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  1. I. Basic Info Characters: Uta Sakimuri, X'feng Vehren Primary character: Uta Sakimuri Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium - Heavy. Views on RP combat and injuries: No death or maiming unless expressly agreed to prior to the RP session. Injuries, including ones leaving scars, minor lasting effects or that entail a long recovery, are fine as long as they're discussed beforehand. Views on IC romance: If it develops naturally through RP or is plotted out beforehand, IC romance is perfectly fine! No ERP though, fade to black only! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Family ties are fine as long as I'm reached out to beforehand. My characters' histories and family relationships are pretty well established, but there are a lot of grey areas. For Uta, her family was very much mixed up in the Doman rebellion, on both sides. She has three brothers, one of whom is a pacifist and healer, with the other two having been on opposite sides of the conflict. Her father was a samurai, her mother a white mage, both on the side of the rebellion. Uta has lost contact with all five, assuming them all lost in the razing of Doma by the Garlean Empire. For X'feng, most of her family is in Ul'dah and Thanalan, and she left them on bad terms to pursue life as a pugilist instead of the family business as a dancer and entertainer. Views on lore: I tend to stick as much to the lore as possible with my characters, though being new to RPing in Eorzea I do make mistakes and might need a little help sometimes! I have no problem RPing with people who bend the lore a bit, unless it's something completely out-there (for instance, a character from a different game-verse or something of that nature). Outrageous claims of character identity, such as claiming to be a primal incarnate or something, will usually be viewed by my characters as delusional constructs of a damaged mind. They'll go along though, so as not to be rude! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): When using FC and LS, rules are rules and I abide by whatever they are. If the group is IC, then I'll be IC. If OOC, then you'll be dealing with ME, the player! ;D For general chat, I try to keep /say and emotes as IC as possible. Most of my OOC comments or chatter will usually be kept to either /party or /tells. If I make an OOC comment in general chat, it will always be surrounded by ((brackets)). III. Other Info Servers: Midgardsormr, Mateus Country: USA Timezone: EST Contact info: In game on any of my character names, PM me here, or find me on Telegram under "scarletwolfsong," or Discord under "Jassy#4620."
  2. Greetings and Salutations! The New Year brought me back to XIV as well as a transfer to Mateus. I've been looking around and conducting my own research to find Linkshells/FCs/Discord Servers/etc. to continue my RP career here on the Mateus server. Any assistance or guidance would be very much welcomed. About My Character: The Elezen Sellsword was born to the nation of Ishgard. The man was raised in a military family with his father groom him and his brothers to take up arms in the Temple Knights. After a compromising circumstance, his faith in the Holy See and the Temple Knights vanished; leaving the Elezen questioning his own morality, but soon found his own uncompromising code to follow by. At first glance, The Elezen Sellsword comes off as an intimidating figure due to the stern expression always upon his face and the scars which are found across his face. The truth is that the Elezen Sellsword is simply stoic by nature. He is reserved and pragmatic; only showing heavy emotion in trying situations which require a more unleashed personality. Alignment Lawful Neutral RP Style Mature — Thank you, and have a good day!
  3. So, I have done some minor rp in the past, but it's been a solid year since I have done it even somewhat regularly. To add to that, I am only JUST joining FFXIV. Actually, I am brand new to Final Fantasy in general. I have a couple rp characters set up, all though I am thinking my main is going to be my Au Ra girl, Haname Shirogane. I have a little bit of a personality and backstory set up for her, which is going to (hopefully) be a fun twist to a big trope in storytelling. I want to build a lot of it as I go, as I find it keeps it exciting for me, but I have the big plot points of her story set up already. I do know basic roleplay etiquette as well. Basically I am wanting to know what other roleplayers look for in someone new to rp with? What do you look for in a character? Do you generally prefer more assertive or meek characters? Do you prefer players who are highly literate and detailed in their roleplay or do you prefer to keep it detailed but without all the extra bells and whistles? What kind of points should I make certain to include in character profiles as well as things I should research as I am still very new to FFXIV. Is there any kind of roleplay etiquette that applies to FFXIV that you don't see on other platforms that I should be aware of? Is there anything else I should be aware of? I know I want to do semi-paragraph styled roleplay, I like everyday rp, battle rp, dark rp and the VERY occasional ERP, but that's about all I am certain of coming into this new platform. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and if you are interested in rping with me, feel free to let me know Thank you!
  4. Looking for long term romantic interest. Nothing that starts off instantly as "hey lets be together and erp". Am in it for the story building, relationship development and overall rp story & plot creation. ***Vadi'a Voxhumi*** Gender: Male Age: 21 Race: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Height: 5ft 5in Build: Fit but slender Orientation: Homosexual Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Apprentice to Amane Hidekatsu For more info click the link below please!~ Contact me via Discord: Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://vadia.carrd.co/
  5. ((This event is running when the Tavern is open; mainly Wednesday and Saturday evenings EST. We welcome everyone to come have fun.)) The Bear's Den invites you to take our 96 oz Steak Challenge. If you think you've got what it takes to dominate the steak, let your server know prior to ordering. Challenge Rules & Participation You have 60 minutes** in order to completely demolish a grilled prime cut of Aldgoat steak. No one can help you eat the steak , no one can assist you in cutting the steak or feeding you pieces. You must sit in a designated spot as directed by staff. You cannot get up from your chair during the challenge. You do not have to eat the fat. But it will be checked for meat. If you finish it, your meal is free and your picture goes up on our Wall of Fame. Fail, and you must pay for the steak; 1550 gil. You can take the leftover home but you cannot finish eating them on the premises. If you are going to be sick, please use the receptacle that will be provided to you at the start of the challenge. You will have lost the challenge at this point. ___________________________________________________________________ ~ Now for the OOC Part ~ **For RP purposes, the ooc time for the challenge is 30 minutes in real time. Challenge OOC Rules & Participation You must inform a member of the tavern staff that you wish for your character to take the challenge. You will then be asked to move to a designated area/seat. This is to help with chat spam and to allow staff to be able to monitor your emotes and rolls. There are 3 "rounds" to this event. Please read this section carefully. At the start of the challenge, you will be allotted 10 minutes to emote receiving the steak, settling in, cutting it, and to begin eating it. Emote to your heart's content whatever it is you feel your character would do digging into a 96oz grilled steak. At the ten minute mark, a staff member will "check in" with you - at this time you will do a /random to roll. If your random roll falls between 1 and 499 - you will proceed to the next 10 minute round. If you roll 500 or more - you have failed the challenge and should emote accordingly. Again, for the next 10 minutes , emote to your heart's content. By now your character may be getting kinda full. They may begin to feel nauseated or they're still hungry. At the twenty minute mark, a staff member will "check in" with you again. This time you will do another /random roll. If your random roll falls between 500 and 749, you will proceed to the next 10 minute round. If your roll is between 1 - 499 or 750 - 1000 - you have failed the challenge and should emote accordingly. Again, for the last ten minutes , you should be emoting how your character is feeling after getting all that steak down! At the thirty minute mark, your server will come back to check in for the final time. It is time you will do the last /random roll. YOU MUST ROLL BETWEEN 750 AND 1000 IN ORDER TO HAVE WON THE CHALLENGE. If your roll is between 1 and 749 - you have failed the challenge and should emote accordingly. Comments, questions, concerns? Please contact me via DM. Rules are subject to change.
  6. Priae

    [Mateus] The Jeweled Cypress

    In short, The Jeweled Cypress is a bi-weekly tavern night hosted by the Chimera organization in an attempt to gain further clients and / or employees. It is held every other Sunday at 7PM EST on the bottom floor of our Free Company Estate located at the address above and further information is updated on our event thread as linked below. ♥ For more information, click here!
  7. Hello there and thank you for checking this out! I'm breaking out in to the Mateus RP seen though I am not new to the game or RP in general. My usual RP medium has been forums for quite a while, though I do delve into MMO RP on Balmung where I main (M'Shugo Jutah). As for what sort of RP I'm interested in? At this point I am willing to accept anything that comes my way, though I would prefer a long term RP partner for romance plots that develop naturally and don't feel rushed (this is a major motivator for my character which will be revealed later!) I am available at least 3 times a week on Mateus 7pm CST-whenever. I am always available on Discord (which is the best way to reach me) @Hufflepug#5984. I am also on tumblr @beastmasterbu A little about my character: Name: Bukha Noykin Age:24 Status:Single Sexuality:Heterosexual Due to circumstances and the superstitions of elders, she was excommunicated from her tribe when she was 10. Rumor is that she is a bad omen and even though she has tried to instill herself in other tribes, she is rarely welcomed or included due to this. Animals are her constant companions and she is passionate about their care. She has a unique connection with beasts and is a talented tamer of nearly all creatures. As she never really had a tribe or community to lean on, it is something she is always searching for. At present she is in the Nuur Khuudas tribe and while they are nice and welcoming, she still feels very much the outsider due to her own insecurities. She also wishes for a family to call her own and looks for a partner that can see past what she is rumored to be to who she truly is inside. Personality wise she is very reserved and quiet and prefers to remain in the background rather than being the center of attention. She is curious about tribal and eorzean way of life as she is not experienced in either areas. Because of this, she can be naive about certain situations. She attempts to make sense of people and their own motivations as she doesn't understand them well either. If this strikes anyone's fancy, please shoot me a PM on Discord and we can plot things out!
  8. Bearry

    Oh, hellooo

    Hi nice to meet you all! I know there is a world visit feature coming out soon which I'm hoping to take advantage of in order to drop into Mateus or Balmung, but as of right now my character exists only on Zalera (for the 'preferred server' bonus). If the world visiting ends up proving difficult I may try to use my free world transfer to get on one of them. MMORPG background: Roughly 11 years familiar with MMORPGs and relatively new to FFXIV in that I don't have a character at lvl 70 in any job/class yet. I'm not finished with the main scenario either but I'm working on getting through only story quests right now so I can be caught up with the lore history before I start to seriously roleplay with others. RP experience: I've been roleplaying and writing characters for 14 years now- on forums, instant messenger, blogging websites, and in personal situations. I'm brand new to roleplaying on an MMO though despite wanting to for a few years. Finally trying to get over my anxieties about it. Character ideas/info: Bearry is a clan-mixed Lalafell who fits into the lifestyle description of "simple farmboy". He is generally new to Aldenard experiences as a whole at this time considering he spent the majority of his life with his father on the southern islands in the Rhotano Sea. Despite actually being born in Gridania he has only lived there for the last two years, however he's made the travel to visit a few times in the past due to his mother living in the city-state. If you want to learn more details about him I suggest clicking the wiki link in my signature but keep in mind I'm still working on writing out his history summary. He is a fairly fleshed out character in history and personality already so you could say I've got ideas going forward. How did you learn about the coalition? A close friend of mine showed the wikipedia/this website to me after I started sharing character ideas with him. We're gonna do some roleplaying together as well so all these resources have been a great help and inspiration. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Probably medium to heavy, although OOC chatter is usually welcome especially if it involves roleplay or character related things! Sentences and paragraphs are both okay as I'll tend to copy whatever style my roleplay partners use, for convenience sake. As an extra note I would prefer to be as immersed as possible when not having OOC discussions, therefore I'm not likely to do anything that goes against Bearry's wishes. Maybe I'll get to interact with the bigger roleplay community in the future when world visiting opens up, granted that everything goes well with population load and all.
  9. January: Heavensturn Celebration Date: Jan. 6th (Sunday) Time: 6:00pm PST Location: Mist: W15//P5 Each month the Onsen will be hosting special events on a Sunday once per month! During these events special cocktails, music (via spotify playlist), activities, etc. will be hosted! For our first special event; we will be hosting an outdoors festival for Heavensturn. Join us while we ring in the new year in our outdoor onsen! We will have four accessible outdoor hotsprings, open bar, seating for you to enjoy the yearly fireworks during the evening. If you are so inclined feel free to enjoy the evening at the private cliff-house beach below the onsen! *Please note our indoors will be closed for this event but we will have changing rooms accessible. *Yugi or Swimwear is required. !!! ~ * ~ Special Drink Menu ~ * ~ !!! *Appetizers: Normal Snacks from our Main Menu. No full dishes. (Can be found below)
  10. Krimmzon

    My first steps in Eorzea...

    Hello there, everyone! You can, uh, call me Krimmzon, and I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV (after years of being on the fence and trying it a few times, and finally buying the game for super cheap on gmg) to scratch that ol' MMO itch. MMORPG background I've been playing MMOs for years. I dabbled very briefly in Everquest, but my first actual experience was in the ORIGINAL Runescape. I went on from there to get heavily into Guild Wars, then into World of Warcraft around the release of The Burning Crusade, and since then I've tried my hand at pretty much every MMO on the market, even some more obscure ones. I usually gravitate towards healers and such, but roleplay is my first love. RP experience I've been roleplaying in one form or another for about as long as I've been playing video games. Whether it be Dungeons and Dragons (my first experiences being in 3rd edition), forum based roleplaying (which is where I met my girlfriend), or taking my first steps in MMO roleplaying through World of Warcraft, I consider myself to be exceptionally experienced in the craft of both writing and roleplaying. Character ideas/info This one is still a big mystery for me, and something I hope to feel out as I learn the lore and get a feel for the world. Ideally, I like to play intelligent characters that are either magically inclined, or mechanically inclined, and enjoy trying to realize them as thoroughly as possible. I haven't nailed anything down, and in fact I deleted my old trial character and made one from scratch because of a silly name and issues with appearance just before writing this, so I don't even have anything mechanically down! How did you learn about the coalition? Google, and experience with there being roleplaying communities out there for MMOs. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) I enjoy heavy roleplaying, in both freeform and longterm, story-driven formats. I love guilds (or the equivalent) who run in-depth storylines and lend themselves to a progression of both their own stories, and the stories of characters. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) My biggest hobbies are video games and Dungeons and Dragons, as well as writing (in an amateur capacity), reading, and listening to music. I'm currently working on a Surgical Technologist certification, studying for my exam and such, and just trying to get ahead in a life that is so very hellbent on breaking me down. Hope to hear from some of you folks, and perhaps make some early friends in-game!
  11. I'm a fairly new player to Mateus and I've been looking for someone interested in roleplaying with me. I'm interested in a long term romantic RP and I'm open to more ERP and darker themes. I'm only interested in a MLM relationship for my boy. I'm on the Mateus server and I'm fairly active most days of the week right now. But I can also be contacted through Discord, if you PM me for that.
  12. Dwassyith Swanra

    Crystal Datacenter EUROPEAN Discord

    Hello everybody! Other friends and I have noticed that the European population on Balmung and Mateus is fairly scattered. It seems quite difficult to find each other, especially for newcomers who don't really know where to look. So, we have decided to create a Discord server structured in a very simple and straightforward way, with the intention to gather all European Roleplayers on the Crystal Datacenter, which includes Balmung, Mateus and any other less populated world on the aforementioned Datacenter. We will all benefit by being able to find each other more easily, literally just one click away. The server was created today, so it's still work-in-progress and it's in need to grow! We need your help and the help of your friends to make this server grow and welcome every European roleplayer who would like to easily find others of the same timezone on the busy Crystal Datacenter. Please pass the word to whoever might be willing to join us! We also need the following roles: Lore-gurus: someone with an extensive knowledge of the lore who can accurately reply to any questions related to it. Moderators: We are small so one more should be fine! But under the circumstances that we will grow further, then we will keep this position open. Expert game players: Especially for newcomers approaching the game for the first time, these are a figure of reference that can be of great help! Chatterboxes: Folks who never grow tired to happily chit-chat with others! ... And just about anyone and everyone! Join up and help us reaching out for every RPer in the Crystal datacenter! EU Crystal RPC
  13. Steel Bear Ent

    mateus Steel Bear Enterprises

    FC Name: Steel Bear Enterprises Tag: <SB-RP> Leader's Name: Berduta Swordhand Officer(s): Lily Chalahko, Dodokota Bebekota Type: Medium to Heavy RP FC (Mature ) Active Times : 8pm-?? EST - we do have a couple that play during AM hours. Company Website : https://steelbearent.wixsite.com/sb-rp Recruitment: Open Themes: Trade/Commerce, Mercenary, Tavern, Slice of Life , Alignment: Neutral/Morally Gray IC Background: Steel Bear Enterprises is an Ala Mhigan run trade company operating out of Ul'dah. The company fills orders from all manner of customers, whether it be a large order for armors to outfit a private army, or an order to use "other means" to persuade someone to relinquish an item a customer requests. No order is too large or too small! The company accepts anyone looking for work: crafters, gatherers, mercenaries, pirates, tavern wenches, the list is endless. OOC Info: - 18/21+ players only. We are looking to grow the FC's story through cross FC events and contacts, but we also want to help our players develop their characters' personal stories. We accept new players to FFXIV as well as new Roleplayers. This is not an ERP focused FC. We have a medium FC house where we host a tavern, workshop and market room which we use to host server wide RP events. This helps facilitate making contacts among the community and continue to grow as a FC as well as broaden our RP connections. Our FC's story features combat RP in different settings; DM events in game, Discord RP enhancement. We are looking for a variety of characters from all walks of life - Mercenary Merchants Skilled Craftsmen & Apprentices Tavern work Slice of Life Visit our website for more details about how the company functions, our different departments and other great information. If you're interested or want more information, there are several ways to contact us; Discord: @Penorf#6192 or Rhen#5872 In-game : Any member can talk to you about the FC. They will be able to get the leader or an officer to chat with you.
  14. Hey guys! I'm a formerly very active player from Mateus/Gilgamesh/Balmung. I'm not actually actively playing FFXIV right now, mostly holding out for the next expansion while I handle other stuff on my backlog, but I love the setting and miss RP so much I figured it couldn't hurt to throw up a classified ad here. Hopefully this isn't against the rules, if so feel free to let me know! I'm looking for someone to do some longer term RP with via email or Discord, or both depending on circumstances, with a possibility of moving it to in-game stuff from time to time if I can't resist the itch or after Shadowbringers launches. I prefer an RP partner that's about as literate as me and I generally write 1-3 paragraphs per post so someone who can match that would be ideal. It's been a long time since I last played or RP'd seriously so I don't really have a "main" guy in mind, but would be more than glad to hash out ideas for a character or a plot with people via PMs or something. Heck, that's almost half the fun when arranging RP like this, isn't it? I'm pretty open to any type or genre of RP, and am always down to try new stuff either way, so if you've been looking for a guinea pig to try an idea you've had on for a while I can be your guy! I enjoy everything from dark drama, action adventure, to fluffy romance stuff and everything in between, though as I said before I do prefer a longer term thing that allows for a lot of character growth. If it matters, I tend to play straight male characters and they're generally Hyur, Elezen, AuRa or Miqo'te. So whether you're just looking for a little RP to do on the side to flesh out a character or are in the same boat as me and looking for an RP buddy that won't flake out on you, gimme a PM or post in here and let's make something happen!
  15. Roleplayer

    LF Adventuring Mentor

    Well met! I am looking for an adventuring mentor for my teen Keeper girl. Having lived in Ul'dah for most of her life, she is ready to make her way out into the world, preferably as an adventurer. She is not especially skilled in combat but with the right training, she may become a formidable fighter at her mentor's side. I am happy for her to learn some physical combat but mostly want her to focus on eventually becoming a somewhat skilled arcanist/summoner. I do not require her mentor to be an arcanist/summoner. Essentially, I would just like my girl to be a type of squire for the mentor, taking care of little tasks for them, including cooking and cleaning, though be warned she is not an especially good cook! I do not mind if the mentor is kind or gruff. I am available for both in-game and Discord RP. My character is available on Mateus as well as Balmung. Please take a look at her wiki for more information about her: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Ki_Rin Feel free to message me here if you are interested!
  16. Hey all I'm new to the game, new to the lore, new to everything except how to RP. Go easy on me, eh? I have a Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon named Naromi Vosu on Mateus. She's part of a small nomadic clan in the Black Shroud who makes her living primarily through hunting/trapping... sometimes outside of the law. Because Gridanian laws are stupid. *sage nod* Naromi likes stargazing and knows a bit about local plants and woodworking. She's a little shrewd, a little rough and tumble, a lot nervous and haughty around strange male Miqo'te, and a little reserved in the city. I'm interested in finding connections for her, be they other Keepers (maybe members of her clan, fellow wanderers, or those integrated in Gridanian society and therefore suspicious as heck), people she might do business with either below or above the table, or random adventurers wandering around her ever-rotating hunting grounds. OOCly, I'm easygoing and low drama. I can adjust my writing style to fit my partners', length-wise, but no one-liners please unless the dialogue is really moving along. I'm naturally inclined towards a paragraph or so, but I don't really do purple prose. I'm open to pretty much anything that makes logical sense in RP, but if the scene is going to be more than a casual encounter it's nice to chat oocly first about everyone's expectations. My playtimes are ~8p to 1a EST. I have discord (Bebe#8999)or you can PM me or something! How do you even forum??
  17. Aurelle Vaux

    mateus The Hemlock Hold <HOLD>

    Welcoming the newest business venture of the esteemed Vaux Estate, The Hemlock Hold officially opens it doors to clients and potential employees of this mercantile giant. Bolstering a wide array of both technological marvels, and unique high quality goods, The Hemlock Hold welcomes both a wide array of merchandise for specialized or general consumers. Still curious of The Hemlock Hold's products, then do come check out one of the public showings of the newest and greatest they have to offer. - Advertisement flyer THE HEMLOCK HOLD The Hemlock Hold is a smaller mercantile business focused primarily on constructing and selling militarized based assets or tools for the purpose of war or simply defense. Founded by the Vaux family of Ishgard this business is quickly making its name known through the streets and ears of mercenaries and warring factions alike. Given the high standard placed upon the Hemlock Hold due to their clients they need only the best of, crafters, traders, mechanics, designers in the like. In terms of other positions needed, like all good trading companies they will need access to a few guards to keep the buildings and caravans safe. Behind a rigorous set of standards and a goal for success both employee and client alike will always be sure to expect the absolute best of The Hemlock Hold. As to be expected in a field of this nature there can be much competition at times, and it is up to those competing to do whatever they can to stay ahead. As such the Vaux estate has been interested in hiring those to find products that may be harder to acquire such as illegal goods, live test subjects, or simply remove the competition all together. About us The Hemlock Hold is a fairly new FC only having started a few months ago by the two leading members, Lady Aurelle Vaux and Edward Veanair. During such it was decided that Hold would remain a smaller RP heavy FC looking to have at max around 35 - 45 members depending. Given the goal to keep the group tight knit and small we are actually looking for other FCs who may be interested in partnerships and otherwise possible clients/contractors that Hold could hire or sell to. Our current member pool is filled with a set of highly active members most on every night or a simply message away from being able to jump into RP or assist in whatever you may have planned for the evening. As an important note, given the developing state of the FC events will be less coming in the first few months, but we very much an intention of hosting events as things begin to stabilize. What we look for Active members - Given Hold is meant to be a smaller FC finding those who can otherwise be active a few days a week is a must. Variety of characters - Since Hold is a merchant FC first we are primarily looking for characters with IC crafting professions and skills to provide to others. With all of that said we are likely to limit our recruitment of guard or mercenary type characters overall. Maturity - An important part of the FC will be the goal of working with other FCs and ensure those in the FC can experience proper development as characters. With that said we expect all members to maintain a certain level of maturity when interacting both within HOLD or with other FC. Theme conscious members - Since we do focus on some darker themes we would prefer our members to be 18+. Innovative/Creative - Both the officers and GM will be looking to host events and keep RP interesting. However we are always open to suggestions from members and would enjoy ones who don't mind tossing ideas out. Open Attitude - While we will handle any issues that may arise. We stand by the thought that RP is suppose to be fun, so as long as people are having fun OOC then it's fair play. Joining/Point of contact Once again given the preferred size of HOLD we currently have more rigid recruitment standards.If you are interested in joining we will first ask a few basic OOC questions just to get a feel for you and a general idea of your character. If you are a right fit OOCly then we will move onto to a short RP for the sake of recruitment and to feel out IC interaction. If all goes well then we will happy welcome you to our ranks. We hope that by having such a process we can find those who might be truly interested or dedicated to our the FC and its ideals, along with giving a taste of what to expect from HOLD as a FC. Despite these rigid standards I do want to say first that we still welcome those who are interested to apply even if you are unsure if it is a right match, we will do what is possible to see if it can work out, and if not then there is no issue. In the event we go through the process both IC and OOC and find there just isn't a proper fit we hope you understand that there are no hard feelings OOC and will are still happy to RP with you at any time. For more detailed information please message. [GM]: Aurelle Vaux or Vile#6835 on discord. (I am otherwise open to messages at anytime either in game or on discord if I am not online. Please do attempt in game methods before moving to discord messages, thank you) If you are for some reason unable to reach me via discord or whispers in game seek out Aurelle Vaux often located at the sands. ((Thanks to the Obsidian Court for a template to make this ad))
  18. Q’ruhka Tia Yes I stole this from my tumblr The Basics Age: 25 Birthday: Fifth Astral Moon, 23rd Sun Race: Miqo’te Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual, leans towards homoromantic Marital Status: Single Physical Appearance Hair: Cream white Eyes: Bright blue and gold Height: 5′5″ Build: Lithe Distinguishing Marks: Two small crossed scars on his cheek Common Accessories: Nothing but what he can carry Personal Profession: Wanderer, occasional crafter Hobbies: Finding new things to craft, soaking up sun on the beach, drinking Languages: Common Residence: None Birthplace: Southern Sagoli Religion: None Patron Deity: Oschon, technically Fears: Family, Nuhns, talking about his past Relationships Spouse: None Children: Never Parents: His mother is probably still alive, father is supposedly unknown Siblings: Yeah, probably, he doesn’t care to know Other Relatives: Probably the majority of the Puk tribe Pets: Does a wind up airship count? Traits Extroverted / In Between / Introverted Disorganized / In Between / Organized Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded Calm / In Between / Anxious Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable Cautious / In Between / Reckless Patient / In Between / Impatient Outspoken / In Between / Reserved Leader / In Between / Follower Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic Traditional / In Between / Modern Hard-working / In Between / Lazy Cultured / In Between / Uncultured Loyal / In Between / Disloyal Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful Additional information Smoking Habit: Not interested Drugs: Never tried Alcohol: Frequently RP Hooks Flirty Lush: A bar crawl is a common night for Q’ruhka, Preferring The Drowning Wench, but he’s often found in The Quicksand as well. He’ll hit on near anyone, but for all his talk he usually leaves the bar alone as well, but maybe he’ll be good for a laugh at least. Tribeless Wanderer: A long time ago, a Nuhn and some faithful women decided to create an offshoot tribe, designated Qu’. It fell apart near a decade later, the Nuhn having mysteriously died, and most others scattering, only a few returning to the mother tribe. Q’ruhka insists he was born of the mother tribe, but refuses to return. Miqo’te, those familiar with Seeker customs, and especially Puk tribe members, know he has a story to tell, the trick is getting him to talk about it. New Crafter: Q’ruhka finds the most comfort in sequestered crafting and gathering, but he won’t say no to a mentor that he knows he can respect. Airship Dreams: What’s better for a wanderer than an airship? Able to sail anywhere, anytime, unchained by anyone or anything! Well, if he could ever afford it, that is. Perhaps working on an airship for a while could scratch that itch? Beach Cat: Though he may never be able to afford a full airship himself, maybe one day he could snag an apartment near Limsa Lominsa. Or, crash in someone’s house even, but he knows owning one is a far off dream too. Until then, he’ll hang around the coast to soak up the sun. More info on me can be found here-
  19. Cheeseowl

    Q'ruhka Tia [Mateus]

    I. Basic Info Characters: Q'ruhka Tia Primary character: Q'ruhka Tia Linkshells: None yet, currently looking Primary RP linkshell: None yet, currently looking II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy preferred. I'm an experienced forum RPer, used to multiple paragraphs of text at a time, but I'd to try more ingame things Views on RP combat and injuries: Not big on /rand combat, superficial injuries doable Views on IC romance: Yes please! I prefer, slower, natural romances, especially with angst. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Family will be difficult with his backstory, but friends/mentors are welcome. Others of the Puk tribe would likely be distant relatives, he could possible have a younger sibling. Views on lore: New to lore, but I try to stick to canon when possible, I'm not going to be strict on it though. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): New to RPing on a game, but wanting to try linkshells and discord. /say or /tell should be fine in game, I imagine, I'm looking for linkshells and free companies as well. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: EST Contact info: /tell or mail in game, message here, or my discord (CheeseOwl#3984). Ruhka has a tumblr (https://qruhkatia.tumblr.com/) you can attempt to message me there or on my pillowfort (https://www.pillowfort.io/CheeseOwl)
  20. Evil Vixxen

    mateus [Mateus] RP FOUND

    Found many friends. Thank you all!~ Contact me here or in discord Evil_Vixxen#0693
  21. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our Thursday Social Hour starting at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Please enjoy our izakaya or soak in our indoor hotsprings (sento!), perhaps a visit to our outdoor amenities through our onsen? If you haven’t yet, please try out our dry and wet sauna on our top floor. If that doesn’t fancy you and you’re of need of healing of either body or mind… Please consider our Wellness Center. We offer general healing, shiatsu, acupuncture, divination, and various other natural remedies. Server: Mateus Date: Thursdays Time: 7:30PM Pacific Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/ **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  22. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our Thursday Social Hour starting at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Please enjoy our izakaya or soak in our indoor hotsprings (sento!), perhaps a visit to our outdoor amenities through our onsen? If you haven’t yet, please try out our dry and wet sauna on our top floor. If that doesn’t fancy you and you’re of need of healing of either body or mind… Please consider our Wellness Center. We offer general healing, shiatsu, acupuncture, divination, and various other natural remedies. Server: Mateus Date: Thursdays Time: 7:30PM PST Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/ **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  23. edit: oops I went and posted in the wrong thingy, delete please