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  1. Outer Heaven is recruiting! Yea? But who are these guys? Hello, In character I'd be Sebastian Siegesmund, proud owner of the Outer Heaven a little bar in the Mists with a fine collection of misfits and rascals. Our FC wants to focus on RP around that place, no you will not have to wait tables and hope for tips. The RP will focus around the daily struggles of its owner, the patrons and whatever else we can come up with. Tell smaller, personal stories that are more focused on developing character or enriching the world. Happy stories, sad stories, important ones or just utter nonsense. We encourage all our members to come up with their own stories instead of waiting for the Admin to DM some. Join us today for comfortable or uncomfortable shenanigans, have a drink and talk about how much you hated your last job or.. something else. You make your own fun here, we just provide the playground. Contact: heelish#8069 on Discord
  2. Howdy, y'all! My name's Lori. I'm fairly new to FFXIV, so please bear with me! However, I've been writing/RPing for quite some time now! I'm looking for people to RP with, either IG or Discord. I won't say discord is preferred, necessarily, but it would be a bit more convenient as I'm not always online everyday. (...But I'm always screwing around on my phone ;;; ...) Anyhow, here's my current main character! His name is Arkady. He's 23 years old, and he's very recently left an extremely isolated tribe in the East Shroud. His Common Eorzean is veeery heavily accented and he struggles with reading and writing, but he's a very quick learner and can communicate fairly well. While he might seem secretive and a bit boorish at first, Arkady is in truth quite amicable, and is a very curious and lively fellow with a bit of a competitive streak in him. (I'll bullet point the rest of this so that it's a bit easier to read!) SKILLS: Hunting/Surviving - Arkady is a rather adept hunter. He knows how to lay a trap and follow a trail, and his skill with a knife is quite commendable. Carpentry - Arkady was the son of a carpenter and spent a good portion of his life learning the craft. He's far from being a master and is also a bit out of practice, but he's capable of cobbling together or repairing basic things. Dancing - If you ask him nicely (or if he's drunk enough) Arkady might show you a few moves! STRENGTHS: Arkady is one sneaky motherfucker. Very persistent and not easily disheartened. A quick thinker! Great sense of direction --- can map out an area in his mind very well. Very devoted to his friends. WEAKNESSES: Has a bit of a short temper and is easily frustrated. His curiosity often gets him into trouble. Impulsive and hotheaded --- has a reckless streak Bad sense of personal boundaries Has a tendency to be overprotective/clingy POSSIBLE HOOKS: MAN's gOTTA MAKE THAT CHEDDAR -- And by that, I mean he's in constant need of employment! He'll work nearly any sort of odd job/what-have-you. He's trying to learn how to read/write/speak in Common -- maybe there's someone willing to help him with that? Honestly, he's not shy about bugging people for help in translating/understanding things, so there's always that! Nothing spurs on conversation like a bit of drinking---he's more than willing to share a drink and a conversation with a stranger. Any master carpenters looking for apprentices? ... Or adventurers in search of a good navigator? OOC NOTES: WOW, this got kind of long---I'm sorry about that! A few things I feel like I should say --- I'm open to most kinds of RP. My usual strike zone, however, leans towards more casual/adventure type RPs, and I definitely focus more on character development. I don't completely push plot to the side, however! I love bantering, joking, and generally lighthearted connections. That being said, I'm also not completely averse to drama, angst, hurt/comfort/etc. In fact, I'm a shameless lover of some good hurt/comfort. I do love RPing romance! But I certainly won't force it. If our characters mesh, then woohoo o//! (I'm also a huge sucker for pining and for the whole friends to lovers or rivals to friends to lovers dynamic kjfkjfa) As much as I'd love meeting long term friends/RP partners, I'm also super open to one-shots and quick scenes. I'm not demanding commitment or anything---it's all for fun! ANyhow--if you're interested, feel free to add me on discord or in game! My IGN (Mateus) is: Arkady Akhmatov Discord: huge jackedman#5654
  3. A tall Hyur wearing a bandana on his head and relatively well-to-do sailing clothes walks into the (bar/alley/place where you would meet the person that wants to pick this up) and pauses, looking around in an attempt to find the one he's looking for. His posture it firmly militaristic, but his face is filled with a smugness that doesn't' belong. "I'm looking for someone to send a message." He says , with a firm commanding tone. "A foe of mine has gone to ground, and I want him and his friends to know that there is nowhere safe for him anymore." Basically what I'm looking for is just someone to come into the event, act tough and go. "They know where you live now, and also tell the establishment they are better off getting rid of the person
  4. Hello, everyone! ; w ; I'm Kiara, and I'm fairly new to the game! I played it for maybe a month or so on the PS4 about a year ago... ^_^;; but then recently got it again for the PC! So I've been back in it for a month and since I'm on a computer this time around, the socializing and rping is a lot easier to manage. x) So I figured I'd jump in and try to meet some people and maybe write some fun adventures! :3 I'm actually like... completely new to MMO roleplay, however, and I guess that makes me feel a little nervous about trying to get into it. I've mainly rp'd on MySpace, and then sites that mimic the original MySpace site after everyone left. I've also put in a couple years on Tumblr, as well, and a few times I've hit up forums, but that's about it. So it feels like a whole new world to me, but I love video games and I love writing, so I'd love to combine the two! I do have a Discord, and don't mind adding new friends! I just prefer not to post it publicly, and would like to chat with people at least a little bit before adding them. ^_^;; ALSO. I admittedly don't know very much about Final Fantasy. I'm actually more of a Kingdom Hearts girl. But FFXIV is probably the most aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and fun MMO I've ever tried. T ^ T
  5. Character(s) Kiara Nocturne (Mateus, Coeurl) A charismatic, spunky Miqo'te rogue/ninja seeking adventure and entertainment. She has a knack for befriending all types of people, and is driven by reckless curiosity, often finding herself collecting a vast array of information, as well as gossip and rumors. Her loyalty might falter if her own hide is at risk, or even if she thinks it would be more interesting to switch sides, and generally has no qualms about playing double agent. Despite her bubbly, lax, and outgoing personality, her moral compass is pretty broken and she thrives on causing mischief and chaos. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy) I'm fine with the whole spectrum! I think it depends on the situation, but I love quick, casual banter as much as long, in-depth storylines! Views on RP combat and injuries I'm not big into rp fighting, but I don't mind letting my babies get injured. Any permanent damage or scars should be discussed beforehand, though! ;w; Views on IC romance Oh lord, I'm a hopeless romantic. ;w; I love writing cute, fluffy, and even angsty ships. But it's gotta be built up and developed naturally between our characters, otherwise it feels too forced and inorganic. If our muses have chemistry, though, sure! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc) Just as good! I love having my muse develop friendships! :3 I usually don't do rp families, but I'm not against them... just a little more cautious, I guess? But even brotherly/fatherly/motherly figures are awesome! And even enemies and rivals are great! Views on lore I'm currently trying to read through all the FFXIV lore, so admittedly I'm not too knowledgeable on it. I don't think it's mandatory to make your character adhere strictly to the in-game lore, since I believe creativity is key! So I think I may end up making alternate bios for my character(s) -- one for the original bio and one that's pretty much an AU that's adapted to the lore -- in case people are picky about that sort of thing. o3o Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc) I'm. . . not sure! ; w ; I'm new to MMO roleplaying so I don't really know what's the norm and what isn't! I guess the main thing is just differentiating between talking out of character, and talking in-character. As long as I can tell that, I guess I don't care where it's coming from. o3o Other Info Country United States Timezone EST Contact info I've got a Discord! I'd rather people PM me about it though, so I don't have to post it publicly. ^_^;;
  6. I really want to get into RP, but I'm intimidated by the idea of writing a character before I've finished the game. There's so much lore I don't have access to. I'm afraid I'll mess up and look like an idiot. And even if I don't, I'm more used to writing characters to suit the RP than the other way around. With no idea of what to RP, I'm lost at both fronts. At the same time, I'd rather not spoil the MSQ for myself by reading the wiki for lore... I've already messed up a bit during character creation-- my main is an Au Ra with an Elezen name who worships Halone. Oops. Should I fanta/name change to make it more consistent, or try to write around it? If I fanta to Elezen, I'd mostly know the lore and it'd be consistent. But I really like how Au Ra look, and what little I've seen of their relations with other races seems like it'd be a fun conflict to write for. Changing to an Auri name would also be consistent, but I'd be mostly in the dark lore-wise and wouldn't really know how to write for it. As for trying to make my current mess make sense... would it be feasible to say she was adopted by Gridanians? The Garleans import their slaves for work in their outposts. Would it be plausible to say that her mother escaped from Castrum Oriens while pregnant, had her, and then gave her up for adoption to go back and help the resistance? That's the only way I can think of that an Au Ra would have an Elezen name and be generally ignorant of Othard/Doma. And searching for her birth mother would make a good motivation for an adventurer. I don't know. I'm just speculating based on limited information. Without too many spoilers, is my idea workable? (If it's not, a blunt "no" without game screenshots is fine. I don't need an explanation, I just don't want to make a fool of myself.) Should I just change my character into something easier to write? Thanks for reading. This game is so much fun, and I'd like to get into the RP scene!
  7. LF active players for a misfit adventures themed Casual RP/Social FC have discord. Rank 8 FC with Goblet small housing. I usually have a cross world PF up almost every day PST or Join it for more info or message me here. And small FCs considering merge feel free to message me and we can work out a deal im certain that we'll both benifit from. + To Add The end goal for the FC is to be a small close knit one not more than 30 active currently have more but some were new and are beginning to move on. The RP is anywhere from none- to - heavy and is not policed, of course we also open the floor for anyone in the tavern every Friday. This is not a hardcore FC thats strict with scheduling it's chill and for people that want to make long term friends. o7
  8. I. Basic Info Characters: Balmung: Ianto Evander - Kind-Heart, endearing and skittish much like a rabbit. He's perpetually tired and perpetually worried about your well being. Big Mom Friend vibes. Elis Evander - Socially awkward and aggressively honest, Elis seems to always be moody. He cares...he's just got a funny way of showing you he does, like a cat who brings you the gift of dead rodents left on your floor late at night. Gwen Evander. - Pretty put together compared to her messy older brothers. She is extremely kind but a very focused individual, perhaps a little bit of a control freak. Everything happens for a reason. Probably has a pinterest of inspirational quotes. Riko Momose. - Big on growing bored of people, pouting and being a social-butterfly. She'll will judge a book by it's cover. If she had an Instagram there'd be a lot of posts about "cutting out the drama" and how girls seem to just hate her for some reason! Mateus: Ophelie Lothaire - she's brand newww! And will be fleshed out more as I finish the MSQ. Very serious sort and a little awkward because of it but loyal to those dear to her. Primary character: Ianto and Elis. II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I can do any depending on the scene. However, if I'm in a busy scene I appreciate some order as it is hard for me to keep up. Views on RP combat and injuries: They're fine as long as serious injuries are consensual. I am not against more permanent injuries but that kind of RP is for those close to me and requires a lot of thought! But please, punch Elis in the nose. Views on IC romance: I'm absolutely fine with it but I generally reserve relationships for people I know. I like to take things slowly and liked to be surprised by a relationship forming. Doesn't mean my character won't get a big fat crush on yours when they do something cool though, you've been warned. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Friendship is fine if that's what this part alludes to? Enemies are cool. You don't have to pretend your character likes mine, I like a good rivalry! And I love a good begrudging friendship where they bicker a lot. As for related? Don't really think so! Can't say I need any of those additions currently. Views on lore: It's a nice guideline. I will not look down on you for being creative with it. If you are not forcing your viewpoint on others, I'm fine with it. Consent is key! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): S'all good. III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: EST Contact info: Please feel free to hmu here in a dm if you'd like my discord. I'd rather not post it publicly in a forum I like to get to know people and I enjoy talking to others about their characters a lot. If I seem cool to you, please feel free to drop me a message on here. If there are any discords in the community that I could join, I'd love to know about those too. People have busy schedules and I find getting to know the player first makes it very easy to initiate rp when they're free
  9. Viera is coming and I'm looking for someone to teach her how to be an upstanding citizen! Personality traits: -impulsive, aggressive, prideful, ignorant +determined, playful --- She's a young Rava Viera, who impulsively left her Wood in order to explore the world outside. After months of travelling and stowing away in carriages, the girl has found herself in The Black Shroud. Naturally drawn to it's setting, she's taken refuge near Bentbranch Meadows, near the Guardian Tree. In order to eat, she's been stealing Puhsana fruits and Krakka roots from the Chocobo stalls, causing the farmers and Chocobo trainers much stress. --- RP hook: A note is posted on the Ebony Stalls market board in Old Gridania Need assistance catching an evasive fruit and vegetable thief! We have been plagued by this pest for more than 8 suns, now and the Chocobos cannot be put at ease! Will pay gil! If interested, please speak with Rimilde at the Chocobo stall in Bentbranch Meadows. (I suppose a secondary hook would be if your character just ran into her, but she is very evasive and most likely will not be seen out, during the day. ) --- She doesn't have a name yet (since i have no clue what the naming conventions are. I am leaning towards Velelu, atm) but I've doodled an idea of what I want her to look like, once they're officially released into the game. She is definitely a character to me, already~ This is clearly a "teacher/student" type rp dynamic. "Velelu" has no idea what Eorzea is like, as far as customs and what's expected of her, as she's completely fresh. She isn't even familiar with the other races. This is not a "one and done" RP. Once their relationship is established, she will most likely want to cling to your character at every waking second if able, until she's able to confidently interact on her own. Send a DM if interested! We can even RP their meeting in discord, that way their relationship is established before hand. Booplesnoot#7762 is my discord
  10. Hello! I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I thought I'd give this a shot. Well, to be honest I somewhat know what I am doing. I've been a big fan of MMOs and RPG since I was a kid. Final fantasy 9 and Golden Sun being some of the first to spark imagination, while Runescape and World of Warcraft did the same for me on the MMO front. I still actually play WoW, but mostly for the roleplay, as even though I'm a sucker for war stories its become obvious that only half the staff seems to know what they are trying to tell us. I actually am an officer in a roleplay guild on there as a batch of mercs. Besides just that I do lots of tabletop stuff of many different settings and rule sets. I enjoy making new characters for them, perhaps just a tad bit more then I do playing them sometimes! I love playing characters of all different kinds. Its no fun if you stick to one character type, even less fun if you don't challenge and change up your style every once in awhile. In a way ff14 is just my style given the job system! I've actually played FF14 awhile back, right before Stormblood came out on Siren where I was with an FC that spanned many games. The chapter of that group didn't last and so I was left with little reason to stay sadly even though I was hyped for Stormblood. Without a community to latch onto I have trouble keeping to MMOs. That is half the reason I am here tbh. On the topic of character I honestly have no idea. At first when I came back with the idea to roleplay I thought of a rather simple idea, after all some brilliant characters can come from simple ideas. It came from just the fact the character I played was a monk so obviously the guy might be a brawler type. Then I got into lancer, and then dragoon, and then I realized how it almost fit the character perfectly. New ideas came to mind. So I don't know. Perhaps a bit of a drifter, seems fitting for a duskwight perhaps? Maybe a character who started off in the means streets of Ul'dah only to bring in all what he learned to focus on growing into a lancer. I'm not sure yet. One of the best things about FF14 and roleplay from my newbie perspective is the job systems seems to allow characters to grow out from where they started. For example I kind of want my character's 'next step' to be growing to become a red mage, because I mean- come on look at them! They're cool! Yet even if that is something I want right now I'm the type that goes with whatever happens. The people a character meets, the events that happen around him, all that should influence a character. I set general ideas out but let the situations evolve character, not me forcing situations to happen. I guess that kind of answers that I am a medium to heavy roleplayer if given the chance. Of all things the reason I found this place was just trying to figure out to turn on the roleplay status and add a status to my character to let people know I'm new to Rp , only for my internet to run so slow I couldn't commit to even watching what was going on in Ul'dah much less be apart of anything happening! So here I am killing your eyes with this spewing of these words of mine! Well that was much more a ramble then a quick summery of myself, but like I said I have so idea what I'm doing in game and in here. Though I want to see what the roleplay community of FF14 has to offer! So I hope to find some good folks to Rp with, make some good stories together, and be apart of a good community!
  11. Hi! My name's Dani, but you can call me Maria (character name), Ish/Columbus (it's a long story), or whatever you feel comfortable with. I enjoy reading, drawing, video games, and of course RP! You can see some of my drawings here. I've done forum/informal chat RPs since I was a kid and jumped in and out of playing D&D until I fell in love with 5e. I dabbled in MMOs a bit in high school, but haven't been engrossed in any as much as FFXIV. It's been a lot of fun! I've seen people RPing here and there (as well as overheard people saying that Mateus is apparently an RP server), but couldn't quite figure out how to jump into it in-game. I figured it was rude to interrupt people in the middle of RP. Not only that, but the further I got in the game, the more I realized that the character I'd made is kind of a hot mess! I just sorta picked what I thought looked cool during character creation. I named her "Maria" as a reference to FF6, with the last name "Laurent" because it was pretty and flowed better than the generated surnames. I chose Au Ra because they're cute, gave her my birthday, and then just picked the deity corresponding to that month... which was Halone. It wasn't until I'd gotten almost through ARR that I realized that I'd made my lizard sound Elezen as hell. She's the Elezen-equivalent of a weeaboo. An Eleboo. Oh lawd. And now I'm in Ishgard and learning the relationship they've had with the Au Ra. OH LAWD. At first I thought I'd have to fanta her to Elezen to get into any serious RP, because nothing about it made sense. But you guys, I think I'm gonna roll with this trash fire. I'm gonna see if I can write my way into a character background that makes some kind of sense. Anyway! I think I've rambled a bit. I just wanna say, I think this community is really cool. I look forward to meeting you all!
  12. Hello all! New to rping in a MMO but not new to rping. I've roleplayed in chat rooms and forums (still do) but decided to try something new on a whim. Always been a fan of the FF series and I have been meaning to give 14 a go. Open to advice as to what I should being doing as a newbie. As far as character development, I'm going to look into the lore and hopefully craft a interesting character. Laters!
  13. Hello all! New to rping in a MMO but not new to rping. I've roleplayed in chat rooms and forums (still do) but decided to try something new on a whim. Always been a fan of the FF series and I have been meaning to give 14 a go. Open to advice as to what I should being doing as a newbie. As far as character development, I'm going to look into the lore and hopefully craft a interesting character. Also I realized I posted in the wrong tread, so this is a bit of a echo... Soooo yea. Laters!
  14. While reading your favorite news sheet, you espy the following notice: Scholar-Adventurers needed for exploration and research. Honor and recognition guaranteed upon publication of Thorn Rose Compendium. All areas of expertise needed. Kitchen currently under-staffed. Many opportunities for your profit. Extra muscle appreciated. If interested, contact Eloria Chantay, Curatrix, or Rehn Dalvahsk, Editor-at-Large. Arlette D'Arrigny, patron rep, is occasionally available. OOC: We are a rank 8 fc, allied with the Twin Adders. Our small house is in the Goblet (Ward 5, plot 18). Tag: TR-RP Rp Purpose: We are gathering information about the world for an encyclopedia to be called Thorn Rose Compendium. Background: Our patron is the d’Arrigny family. Its representative is Arlette d’Arrigny. She is a daughter of this Ishgardian house of minor nobility, which serves House Durandaire. The d’Arrigny seek to know the world so as to further enrich themselves, add renown to their name and find a way to help Coerthas recover from its devastating, perpetual winter. FC Organization: Curatrix: Eloria Chantay (Officer) Editor-at-Large : Rehn Dalvahsk (Officer) Patron rep: Arlette D’Arrigny (Officer) Trainees: Trial period of two weeks. After two weeks, each trainee will have an interview with the manager to help them decide on one of the following three branches: Field Workers: Those who venture into the world-at large to study it. Scholars: Those who work with the material brought in by the field workers and write about it. Caretakers: Those who provision the fc and its lounge as well as craft useful items for it. This group also includes those who serve as guards. The category a member chooses need not affect their gameplay at all. How it affects rp is up to the individual player. Your rp could involve doing all three, if you want. If a character wants to earn extra money rp’ly, they could help out with the lounge.
  15. N'shan


    Hello, I'm new to the whole rp scene and was hoping to meet people to get a start on making friends, and stories.
  16. My character is on an adventure Orieo has a brother and sister but heard they were traveling the world so she wanted to travel as well and hopefully find them to build a family bond. Before leaving home she saved a traveler and was able to have a protector along the way. She just want to be able to turn to someone who is family.
  17. Hello! My name is Deva and I've been an avid forum rper for a little over 13 years. It's a near and dear hobby to me but unfortunately the small forum community I was with is drifting apart and so thus I've begun a new search for more places to roleplay: namely ffxiv. Some more (in depth?) info using the welcome template! MMORPG background: I've been playing MMORPGs for years, probably before I even really discovered roleplaying? (maybe? I can't quite recall which came first, lmao) but I've always been particularly bad at end-game material such as knowing which gear is best, running and profiting from the market, etc, knowing dungeon/raids/etc well. I play the game, have fun, then get confused on what I'm supposed to actually know at higher levels lmao. I'm also notoriously shy in mmorpgs (and that may contribute to my end-game floundering because no friends/guild/fc), for whatever reason I'm fine on forums, rl, but the second you drop me in an mmorpg I'm reluctant to talk. So to those in the future who I may be rping with— feel free to nudge me frequently, I may just be too shy to reach out myself. RP experience: Stated above I've been at it for 13 years, on forums and things like discord. Well versed in a lot of things (if not all) of that mentioned in the rp handbook. I suppose I'm simply new to the aspect of rping in a game because I have (yet) to really witness it outside the tavern scenario. So I have a couple questions of myself: Is rping ingame similar to a forum? Just.. you're in the setting rather than describing it? (IE: Using the tavern scenario our characters sit and chat but in the end, I'm still just writing most of it, similarly to forum rp). Or do people actively quest/dungeon/etc while in-character? Character ideas/info: I know next to nothing about the FF franchise if I'm honest, I've glanced at streamers playing it, I'm familiar with the more popular characters but that's really the extent of it. I've been using a lot of the lore info gathered on this site and elsewhere to expand my xiv knowledge. But because the game is based off the original ff mmo game I sometimes feel a bit lost? Regardless! I'm still searching/reading/learning. Character wise I'm not entirely sure where I want to go, I had potential ideas of maybe an Ishgardian character but as I've yet to start/finish Heavensward (just finished ARR) I'm not 100% sure to start there is my best interest (yet). I also get a bit conflicted with the usage of alts because the game lets you play whatever class you want, essentially, at any time it makes it difficult for me to really want to swap over to another character. (Especially since both characters I have/had in mind were primarily the healer type and it would be difficult for them and a bit ooc for them to sway outside of it). How did you learn about the coalition? Google! I've been snooping around tumblr and google looking for ffxiv rp since I know it exists. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) I'd say I'm a mix? It really depends on the day, honestly. Some days a more casual, light, rp suits me just fine and other times I'm more of a medium/heavy rper. But I suppose I'd stick myself into the heavy category only because I like the character/world building/relationship establishing and over all story I get to create with others. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I both work and go to college so sometimes my time is split between the two and it becomes difficult to muster the energy to respond to folks. Please know it's not because I'm ignoring but simply because I have run out of steam and need a hot minute to recharge. — Some other things is my main is on Cactuar but I'm very interested in hopping ship over to Mateus for this rp scene, I just haven't yet because I don't want to jump ship on a server where I'm playing with friends, to essentially end up making myself a loner with nobody on Mateus. So I suppose I am looking for rp partners/rp scene/fc/etc to establish here potentially before jumping ship to a new server. I think that covers it? But nice to meet all of you and hopefully looking to rping with one another!
  18. Hey there! I picked up ffxiv last month and wasted my free trial, but I eventually picked it back up again and i love it. I'm a lvl 42 ARC at the moment but i wanted to look for a possible RP partner on aether/Mateus. I'm not in a FC or LS at the moment, but I'm open to joining one. I don't have any specific requirements for my partners, they can be romantic, platonic, etc. Currently I'm playing on console so discord would be the best way to RP atm, feel free to add me at Ornstein#2761 | Character info | Name: Danah'li Zhahl Race/Clan: Miqo'te, Keepers of the Moon Sexuality: Homosexual Age: 21 Gender: Male Status: Single Home: Limsa Lominsa Height: 5'4 Hair: Orange with black eartips Eyes: Orange/Amber (right) Yellow/Gold (left) Spontaneous and curious, a bit of a trickster at times but otherwise he is humble and caring. Loyal to his friends and allies. | Short BG | Danah'li lived as the youngest sibling to his nomadic family, having minimal to no contact with other people/races until he became of age that he decided to embark on his own journey as an adventurer. Craving to meet new people and see new places, he tries to help other adventurers in need and helps small-folk in the villages surrounding Limsa Lominsa and Gridania whenever possible. | Starter Ideas/Topics/etc | - Adventurer for hire - Shoddy marksman, almost hitting your character with an arrow - Arcanist studying to become a Scholar - Stubborn chocobo/Inept rider - Friends in high places (He enjoys climbing into almost impossible to reach areas) If interested just let me know! I'm new to this forum so the best possible place would be to message me on discord. (Old photo btw, will update after work tomorrow)
  19. I'm looking for any Mateus-related linkshells and Discord servers to join! I wouldn't mind making regular friends either but right now, I'm mostly just looking for places to chat while I do things. I'd love people to do things with, too! My main interests are a lot of PvE things, treasure hunting, and .. sitting around watching Netflix. I am not looking for romantic roleplay but open to all other roleplay. I play a Raen noblewoman who happens to be a geomancer with some very light training in onmyojutsu. If anyone has any connections for things like those (or wants to share OOC reading material), I am super down for that. Anyways, feel free to message me here or in-game! Character's name is Yarehasu Naeuri. I also have a Discord, obviously, just ask me for it!
  20. The Enchanted Lotus Valentione Day Masquerade - [ **Masks Required** ] Thursday February 14, 2018 @ 8pm Est The Goblet, Ward 17 Plot 30 - Mateus Server Costume Contest Raffles Dance Roulette Live Performances Drink & Food Join the Enchanted Lotus this Valentione’s, in a whirl of mystery and intrigue! Wear your fanciest frocks and your most dashing attire complete with necessary mask to the Lotus’s very first Masquerade Ball! Let the Lotus share their enchantment with you this evening as we seek to woo our guests into a night of fanciful delight with live performances, costumes, good food and drink. Note: Raffle Choices & Menu to be Announced Closer to Date! https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/post/182290656663/the-enchanted-lotus-valentione-day-masquerade
  21. FC Name : The Enchanted Lotus FC Tag : <Lotus> Leader : - Isamu Minakomori Officers : - Kai Minakomori, Rikanik Gri'vani FC Mansion : - Goblet W17 P30 Type of FC : - Roleplaying [Medium-Heavy RP] - Content [All] Active Time : - 5pm PST- Wee Hours [A few of us are on early in the day as well, feel free to msg us.] Alignment : - All Source Links : - Discord/Linkshell upon request, Application: https://tinyurl.com/LotusApplication , Twitter: https://twitter.com/LotusEnchanted , Tumblr: https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/, Rpc: IC Background : - So, you must be asking, what is the Enchanted Lotus? We are a family-founded, family-run Thavnarian Restaurant and Teahouse! The Lotus started as the fledgling dream of one man, but has since flourished into reality thanks to the help of many! OOC Background : - The Enchanted Lotus prides itself in being a welcoming community, and we accept people from any and all walks of life, including LGBTQ+ individuals! This applies both OOC and IC, so please do not be afraid to be yourself! Currently Looking For : All members of all races, backgrounds and affiliations. Members to help staff and run events. CONTACTS : - CookieBoi#9754, K i a n#7610 , Electric_rooster#2025
  22. The Enchanted Lotus Valentione Day Masquerade - [ **Masks Required** ] Thursday February 28, 2018 @ 8pm Est The Goblet, Ward 17 Plot 30 - Mateus Server Costume Contest Raffles Dance Roulette Live Performances Drink & Food Join the Enchanted Lotus this Valentione’s, in a whirl of mystery and intrigue! Wear your fanciest frocks and your most dashing attire complete with necessary mask to the Lotus’s very first Masquerade Ball! Let the Lotus share their enchantment with you this evening as we seek to woo our guests into a night of fanciful delight with live performances, costumes, good food and drink. https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/post/182290656663/the-enchanted-lotus-valentione-day-masquerade Raffle Choices
  23. Every Thursday Weekly Open Rp Night @ The Enchanted Lotus 7-10pm Est [Ward 17 Plot 30 The Goblet ] - Authentic Thavnarian/Hannish Cuisine [Custom orders available on Request] - Unique Delectable Drinks at the Bar - Lil’ Lotus Daycare - Occasional Live Performances Downstairs near the Tea Bar. Lotus Menu https://tinyurl.com/LotusMenus https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/post/182277942983/weekly-open-rp-night-the-enchanted-lotus-7-10pm
  24. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our Friday Happy Hour starting at 10:00pm Pacific Standard Time. Please enjoy our amenities at half off our normal rate! You're welcome to enjoy our izakaya or soak in our indoor hotsprings (sento!), perhaps a visit to our outdoor amenities through our onsen? If you haven’t yet, please try out our dry and wet sauna on our top floor. If that doesn’t fancy you and you’re of need of healing of either body or mind… Please consider our Wellness Center. We offer general healing, shiatsu, acupuncture, divination, and various other natural remedies. Server: Mateus Date: Fridays Time: 10:00PM PST Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/ **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  25. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. http://madratbird.tumblr.com/ Character Name: Rajal Akeem Character Age: He looks around mid-twenties, perhaps a tad older. Character Gender: Male. Character Sexuality: Straight. Character Race: Judging by his physical features, Seeker. Character Profession: Officially on paper, a gardener. Unofficially, a mercenary-jobs contractor. Character Residence: He is seen often loitering in and out a building in the outskirts of Ul'dah. [Character Background & General Flavour] Rajal has recently arrived in Ul'dah following a personal tragedy that saw his farmstead in the desert completely wiped out by savage assaulters. [Ask for more information ICly.] Seeing himself lost and faced with the new city reality, he swiftly had to pick up on the hectic pace and now endeavours in making the Desert Jewel his new home. One may say that he is a refugee like many, but even if he sees the Sultanate as a point where to drastically start over his life, he is still a son of the desert and his nature often has him longing for the dunes and the scorching sun. He is the kind of rustic character that can "bend the world around himself under the will of his hands". Basically what he doesn't know in books, he knows in actual practicability. Just like some bookworms don't have any strength in their hands or can't open a pack of chips, but can do equations in their heads within seconds, he's instead the kind of guy who's never clumsy with his hands and possesses a practiced degree of dexterity. In his 'everyday life', he cuts things just right, has a sense of proportion, he knows laws of physic very well by direct experience, he never let things slipping off his hold, always ties knots in the right way, so on and so forth. So there is a lot of rural knowledge into his hands and his eyes, all of his wisdom is comparable to the one of our ancestors -- whom, were far more skilled in "practical life" than our digitalized generation will ever be. Rajal can't tell you the history of Eorzea, but he knows how to fix a leaking plumbing or how to predict incoming rain just by smelling the wind or observing cattle behaviour. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. http://madratbird.tumblr.com/ [Character Personality] Qualities ↑ A Loyal Friend and Partner: Rajal has a strict code of honour to himself and values fairness and friendship above many things. He is not the kind to trick you or screw you over first, his disposition is often inclined to the philosophy of 'Let's play fair'. Once he established a relationship with someone, he is the serious kind that sticks around and is actively present in people's lives, always ready to offer help or a word of comfort. Being him strongly independent-minded, it is very hard to sway him about people merely with bad rumours. In a sense, Rajal is a fairly mature man who knows the meaning of commitments all too well and adheres to them as a matter of principles. That, however, does not mean that he is entirely law-abiding. The notion of 'fairness' is often relative in Rajal's world and he tends to 'pay people back with the same coin'. ↑ Stubborn and Determined: Rajal works hard for what he wants and never gives up, unless it's literally a matter of life or death. Whatever he desires, he goes way beyond his capabilities to achieve it. Given his firmness of heart and mind, the man tends to reach his objectives, no matter how long it might take to get there. It is often a bumpy ride, but that never discouraged him. At the same time, every failure in his life at achieving what he wanted still weighs on him greatly and probably will never be fully digested. ↑ Empathic, Brotherly, Good Listener: Lacking the selfishness and egocentrism of many, Rajal is very receptive to other people. Having been a victim of extremely harsh times and deep dejection of heart, he often holds out a helping hand in support to whoever needs it - which often makes him take onto a 'brotherly' or 'best-friendy' role. His support has no subtle second intentions and this leads girls and guys to feel safe around him, knowing that he is not there to get something out of them - especially of intimate nature. In that sense, he is very much a man of honour. ↑ Humouristic and Humble: Rajal loves jokes and to laugh. He is the kind that if he can crack a stupid joke, he will, and often his humour is fairly cheap - but it is for that reason, that it causes hilarity. Furthermore, he is a modest soul at the core: having lived a life of intense devotion to hard work and poor rewards made him a self-forged man of solid values without any pretense of self-righteous pride. To make him happy, one doesn't have to go further than a good meal and some good company, after having spent the entire day sinking his hands into the earth's soil. ---------------- Flaws ↓ Uncultured and Poor on Knowledge: Having lived most of his life in a secluded community in the desert did not give Rajal a chance to dedicate himself to a lenghty education. He knows how to write and read and he knows his way around Thanalan and the laws on the desert, but you will find his mind to be completely blank on history, general culture, and everything that requires a moderate attendance to school. One could say that he is the classic ignorant farmland yokel. ↓ Prejudiced, Struggles to Stay Open-minded: When Rajal doesn't understand a point of view coming from others, the gates of his acceptances are closed. Well aware of this flaw of his, he has been working on himself to try to see things from other people's points of view, but he is often narrow-minded and sticks to his beliefs, no matter how erroneous they may be. It is difficult to change his mind or make him see reason and that is often a cause of arguments with people. Fortunately, he possesses a smidge of self-insight that makes him take a step back from his density of mind and tries to expande his horizons of opinion. ↓ At Times, Quick To Anger: While this is an entirely situational flaw (meaning that it depends a lot on what's the matter and who is involved), there are certain topics that trigger him into a swift burst of flames. Some subjects are more sensitive than others and when a sore spot is touched, he reacts with great amounts of annoyance that are entirely out of his control. That might cause insults to fly or worse, a physical approach to be taken if the other party doesn't back off or taunts him further. However, this passionate approach to wrath is fairly rare and it regards only specific matters. ↓ Hardly Forgives: Once trust is broken, it is nigh impossible to bring it back to its former state. Disagreements that bring him to a huge disappointment make Rajal carry a grudge forever. Once the 'ancient splendor' of things is gone, there is no mending - unless the apology and 'make-up-to' are of extraordinary impressiveness. But who would go to that extend? Most of his serious deal-breakers end up with him losing the desire to deal with the other party of the disagreement, and fade away into nothingness.The more he cares about someone, the bigger will be the magnitude of his sorrow and the detachment that will follow. Naturally, this applies only to matters of exceedingly dire seriousness. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. https://cheche-dotharl.tumblr.com/ [Possible RP Hooks] Alley Lurker: Rajal is often seen loitering in the filthiest and less reccomendable alleys of Ul'dah, talking with a myriad of individuals - albeit what's behind such low-toned conversations, remains unknown. At times, he is seen exchanging money with rags-clad inhabitants, in the most worn down corners of the city. Ever so fleeting, his presence never lingers for too long. [Dark / Mature themes involved] Desert Loiterer: The verdant-eyed Seeker often crosses the threshold of the Ul'dahnian walls to head into the desert - at times for hours, other times for days. The man can be spotted transporting wares in and out of the gates. It is not unusual to catch his fleeting presence in trading outposts built around oasis. Jobs-giver: It is rumoured that Rajal is not a stranger to pay 'volunteers' to do something for him. At times he is seen tagging along, other times, he does not. It happens that sometimes the kind of tasks he gives out, are not the kind one can find pinned on the bulletin board. The black-skinned Seeker does not speak openly about them either. Non-Tribal Miqo'te: It is word of mouth that Rajal doesn't share any roots with his former tribe. Thus, he might not have the common notions of tribal customs, behaviour or religious beliefs. The reasons why he appears to be so detached from his biological family ties is not commonly known and might have to get investigated. --- How To Approach? -- You can approach him freely without asking me for pre-emptive consent, whenever you see him loitering in Ul'dah! Walk-ups are my favourite! You can also contact me on Discord, I'm always up for a chat: Alex6thJuly#1988
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