Edit 1: A few small updates. Timezone: EST. Hours of play: Tuesday-Saturday any time. Sun & Mon typically after 5:30 PM. Servers: Mateus and possibly Balmung.
  5. After a lengthy break from FF14 and some time to do a read up on all that's been happening since I've left, it's finally time for me to throw myself back in the ring. I present now my new Character, Yomi Aogane. The link to her wiki page is in my signature and here . What I am looking for, hooks (IC): -Casual contacts. While Yomi isn't a heavy drinker she does frequent taverns on her journey and travels through the realm. A little casual conversation about travels, adventures and trials that were faced and triumphs to celebrate in some way are always more enjoyable and memorable when shared! -Merchants, Smiths, Alchemists. Both her obsession over any form of bladed weaponry and her profession as a shinobi devour a healthy amount of equipment. Someone has a fascinating new weapon imported from Doma, or conducted a new toxin more efficient than normal, or just have a ton of vaguely high quality throwing knives? Yomi will probably want to strike a deal. -Adventure! Food, shelter, equipment, all of it costs money, of course. And while she has a humble sum stored away for emergencies, she does perk up when hearing of a good job offer that could reward her handsomely. Without some material reward, convincing her will be hard though. Look at the point above this though for non gil related inspiration! -Conflict/news from "home" While Yomi wasnt some well-known figurehead, word of her past could have circeled around in Doma proper, as well as among some of those who fled along with her. It could be feasible that someone caught wind atleast of the rough cut of her story. What then? Confront her about it? Slide it into conversation to get a clearer picture? Or outraged enough to storm at her and demand a duel? Considering how sensitive this part is I'd appreciate it if we'd discuss the possibilities of other characters knowing of her past before it being brought up in character, I hope that this is a reasonable request. On the other hand, she still does keep to her promise of returning to fight for her home, yet her main reason not to being the futility. As she is not aware of any of the current events in the east, someone who is and informs her could throw a right curveball into her current life. And any credible information, or the promise thereof, would be sure to attract her attention. OOC Information: I'm from Europe, so my Timezone, GMT+1, has me on times that are somewhat NA unfriendly. Until I go to Uni later this year though I have somewhat of a night owl time schedule. I'm on and about ingame and in character usually in the mornings or in the late evening. Primarilly she stays in and around Ul'dah, but if you can't catch a hold of her, send me a PM here and we can try to work something out. I lurk with the forum open about 80% of my time and will get back to you as soon as I'm able. If any questions rise up, post them on here or PM me. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you ingame!
  6. A new arrival is in town and she, somehow, doesn't look happy about it.. Hi! I am (gamerhandle) Saolomon and I've come to check out the RP scene on Final Fantasy. So far, I'm loving the game. It's not my usual cup of tea (being a fan of Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls and what have you) but it's got this unmistakeable charm I cannot shake. So here I am, trying to find some friends on Mateus and hopefully in the future in Balmung too, even if it's on lockdown as of the writing of this post. About my characters: Sigfrida Hornebrood is her name and I'm quite unsure what her game is. She's an archer, good at it. Unmistakeably an outdoorsman with her raw temper, she boasts black dreads and dark skin. Aside from that.. I still need a backstory. But hey, I'm up for ideas and stuff I need to get better aquainted with the lore here.. at least as far as highlanders are concerned. Abyllona Marmannwyn: A hardy(harrharr) pugilist, originally from Limsa Lominsa. Her main income is beating people for money and professional arm-wrestling leagues (just kidding, but no, girl's strong). She's tough-talking but somewhat naive, easy to anger and easy to forgive. Anyway! If anyone wants to hang out with a noob with a trial account, hit me up! Until then, Cheers, Saolomon UPDATE!! I now have the full game! I hope I get to see you all in game and to add new RP friends on Mateus
  7. I. Basic Info Characters:Yomi Aogane Primary character:Yomi Aogane. Wiki page link is always in my signature. Linkshells:N/A Primary RP linkshell:TEXT N/A [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium Rp, I follow the lore as close as I can, but bend where I need to. As long as a concept is well explained and believable, I'll gladly roll with it. Views on RP combat and injuries: While I prefer not too fight much, I don't mind my character(s) getting injured, though I want to talk things through before going into serious territory. Views on IC romance: Taken, not interested. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Not looking for close family ties, though people from her past (other survivors and refugees perhaps) are welcomed. Views on lore: I'll go with the above again. Following the lore as a baseline, but bending it to a necessary degree if the concept/situation calls for it.The how is what matters. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use the normal /say and /emote, maybe /tell for very personal ic secrets, though that more rarely. [*] III. Other Info Country:Europe Timezone:GMT+1 Contact info:PMs on here are preferred, I lurk around most of the time~ [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  8. [align=center] _____ "Sometimes, justice is best served by those who've been on its bad side. Kill one man, save ten. Kill a hundred, save a thousand. Just don't kill a thousand. That would be hard to cover up."[/align] [align=center]______________________________________[/align] [align=center]The Shadow Ward is a dark themed vigilante free company, who draws its ranks from the scum of society; murderers, thieves, arsonists, and even psychopaths can find a home here. They are a criminal organization who preys on other criminals; a group of evildoers led by a man who hopes that someday their crimes can make some good result. Heists, assassinations, armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, blackmail... if you need someone who's willing to get their hands dirty, you can come to the Ward. Just don't expect it to be pretty. They currently maintain a false cover as a private academy of warfare and mystic arts, extremely closed off to any outsiders and not allowing any but faculty and students inside.[/align] [align=center]We are a heavy RP guild, with an added focus on PvE, PvP, and character growth. The most important rule of ours is to try to build a grand story together. We seek to provide an entertaining foe to the various criminal organizations in Mateus, as well as serve as a rival and occasional outright enemy of the more light-sided vigilante FC's. Morals are gray here, and will only get darker. Best be prepared for Mature and Dark roleplays, folks. We are currently seeking members with criminal histories, or otherwise darker seeming characters. We are also seeking criminal FC's to co-RP with. We are currently a new FC, and as such there are still occasional hiccups to be worked out, however we are gladly accepting any interesting members. We hope to see you soon. Recruitment is currently open! If you are interested, please contact any of the admins listed below; after discussing things OOC, we will conduct a short IC interview, and the final decision will be made. :tonberry: _______________________________ Aether Landon [/align]
  9. [align=center][/align] [align=center] "Knowledge isn't power: Wisdom is. A fool can have knowledge in his hands yet throw it away in ignorance, a wise man knows what he holds in his hands, and uses it to further his agenda. This is what separates Gods from Men. Now tell me, what would you rather be, a God or a Man?" - Anonymous [/align] [align=center]____________________________________ Hello Mateus! The Midnight Tribune is a secret-society/espionage agency that uses a newspaper publishing office as a guise to keep the underground crime rings of Eorzea hidden and protected from the watchful eye of the law. Specializing in trading sensitive information, as well as taking out unwanted obstacles… for a price. ‘The Advocate’ is the name of the newspaper, the Headquarters being located in Ward 4, Plot 38 of the Goblet. The house is currently privately owned, though we are saving up to re-buy the house for the FC. We are a PVE-RP focused guild, encouraging character development and exploration through means of gathering stories and information in the world of Eorzea and beyond. We seek to help put in our efforts to the network of crime running within the other companies in Mateus, being hired from both the morally sound and grey. Whether it is intel gathering, or having a need to take care of a ‘problem’, The Midnight Tribune is willing to get the job done for the right price. We are currently seeking members whom would be interested in both diplomacy, as well as darker themes that involve networking with other crime rings (aka MRP) We are currently a brand new FC and still a WiP, though we are gladly accepting members into our ranks while we tidy up details on the FC. Recruitment: NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS. If you are interested in joining The Midnight Tribune, please place an application within our guilded site or contact an officer, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Upon accepting a paper application, a short ICly interview is conducted and the final decision is made afterward. [/align] [align=center]____________________________________________________[/align] [align=center]guilded.gg/theadvocate[/align] [align=center] Sanvi Dhavha (IG) Yisun Borlaaq (IG) [/align]
  10. Character Summary [align=center][/align] Name: Eyrisunn Bleistyrwyn Apparent Age: Early 30's Build: Imposing Orientation: Doesn't matter the gender, so long as she is in control. Status: Unemployed. To be up front, Eyrisunn Bleistyrwyn is a contrarian and misanthrope. She's meant to be the gristle in one's meat, if not blatantly antagonistic. There are two loves in her life, one being the sound of cubed ice falling into a clean glass before a hard liquor is poured, and the second is the misery of others. Save for outright stupidity and naivety, few things prickle her skin quite like seeing others enjoying a conversation, public laughter, and other things that normal beings tend to find agreeable. Physically, she's large and imposing which makes her suitable to work that requires muscle. There's potential in a bodyguard or retainer position, but her demeanor would leave much to be wanted in that respect. Legalities of the job can easily be overlooked, provided that the pay is worth the risk. Form of payment is negotiable, and must be in some cases--money alone is not often worth it. RP Plans Because she is a new character, it's relatively easy to twine her into any ongoing character story. Perhaps she's the brute that found your flyer, and ripped it down so no one else could see it before she applied in person. Perhaps she's that not-friend that an acquaintance has heard of that might be perfect for that not-specific job. Perhaps she was paid to raise ruckus in your life. It depends on what you want for your character, whether that be an obstacle to overcome for development, or if you happen to like dealing with acerbic characters beneath your employ. Conflict is the primary drive for this character, and she seeks it with self-destructive fervor. She is arguably incapable of having relationships as thought of in the typical sense, but if developments on this front happen, then I'm open to it--provided that you, the player, can sanely handle it while staying appropriately disconnected from your RP persona. I'm looking to make numerous connections for this character. If it leads to her finding a "home" within a company or linkshell, then that's just a lovely bonus, isn't it? Hooks Mercenary for temp work, or long term. Mercenary sent to attack your character--outcomes completely negotiable, from serious consequences to both parties to outright hilarity. Escort service from one region to the next, or bodyguard work in general. Be the unfortunate soul that she decides to force drunken diatribe onto at the tavern. Insert your choice of conflict type here! OOC For my OOC self, I am generally easy-going! Affably phlegmatic and always open to exploring the realms of creativity with others. I dipped my toe into FFXIV once before, and here I am doing it again. My account is old, but for intents and purposes I'm a new player still within the learning phase. Mateus has a much larger population of RPers than I expected, and it is quite the pleasant surprise. The real thrill of MMO RP is public RP, for me. As such, I adore community events and will gladly join people in their dives to social spots on the grid. Too much private RP makes for a sandbox type feel, and I want my experience in FFXIV to be immersive and full. Let's make stories together. Contact me here or add me in game by the name Eyrisunn Bleistyrwyn. Edits: Small things done here and there to make the advertisement more attractive. :tonberry:
  11. Hello RPC! I'm on the hunt for a seedy bar on Mateus. What I'm looking for is a place where I can hold fight night events with my FC and members of the community. The ideal place would be one that is cool with discreet criminal activity including, but not limited to; betting, some fight rigging and drug use/deals. I don't really have much to offer other than RP and my undying love and gratitude and know I'm asking to be pretty much let into someone's home which is a tall order, but if you got a place and need some people buzzing around I'd love to chat! Hit me up on here or in-game Junko Murasame is my character.
  12. Female Xaela looking for possible romance and future wife. Open to any race. She's a magick researcher looking into the uses and sciences behind all things aether and studies ancient magick civilizations such as Mhach and Allag. I'm available for message her or on discord at Kasumi#3846.
  13. greetings I finally found a dedicated partner, now I'm looking for friends and people to story build with!
  14. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Lotus Flower Tea House[/align] [align=center]Renge Chaya - Sushi-Sashimi Bar[/align] [align=center]Sunday, August 27th 7:00 pm - 10pm EST[/align] [align=center]Where: Lavender Beds, Ward 11 - Plot 26[/align] IC Details: [align=center]Renge Chaya will be open to all this Sunday in honor of this year's Moonfire Faire. Join us for a dinner buffet surely to make this year's faire the most memorable ever. [/align] [align=center]Enjoy our large Sushi-Sashimi Bar along with dozens of other Hingashi and Doman recipes to tempt everyone's tastes buds. We proudly offer complimentary champagne, wine and ale, perfect to compliment any of the amazing dishes, no matter what you try. [/align] [align=center]Finish the night off with a scrumptuous dessert that will leave you wanting more! Everything is fresh made with the finest ingredients. There's a little something for everyone to sample! [/align] [align=center]Cover charge at the door includes all you can eat & drink buffet. [/align] [align=center]Doors close promptly at 10pm.[/align] [align=center]_____________________________[/align] OOC Details: [align=center] No actual gil necessary, just come and have some RP fun at Renge Chaya's Sushi-sashimi Bar. All the food and drink your character could want to celebrate the end of the Moonfire Faire or just have a good time on a Sunday night! NPC bartender will be on site to serve drinks at the bar but food is served buffet style. [/align] [align=center]Interested in being a bartender for the night? Contact me here or in-game on Kokona Amamura.[/align] [align=center]As always - consume raw food at your character's risk. [/align] [align=center][/align]
  15. Hey all! I joined Mateus under an alt and I’m now looking to get some connections going so I can get her established! Here’s a little bit about my character: · Her name is M’shugo Jutah, but she would commonly be known as Shady Shugo in underground circles. · She’s a chaotic neutral character, meaning in the end she looks out for numero uno and what’s best (and most profitable) for her. · She’s originally from the Fringes but the majority of her childhood was spent in Ala Mhigo. · She’s blunt and has a tendency to call things as she sees them. · She has a secret weakness for all things animal(even the bigger beasties) and relates to them better than other people. · She’s been most active in Ul’dah but has worked anywhere a job might have taken her. I’d love to foster some connections with others fromliterally any background as variety is the lifeblood of RP! You can PM me here, connect with me in game under M’shugo Jutah, Discord @kuukakulily if you have any questions or need more info!
  16. Hello! I've been playing FFXIV for a couple of months, having been brought to the game by a couple of good friends (and RP partners) in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, who had decided to spend more of their time in this game. Now that I've gotten my feet wet in the game story, and the world's canon, I'm starting to think more about looking for RP opportunities. Ceoile (pronounced "Kaylee" -- it's an Irish name, which roughly translates as "singalong") is a Highlander bard, from a small village in Gridania. As a teenager (~17), Ceoile and her boyfriend joined the local militia, and the two of them married just before the Battle of Carteneau. They survived the Calamity (though they remembered little of what happened), and returned home. Ceoile's husband died in a hunting accident some time later, and she eventually left their village, seeking to find purpose in her life (and, thus, bringing her into the game story). Though I'm new to FFXIV (and it's been my first exposure to any FF game), I've been playing other MMOs (mostly SWTOR, but also Champions Online) for almost four years, and I've RPed extensively in both of those games -- in-game RP, as well as writing fics (both solo and collaborative). I'm currently one of the officers in a small RP guild in SWTOR. Beyond MMOs, I've been playing tabletop RPGs for several decades -- mostly fantasy RPGs such as D&D and Pathfinder. Ceoile herself is based on a bard character which I played in Living Forgotten Realms (an "organized play" D&D campaign) a few years ago, and her surname, Stendan, is one she shares with several of my SWTOR characters. At the moment, I've been RPing with my two friends who brought me to FFXIV, and having a great time with them. I'm interested in finding other opportunities to RP Ceoile, as well. I'm looking forward to getting to know people here, and find even more fun in the game. Thank you for reading!
  17. Hello Everyone! I'm not used to introducing myself, however I do enjoy some good RP! Now I just sound nerdy. OK so I've been MMO-ing since.. geez.. well a long time. I've been RPing online since about that time as well. I just get really involved in my chars, even if I say I'm not RPing, I'm still RPing (lol) Anyways - I'm not an expert on FF, but trying to learn. Wow, just so amazed at this game. I just finished my free month and now that I'm comfortable started to look for some RP. Unfortunately, the original server I was on didn't have much. So NOW, I started anew on Mateus. I'm kind of excited to join in with you guys, but I can be a bit shy at first. (sigh) Going of the template a bit more, I'm consider myself a medium to heavy RPer but I do like to chit chat about anything in private. What else can I say, I don't know. If you see me, say HI. If you got a nice event going on, let me know. Ok.. that's all I can think of now. Hope to meet some of you soon!
  18. I am looking for a few more contacts for my morally grey character. I had some ideas of people are wanting to make new characters. One being a corruptible member of the Flames or Maelstrom. But in general would like to get a few more good connections. Friend me on discord Red Beard#8235 if you're interested in talking shop. Can give my character's background and story if requested. Thanks!
  19. [align=center][/align] - I. Basic Info - Character: A'mynset Eru. Click here for her profile! I have no alts, just the one character. - Primary RP Linkshell: I have yet to join one! - II. RP Style - Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): - I consider myself a heavy roleplayer, focusing on it more than gameplay. I am generally willing to react in character when approached in kind during PvE, barring the odd occasion where the circumstances of RP would make this impossible. I'm willing to roleplay with most people, so long as they are not jerks of the OOC variety. Regrettably, this includes the sort of RPers who are prone to unsolicited commentary and mockery of other people's preferences. If you can't stay off the soapbox, it's best not to approach me. - Views on RP combat and injuries: - I have no objection to participating in combat scenes as RP requires, though PvP is not my cup of tea. My first choice would be a roll-based system, preferably simple enough to keep things flowing at a decent pace. My second choice would be freeform RP with fair give-and-take between the participants. Temporary injuries are totally fine! However, I am not willing to go as far as permadeath or long-term incapacitation. With only one character, I don't want to be left out of RP. - Views on IC romance: - Given A'mynset's backstory, good luck with this one! :lol: It was the sudden termination of a past relationship that fractured the Seeker's world view and pushed her over the line from Thaumaturgy to Black Magic, with a freshly wicked mind to match. As such, she's much more interested in pure physical indulgence than trusting her heart in someone's hands again, though if you enjoy a nigh-impossible challenge, you're welcome to try. ERP is possible with the right characters, but she wasn't designed to prioritize such. - Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): - I'm open to most flavors of RP, from the casual walk-up variety to long term plots. If someone wishes to play a family member, friend, rival or other figure from A'mynset's past, I'm certainly open to the idea! Please note, however, that I'm limiting three roles to off-camera NPCs: her father, her mother and her former long-term mate. See her character page on the wiki for more info. - Views on lore: - I'm not one to play rules police. I like to think I'm flexible enough to roleplay with people of differing lore interpretations. In extreme cases, if a character is making claims or demonstrating things that go far beyond my personal take on the setting, it's easy enough to have my character disbelieve, or worst case scenario, politely agree to end the scene without hurt feelings. - Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): - I am purely IC in spatial channels, save for occasions where brief OOC corrections or clarifications might be needed. Party chat is sometimes OOC and sometimes used for private RP, depending on the circumstances. Linkshell and free company chat obviously depend on the rules set by the owners of such. - III. Other Info - Country: USA - Timezone: EDT/EST - Contact Info: Feel free to message and/or friend me via Enjin or via Steam. I'm also on Discord as Scarably#2003. -
  20. I am looking for new, rather large and intimidating, friends! These friends would act as bodyguards to my (non-cutesy) Lala. There are no requirements involving FCs or anything, just people I could call upon should the need arise.
  21. I'm still developing a backstory for Baelaras here. He is an Au Ra archer, but that's about all I've got thus far. He wants to be a great bard someday, and tell tales of his (and others!) adventures to the younger generations. So, storyteller/bard/minstrel type. Naturally, Baelaras needs to meet people and learn about them, so he's needing some friends. FC and LSes are more than welcome, but they would need to be really casual/flexible about activity (I'm used to games with activity checks that drop you if you're not active so many times in a week/month) and understanding that I am in an awkward timezone (I'm an ESL teacher in South Korea, so I have limited availability, mostly weekends and evenings for me. But during intensive periods I may not be around.) I also have a non-RP character main on a different server, so when I'm not on Baelaras, I might be on that one. I'm open to the idea of building up a backstory with another character or group of characters. I'm not personally looking for romantic lines of any sort, but I appreciate that they do develop naturally in the course of interaction between characters. I do have a Welcome Desk post here as well.
  22. Hey all! Been having a bit of trouble finding a steady RP FC and dive into the story arc given, so I have decided to give it a shot here and see what happens. A short bit about my character (Let me know if you want more details): Augustus is a young Ala Mighan refugee working on a chocobo farm with his sister in Gridania after the owner found them half starved after the revolution 20 years prior. Because Augustus was only three at the time of the revolution he does not fully commit to his Ala Mighan heritage though does not wish to forget where he is from. In his time here he's become a avid medic and is quite skilled in the arts of healing both herbal and magical. I am looking for an FC with a great story arc I can get Gus into and build him as a character. Ideally I would like a blend of both city RP as well as DM'd or combat events so let me know about your FC! I have just joined FFXIV after nine years of RPing on WoW and have yet to find a place for him to call home. The easiest way to get to me is most likely on discord ( Augustus Fiske#7019 ). Look forward to hearing from some of you!
  23. MMORPG background: I have played all sorts of MMORPGs in my life including (but probably not limited to) WoW, FFXI, Age of Conan, SWTOR, Ragnarok Online (the older one), Aion, and Tera. RP experience: I have been roleplaying in various means since I was in junior high school. I started out with pencil and paper writing adventures with friends, moving to an actual D&D group (D&D 3.5 edition, BESM 1st edition, and GURPS were our systems), to Yahoo chatrooms, and into the world of forum RP and journal based RP (Livejournal, Greatestjournal, Insanejournal, etc.) This is my first venture into RPing in the FFXIV world, but I frequented RP and RP-PVP servers in WoW from time to time back in BC era. Character ideas/info: I'm still developing a backstory for Baelaras. He is an Au Ra archer, but that's about all I've got thus far. He wants to be a great bard someday, and tell tales of his (and others!) adventures to the younger generations. So, storyteller/bard/minstrel type. How did you learn about the coalition? Google-fu What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) I'm always a casual role-player. I'm a fade-to-black type in regards to romance, okay with one-liners or paragraphs. I have a background in horror/thriller, zombie apocalyptic, fantasy, and fandom based games and writing. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I am an ESL & art teacher in South Korea, which makes playing on an NA server interesting. I have a higher availability in my evenings and weekends.
  24. [align=center][/align] Hey there! I'm Yisun Erden, A veteran roleplayer and mentor! And not because I simply like how the crown looks next to my name! I've been playing video games since I can remember and I've been mentoring and playing FFXI(up until 2010-ish) and FFXIV since it's been implemented and til this very day! I have well over 15+ Years of experience of simply writing and forging my own OC's and seeing what my brain was capable of creating and now roleplay is one the few things on my mind! I'm employed full-time as a caretaker, so I'm online quite a bit or at the very least, within reach of my phone or laptop at all times. So I am easily reachable! I've been apart of Mateus for a bit now and seeing it has grown quite a bit as a RP server, I'd figure I would throw my pen into the ring and let my OC's come to life within the world of Eorzea! I'm super excited to start meeting fellow RPers and creating some great memories! There ain't much more to say about me! I love writing, friends and hanging out with people! If you're on Mateus feel free to shoot me a tell or poke me! Maybe give me a snack or something because I'm also a lazy cat and forget to eat sometimes. :sleepy: My baby here is still in the process of being fine-tuned, but Yisun(is that even her real name?!) is always looking for more business associates. Did I mention I really enjoy morally ambiguous/evil-ish sorts of RP and things that are rather illegal, such as the black market?! Oh! I must've forgotten. But my kitty really enjoys prowling and dealing with business within the Black Market of Hingashi and wherever she may get her greedy little claws! My signature has links to my twitter and tumblr, one of which I use the most and the other I forgot about it for awhile.. and soon to be a link to my wiki! But enough of that, I've talked a lot! If you're just interested in hanging out, hit me up! Oh! I did just return from a long hiatus from XIV and I'm always going to be on the look out for friends, discords and linkshells! Let's be friends! Please?:love:
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