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  1. Female Moonkeeper looking for female companion for possible romance. Kind, flirty and very affectionate. Contact via discord to Kasumi#3846 or in game during late afternoon at Kasumi Tatsu.
  2. [align=center]Hello, hello everyone! I have played this game on and off throughout the years and I am a long-time roleplayer on other MMOs. The main reason I am planning on playing is for roleplay so I would love to meet other people to mingle with. I was planning to get into Balmung but apparently that is impossible so I am going to main Mateus because I heard that was the place to go due to the current lockdowns.[/align] [align=center]Anyone and everyone who wants to help out a noob to the lore and the game would be loved, but I am mostly looking for RP connections.[/align] [align=center] I am assuming there is an RP hub? If so, where is that? Would anyone be interested in ICly leveling my character like a mentor or a travel buddy? Anything and everything is welcome! I would like to get into this game and I can only stay long term if I find a reason to stay for RP.[/align] [align=center]Feel free to message me or post here. My character name will be Yulfe Lhenka (Currently downloading the game so if all goes well that name won't be taken...). Looking forward to getting to know all of you![/align]
  3. I. Basic Info Characters:Dinah Khamazom, Magda Ravenscrye Primary character:Dinah Khamazom Linkshells:None at the moment Primary RP linkshell:None at the moment [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium Views on RP combat and injuries: As long as we discussed ooc and agreed on things before hand, cool. Views on IC romance: If it serves the story cool. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): The best! Especially adventure and friendship bonding RP. Views on lore: Lore is great, I try to stay in the confines of it, though at times I can skirt the edges but never leaving the box entirely. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Link shells are awesome, I need to find me some. I prefer RPing in /say. [*] III. Other Info Country:U.S. Timezone:Eastern Contact info:in game om characters mentioned or IM here. [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  4. [align=center]_______________________________________________________ [/align] [align=center]_______________________________________________________[/align] [align=center][/align] What is it? The Grapevine is a social event akin to speed dating, sans the dating. The goal is not to be large or extravagant, but to promote RP with people you may have not otherwise come across in an event light on chat scroll and heavy on individual attention. How does it work? The Grapevine is hosted by one of four people with a cap of eight participants per event (not including the host). There are four tables with two chairs each. Participants are placed in their seats at random both IC and OOC. This is not an event intended to have people stand and chatter with those they already know! Every 30 minutes (Earth time), those in the leftmost chair rotate. IC, there are alarms on each of the tables to let characters know how far into their time they are and there will also be OOC reminders from the host. The event lasts two hours, for a total of four rotations. If chat scroll still becomes an issue (the apartments aren't large, after all), players will be encouraged to party with those across the table and emote / say only things everyone else in the room would notice, such as throwing their arms up or shouting. When is it? The first event is TBA. For several obvious reasons, we'll wait for the Stormblood rush to pass. Where is it? Lily Hills in Lavender Beds, Ward 9, Apartment 14 FAQ I'm worried about taking up a slot. What if I can't make it last minute? Fear not, RL happens. Ideally, there will eventually be enough interest we'll have a waiting list. If a participant drops out, we'll go down the waiting list until we find someone interested in joining that day. If all else fails, the host will join the rotation to even out the numbers. However, if you know for a fact there are 80% odds you won't be able to make it, please don't take up a slot. How do you decide which people participate? We're operating on a first come, first serve basis for the time being. If you're the first to get in contact, you're the first on the list. I want to join, but my character isn't the type to go to this of their own accord. If your character realistically would not volunteer themselves after seeing a flyer, they may be harassed into going by a family member / friend, already know one of the hosts (obviously requires some OOC discussion first), or they were randomly pulled in off the streets after a no-show to even out the numbers. We'll do our best to accommodate different character personalities. How do I contact you guys? For the time being, please either PM me here, post in this thread, or whisper Bray Thatcher in-game. Did you know the apartment name is spelled wrong? We do. The SE filter does not allow use of the word "grape" in naming housing. It's now an IC joke the sign maker spelled it wrong. Your character is free to notice IC. Rules --- This is a strictly lore-friendly/abiding event. For certain issues this is obviously a matter of opinion, but things like white mages, cyborgs from the future, long lost siblings to important NPCs, and other things of that nature are not permitted. --- Please do your best on the grammar / spelling front. Perfection is by no means necessary, but posts such as ".........................oh.............." yeah, let's avoid that. --- No bombings, people falling over from a wound they haven't gotten treated, or other abrupt spikes of drama without first clearing it with the host. --- Less-than-friendly, racist, and so forth characters are welcome to join within reason. If your Highlander has nothing nice to say about anyone and has a seething hatred for all of society to the point they will contribute nothing to the event, leave them home. If for example they have an aversion to Miqo'te and will act more standoffish when paired with one compared to another race, this is completely fine.
  5. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Loves:[/align] [align=center]Long walks on the beach.[/align] [align=center]Margeritas.[/align] [align=center]Illegal magics.[/align] [align=center]Likes:[/align] [align=center]Being better than you at pretty much everything.[/align] [align=center]Deluding herself into believing the above even if it is not true.[/align] [align=center]Calling Auri 'lizard people'.[/align] [align=center]Being a member of the Order of Nald'thal.[/align] [align=center]Lalafell.[/align] [align=center]Dislikes:[/align] [align=center]Pretty people who talk too much.[/align] [align=center]Ugly people.[/align] [align=center]Most Au Ra. Will readily refer to them as 'lizard people'.[/align] [align=center]Female Mi'qote. Will readily refer to them as 'catwomen'.[/align] Name: Literally just calls herself 'The Black Mage' or 'Miss Magic'. Is not actually a black mage, nor does she claim to practice the forbidden art of drawing aether from the world. Just likes the moniker. Will refuse to give a real name unless absolutely necessary. OOC Name: Eji Kha, because sometimes you just have to name your character 'edgy' just to get your point across. IC Age: 26 (Player's OOC Age: 21) In-Game Profession: Works as a thaumaturge with the Order of the Nald'thal. Apparently carries weight within the order and, ultimately, looks out for the good of Ul'dah more than she looks out for herself. Can often be seen loitering about Ul'dah. Prime Directive: To hunt down practicing black mages, as well as enemies of the state regarding within the walls of Ul'dah. Occasionally keeps the peace, but may (from time to time) be the reason for unrest. Personality: Dudebro womanizer combined with self-righteous scholar, mixed with a fair bit of tendencies normal to a psychopath. Cares very little for how others feel and displays an astounding lack of both empathy and sympathy, often to a comedic effect. Will fail to realize just when she's jumped the shark in a conversation and made it entirely unbearable for the other party. [align=center]------------[/align] OOC NOTES: Hey there! I'm Edgy, new to Mateus (and Final Fantasy as a whole) and I'm looking for friends to help get me established in the game world. I'm primarily interested in R in and around Ul'dah, and am especially interested in those who have chosen to roleplay thaumaturges allied with or working for the Order of the Nald'thal. The Black Mage, who I'll refer to from now on as TBM, is a character not designed to be taken seriously in any light whatsoever. I primarily look for comedic roleplay, and often times prefer walkups to pre-planned RP encounters as they seem far more natural and flow a lot better. That being said, if you are interested in Thaumaturge RP or would just like someone lightly antagonistic to terrorize your roleplay or create awkward situations for your friends and family, look no further and say no more.
  6. Yougeris

    mateus Looking for love

    Looking for female player to game with and possibly connect with outside the game. Discord is Kasumi#3846. Please contact me there if interested.
  7. Hello! Chances are if you're here it's from one of the Mateus discords or OOC RP linkshells. I'm looking for connections for my decided three mains. (That's right, three mains. Fight me.) I consider myself a heavy RPer, but not to the point that the occasional OOC joke or comment breaks MUH IMMERSION!!1 I abide by the lore the best I can and prefer to RP with those who do as well. Bending it occasionally is fine. I play the game quite a lot, but the nature of my work means my schedule can sometimes vary, so I can't give any set hours as to when I'm available for RP on any given day until usually a day or two in advance. The best way to contact me is either to message me here or hit me up on discord at Greenley#0160 as opposed to in game. I am always open to general RP, especially outside the taverns. These are the characters I'm seeking connections for: Bray: Bard. Gambling addict. Curious about pretty much everything. Tahla: Former poacher. Private Third Class Twin Adder. Blooming Conjurer. Nicholas: Free Paladin. Jaded. Obsessed with attaining knowledge on Ifrit / tempering.
  8. Hey guys! I'm posting this again, because it has been a few months and I have relocated my character to Mateus. Looking for a new start!
  9. Hezrou Dhiaga

    mateus Hezrou Dhiaga

    I. Basic Info Characters: Hezrou Dhiaga Primary character: ^ Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. Depends on the situation. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'd like to plan something out rather than randomly hurt or killed. But I am not against adding more scars. Views on IC romance: Part of life. Doesn't matter the race or gender. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Everyone's got their cup of tea. It's normal. More immersion! Views on lore: I feel that ingame lore should be upheld. But some leeway can happen if it's vague enough to do so. But entirely lore breaking just seems....too ooc? All in all, much better to just stick with lore. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say is verbal for me, in a public setting. ( ) would be OOC. Linkshells, don't really have a view on them. I've never really sat in one. But I suppose depending on which one it is, i'd respect their rules be it an IC or OOC type of LS. Shout is yelling and party chat, is the same as /say except a bit more private. Whispers I would take as literal whisperings between chars, unless otherwise put as ( ) for ooc. III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:CST Contact info:PM here or ingame
  10. Tataza Taza is the youngest child to a wealthy merchant in Ul'dah. While her father is not a part of the Syndicate, his business is well known throughout the land. Tataza was a rambunctious but sweet girl growing up, doted on by her eldest sister, and teased by her older brother. But like so many others the Calamity changed her. Her sister's death caused her to become a bit uppity and hotheaded but deep down parts of her formal self still remain wanting desperately to take over the family business to keep her sister's memory alive (she doesn't trust her brother to do a good job). Tataza knew to impress her father she would have to do something big. So she decided to become a gladiator, a not very good one, and representative to spread the family name and business outside of Ul'dah. I'm new to Mateus and rping IG so I'm open to joining a FC or LS if you think we could mesh well. I'm a medium rper as sometimes I just want to level her a bit OOC. I think some possible connections are you knew her, or sister, before the calamity, are a merchant, are traveling a similar path, or are a bodyguard or retainer hired by her father. I'm open to other ideas though. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from someone
  11. As Mateus is growing at a rapid rate. I was wondering there were any RP communities forming based around tribal Seekers or Xaela. It's a good chance for new beginnings and a fantastic chance to create a cohesive roleplay based around something like a tribe. So I'd love to hear from any Tribal Seekers or Xaela and be a part of their community on Mateus.
  12. I've recently made the move to Mateus to join the growing community there, and am looking to start getting into some RP! A little about me as a player: I tend to be more Medium RP, as I'm not always 100% in character when running around town, but I tend to like more in depth story driven RP. As such, I really enjoy FFXIV's lore, and try hard to adhere to it. I'm fine if someone wants to bend a little, especially if they have a good story reason, but the more outlandish the breaking gets, the more someone really needs to back it up with excellent RP. ♥ Now! Onto Siban Kha! Siban is a young Xaela woman who has recently become unemployed and is in dire need of a job. She's you're typical retainer, doing the tasks and errands which send her both to the markets and sometimes out into the field. She's light hearted, a bit of a cheeky devil, but takes pride in her work and good service. So! I'm looking for anyone that might need or want the assistance of a Retainer, but also general contacts as well; Fellow retainers, adventures, tavern dwellers, you name it! The best ways to contact me are usually through PM on this site, posting in this thread or through skype, and I can't wait to meet you all!
  13. Hey there guys! I just started playing FFXIV not to long ago, though have been RPing on other MMOs for about nine years now. I have found an FC that I really enjoy being with but would like to start making connections with the rest of the community. Right now I am hoping to find someone to RP as a mentor for my character I have a very loose idea of where I would like my character to go but nothing set in stone yet (not to mention my lack in lore knowledge as of right now.) If anyone is interested private message me on here or poke me in game! Thanks and hope to hear from some of you soon! - Augustus Fiske
  14. Salutations members of the RPC! Firstly, let me say this will be my third post ever here on these lovely forums, and it's going to follow the same pattern as my previous two. I've come to notice that every year (strangely around this frame of time) I try to get back into FF14. My previous attempts yielded small result, and while I am ever grateful to people who reached out to me, or that were kind enough to respond to my outreach, it never seemed to turn out into something I felt lasting enough to keep me into the game. I feel this is mostly due to my personal issues, but either way, I've come into the game multiple times now to enjoy it for a few months but never find a place to call home and root me down. Anyway, that little intro aside, I'm here again and finding that Mateus is now an upcoming RP community (or rather an existing one that's growing rapidly?) and I'm taking a stab outside of my original Balmung character. My issue is that my actual time within the game is limited and sporadic. Over the past three years, I've been a part of the FF14 community for maybe, six months? My real knowledge of the game and of lore is quite lacking. Honestly, I find the game to be rather massive and intimidating, so I'm hoping to find some willing souls to take me under their wing. Teach me the lore, the ropes of the game itself, help me with dungeons and introduce me to 14's RP. I recently made a new character on Mateus, an Elezen male named Erraux Lamont, and the only idea I have in mind for him is that I want to be involved with chocobo. I remember that they're native to Ishgard, or Dra... something, so I figured Elezen would go well with it. I'd be interested in being a part of anybody's RP ideas, whether it be as a sibling/retainer/whatever can be used to introduce me to the community or story more. I'm located in the US-EST, and my job's hours make my playtime a little random, but I'll be making an effort to be on whenever possible. If this at all interests you, and you don't mind taking on my somewhat newbish self, please feel free to reach out here on the forum or on Discord at Halfway Decent#4369.
  15. Goosey101

    mateus Looking

    I took the free transfer so I could actually play the game for I work close to 60 hours a week so my time for playing is really limited. I wanted to ask if there were any role playing free companys or linkshells taking in members. I am normally on the game early morning or late nights depending on the day of the week. Thanks a bunch!
  16. Lolovachi

    mateus L'rheiz Tia

    I. Basic Info :chocobo: Characters: L'rheiz Tia Primary character: L'rheiz Tia Linkshells: None Currently Primary RP linkshell: None Currently II. RP Style :cactuar: Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy most of the time. I often lean towards a more comedic or light hearted style although I can get into more heavy storylines if I feel it's a proper direction to go. Views on RP combat and injuries: I don't do RP combat frequently. Prefer working things out OOCly before beginning any sort of combat scenarios to make sure everything goes smoothly for all parties. Views on IC romance: I have all the romance RP I need. Not interested in more of this kind of RP at this time. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Usually open to this type of RP. Especially if it involves Miqo'te tribal relations in some way. Views on lore: I'm still learning the finer points of the lore although my goal is to stick close to it. However I have no problem RPing with those that don't and never judge others for their characters or RP. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): The usual. /say usually IC. No linkshell yet. III. Other Info :tonberry: Country: United States Timezone: EST -5 Contact info: On here, In game, On Discord in the Mateus RP Hub. [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  17. Casilmont Lavidien

    mateus Casilmont Lavidien

    I. Basic Info Characters:Casilmont Lavidien Primary character:As above Linkshells:RPM, RPers United, HA:RP-OOC Primary RP linkshell:N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy-to-medium. Views on RP combat and injuries: Anything with a lasting effect on a character should and must be discussed/agreed upon first. Views on IC romance: A natural part of life. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): As above Views on lore: I prefer any established lore to be respected, though there is always room for some creative license when treated respectfully. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): In The Halcyon Assembly, we use our LS as our sole means of regular OOC chat. In general practice, unless in an OOC group/raid setting, all outward communication should be IC or ((OOC)) III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:EST Contact info:PM here or https://halcyon-assembly.enjin.com/ [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  18. Zeizei

    mateus Zeizei Zeloo

    I. Basic Info Characters:Zeizei Zeloo Primary character:Zeizei Zeloo Linkshells:HA:RP-OOC Primary RP linkshell:None yet [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy - I love intense story driven RP as much as I love light and goofy RP and often try to blend the two together. I also enjoy PVE content and if you see me running around in the world I may not be IC at that moment, but if you give me an OOC poke I could be! Views on RP combat and injuries: Injuries happen as does fighting. Ultimately I prefer to avoid this type of conflict in a “serious” player vs player context without discussion beforehand. Play fighting and rough housing such as slaps, bonks, upending buckets of water is just fine as is smashing NPC heads together! Views on IC romance: I’m fine with all kinds of RP as long as it remains IC. Romance happens; sometimes it’s light and casual sometimes it’s intense and passionate. Just don’t expect to get anywhere without taking the time to build some kind of IC relationship first. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): See above! Views on lore: I try to be correct but I am still new to FFXIV’s lore. That said, I’m not looking to get ultra-strict about it either. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say, /yell, /emote All IC unless denoted with (()) /tell OOC unless specifically stated otherwise (ie: So and so leans over to whisper is such and suches ear)) /linkshell Depends on the linkshell - IC linkshells are IC, OOC linkshells are OOC /FC - Depends on the FC, the one I’m in uses FC IC and a separate OOC linkshell [*] III. Other Info Country:Canada Timezone:-08:00 UTC (Pacific) Contact info:PM here or in game [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  19. [align=center] 'Outfit the Masses' [/align] Flyers of thin, crafted leather are disbursed by way of a towering Xaela around the major townships from Gridania to Ishgard calling to adventurers new and seasoned-- ~For three days only, the crafters of the Tradepost will be taking commissions for custom wares. From cloth ware, armorments, to simple accessories, no order will be refused as long as it is within reason. Refreshments and Entertainment will be provided by Boo's Brewery throughout the event, concluding each night with a gathering on the Beach.~ [align=center]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/align] [align=center]!!!Weekend Event!!! - 6/9-6/11/17 (10am-8pm CST)[/align] [align=center] Location: Ward 5 plot 31 in Mist [/align] [align=center]Host: Xaelan Tradecraft [/align] [align=center] We will be hosting a gear outfitting weekend for classes 15-50.[/align] [align=center]¤ Full 'Left' side set - 10k gil[/align] [align=center]¤ Full 'Right' side set - 5k gil[/align] [align=center]¤ Price for weapons vary[/align] ¤ FC leaders -- if interested in a large order for your members, an additional 10% discount on the total will be given. ( If commissioning a large order [ 10+ sets ] [align=center] Please contact Khantyer Dothral at least 3 days in advanced in game. [/align] [align=center][ Gathered items shared and donated in part by Frost Foundry ] [/align] [align=center]Come out and get geared \o/[/align]
  20. The Avalon Heritage Museum of Ul'dah will begin hosting a weekly tour IC for each starting city (rotating each week, and potentially expanding to hamlets or other cities depending on popularity and other factors). The purpose behind these 'tours' is three-fold. 1. To assist in promoting open world RP in central starting hubs. New Rpers passing by will no doubt get to see our 'tour' crowd navigating the city together IC, which will greatly assist in promoting Mateus RP as a whole. 2. To allow Rpers an opportunity to easily start mingling with others outside their immediate social circle. Each tour will have a midway 'break' for an IC lunch so people can freely mingle and try to expand their connections IC (and by extension, OOCly as well). 3. To promote lore. Avalon, being a heavy RP group and having the history preservation theme, will do its best to promote educational lore in an IC way that can be beneficial both IC and OOC. These lore tidbits talked about throughout the tour will consist largely of the city's government, historical facts one may find via in game text (leves/quests, npcs, flavor text, etc), and perhaps even promotion of other RP groups if they have any holdings in the respective city. Each tour will be heavily advertised via fliers throughout cities and hamlets. The cost (IC only for business purposes, no actual gil needed!) will be 500 gil per individual. That said, there's certainly no stopping someone who wishes to ICly bypass the fee to slip in unnoticed. RP will take place in /say chat. Should the event turnout be large, the tour guide will use /yell throughout the tour. We expect all participants to show respect to one another and remain IC as much as possible in the main chats. OOC should be marked with ((parenthesis like so)) and limited. Please keep all IC drama (attacks, brawls, or other disruptive material) out of this event. A day and time has yet to be chosen, as we begin looking into which day of the week will work best without conflicting with other public events. An update will come at a later time with more information.
  21. Because of apparent confusion as we grew larger and larger, along with respect to the wonderful people of the Hydaelyn RPC ( :love: ), I have changed the linkshell name over to RPM, instead of RPC. Hopefully this will lighten confusion, but if you go looking for us, please remember we are now RPM. Luv ya guys! :thumbsup:
  22. Tayang

    mateus Tayang Malqir

    I. Basic Info Characters: Tayang Malqir Primary character: Tayang Malqir Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. I love story driven RP but I also enjoy light/casual and random RP. I do play the game for its PVE as much as for the RP so if I'm running around in the world I'm not always in-character (I am approachable though - a simple tell and I'm usually willing to drop what I'm doing and switch to RP). Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm good with these as long as it isn't going to kill or physically disable my character; in those cases I'd prefer a bit of warning in advance as to the potential for it so I can decide whether to run with it or not. Otherwise I like to RP any plausible injuries exactly as they are; I'm not a fan of the magic pill so if my character gets hurt I'll play along with the injury until they can find a way to be fixed. Views on IC romance: If it makes sense, yes, but only if it makes sense and happens during the course of RP interactions. I would like to have characters at least meet and become friends first rather than go into RP with the intention of making them something specific beforehand - it feels forced otherwise. Additionally, while I'm not against ERP or those who enjoy that style of RP its not really my thing and I will just fade-to-black in those situations. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I am absolutely up for these, especially friends and would love for my character to have contacts, colleagues, acquaintances and friends to do things with in-game. For friends, just approach me in-game and we'll see how things RP out, but for family ties or past relationships (whether friend, acquaintance or colleague) please tell me beforehand so I a) know to expect it and b) we can talk about the details in advance. Views on lore: I like to try and stick to it as closely as possible. However, I believe that everyone is entitled to RP in a way that is fun for them - in other words, I try not to break lore with my own characters but I don't judge others who do. If I don't like something I think I'm mature enough to find a sensible IC way out of the situation (rather than leaving people in the lurch) and will go do something else. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I like to keep OOC out of /say and /em as much as possible and I do find it distracting when others do it around me. Additionally, if I'm involved in an RP that could be considered 'closed', or between the participants only, I would prefer to conduct it in party chat rather than /say or /em, as I consider RP in those channels, as it is publicly visible, to be open for others to jump in as they wish. III. Other Info Country: Canada Timezone: EST Contact info: Send a PM to me here or a tell in-game to Tayang Malqir. I am very keen to meet new people for PvE and for RP, so please don't be scared to send me whispers. [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  23. I. Basic Info Characters: Yuve'li Netahr (more to come) Primary character: Yuve'li Netahr Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy) I am a heavy roleplayer. I'm out of time right now, so I'll elaborate on this later, ahaha. Views on RP combat and injuries: RP Combat needs to be discussed beforehand to figure out the rules, as I am used to a "trust your partner to be reasonable" system. Injuries with no permanent effects are fine, but if anything is going to do lasting damage to a character, I mandate discussion. Views on IC romance: Though I won't actively seek out romance, it is never unwelcome. However, development of said romance must be gradual and an ongoing effort. You don't need to ask permission to have your character express romantic interest, but expect that it will be unrequited unless we have a conversation about it first! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): As long as it's discussed beforehand, I am very open to this. In terms of my characters, if I ever mention that my character doesn't know a certain individual very well, that's a cue that a PC can step into that role of the story. I welcome it! Views on lore: Lore is a fantastic general guileline. It's up to us as roleplayers to interpret that widescale worldbuilding and figure out what it would mean for an individual, how culture would shape the small sphere of influence around that one character. As such, though I may not adhere strictly to lore word-for-word, I will never be far-removed from the lore's potential reality. As such, I prefer my roleplay partners to have a similar respect for the story's lore, though this is not a hardset rule. Also, I observe trends in the RP community to develop my understanding of in-universe. If there's an influx of a certain race or a certain visual trend amongst the RP populace, I may take that as a brand of in-character 'lore'. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm honestly not used to linkshells, so I don't know how those work, but the benefit of an MMORPG is its chat function and emotes. As long as the means of communication are clear, though, I am flexible. III. Other Info Country: USA, except it's South Korea for the summer Timezone: EST, but GMT+5 for the summer Contact info: PM me on the forums or send me a message on Discord (Cieco #8504)! I want to keep this thread as clean as possible so that I can post updates as needed.
  24. Cillien Vaincannet

    Cillien Vaincannet

    I. Basic Info Characters: Cillien Vaincannet, Qhora Bajihri (Balmung) Primary character: Cillien Vaincannet Primary RP Free Company: The Immortals Linkshells: II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I would prefer heavy, but I'm adaptable. Views on RP combat and injuries: Prefer consent for any and all combat, but am willing to enter any kind of freeform or system combat if approached. I definitely don't need to win most (possibly any) fights, but I'm also not a fan of being nothing more than a punching bag. Views on IC romance: I'm not looking for it, but will wing it as appropriate if approached. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Of course. Anything with depth probably requires OOC discussion, but I'm up for most things. Views on lore: I like lore, so the more evidence of it there is in interactions, the happier I am, but I try not to be overly critical. Drastic lorebreaking might make me raise an eyebrow, but it won't usually chase me off entirely. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I try to assume IC unless stated otherwise, but will generally fall in line with however others appear to be using a given channel, no matter which channel it is. (()) bracketing always indicates OOC for me, but I try to avoid those as well unless needed. III. Other Info Country:Canada Timezone:EST/EDT - Kind of random. Contact info:PM here or tells if I'm online are fine.