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  1. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our special event, yes yes! In light of National Catfish Day this month, we are hosting a themed event surrounding this auspicious day. Namazu-Day! June 20th & 21st! We are announcing this early as due to the fact that this is one of our Monthly Events that we continue to provide to the Mateus server (and now other shards!) as a whole! This time though we are extending our Special Monthly Event to our Friday Happy Hour as well! All of our staff will be dressed up for the event in the traditional namazu-red. Please join us for these two special evenings, yes yes! We will be having a special menu, please look forward to it! DETAILS Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Server: Mateus Social Hour: Includes Soak & Amenities, Meal & Drink. Date: Thursday June 20th Time: 7:30PM Pacific Happy Hour: *HALF PRICE of our Inclusive Rate!* Date: Friday June 21st Time: 10:00PM Pacific *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. **Our cellarage is mixed bath only. Please wear appropriate swimsuits or yugi.
  2. I'm brand new to FFXIV as of a week ago, but a long-time RPer from other MMOs. While I'm enjoying the game, I really want to get involved with the RP community, both for IC and OOC fun. My character is Berehta Lodall, and she's typically found roaming the wilds looking for obscure plant matter, or having an afternoon tea at an oddly varying range of establishments where the unexpected can, and often does, happen. I play an older character so I'm doing my best to fast-track the game lore during downtime at work (so much, so good though!) in order for her to come off as somewhat knowledgeable about the world and its history. Feel free to send me a tell if I'm way off about something. Looking forward to meeting and RPing with you all!
  3. Hello everyone, been lurking around here for a while now, having found this forum shortly after I started playing FF14 a few months ago. I've been enjoying various venues of online roleplaying since the late 90s, but have only dabbled a bit in Final Fantasy as a whole so I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the lore. However, I am very excited to become a part of this community. I'm starting to look around for an RP Free Company to join on Mateus while also working at ironing out my IC character concept for when Shadowbringers launches as I'm currently strongly considering converting my main character to a Viera at that point. I have some basic ideas but would probably benefit from someone who has more lore knowledge to tell me if a concept is completely ridiculous or not before I put in a ton of effort fully fleshing things out. Essentially I'm aiming for a character who is a scholar which among other things, has taken the study of nature and it's various life forms as a major focus of study. Just trying to work out the background details.
  4. Greetings, all. I go by Savader, or "Sav" for short when out of character. As detailed in the title there, I am a returning player (up to about halfway through Stormblood, originally), having been on hiatus for the past year and a half. I decided to create a new character in a different world (Goblin), with my primary intentions being to enjoy the wonderful and beautiful world of Eorzea through roleplay. I am familiar with the concept of conventional roleplaying (i.e. writing), but must admit that this avenue will be fairly fresh to me. All the same, I am very interested in giving it a go. Now, I have been told by many sources that the ideal RP communities can be found in either Balmung or Mateus. Question is, should I world hop over to one of them, or does it not matter in the grand scheme of things? Thus, I turn to you fine people for guidance. How is roleplaying on Goblin, for instance? Are there many available plots of land to purchase? Is the community strong and welcoming? And I'd ask the same of Balmung and Mateus, respectively. How do they stack up against Goblin? Please, share your experiences, preferences, and advice on this matter. I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hello, Bentii here. I am a returning player from 2015. It's been a minute since I've played Final Fantasy and I am really excited to rejoin the RPC. I had originally joined FFXIV for roleplay almost exclusively along with a group of friends from TERA, now I am looking to try and be more active in PvE with RP as my main focus. A little 'bout me: I was part of the RPC for 5 years before my hiatus. TERA, ArcheAge, WoW, Wildstar, and Black Desert Online are a few of the games I RPed in, with TERA and ArcheAge being the main games I played. In real life I love to cook, play with my furry four-legged sons, socialize, volunteer for charity, be outside doing all sorts of outdoor things, writing, and reading. I look forward to seeing you all in-game~
  6. FC Name: Duskwatch FC Tag: <DUSK> FC Type: Heavy RP, Casual PVE (maps, roulettes, fun) Leaders: Lucien Kell, Saterra Nightweave, Veloce Cadoret FC House: Mist Ward 16, Plot 2 (Large) Active Times: Evenings (EST/CST). Would like to run some afternoon events for our Europeans and others on alternate schedules as we recruit. Link: https://duskwatch.carrd.co/ Overview: Underworld themed FC aspiring for an “Illuminati” feel. It strives to have eyes and ears everywhere, using its knowledge to advance a secretive agenda as its members wine and dine among the elite. IC Background: Sells information to those of means and hires out short-term bodyguards, security advisers, espionage advisers, and investigators. The company maintains its public headquarters at the Rosethorn, a coastal retreat for the wealthy elite that also serves as a training and living grounds for Duskwatch staff. We offer 2 levels of RP for members: a more casual level of RP based on our public mission, and a darker level for operatives based on intense training and preparation for our more secretive endeavors. OOC Background: Provide a welcoming, open community that wishes to adhere to lore and explore a story that pushes characters. We don’t want to restrict ourselves to slice of life RP.
  7. Eorzea, a land where conflict and strife abound. Yet even amidst this land driven by struggles, there are still those who find peace and tranquility in the joyous opportunities life has to offer. Warriors, scholars, mages, and musicians alike should all be afforded the opportunity to enjoy tranquility and friendship. Perhaps they find their regular lives too stuffy, their colleagues too serious. Perhaps they long for a picnic near the seaside or a charming, hearty dinner with dear companions. Perhaps they want a work environment that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Wandering Whimsy is a refuge for people just like that. Whimsy was founded by Mab Mimue, a wandering cat who found that her travels brought like minded individuals to her side. Travelling companions sprung up who believed that friendship brought out the joys of life, that improving the lives of others always outweighed profit. As time went on, her travelling group continued to grow. A few select friends became a travelling caravan and a caravan became a company. More than a year after its founding, Wandering Whimsy now stands as a full fledged organization with numerous contacts throughout Eorzea. Whimsy functions as a Jack of all trades contracting group, taking on many different jobs that require various skill sets. One week may see the company recovering artifacts lost to the sands of Ul’dah or the retrieval of an enchant tea set altering the flora and fauna in the Twelveswood. The next week could see the rescue of villagers beset by pirates or perhaps an in-house cooking competition meant to provide food to local families recovering from a disaster. Regardless of the size of Whimsy or the tasks undertaken, the vision of Whimsy remains forever unchanged: To provide a safe environment and refuge for all, a group of companions to laugh with, and a Company where the happiness of its employees comes first. Wandering Whimsy’s out of character vision syncs up quite well with its in character one. We are here, first and foremost, to provide a fun, enjoyable company for our members, both in character and out. Whimsy prides itself on the relaxing nature of its environment, free from the aggressive drama that can unfortunately arise in a role play environment. We encourage all of our members to keep this in mind. In-character plot lines and events range from serious to silly in Wandering Whimsy. Characters may get along or find themselves in disagreement. But out of character, we must all remember that this is a relaxed, welcoming environment. This is a game after all. We are here to have fun as a group, making friends along the way. So come join us! Our application process is done primarily through discord, secondary in game. Contact the names listed below for any questions or an application! Discord: Red#4907, Mab Nimue#6007 In Game: Yeretai Olkund, Mab Nimue FC Name: Wandering Whimsy FC Tag: <Whim> FC Type: Active Roleplay/PVE Time Zone: Events EST, time covers both NA and EU time zones in the evening
  8. Just gonna drop this here https://vadia.carrd.co/
  9. Re-Written OC A miqo with a troubled past and trying to move onto a better future. Gentle heart and feeble hopes Am open to in game and discord RP, available most times of the day and night and willing to RP just about any theme you can think of!~ Discord = Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://z-x.carrd.co/
  10. Feel free to ask questions if there is anything about him you'd want to know that I dont have listed below Full Name: Apollo Brynhilder Nickname(s): "That Idiot" Age: 24 Sex: Male Race:Vierra* * Male Vierra have been confirmed by the creators but they will not show up in any cutscenes in their plans, As it is this means in game Apollo will appear as a female, obviously, but when I make personal art of him or manage to get refs, he will be male 100% in body and mind. Birthday: 10th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon Height: 5'10" Weight: 201 lbs Personality: Quiet and compasionate but always 100% ready to punch a primal in the face, cannot turn down a dare and you would never guess with his blank face but he loves to cause trouble and instigate shit Appearance: Generally short pink or blonde hair, he changes it so often, tan skin and amber eyes (things are subject to changes when I get the Vierra accessed but in general these attributes are staying) Scars or other markings:Scar across his nose and right cheek Deity: Menphina Orientation: Homosexual Marital status: Single Occupation: Traveling Trouble Maker and Primal Fighter, really he just likes to stick his nose into Garlean business Hobbies and interests: Collecting masks and accesories, sewing Brief Bio: I am keeping it vague right now as I do plan to flesh it out more when the Shadowbringers content drops and I get more in game lore about the Vierra, as It is i'll likely have it be that while being vierra he is native to one of the three main cities for ease, either because he was taken or his parents simply traveled to that place and settled down, as it is he is currently an only child, I do not mind adding in family if anyone is ever interested, his parents are dead and he travels on his own right now, simply going place to place and doing what he can to make it a bad day for bad people. Character's quote: “Sometimes there is nothing more soul healing than punching a Primal or a Garlean in the face, go out and do it today, healers orders~”
  11. Hello, I'm not 100% sure how a really proper introduction goes but I'm giving this a shot. I'm God Snack and don't mind being called Snack or Red. This is my first time trying to do something like this but I really want it to work. Since starting FFXIV i've loved the lore and the world and my dumb character that gets to run around and just mess it all up. I'm hoping I can make good friends here and find new rp partners for my latest obsession, also really hoping I make too much of a fool of myself. My first MMORPG was Tera and while I do still enjoy the game FFXIV has taken a big art of my life and time, I've not played any other Final Fantasy game up until now and since getting XIV i've started trying Zodiac Age since that just came out I've been solo 1 on 1 rp's and large group based ones for almost 10 years now and will admit I have a lot more comfort in 1 on 1. I will admit I would prefer to rp off game and on a website like this or better through discord but I would not cmpletely turn down an rp over that My main Character that I've semi worked up a bckstory for is Apollo Brynhildr, a Astrologian who can't help but fight like a front line DPS idiot and loves to just mess up a Primal for fun in his off hours (I think I've fantasia'd him like 3 times already and right now his in game body is a female au'ra because Vierra will be female only and when I spend money on costume and cosmetics I'd rather 'he' already be able to wear them. No matter his in game look he will always be male though, since the creators have confirmed there ARE male vierra, they just will not be showing up in any scenes) Not gonna lie, I pretty much googled FFXIC oc template and it blessedly led me to this site, I really hope this works for me and I can make new connections and friends I am a medium to heavy roleplayer, at most given times I have 2-3 rp's continuing on daily, mainly in discord since group sights have kind of made me nervous, I will r anything from light fluff to heavy smut and violence but if it involves a pairing it's always 100% Homosexual, i'm sorry if that bothers anyone in any way In my real life I am going on 26, I don't want to hide my age and have it be a surprise for younger rpers, I work at a local gas station in the morning hours so from 6 am to 3-4 i'm offline and cannot respond. I tend to be online every night unless im on a trip out of town or spending the night out, i do try to give my rp partners heads up for this so they don't think i'm flaking I'm not sure what else to put, feel free to respond here or anything, I would love some feedback and suggestions for getting started. I am part of a free company already and do not plan to join any new ones Also my refs of my main character will be slightly older screenshots of when he was an Elezen and as of right now that is his base look until the vierra are playable and I can officially edit some things, for the most part his traits are always, tan, pinkish hair, gold/ember eyes, facial scars. I do like to draw so even with his in game look coming up to a change I'll make a fully official pic of him soon My discord is God-Snack #8544 feel free to add me but please let me know your user name and that you are adding me from this site
  12. Hi there! I'm new to FFXIV and excited to get my feet wet. My rp character is U'xhela Tia on Mateus. A bit of info about him: Name: U'xhela Tia Nickname: Xhel Age: 27 Race/Clan: Seeker & Keeper hybrid, Seeker by culture. A member of the Drake Clan. Gender: Male (he/him) Sexuality: Gay Nameday: 13th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon Guardian: Menphina Birthplace: The Forgotten Springs Profession: jack of all trades, current pugilist and relic hunter. Former alchemist and conjurer. Personality: U’xhela never learned what curiosity killed, or at least gives the appearance of it. While some would call him nosy, he is always learning something new or off on a new adventure. He enjoys meeting new people. However, given to recklessness and boredom, he rarely sticks with any one thing for long. He has fistfuls of trades that he is adequate at, and only a few things he’s ever excelled at. One of those things is drinking—but he’s currently trying to lay off the drink. Some days he is more successful than others. Despite his apparent flightiness, one thing stands out about him: he always longs to help those in need, regardless of whether he has ability to do so. In recent years, he’s tried to tamp out his natural desire to help others… to limited success. Some hooks: Relic Hunter and New Scholar Looking for relics? U’xhela’s your man! Maybe. He’s still pretty new at this, but he’s approaching his new profession with tenacity and vigor. He’s also quite interested in learning what the relics are for himself, so he’s often searching for scholars to educate him about the Allagan Empire. However, he has very little base knowledge and asks far too many questions. (Former?) Drunkard Anyone who frequents taverns in the city-states may have seen or heard of a nosy Miqo'te, who can never seem to stay out of other people's business. Disgraced Healer People healed in Camp Bronze Lake a few years ago may have met U’xhela. Or, those who have been more recently, may have heard of a healer who tragically cracked beneath the pressure and took to the mulled wine himself. Other healers may have met him or heard of him at some point. Captain Killer For those of the sea, they may have heard of a healer who recently was left for dead in Sahagin lands. Little is known about the specifics of this event, but rumor tells of a drunkard Miqo'te healer who poisoned a prominent ship captain. Jack of All Trades (Master of Nunh) As a dabbler, U’xhela has many sought after skills. He can do the basics of just about anything and loves to ply his trades. Will his attempts be perfect? Absolutely not, but they’ll have a certain character to them! Looking for: Any kind of contact: friendship, (eventual) romance, rivals, past connections. I'm big on communication, and with communication I don't mind darker themes. Also good with casual, slice-of-life stuff. Servers/Play Time: I'm based in Mateus, but don't mind going to other worlds to RP. My play time is pretty late (or early...) by NA standards. On Sundays through Thursdays, I'm available from 5am to 8am EDT. I can be on sporadically from 4pm to 6pm EDT, but it requires some planning. On Fridays and Saturdays, I'm pretty much free whenever. I'm available on discord pretty much whenever. Contact: You can message me here or on Discord. My handle there is cityofladies#6109. I also have a site for him, if you want more info about U'xehla.
  13. Everybody's got to have somewhere they call home. Name: Realm’s Returners FC Tag: <RR-RP> Discord Link: Click me! - come join us and say hi! Website: realmsreturners.com Housing: Goblet Ward 5 Plot 18 Activity Times: PST evenings. "Got some bad news for you, friend. The bad news is that the Garleans are going to come back and they're not going to rest until all of us are dead. It's easy to sit here and imagine that you're safe behind these walls, that the war will never find it's way to your door. I can promise you that this daydream of yours is going to come down crashing hard when the Magitek army is at the gates and you've got no way out. Now, you don't have to fret or feel powerless. There's a whole host of people, lost souls looking for a place to call home. A place where you can always return to. We're the Returners, because everyone's got a place they call home. As long as you're ready to fight for that place, you'll fit in just fine." - Heidrek Warsong, worst recruitment officer the Returners have. IC Info: The Returners are a group styled more as an adventuring party than a traditional free company. They are a loosely collected group of characters who have found a social group (or dare I say family) through combat and crisis and used that to form the Returners. They are a Free Company whose goals are ultimately survival through the coming storm, together. The Returners take mercenary work, guard work, whatever work to keep their skills sharp- so long as that work is mostly legal and not morally objectionable. They are effective if not a little sloppy. Folks with troubled pasts, baggage, or inner demons are welcomed, so long as they know how not to make their problems everyone's problems. They are based out of the goblet, where their doors are open to weary adventurers in need of community and work. While the current IC edict is very much prepping for a Garlean War, the world around everyone is about to change and another may soon be opening. The Returners will no doubt be swept up in the coming storm into places they do not expect... OOC Info: We are a small group of like-minded roleplayers, serious about our stories, but without taking ourselves too seriously. We prefer to stay small, and are aiming to expand by about 3-5 more active members to round out our numbers. We are a casual, friendly group of adults, gearing up for Shadowbringers. We like to run content, run maps, shoot the shit in our FC chat, and roleplay. If you want to know more, join our discord and say hi!
  14. Maid May Cafe Special Event: May 23rd & 24th Goshujinsama, Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our special event! Maid Cafe May 23rd & 24th! We are announcing this early as due to the fact that this is one of our Monthly Events that we continue to provide to the Mateus server (and now other shards!) as a whole! This time though we are extending our Special Monthly Event to our Friday Happy Hour as well! All of our staff will be dressed in their cutest and most irresistible maid outfits! We will be having a special menu that you can check out below the cut! DETAILS Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Server: Mateus Social Hour: Includes Soak & Amenities, Meal & Drink. Date: Thursday May 23rd Time: 7:30PM Pacific Happy Hour: *HALF PRICE of our Inclusive Rate!* Date: Friday May 24th Time: 10:00PM Pacific *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. **Our cellarage is mixed bath only. Please wear appropriate swimsuits or yugi.
  15. Eorzean Voidhunting and Expeditions Inc. was born out of the dream of A'nabyano and Ravenael Malfleur, a voidhunting duo who operated as part of a larger mercenary group. The two were motivated by the plight of those hurt by the growing numbers of voidsent, and sought to aid them in any way they could. As they continued their efforts, however, it became clear the tide was rising. It also became apparent they would need more resources to combat the threat. The concept was simple enough: wealthy patrons sought willing adventurers to explore new places and seek out rare treasures and relics, and would happily finance such expeditions. The profits and knowledge gained from these expeditions could fund the efforts to deal with the voidsent threat. Today, the group seeks out any capable adventurer willing to contribute however they can to the cause. Be it for profit, for glory, for justice, all have a place in making Eorzea better! ((Hey everyone! Eorzean Voidhunting and Expeditions (EVE) has gotten up and running, and we are recruiting! We are a Rank 8 heavy RP FC with a voidsent hunting theme and dark/mature themes. We have housing in the Goblet (Ward 18, Plot 54) and hold regular events every week. Please check us out if you’re interested in RP on Mateus! If you’re interested or want to check out our discord, send a tell to A’nabyano Malfleur or Sarangerel Gharl in game, or head on over to our discord at: https://discord.gg/ZYxKrb ))
  16. Realm: Mateus FC Name: The Drake Tribe FC Tag: <DT-RP> FC Rank: 8 Leader: U'kesh Nunh FC Estate: Ward 2 Plot 32, Goblet FC Type: Tribal Roleplay, Seekers of the Sun Active Times: 4pm to 12am EST (Sunday-Wednesday), 4pm-1am (Thursday), 12pm to 3am EST (Friday-Saturday) Alignment: True Neutral Source Links: https://the-drake-tribe.tumblr.com/about About: The Drake Tribe is heavily focused Seeker of the Sun Roleplay FC that is currently at FC Rank 6. The FC has been attending cross world tribal events and has recently obtain its FC estate. IC Story: After concluding that the influx of outsiders to Forgotten Springs threaten their way of life, U'kesh and those that agree with him have decided to leave Forgotten Springs and form their own Sept of the Drake Tribe. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as walking out into the Sagolii and finding a new Oasis to form a settlement around. The newly formed Sept must first gather supplies and recruit warriors and hunters before they can place down a new settlement. Currently the sept has a small camp east of Forgotten Springs but can be regularly seen around settlement trying to maintain relations with their brothers and sisters as well as trade for large sums of water. DISCLAIMER: Must be +18 IRL to join Currently Recruiting: Seekers of The Sun Contacts: U'kesh (Here), U'kesh Nunh (In-game)
  17. Note: tl;dr Eorzean Paris Hilton, but with drugs Name: Sylvarant Yaeger Alias: Sylvie Age: 22 Orientation: Heterosexual Height: 5'7 Weight: 135 Disposition: Self entitled, spoiled, uses being humble as a joke or sarcasm Build: Some muscle on her arms, muscled thighs, slight pudge on abdomen (stronger than she looks via in game model) Alignment: Neutral Evil Birthplace: Ul'dah IC Classes: Paladin Physical Notes: Sylvarant comes from a family line of the original Sultansworn. From an early age she was trained to be one of the few just Paladin remaining and continue the family tradition. Years of a perfect diet and learning to fight has built muscle and a strong frame. The body her family sculpted has waned from over exposure to drinking and disregard for long term health. However, she has made strides to exercise daily though the stomach pudge is still quite stubborn. Face covered is in make up from vanity as well as hiding her true identity. Natural blonde, hair is dyed. History: The Yaeger family is not famous, however, they carry riches from generations of Sultansworn privileges. Sylvarant was not taught humility as she was fawned over by her parents. Her brother was the family's first born, and at age five the spotlight was stolen from him. Anything Sylvarant wanted, she got. Her brother distanced himself from her and found solace in friendship with the less than rich children under the pretext of a false identity. At age fifteen, Sylvarant wanted her own street urchin friends. Her brother seemed to come home looking satisfied, moreso than having tea with five girls who always told her the same thing and constantly agreed. Unlike her brother, Sylvarant did not learn any street smarts at a younger age, immediately finding herself lost and in Pearl Lane. Her brother found her after she had gone missing for several hours with no announcement as to where she was. To his surprise, she was unhurt. Once a week turned to every other day over time as Sylvarant slowed her training and left their comfortable home. Determined to find the cause, her brother followed her. What he uncovered was Sylvarant using their family's wealth to buy alcohol, lay with anyone, and treat known criminals as comrades. Discreetly, their father was alerted. It would be the utmost dishonor to their name if others found out. Unable to punish his shining angel, Sylvarant was left to do as she pleased as long as she kept quiet. While her brother is resentful, he is secretly happy he can be of use as a son as he is their family's last bastion to continue a true Paladin's way. Notes: -Sylvarant misses the affection she received as a child, often seeking validation for her choices from strangers -She is still allowed her family's money, though not an unlimited amount. Her major profit is Milkroot when venturing to the East Shroud to harvest it herself from Milkroot Clusters -Sells imported fog weed, vials of tonic made with Dreamtoad Ooze and moko grass at home from her personal lab -Of the firm belief money fixes 99% of life's problems -Has tried Somnus once, does not enjoy drugs (but enjoys the profits from selling them) Hooks: -Crime -Drugs -Thievery -Turf disputes -Villainy -International Trade -Lore compliance You can usually reach me in game with a /tell. More information outside of Sylvie here: https://maxia14.weebly.com/
  18. EDIT: Brief pause on taking new offers! I've gotten a lot of people contacting me already and am struggling to make time for everyone so until things calm down a bit I'm pausing accepting any further additions. Thank you all for being so welcoming, I look forward to all the RP we'll all get up to Hello all! Now that I've finished getting all their profiles looking all pretty I figured I'd make a post here to offer myself up for some potentional new RP partners! I primarily play on the Balmung server (but have a char on Mateus as well) and am pretty much open to RPing with anyone on the Crystal Data Center now that world visits are a thing. I'm also open to Discord RP (if not prefer it at times), and I probably could be talked into RPing in PMs here on the forums if needed. So plenty of options available as far as RP venues go! All my specific OOC info as well as a nice handy quick link list to my char's profiles can be found at https://ariaooc.carrd.co/ Please give it a read over before you respond here or contact me, thank you! While you can get to my char's profiles from that link above as well, for the sake of this post I'll list each of them individually with a little blurb and what I'm looking for each just for a quick glance under spoilers so the post isn't too crazy long. Visit their profiles linked next to their name for more detailed info! Cetah Naras - https://cetah.carrd.co/ M'kaiko Raesho - https://mkaiko.carrd.co/ Rose Typhoon - https://roset.carrd.co/ Yisugei Dotharl - https://yisugei.carrd.co/ Hitsu Kaisuri - https://hitsu.carrd.co/ Kihruh Churabe - https://kihruh.carrd.co/ While I'm happy to RP any of the above characters and creating lasting relationships for them, the first two, Cetah and Kaiko, are my mains and as such the ones I have the most focus on and am the most hopeful to find good, strong, long-lasting RP partnerships for (friendship, romantic, or otherwise.) Please look them over and if you think you have any chars you'd like to throw at mine just respond here, shoot me a PM, or see my contact info on my OOC site linked above. Thanks for looking!
  19. THE RECLAIMERS The Reclaimers is a Medium-Heavy RP Free Company on the Mateus server. Legends tell of an ancient people known only as the Watchers. These men and women meticulously preserved and protected knowledge and arts from across the world, saving them from the umbral cycle of civilization’s fall. Believing one day that the world would be able to restore all that was lost to history, they continued to work for thousands of years. No one knows what became of the Watchers, and only stories and legends remained. While the Watchers were careful to spread their resources as to not fall victim to one fatal siege, they built a city that held the Grand Secrets, knowledge that could disrupt the world balance if ever utilized. It was Altana, the Last City of the Watch. The stories tell different tales of what the city looked like and where it was located, but whether it still exists someplace has never been discovered. Perhaps it never even existed beyond a fantastical tale of a city with golden streets and terrible secrets. Here and now in the Seventh Era, believed by some to be the last age of Hydaelyn, the Reclaimers seek to restore the Watcher legacy. Explorers, researchers, and artifact hunters that seek out the clues and relics of the ancient Watchers, the Reclaimers seek the Last City in earnest. Each have their own purpose in seeking the lost knowledge of Altana, but they are united in their desire to restore what was lost. Forsaking any outside allegiance or citizenship, the Reclaimers hold themselves apart from the political bodies and their influences. To reclaim the past, they must keep themselves above the trappings of man, and to seek out power for the good of all. To master themselves beyond reproach, and to safeguard the wisdom of the past and future, the Reclaimers set out to forge the destiny of this star. For a more in-depth look at who we are and what we do, please visit the below link. https://reclaimers.carrd.co/ If interested in interacting with, or joining the Reclaimers, contact Gauge#5193 / Aira#6021 on Discord, or Gauge Cross / Aira Silvervine in game.
  20. Im fairly new to the game and im looking to find someone that I can build something with. Im a huge fan of family rp. Sister/Brother, Father/son/daughter, etc. Im willing to mold to anyone's story and we can work on the details. My discord is Jazzyray#3874 if you want to talk more. I have over 15 years of rp experience and Id like to think I know a thing or two. I just love experiencing new things that I couldnt have thought of Im open to everything from text to voice rp. Just let me know. Not a fan of erp. I prefer to use the "fade to black" method.
  21. Looking for someone who's up for some long term roleplaying, both through discord and in-game. I'm interested in a wide variety of topics and am ALL for very dark rp if that's your go to as well as sweet slice of life scenes. Someone who would be interested in a potential romance rp would be ideal but not required, everyone needs a best friend! The character I roleplay the most is Alvaeia Morvix-Bekkar (You can find her info here!) so take a peak and hit me up either here or through discord, Apatheal#3676. I'm around most of the time. Lets see if our writing cliques!
  22. The Wanderer's Ward The Ward was, first and foremost, a labor of love. Love for your fellow man, and love for the world. Created for the Wanderer himself, the Ward is a home for all those without. A place where anyone can come and rest their head, find friendship, and seek a greater purpose in life. Situated on the cusp of the Mist's beaches, this Adventurer's Guild is the prime location for anyone just striking out in their life to find their way. No matter who you are, no matter what you've done, the Wanderer's arms are always open. Hello, and thank you for taking a peek at our thread! <WARD> is an up and coming Free Company on the Mateus server, with a focus on social activities, helping each other, and a more casual atmosphere. We are an 18+ Free Company, and yes, sometimes our roleplay may stray in to mature atmospheres. We do not shy away from this, and take it as it comes. We welcome any and all alignments, but if you start summoning voidsent in the middle of the yard, you might have a very angry little kitten to deal with. We hope to offer multiple events on the regular, including: Twice a week map runs, because who doesn't like a bit of extra gil in their pocket? Weekly content runs, up to a vote on what people want to do! Bird farms, learning EX primals, farming old raids like Coil and Alex for Glamors and Mounts Frequent and flavorful smaller, FC focused RP events. We're an adventurers guild, so we want to offer small little RP events for people to get acclimated and make contacts, from smaller Levequests meant for a party, to Guildhests that might string along a few events together. Open world Roleplay. There's so many wonderful locations in the game to choose from, yet people constrain themselves to their houses so often. Why not have a party at Limsa, with everyone invited? A place to be yourself. All characters are openly welcome in the Ward, but please remember even this has it's limits. We won't judge you OOC'ly, but IC'ly you may find some issues if your character does too many outlandish actions. If we've peaked your interest, please don't be afraid to message me, even if you're completely new to roleplaying and just getting in to XIV. We have multiple long time players, myself with over 10,000 hours on XIV and we'd love to help you learn and grow to love the game. We may be a small start up, but the most massive trees begin with the tiniest of seeds. If you want to join the Ward, feel free to message me here, or: Leader: Vashril Olkund, discord @Vashril#0001 Co-Lead: Rose Adelvice, discord @Rose#3333 Feel free to join our discord and chat, learn about the FC and it's members, or just join in on some events! https://discord.gg/EACSGzv
  23. Hello everyone! I've been playing the game again for a couple months now but hadn't thought to come back here until today. I've hidden all my old posts since I'm kinda looking for a bit of a fresh start. I'm looking for friends, RP partners, and possibly a FC and/or raid team as I find myself interested in raid healing for a static but I've never done it before so a little nervous there. My main is Cetah Naras (balmung) but I also regularly play M'kaiko Raesho (balmung) and a few others on occasion both on balmung and a few over on Mateus. I'll make a fancy RP profile/search post at some point to go more into what I'm looking for, but just thought I'd pop in here and say hi and put some feelers out. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!
  24. Hanami (Flower Viewing)! Special Event: April 18th & 19th Uranami Onsen wishes to invite you and your’s to our Outdoor Cherry Blossom Festival April 18th & 19th! We are announcing this early as due to the fact that this is one of our Monthly Events that we continue to provide to the Mateus server as a whole! This time though we are extending our Special Monthly Event to our Friday Happy Hour as well! All of our staff will be dressed in their finest, Hingan-style dress in lovely shades of pink. We will be having a Special SECRET Menu as well both days! Though that’s a surprise! So you’ll have to see what we’re cooking up for these special evenings! DETAILS Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Server: Mateus Social Hour: Includes Soak & Amenities, Meal & Drink. Date: Thursday April 18th Time: 7:30PM Pacific Happy Hour: *HALF PRICE of our Inclusive Rate!* Date: Friday April 19th Time: 10:00PM Pacific *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. **Our cellarage is mixed bath only. Please wear appropriate swimsuits or yugi.
  25. It has been a while since I have done this but I have decided to go ahead and give this another shot. RP has been dying down for me a little bit, mostly do the Stormblood being over, some friends have returned to other games, others have been overloaded with RL matters, as I have been myself. So with Shadowbringers coming, I have decided to try and once again find a few more people to RP with, to seek out new contacts for my characters. I'm fine with any form of RP be it short term or long term. If anyone is interested you can either contact me on discord: Kurosora#3286, or in-game other any of the names listed. If you none of the listed hooks suites you and you have one of your own feel free to hit me up and let me know and we can work something out, I'm an open-minded person. ^-^ Elias Argentum RP Hooks: Sellsword/Mercenary: Since abandoning the Empire and coming to Eorzea, Elias has often worked as a mercenary, doing whatever it was he needed to do to in order to survive. Some of the work he has done consisted of escorting merchants. Throughout his work, as such he has met a number mercenaries and sellswords who offered him some advice here and there, and some who he has had the opportunity to work with. Garlean/Garlean Defectors: Elias is by far no Cid Garlond but a traitor is a traitor, and the man known as Margulis oen Ravilla is considered one. Like all traitors to the Empire, he is wanted for his crimes. Though his alias may not be well-known by those who serve the Empire there may be a few who might recognize him, either from his time in the military academy or his original station. Family: This can be discussed if anyone is truly interested. It should be noted that due to his act of treachery against the Empire his relationship with his family is now stressed and less than positive. Traveling: He does not like to stay in one place for too long and from time to time he gets a bit of wanderlust, especially if he hears about places he has not yet seen. His traveling between City-State gives way to the possibility of meeting interesting people such as; Adventurers, Merchants, or even individuals who are on pilgrimage. Kaiden Fortessa RP Hooks: Learning more about Ishgard: Kaiden still knows very little about Ishgard, while he has heard some things from his parents he is curious to learn about from others, presumably those who have once called, or still calls, the City-State their home. Voidsent/Voidsent Hunters: Since his encounter with a devious one, Kaiden has taken to hunting the denizens of the Void. He has traveled Eorzea with the intent of not only seeking others of like mind. Adventurer/Mercenary for Hire: One of the things he enjoys doing is traveling and being an Adventurer gives him the opportunity to do so, not only does he get to see interesting places but meet interesting people as well. He has also taken to working as a mercenary of sorts. He is often around the adventurer's guilds looking for anything that may catch his interest, and possible clients. Samurai mentor: Since witnessing two samurai compete against one another while in the Far East, during his trip there with his mate, he has taken a huge interest in learning how to wield the Katana efficiently.
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