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  1. Male X Male Mature Themes Long Term Multi Para Discord In Game Please contact me here or in discord for interest, if discord doesnt show my tag then PM me here with yours and I'll contact you asap. Evil_Vixxen#0693 All further information can be found within the character's carrd found below. https://z-x.carrd.co/
  2. until
    Server: Mateus Date: 1st Saturday of the Month Time: 3:30PM Pacific Time Zone Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Please enjoy our amenities at half off our normal rate! Special Menu
  3. until
    ☼ Uranami Onsen’s 1st Early Bird Special!☼ The Staff of Uranami Onsen wishes to humbly invite you and your’s to our first Early Bird Special (EST friendly) event! These events will be held starting officially October 1st, each first Saturday of the month. ICly they will be situated as an early-morning riser event and will provide a limited select menu of breakfast items. Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Server: Mateus Date: Sept. 21st Time: 3:30pm Pacific https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/post/187423892773/uranami-onsen-1st-early-bird-special-92
  4. ☼ Uranami Onsen’s 1st Early Bird Special!☼ The Staff of Uranami Onsen wishes to humbly invite you and your’s to our first Early Bird Special (EST friendly) event! These events will be held starting officially October 1st, each first Saturday of the month. ICly they will be situated as an early-morning riser event and will provide a limited select menu of breakfast items. Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Server: Mateus Date: Sept. 21st Time: 3:30pm Pacific https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/post/187423892773/uranami-onsen-1st-early-bird-special-92
  5. I. Basic Info Characters: Y'Vhara Shikhu Primary character: Y'Vhara Shikhu Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. I'd love to find longer-term partners to RP with to properly grow and craft a story together. Views on RP combat and injuries: Totally on board. Haven't done any RP combat before, but stuff happens and I'm cool with it. Views on IC romance: I do enjoy it, but I don't push it. It's gotta make sense IC Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Hell yeah! Views on lore: I try to stick as close as I can, but I'm happy to manipulate things that don't make sense or are just plain dumb. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm cool with using chat, although I find it a bit clunky and prefer mediums like discord and stuff, it's all cool! III. Other Info Country: AUS Timezone: GMT+10 Contact info: Discord: Lianna#0001 About Y'Vhara: You may notice, first of all, that Y'vhara bears a Miqo'te name. She is loath to share the reasons for such a thing. You might also notice her eyes covered with a blindfold, although she moves and fights relatively unimpeded. Y'vhara is a Viera, born in Ala Mhigo of all places. She is is generally a kind, forgiving person, warm and open, although she has no time for fools and idiots, and tends to indulge in sarcasm and sass from time to time. Her backstory is deliberately left blank, as it is complex and something that you will have to earn from her IC. She is primarily a red mage, although she dabbles in astrology as well. Other: I am new to RP within FFXIV, although I have been RPing in various other formats and fandoms for many years, so hopefully this, as my first foray into FFXIV, will be fun! Please don't be afraid to contact me either in-game or through discord!
  6. Windward Horizon Proprietors of The Rose & Thorn tavern. Salvagers of land and sea. Who we are: Windward Horizon is a salvage and trade based company, operating out of The Rose & Thorn tavern. The two businesses work in tandem to bring in plentiful coin and bounty for those that call these walls home. What we're looking for: Interested in joining our ranks? We welcome characters from all walks of life and alignments. Any who are looking for some adventure, coin and a family to join are welcome to apply. We are a brand new FC seeking members to fill our ranks and make a start to our crew! Looking for both social and heavier roleplayers, so if you're interested, fill out our short application below, or get in contact with us for more information on what we hope to achieve in our guild! Examples of IC positions we're looking to fill: Entertainers Tavern staff Salvaging crew Pilots Engineers Medical staff Security Our focus right now: Our focus is on our RP setting, and providing an immersive experience for members. At the present time while we're recruiting for the FC and getting a group together, you can expect light to medium RP (Tavern Rp - training/sparring events - small scale salvaging operations) to take place. Along with that, you can expect us to have a light focus on PvE and content. (Raids, maps, crafting etc). Get in contact! Please feel free to use any of the below methods to get in contact with us for more information, or to apply! Discord - Mirshandri#7315 (FC admin) Discord - Caparzo#9713 (FC admin) Carrd website - https://windward.carrd.co/ Our IG location - MATEUS, Goblet, Ward-6, plot-6 (Feel free to come have a look around the premises!) Member application - https://forms.gle/FAzVv9TZGHmUdYFd7
  7. Wall of text, thank you for taking the time to read through!~ Looking for long term rp contact for my main miqo'te lad. I do have a heavy plot line going for him that explores various ideas of SMN ability in reference to primals (ifrit focused) so there is some lore bending and whatnot but I do try not to break lore entirely. He is homosexual, so any romance or physical interactions would be with males only, no exceptions to this for this particular character. Please do NOT message if you're going to be ERP focused or want to ERP every time we meet for RP. While I do enjoy ERP plots, I do not wish for such a theme to take over the RP for this character, a little that makes sense for the story progression at times is fine though! Di'a is a miqo'te lad that appears in his late teens though his personality and actions sometimes hint at him being older than appearance lets on. He has bright crimson hair tipped in silver that lays messily about his face and often has a few braids or beads or feathers woven through it here or there as little accents to his appearance. He is of average height, at about 5fulms (feet) and his build is fit and lightly toned but not overly muscular. His skin is a soft cream color and he has freckles sprinkled over his nose, cheeks, shoulders, upper back and back of his neck, and over his stomach and upper inner thighs. His tail is long a sleek, crimson and silver tipped same as his hair and he has one deep emerald green eye while the other has a scar over it and is a milky white though it's always covered by his messy hair, he is blind in this eye. He has a spunky carefree personality most of the time, is a bit of a clutz and danger magnet and acts as he looks. Like a youth who has no clue what the heck he is doing and just bumbles through life all willy nilly like. He does however run a small Tribal Community Hub where he helps give work, home, refuge, and a place to be chaotic to weary tribal people trying to make their way into the public eye a bit more. He's got a talent for deciphering and reading many ancient texts and identifying the authenticity of old relics and artifacts from many a past civilization (training all his early life via his family's business ->more can be found out via rp<-). He's quite easy to befriend though getting closer than that takes some time and work as, while he'll openly tell you all his secrets he has a sort of...."keep your distance" feel to him that is a bit difficult to get past. He's an open book but has found that when you share information you tend to get information in exchange and so often knows more about the goings on about him than his foolish appearance lets on. He also has a tiny flaming carbuncle atop his head or shoulder nearly at all times. His faithful companion is usually harmless and friendly but remember it is a carbuncle and should not be taken lightly! (I use the lesser panda minion as an IC prop for this ^^) More can be found in his carrd along with screens of his appearance, glam choices, and recent art of him. If you've any questions or wish to start an RP (or even join in on the soon to be starting plot line -> or want more info on that<-) message me here via private message or DM me in discord (if discord doesn't work then poke me here. Sometimes my info doesn't pop up T.T) @ Evil_Vixxen#0693 and I'll get back to you asap! I do discord & in game RP however I'm looking for mainly in game RP with supplimental discord RP between posts or when schedules conflict. I have a thing for getting screenshots of this particular character and would love to include more of him with others. Be it friends, enemies, a mentor, a student, a lover or more please reach out to me! https://dia-v.carrd.co/
  8. Hey folks! I still haven't had a chance to dip my toes into rping in game yet.. BUT I figure here'd be a good place to start! As new as I am to rping in an mmo, ( as well as being a bit ill informed on the lore ) I think i'll just warm up by starting rps casual to light. Just looking for friends to have fun adventures with, but im definitely interested in going long term and heavy if I get invested enough! Here are a couple character ideas so far: Name: Ylva Littleroot <ill-vuh> ( Carrd ) Race: Hyur - Midlander Age: 25 Gender: Female Height: 5"4 Weight: 131 lbs // 59 kg Orientation: Figuring things out. Personality + Outgoing + compassionate + inquisitive - stubborn - naive - impetuous Back story RP Intent; I plan on making Ylva my proxy character for learning the lore of the game. I've yet to decide on any proper rp hooks for her, but i'd be open to suggestions as i go! At the moment, she's a level 70 bard with content up to stormblood unlocked- That'll hopefullly give enough me enough content to work with as far as exploring Eorzea goes! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Qihna Jehani <kee-na> - <je-ah-nee> ( Carrd (Backstory currently a WIP)) Age: 24 Gender: Female Height: 5"5 Weight: 127 lbs Orientation: Not at the forefront of her mind. Personality + cunning + resolute + opportunistic - unscrupulous - crude - ill tempered - untrusting RP Intent; Backstory is still a wip! I kind of envisioned her as an Ul'dah street rat; pick pocketing and doing dirty work to make her own ends meet. One idea I might have to support that is a sister that'd be caught up in a ridiculous debt situation. Life hanging in the balance and all that- BUT definitely down to brainstorm story ideas with folks to flesh her out more! I'd also love to work with some more villainy/morally grey themes with her! So far she's only level 10 though, so the amount of stuff i can access is pretty limited. Here's a picture of Qihna down below~ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All that aside, I'm not too keen on ERP for either, but am willing to play around with a naturally developed romance for both characters wherever/whenever applicable. If anyone's interested, my discord for all this will be Littleroot#8447 ! I tend to pop on every other day around 9pm after work, PST/PT time and stay up til around 12-2am depending on my schedule! If you want to play with character ideas together or anything of the sort, hit me up!!
  9. FC Name: Aether Sky Traders FC Tag: <-AST-> Leader: Z' Lyiri FC House Address - Mateus, Mist, Ward 6, Plot 30 Type of FC - Roleplaying (Medium RP), Casual PvE Alignment - Neutral IC Background - Z’ Lyiri has been running her trade business The Aether Sky for well over 10 years. It’s been owned and operated by her, but has gotten to the point where she realized she needs help keeping it all together. She’s looking for people who work well in a trade environment, can help with deliveries, be it by land, sea, and possibly air. Also to combat the threat’s against her business that seem to be on the rise. Aside from the obvious business, her doors are open to people looking for a haven, maybe honest house work, protection for those under her care, and a tavern for the downtime when business hopefully returns to normal. OOC Background - I made this FC as a place for people to enjoy RP in a pretty relaxed setting. We will have an FC story that plays out in many arcs, but have a mix of social and pve related events in between. We are a small group looking to get some more to join in, so if you’re looking for a place to call home, send me a DM for more information, can either be here or if you see me in game. Thank you for your time. Discord: Z'lyiri#0726
  10. Venom //IC Info// Working under the guise of an up and coming school, the Crescent Lantern Institute in Shirogane, Venom uses the various classes that they teach to recruit potentials into their secret fold. Venom is a hush-hush organization of individuals contracted by the City States of Eorzea to assist with both the Voidsent and Garlean threats. The organization gathers intelligence for the war, and tackles situations that many would deem suicide missions. Venom is willing to take on the challenges for Eorzea that many mercenaries may find far too risky. While Venom is filled with patriots to the cause, it can find those within its ranks who have been conscripted to serve for the crimes they may have committed. //OOC Info// Venom is an RP-PvE Free Company located on the Mateus server of Final Fantasy XIV. We love our roleplay, we love our casual content, and we just like to goof around. We look for individuals who desire to actively participate with the rest of our members and have fun doing it. We've got a laid back culture filled with fun-loving folks who have a good sense of humor. We do want to remain a smaller FC so that nobody feels like just a number. Our end goal is to forge friendships that will last for years to come. While we are not an 18+ guild, we are only interested in recruiting FC members with a high level of maturity and a friendly attitude. Our roleplay will consist of darker themes which will test the moral boundaries of your characters. While we bend the lore we do not break it. No warriors of light, no echo, etc New to RP? New to FFXIV? Or you just like hanging with a good group of folks to shoot the shit? We're more than happy to have you with us for the ride. You can find our rules in our carrd. If you are interested in joining please fill out an application here: https://forms.gle/HqvaMjoWuTNTAep96 FC Leader Discord: Oria#9530 FC Type: RP-PvE, Medium RP, Casual progression, Social Alignment: Neutral FC House: Plot 15, 4 Ward, Shirogane Recruitment Status: OPEN Carrds: https://venom-rp.carrd.co https://cl-institute-rp.carrd.co [Please note that while we follow darker themes with some measure of violence that the ESRB rating of FFXIV is T for Teen. As such, this is NOT an ERP guild.]
  11. Hey all! The name's Jay! Moderately long time FFXIV player, ('bout 3 years now) but completely new to mmo rping! MMORPG background - Although i've dipped my toes into a lot of titles, there have only been a few i've stuck to. Ragnarok Online, ( in the form of private servers- ) was probably my first and fondest of those experiences. The others that followed were Maplestory and Tera more predominantly, but most others fell to the side as my friends liked to hop games. It wasn't until I got into FFXIV that I fell in love with the genre again.. and now here I am! Perhaps not too well-read on the lore, but ready to learn as i go! RP experience My more familiar experiences with roleplay began with sites like deviantart and paint-chats. I enjoyed the visual element more than i did the story, but grew to love writing characters and interactions the more i got into it. Albeit stopping and coming back to it on numerous occasions, roleplay ( or similar endeavors where I could draw alongside ) had been something i've enjoyed for some years now. Although I have no experience with rping in an mmo yet, i'd love to make ffxiv my running start! Character ideas/info Being the mmo rp newbie that I am, i figured i'd start with a simple character; one that i've already named Ylva Littleroot! ( hence the screen name. : P ) >> Here's her rp card! << So far, the idea is just to play as an adventurer wannabe- A sheltered girl turned reckless explorer bent on traveling every inch of Hydaelyn. She's also just a fun, low-key excuse to familiarize myself more with the world and its' lore. I figured it'd be a great way to hit several birds with one stone! I haven't worked out the full details, but i felt like not doing so would be half the fun! (I'll be damned if i know what i'm doing for the next little while, but there's an adventure in that too i suppose!) If anything else, I'd like to have her grow naturally and change depending on the people i might interact with! She's currently a side character based in Mateus! ( My main non-rp character is in Fairie. ) That being said, I'd also love to play with more interesting characters down the line; namely dipping into morally grey to "evil" characters. Villains always seem more fun! How did you learn about the coalition? Google! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) I'm considering light for now to maybe medium(?) As far as ffxiv goes, I'm not too informed on the lore, nor do i have a full grasp of what I want to accomplish with mmo rping. In the meanwhile, I'm just looking to make friends and create fun characters and stories that'll last! Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I currently work as an employee at an art supply shop. On my downtime, I play ffxiv (big surprise) among other things with my partner and pals. 'Part from that, I sink the rest of my time into drawing when i can and enjoy taking naps~! Time wise, i operate under the PST timezone. ( Bout -7 UTC i think(?)) I'll shoot on over to the connections forum soon together with my discord.. but in the meanwhile- Nice to meet you all!!
  12. This moon The Forest Children will be celebrating Azeyma’s moon. In the spirit of her warmth and inquiring mind, The Forest Children invite all Keepers of the Moon and Seekers of the Sun to join us in an evening of cultural exchange to learn more about the patron goddess of our Seeker brothers and sisters. Are you a priest or priestess of Menphina or Azeyma? Perhaps half Seeker and Keeper or simply eager to share your own traditions as Keeper or Seeker? The Forest Children are looking for speakers to share their own traditions and culture with our gathering this moon under the gaze of the goddess of inquiry. We’re also looking for a performer or two to perform. Sign up HERE. What: A gathering of Keepers of the Moon, Seekers of the Sun and friends. Where: Final Prayer, Eastern Thanalan (x 24.3 , y 29.6 ), Mateus server. When: The 6th sun of the Fifth Astral Moon at nine bells in evening. Friday, 6th of September at 9 pm est. Who: An open event for Keepers of the Moon and Seekers of the Sun whether they be tribal, city folks, half Keeper or Seeker or just a friend. We ask all characters and role players attending be 18 years or older as are the rules of our discord. Learn more about The Forest Children discord HERE! Any further questions can be directed to Event Runner: Aife Dolabnha(Aife#6195) Admin(s): Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837)
  13. If you are tired of typical bar talk/slice of life nonsense, look no further. A Xaela with deep rooted mental trauma who is not always a nice person. Antagonistic, eccentric, and often times unnerving. Not to say she doesn't have her moments of 'generosity' and nurturing, despite her current personal crisis. Name: Saran Amakh Race: Au Ra, Xaela Job: Gunbreaker currently, former mage Server: Brynhildr (Though I'm almost exclusively on Mateus) Active late night usually, 8:30 PM and onwards, EST I'm looking for those who also wish for something more than typical bar talks. As fascinating as your life story is, we don't always want to just listen about why you came to a city. Let's go out and have some fun, shall we? Violence is fine. Injuries are fine. Activities of dubious nature and possible illegality? Well, if it's fun and there's a half decent reason to do it. Don't be afraid to propose something grand in nature, either. Let's weave some interesting tales with lasting effects. Feel free to add me on discord for more info - Saran#8888
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer here but I'm looking to find some people for my Miqo'te gal to play with long term on Mateus(Crystal datacenter). The advertisement will probably expand as I get more time and more ideas for her. Axah is a middle aged Miqo'te woman who is looking for friends of any sort to accompany on their adventure. As for some more information about me, I'm on EST time and generally the best time for me is the early evenings to play. If those don't work, we can probably figure out some times on days when I don't work. And now back to the important part, the character. Name: Axah Sirhi Race: Miqo'te Server: Mateus Class: She is more of a general purpose melee fighter IC. OOC she is still leveling up and is currently a lv 72 paladin. RP preferences : Axah is pretty open to most facets of RP. So fighting,romance and friendship are all on the menu for Axah.If something isn't listed just let me know what you're looking for. I would prefer to not fight other PC's with her though. Romance is an option, but it would have to happen organically between the characters. Beyond that, friendship is a given hopefully. Purpose : Axah is looking to settle down. She's trying to get out of the body guarding business but it's a slow process. On the side she's looking to pick up a trade and get herself an apartment IC. I'm looking to primarily play In game, but I'm happy to talk and discuss potential RP over discord if wanted. My discord tag is Atomictraveler#7498 . Hopefully I piqued your interest and can find some people for Axah to be friends with. Also, at some point in future I will be putting my Au ra gal Elsitte up as well. If you're interested just give me a poke and I can explain her to you and send some screenshots of her.
  15. Wanderlust is opening its doors for the first time since its founding looking for new members to fill our ranks! Wanderlust aims to be a little different from the usual FC structure, run by a council of three who come from different mindsets and backgrounds along with future officers and veteran members to assist with the day-to-day tasks of the FC. We want to strive to create a place where everyone has a voice and can rest assured that we'll do our best to accommodate within reason and have support among friends. While small at the moment, we want to build a strong community based around Roleplay while keeping in mind that this is a game and meant to have fun both in and out of character. To apply please visit our website https://wl.enjin.com For more information or message: Kodlak Slafwilfsyn:Coywolffe#13 or Arja Mideur: Fethend#001
  16. Deckard Flynn Hello! This here's my brand new character itching for some contacts. To keep it short and sweet; Deckard is an unrepentant ass of a man. He's got an unpaid tab in half the bars of Eorzea, and is banned from the remainder- and though he's young yet, he's made his fair share of enemies(through no fault of his own, he assures). Frustratingly stubborn, foul-mouthed, and a demanding perfectionist - just a few of his hallmark 'virtues'. Still, in spite of all of this, he warms up quickly to those he can drink or fight with - especially if he considers them as equals. RP Hooks + Trouble Everywhere - Deckard finds a place on many, many grudge lists. The reasoning is typically unimportant - though suffice it to say he often deserves it - and as a result, now and again, pesky bounty-hunters or debt-collectors come sniffing after him. + Bar-Hopper - He certainly likes his drink - be it sophisticated wine or humble mead. This drive has led him to meet a wide variety of fellow tavern patrons, a few of which he was sober enough to remember. + Occasional Mentor - Despite his laundry-list of shortcomings, Deckard excels at swordsmanship, owing to his austere upbringing and devoted teacher. In her honour, he occasionally accepts pupils, be they short-term lessons or long-term study. Those that've learned under him can attest to his brutally effective teaching methods. + Noble Reliability - Over the years he's spent as a professional swordarm, Deckard's built up a small but reliable clientelle of noblepeople. His work expertise has ranged greatly, and he's come to be known - rather miraculously - as a reliable, hard-working agent. + Anything Else - Deckard is a flexible character, and I like to think I'm a flexible writer. If you have something in mind, please lemme know! I like to accommodate and help people write stories - and it's far more fun when you hash something out with someone anyway. OOC Info - Player is 18+, and open to whatever themes are thrown my way. My style and length of RP often mirrors my partner's, and I'm interested in both IG and Discord RP for the most part - though if you have another platform you'd prefer, lemme know, and we can work something out. - I have a strong preference for long-term, consistent storylines. It's more fun for me if it's something myself and my partner can both sink our teeth into and get some good writing out of. - Looking for just about everything right now - friends, rivals, enemies, business associates, what-have-you. Bring on whatever you got! Also in the market for an RP-focused FC. I can be contacted through discord at Guardless#9265, or in game at Deckard Flynn. Thanks for reading to the end of my unreasonably-long ad.
  17. The Code Named for the infamous document crews on nefarious ships would sign, the Code is a secret speakeasy located in Limsa Lominsa. Each night, a different warehouse is the home for the rowdy party, always one step ahead of local law enforcement. Speaking the password and walking through the door acts as your signature and agreement to abide by the Code. The rules are simple, leave your identity outside and treat everyone inside like they’re crew. No fighting, no cheating. Inside, everyone is safe. In the corner a rich, bejeweled merchant shares a drink with a violent highwayman that would normally rob him blind. Serving them is a yellowjacket, waiting tables and shaking her rear for a bit of extra coin. Normally, she would arrest the dirty criminal, but they all know that here, none of that matters. This is a place for drinking, dancing and maybe a little something more. Enjoy the place so much you'd like to stay on a full-time basis? Take part in the overarching story as the Captain quests to build his business and its reputation. Perhaps, if everyone works together it can go from a pack and go speakeasy to a proper tavern and open new facilities to his customers and friends. Go on an adventure to rescue a legendary blacksmith from an amal’jaa slave camp to tend our gear. Take over a kobold infested quarry to collect the materials needed to build the tavern proper. Perhaps we could even throw in a dancing stage? What kind of characters fit in the Code? Literally anything! Play as an employee or just an adventurer looking for a good time or a job from the board. Young, old, rich, poor, noble and dastardly, the Code is a nexus and melting pot for people of all backgrounds. As long as both player and character are 18+, you're welcome here! Get in on the ground floor and help shape the direction of The Code! So what is 'The Code', really? I'm glad you asked, reader. First and foremost, we're a group of heavy roleplayers that enjoys all aspects of the game. We enjoy duties, crafting, questing, but more importantly we want to surround ourselves with other storytellers. We want depth! Immersion! Character development! Adventure! As a group we aim to create engaging stories and our individual interactions can tend to drift into mature waters. If you have questions or would like to join, there are many ways to contact us! Iron Monster (Leader): Discord: TRexIRL#9905 Poppy Jerisha (Second in Command): Discord: Lisa#3822 Officers: Nolalas Nola Discord: Jiljing#8495
  18. Orientation: "Generic?" (Hetero) Race: Hyur/Midlander Occupation: Ember Adventuring Co. Employee/Ex-Captain Alignment: Chaotic Good Height: 6’2 Eye color: Right, Light Red. Left, Emerald Green. Hair: Long, blonde, parted to the right. Build: Slim, muscular Current location: Whenever he isn't lounging about Plot 18 of Shirogane at the company lot, Jace roams around Kugane itself. Though he does go off on trips now from time to time, thanks to the new flow of coin. -Introduction- Once an honest man of the sea hailing from Limsa Lominsa, Jace lost his ship during a massive storm brought on by one of the many primals who have been making a resurgence throughout Eorzea. Now, with the help of his newfound friends from Ember Adventuring Co, Jace has a new source of income, as well as renewed purpose. Aiding both them and the company in the form of Bounty collecting and going on various hunts. -Hooks- Honor: Ever since his days as a sailor, Jace has held himself to high standards in the form of a code. "Do not maim or kill if you can help it. Do not leave a beast to suffer. Do not write off all criminals a guilty, wanted or otherwise. And Keep accepting charity to an absolute minimum." Social: A habit developed by most who work at sea. One of which, Jace is no exception. Whenever given the chance, Jace will always try and see what all the fuss is about within the local taverns, as well as lend an ear to those with the time. Wry humor: Though polite he may be, Jace is a big fan of sarcasm. But with how he goes about it, it can be hard to tell the difference with him in some cases. Gunblade Proficiency: Having learned the art of combat at an early age thanks to a brief tour of duty with Maelstrom, Jace has developed an affinity for Gunblades. Being able to clash swords with the best of them, and place a shot just as well. -Looking for- Friends, and lots of them. As well as any possible rivals/enemies. -Other notes- Feel free to send FR's, that's likely the easiest way to get a hold of me, other than that, to learn more. Interact. -Screenshots/Reference-
  19. Hey, everyone! I made an introduction here about 4 years ago. I dabbled in a bit of the game, made it to 46 as a Paladin, and even joined a pretty solid FC on Balmung. For some reason though the game just didn't stick. Decided to give it another shot with the latest expansion dropping and I am wondering why I didn't give the game a second chance sooner. I've been role playing for too long and thoroughly enjoy it. I've rolled up a Double Catman (Hrothgar) named Red Tooth, a take on a long-standing character of mine from a D&D campaign, on Mateus. I welcome RP o all kinds, and though I am interested in a RP FC, I am waiting to see if the game is going to hold my interest long-term. Looking forward to getting back into the community again. I plan on creating a character sheet with pertinent details soonish, but right now Red Tooth is looking to network and make some friends in a land that is entirely alien and overwhelming to him.
  20. Uranami Onsen’s Staff are excited to announce our 1 Year Anniversary! Join us for a night of… Onsen Fun & Food! Glamour Contest* Triple Triad Music & More! Please come by and enjoy our amenities such as our healing spas (both indoor and outdoor), sauna (dry & wet!), and ring in our 1 year anniversary with contests and fun! Thank you very much in advance and we hope that you enjoy your evening with us! Date: August 31st. Time: 5pm Pacific Location: Mist w15/p5 ::CONTEST INFORMATION:: Theme: The Kami & The Four Lords! Dress up as your favorite Kami or Four Lord and compete with other glamoured folks! Show the ferocity of the great lord Byakko, the serenity of the great Lord Genbu, the energized dance of Suzaku, the calm of Seiryu. If none of those suit you, perhaps the might of Lord Susano, the moonlit beauty of Tsukiyomi, the Foxy Lady of Doma, or even… THE BIG ONE of the Namazu! First Prize: The Golden Whisker Minion + Red Hare Mogstation Mount Second Prize: Wind-up Namazu Minion + Doman Barding Mogstation Barding Third Prize: Plush Cushion Minion + Eastern Dance Mogstation Emote Exclusions: Part Time Staff & Full Time Staff will not be allowed to participate.
  21. After some research I'm going to go forward with my own interpretations on the possibility of vampires in ffxiv. Aether consumption being their bases, though they could get by on regular food it would leave them incredibly weakened to the point falling into dormancy for lengths of time. Age I am still deciding, I do however believe they not full immortal without magics assisting them however they would perhaps age incredibly slowly. Their abilities might be more powerful than the average mortal's but only if they had proper training and were consuming aether on a regular basis. Consuming aether being perhaps taken from creatures or peoples through a variety of means (this be discussed by those interested in RP with my OC). All of these points are open for discussion and alteration upon contacting me ^^ I will say I am going for a less, random meeting in a city or on the streets and more a happen upon him possibly in a state of dormancy? I am open to him being paired with a specific person or a group of people. I'm also open to simplistic plots and dark er more in depth plots, anything you can think of is open to discussion! I will warn that, until I can get a fantasia, he will start as discord only RP but migrate to in game over time. If you wish to discuss this in length or are interested in rp feel free to contact me here or discord, if discord doesn't let you friend my, PM me here your discord tag and I'll try to friend you! Mine is Evil_Vixxen#0693 Basics: Name: Edward Asgoth Age: Appears somewhere between 19-21 (real age unknown) Height: 5ft 9in Build: Frail looking, short, kind of lanky but soft featured about the face EDIT I have in mind to not have him be met through the usual means, he being in a state of dormancy at the moment in some sort of ruins or wreckage beneath the sea. Not in water, but within a hidden area beneath the waters. Like an under water cave of sorts or something similar. Meaning to happen upon him one would need a background in exploring ancient ruins in some manner. Be you a scholar, treasure hunter or some other background to chance upon the lad. Also for those wishing eventual romantic interests, he is homosexual -> demisexual. Please keep this in mind. END EDIT He appears more or less as you see him in the following screenshot! Here's a screen shot of my OC.
  22. The Fiery Kitsune, Bar & Lounge Greetings adventurers from serves 'cross the globe! We of the Ember Adventure Co. (EAC for short) are hosting a social gathering for all to come. Enjoy, relax, eat, drink, and if you're in the need of it, even get your gear looked at and repaired! We offer only the best craftsmanship to make sure your adventuring needs are met, but if you're not one of those meant to take on jobs and contracts, then you can enjoy one of our many other activities: Wayfarers Lounge - On the ground floor of the estate lies a lounge, where one may enjoy baked goods, pastries, and hot beverages. Fiery Kitsune Bar & Grill - One level below is our bar & grill, where one of our chefs prepares fine food, and our bartenders mix up alcoholic beverages for your consumption. Trial by Fire - On the same level as our bar we've put a fighting pit. A small enclosure, where many can watch others fight to their hearts content! (Tournaments to come at a later date) If you're looking to purview the menu before stopping by, we've included a link for you to look over below! (Please click here for Menu!) For those who've garnered an interest in the Fiery Kitsune Bar & Lounge, we're located in Shirogane (Ward 18, Plot 32), and open every Thursday at 9 PM EST, and remain open until 11 PM EST. We look forward to seeing any and all who come to our establishment!
  23. Clan Kiyat is a lore-abiding, roleplay-based free company that aims to focus on daily life of Auri travelers who have no other place to go. We provide a safehouse for those who may feel disconnected or persecuted by their tribe. Our hospitality is offered to all who wish to rejoin the cultures of the Azim Steppe, regardless of the language they speak or the customs they carry. Clan Kiyat, however, is located only in Eorzea. Friendly to both Raen and Xaela, Clan Kiyat offers an inviting atmosphere for those that want to reconnect with their heritage. All tribes and clans are welcome, regardless of their original walks of life; from the Dotharli warriors, to the peaceful Mol, to exiled Raen. We welcome gatherers, crafters, hunters, storytellers, warriors, and many other roles into our ranks. We seek to provide a diverse atmosphere while maintaining a smaller, tight knit tribe of about 20 members. Our goal is to ensure that the group does not get so big that people end up being overlooked. We're not always roleplaying. Members of Clan Kiyat can happily look forward to casual raiding, extreme runs and savage content in the future. PVP and leveling/dungeons are also extremely common. While members do not need to be max level to join Clan Kiyat, it is highly recommended that you try and level cap in your spare time so that you can participate. As a side-note, we are active in the evening hours and into the early morning hours. We aim to be a small Free-Company, or below 20 active members if possible. Contact with the moderators can be achieved in-game by contacting: Hulagu Uriankhai Arslan Qalli
  24. The Knights of Twilight are a morally-grey Free Company that strives to uphold the natural balance. We are a heavy RP focused Company, but also do content. We also teach RP to newcomers and rusties alike. We try to hold Weekly events the best we can, but a having small member count dictates progress. In-game leaders are: (the 3 share equal authority, in a sense all 3 are FC Masters.) Athena Morgenstern, Commander of the 1st Legion, High Council. Rose Lionheart, Commander of the 2nd Legion, High Council. Valaeus Revanis, Commander of the 3rd Legion, High Council. We accept all regardless of level, class, or skill. KOT's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bXaGUSG
  25. Rhalgr’s moon spells the time not only for destruction but beginning anew. In the spirit of this, The Forest Children invite all Keepers of the Moon and friends to join us in tearing down barriers and beginning anew, making new friends or just rekindling old ones at our meetup. The Forest Children meetup will be hosted on neutral territory at Zemlja Mira, a sanctuary in the Black Shroud. Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite alcoholic brew and a plate of food to share. What: A gathering of Keepers of the Moon and friends. Where: In the Black Shroud on neutral territory at Zemlja Mirak. OOCly at plot 14, ward 15, The Mists. Mateus server. When: The 9th sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon nine bells in evening. Friday, 9th of August at 9 pm est. Who: An open event for Keepers of the Moon, whether they be tribal, city folks, half Keeper or just a friend. Learn more about The Forest Children discord here! To further embrace the spirit of Rhalgr, Forest Children will also be hosting a drinking competition with some of the most stomach-churning, potentially gut destroying alcohol known to Keeper kind. For more details on the competition, and it’s grand prize read more below. The competition will have eight spots and three rounds. Entry is 500 gil (ic, no gil needed). The winner will win the glory of Rhalgr’s champion and a grand prize of one million gil. Sign up here! Rules of the competition. Eight competitors. Three rounds. First round eight competitors. 4 couples’ competing against each other Semi Finales- 2 couples competing against each other. Finale- 1vs 1. First to finish drinks wins 15 minutes (ooc) per drinking couple. Roll and then emote action. There will be three rolls. The highest combination of three rolls wins. Rolling below 100 in the final round means competitor passes out If you have any further questions feel free to contact us on discord. Event Runner: Aife Dolabnha(Aife#6195) Admin(s): Nhym Nswala (Aio#1263) Mik'a Nswala (kosmic#1837)
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