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  1. Under New Management.
  2. [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/L6eQtNY.png[/img] [/align] [align=center]The Stormguard is a Free Company who deal in a variety of work, no job is too big or small for us. Our members come from various backgrounds and creeds, from soldiers to refugees, rich or poor, Hyur or Au Ra. All are welcome to join our ranks as long as they are willing to pull their weight. [/align] [align=center]Our base of operations is the “The Hearth” which is located inside the Lavender Beds of the Black Shroud (Plot 51, 3rd Ward Subdivision). Should you wish to try your luck with us, do not be discouraged from seeking us out. Glory and adventure is but a stone’s throw away! [/align]
  3. [align=center]You walk up towards the Adventurers Guild and while looking at the bulletin board, you find advertisement describing a Free Company known as The Limitless Reliquary - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - History hidden... Society shrouded in secrets... Ancient artifacts adrift... Peoples in need… Will they fall into the hands of defenders, or devils? We will defend them, from monsters, from artifacts, from those who mean to do harm! Limitless Reliquary is a humanitarian group looking to aid all who needs it, we would like to provide aid in any way we can, fighting off those who do harm, providing medical aid to those who are without, look for ancient artifacts that could go into the wrong hands, and even social events to raise money. We are a band of people from all walks of life, treasure hunters, fierce mercenaries, healers, scholars, and even thieves. All doing what they do best to help those in need, Will you be one of them?[/align]
  4. [align=center]Ishgard RP "Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky." ALL SPOILERS, INCLUDING CLASS QUESTS ARE ALLOWED! Purpose [align=left]An open OOC Linkshell for Ishgard themed roleplay with the intention of bringing roleplayers together. Discussions about lore are welcomed, as well plotting events together or just seeking others to roleplay with. All in all, the Linkshell is a welcoming place for any roleplayer with an interest in Ishgard roleplay, whether he or she may have been roleplaying for just a week or years. [align=center]Who may join? [align=left]Anyone as long they have something to do with Ishgard. Loyalist, Temple Knights, Astrologians, nobles, civilians, heretics, exiles, sellswords who regularly have business with the Ishgardians; you name it, and you are most likely a good fit for the Linkshell. Newcomers or veterans to the game, both are equally welcome. [align=center]Rules and regulations [align=left]Being as inclusive as a Linkshell may be, this Linkshell will not lord over the quality of the roleplay of its members. Of course discussions are free to be brought up, as long they remain civil. While we do not mind banter, what we do mind is constant complaints about crafting, pve, pvp or anything not roleplay related. The occassional rant is forgiven, but please do bring your troubles outside roleplay up constantly. However I do ask you to keep religion, politics and other hot topics out of the linkshell if it can be helped. This is a place to find roleplay, discuss lore and what not. Not to police other people's roleplay next to that. Take it to whisper if you must. However, harassment towards other players in the Linkshell won't be tolerated, and will result onto having the person removed from the Linkshell. As well harmful slang will not be tolerated either. Joking is fine, but know your audience people! Warnings will be given, and if continued missteps are being made, it may result into having said person removed. Only one ACTIVE alt allowed per person in the LS. [align=center]You wish to join? [align=left]Either of these people will be happy enough to invite you to the Linkshell: Virella Douront (Alt: Avelyn Firestone - try looking for Ave first!) Deyaenoux Bouchard Riven Pendragon [/align] [/align] [align=center]Concerns? If you happen to have any concerns, issues with other members in the LS, please do whisper Virella Douront/Avelyn Firestone in game, or shoot a message over the RPC to see if we can get things sorted. Screenshots are always helpful as well, as I simply cannot keep track of things constantly. If I do not happen to be online, there are other LS leaders who can help you out as well! PSA: ALL SPOILERS, INCLUDING CLASS QUESTS ARE ALLOWED! [/align] [/align] [/align] [/align] [/align] [/align] [/align]
  5. Europa is a linkshell for EU players, and people from other regions of the world who play during the EU peak hours (GMT) on Balmung (NA Legacy). Due to time zone differences, EU players are many hours ahead of the majority of the server's RP population. This subsequently means we have less RP and less events going on, and an increased need to stick together and organize. The LS was originally started by Rinh & Taeh then went under Sastra's leadership for some time but is now under my care. Europa serves as both a social hub and a place to find RP. In the chat, we love to see: Looking for RP messages, initiatives to starting RP etc. Advertising for events, and the planning of events - especially those in the EU peak hours. Getting connected with FC companies. We're not interested in seeing macros in the Linkshell, but spreading general awareness of existing and new FC's is encouraged. People requesting help with PVE content, forming groups & raids General chitchat that does not break the rules below Rules: Do not bring drama to the linkshell, take any disputes to /tell. Contact a gold/silver star for assistance if need be. Move personal conversations to /tell when appropriate. Debate and some strong language is expected from time to time, but don't cross the line to the obscene or abusive/vulgar. Behave respectfully towards other members, greet people, welcome new people and do your bit to make the linkshell a happy place to be. When chatting in Europa, please consider not to use excessive amounts of caps lock. Furthermore, private conversations between two people should generally take place in tells. Any breaches of these rules may result in your removal without warning. Who can join? All roleplayers can join, as long as you stick to the rules. We currently only allow 1 character per person to join, due to the LS cap. Please inform us or remove yourself if you know you're going to be in active for a longer period of time. You can always get a re-invite when you return. Contact any of the below for an invitation, or if you have any questions: Mal Sionis Korin Relanah Sully Xura Misuki Akiudo Raeth Xura
  6. [align=center]http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg17/Gijs_01/Banner_zps2ow2bop2.png[/img] [/align] TL;DR: A bunch of cast-out former members of 'The Crystal Braves', the military arm of The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. We aim to create a linkshell for all RP'ers on the Phoenix EU server within the Chaos Datacenter. The linkshell is open for every player who has even a remote interest in RPing and/or the lore of FFXIV. Spoiler free description if you haven't completed the story of 2.0 to 2.55: The Crystal Braves are 'betrayed' and are no longer the group they used to be. Being angered at this sudden turn of events and being framed for involvement in murder, letters are send out to all corners of Eorzea with the following message. "If thou' seeketh the Light, travel to island's west, to the city that once stood solid. Follow the stream of life."
  7. [align=center] [/align] High on a hill overlooking the sea is the Scholar's Roost, a hub for mages, scholars, engineers, and mercenaries, and a haven for outcasts of all descriptions. We are the Mythril Wings, and our mission is twofold: to pursue knowledge for its own sake and for the benefit of all peoples, and to protect and shelter the downtrodden, the forgotten, and the hopeless. While nominally acting under the sanction of the Maelstrom, we follow a code of conduct that is all our own. Ultimately our intentions are good, but we're masters at finding creative (and sometimes illegal) ways to achieve our ends. Are you a bit of a rebel? Do you love to experiment with 'forbidden' magicks, or hold political views that could get you killed in certain jurisdictions? Or do you simply need a home and a steady job? You might fit right in with the Mythril Wings. [align=center]OOC Information[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=left]We are a rank 8 FC on the Balmung server with a medium house at Ward 4, Plot 29 in the Mist. Our focus is primarily on RP, and most of our members would consider themselves to be medium to heavy RPers. We encourage our members to get involved in plotting story arcs for the FC, and we try to make sure each individual character gets a chance to shine. [/align] Our official company RP days are Saturday and Sunday evenings, and all members who are in game on these days are encouraged to participate. We typically start at 6 or 7PM PST and continue RPing into the small hours of the morning. We can also be found RPing at various times during the week. Note that we tend to keep late hours even by PST standards, so we're a good FC for night owls (less good for 9-to-5ers, although anyone is welcome). Recruitment is always open. If you'd like to join, please fill out an application on our website here. Feel free to contact our officers in game with any questions you may have about the FC itself or the application process. Our officers are Adeya Evenar, Asheloux Thalantos/Zephel Balthoux, Synn Heolstor, and Solenne Lagarde/Michaux Vidal. RP quality and lore compliance are very important to us, so all prospective members must submit an application on our website and participate in an in-character RP test. If you're new to RP, you're welcome to apply, but be willing to learn from more experienced members. If an application is rejected because the officers didn't think your character concept complied with the game lore, you are welcome to tweak your character and resubmit your application. We have standards, but we're not unreasonable. When you join our FC ICly, be prepared to get swept up in our stories. We are a lively group of trouble-prone misfits. We venture into dangerous territories and get involved in hazardous situations. We commit crimes (for the greater good!), make powerful enemies, and play around with ancient artifacts that are probably best left alone. Expect to take plenty of risks ICly. Character growth through adversity is encouraged. Having said all that, please note that our RP does sometimes include mature topics such as crime, blackmail, violence, strong interpersonal tension, unhealthy relationship dynamics, and in rare cases, torture. (Sexual themes are not permitted.) If you are uncomfortable with any of these subjects, this might not be the FC for you. [align=center]Links:[/align] [align=center]Mythril Wings Shivtr Site[/align] [align=center]Mythril Wings Tumblr Page[/align]
  8. :thumbsup: A Bit About Us: Quarry's Run is a fairly new Free Company, formed about one to two months ago. As a theme, we consider our characters that represent the company to be serious monster hunters. If there's a threat, chances are we'll be itching to eliminate it for the safety and well-being of those in nearby settlements! While payment in gil is a great motivator for most of our missions, there are missions we will take up without pay if we feel it's simply the right thing to do. If your character is, say, a farmer and is suffering problems by a large pack of wolves, but is unable to pay for the services of proper mercenaries, it would be a job Quarry's Run is willing to take to give the client peace of mind. :geek: As a Free Company, what are some activities that a potential member may look forward to? Quarry's Run prioritizes in RP events with an emphasis on story-building and character development! However, we also have an interest in PvE, such as dungeons and unsync'd glamour or mount runs. PvP is a lighter interest and seems to be more a personal choice. (A few of our members partake a lot, but some are more sparing!). We have a few crafters willing to teach others interested in taking up Disciples of the Hand and Land. Out of game, a few of our members are working on building up a twitch stream for older RPG's such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 1-6, the Lufia series and more! Any member is willing to participate and/or (If they have their own stream) are welcome to show us what they're interested in! While small, we do our best to include anyone and everyone in our activities. :?How does the usual Quarry's Run Interview go when speaking with an interested member? Quarry's Run has a two-part interview system that helps us get a feel for our new potential member! Part one is an OOC interview, where we generally talk to you, get to know you, ask about you and have you ask about us! We provide details about the Free Company, IC and OOC, our voice chat preference, as well as our usual times for events and their styles. Part two is the In-Character interview, most often held at our Free Company estate! At this part of the interview, we get to see how your character interacts with two to three of our officers as they give you the IC rundown of how things work and the kinds of monsters and messes you may experience in the future as a member of Quarry's Run. At this point if the interview is satisfactory, we will extend an invitation to the Free Company proper and make offer for the IC Linkshell! This leads us to.... :dazed:"Satisfactory?" What determines that?!:dazed: Don't worry! This is pretty much to prove that your character isn't an Allagan God turned Warrior of Light with psychic powers strong enough to melt the average human brain. We greatly support creative and innovative RP ideas, but there are some things that I'm sure anyone wouldn't be able to accept! :blush: What if I'm shy or rather quiet?:blush: Entirely fine! In Quarry's Run, the goal amongst members is to help facilitate a friendly and relaxing environment while keeping our eyes on the prize. Nobody will force you to talk if you're not comfortable, and will let you adapt at your own pace! Still, upon logging on if other members are on, expect a flood of hellos! :cactuar: One Important note here::cactuar: I feel it's greatest to make this known so the reader has knowledge of this before joining or applying: As a free company we're a fairly blunt group of people! I can safely say that we are not for everyone. On voice chat, we're rather loud and rambunctious and most of the time OOC we can be seen as extremely silly. However, despite how we may appear, I can guarantee that members of Quarry's Run at the core are kind people willing to assist their company mates and others. :moogle: Is Quarry's Run's Free Company chat IC or OOC?:moogle: FC chat is OOC! However, we do possess an IC Linkshell for members and allies of the company that we use to help with events. Usually, the ''DM'' of the event will post large posts for enemies, clues, etc in the shell to help minimize clutter and spam to others nearby. 8-) Sounds pretty cool! Who would I /tell to get in contact with Quarry's Run? Quarry's Run as of late has a few members who are on at various hours of the day, and would be willing to speak to interested individuals! Below will be their names and their most commonly-seen hours online: Mhaya Bajihri (Online most EST afternoons to nights!) Ambagai Haragin (Online at random times CST!) Avesa Iseth (Online most afternoons and usually one of our late-night members!)
  9. [align=center]http://s3.mmoguildsites.com/s3/gallery_images/827437/original.png?1432758675[/img][/align] [align=center]QUAYSIDE ACADEMY http://quay.shivtr.com [/align] Quayside Academy is a FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn role-playing free company/linkshell located on the Balmung world. We hope to experience Eorzea and all its rich culture as it evolves with expansions and new releases! Perhaps our most notable trait is Quayside's academic theme. Our free company has inherited an academy/university motif which flavors everything from our ranking hierarchy to our uniforms and beyond! Members are essentially students who train in various forms of combat, magic, and academics. We hope this provides a fun social structure for our players as well as celebrate education, be it in any form. After all, knowledge is power! We are proud to offer the largest plethora of courses available in Eorzea! Beyond the required core academics, students may also choose a major field of study to pursue their desired degree and trade: Apothecary, the study of tonics and tinctures. Arcana, the study and practice of magic and aetherial arts. Beast Tribe Sociology, the study of the beast tribes' language and culture. Culinary, the study of cuisine and delicatessen. Eorzean History, the study of Eorzea's historical events and philosophy. Eorzean Theology, the study of Eorzea's religions and deities. Fine Arts, the study and practice of visual art and music. Industrial Arts, the study and practice of crafting and selling goods. Martial Arts, the study and practice of combat and physical fitness. NOTE: We are also hiring instructors! If you think your character would be a good fit, apply on our website! Aside from our major fields of study, students also select to join one of four primary Houses, each named after the four alchemic elements. These Houses are more than just dormitories for attending students—they are esteemed fellowships that often compete (albeit passively) with each other in almost every aspect, from test scores to sports—even galas! ("There ain't no party like an Undin party!") House Salamand boasts the longest winning streak in the history of Academy competitive sports. Its students are active, confident, and fast at decision-making. They are enthusiastic about everything they do and make great leaders. Lively and courageous, they burn with a zest and appreciation for all forms of martial arts and melee combat. Typical Salamand disciplines include (but are not limited to): gladiators, pugilists, marauders and lancers. Practical. Reliable. Humble. Stoic. Such things are said of those who reside in House Gnoma. Providers and perfectionists, they are quick to share their bread and even quicker to offer advice. Many Gnoman students pride themselves in their work, and rightly so—the Academy's best creations are crafted here, and their deft skill is nothing to be laughed at. Typical Gnoma disciplines include (but are not limited to): carpenters, blacksmiths, armorers, goldsmiths, leatherworkers, miners, and botanists. There are few who can come close to the academic aptitude of House Sylphi. Their erudite and studious habits reward them with unrivaledintellect. It comes as no surprise their extraordinary test scores raise the standard for the other Houses. Many of these students have an innate affinity for magic and the aetherial arts. Typical Sylphi disciplines include (but are not limited to): conjurers, thaumaturges, arcanists, and alchemists. They may have developed a reputation for being odd and uncouth—even mischievous—but if you were to ask a student of House Undin, they would say they have the most fun. Often considered the black sheep of the Houses, Undin tends to attract students who are creative, artistic, free-spirited, and musically adept. They appreciate the fine arts and have a fondness for cuisine and celebration. Typical Undin disciplines include (but are not limited to): archers, rogues, weavers, culinarians, and fishers. So what are you waiting for?! Go to our website and "enroll" now! (Click the Apply link on the upper-right.) I look forward to meeting each and every one of you! —Palum Polum, Headmaster
  10. [align=center]http://files-cloud.enjin.com/686141/module_gallery/full/1898001.jpg[/img] The Free Wing Society~ The Free Wing Society (DOVE) was founded by a Hyur woman named Lilithium Altair (now Lilithium Rinannis). Native of Ul'dah who has also spent the last nearly two decades in Limsa Lominsa, she started the company on her own with the help of a few friends after leaving a previous company due to lack of work opportunities. Going off of an old business model her and her late husband once spoke about years prior, she formed the company as a job placement business of sorts. Helping those with any kind of marketable skill (domestic and otherwise) find employment opportunities and a place to practice their trade. From helping placate pirates to examining a carbuncle pendant to helping manage private and domestic disputes and more, there is very little the Society will or won't do! With such an eclectic group of employees, everyone is welcome to come and be a part of Lili's group of 'doveling's! OOC: We have a guild site with forums for peoples' stories and for general notices, RP job listings, and more! Progression runs starting up again after a brief hiatus, IC dungeon and FATE runs, plenty of PvE opportunities, EU and US players with someone on nearly all the time, bouts of PvP, a medium house located in Ward 4/Plot 46 of the Lavender Beds, and more! Contact and LP information located above :bouncy: Recruitment opened as of: 3/16/2015 Upcoming plans for 2.5-3.0 The Free Wing Society will no longer be a staffing company by the time of 3.0! Instead, RP has slowly been shifting us towards the end goal: airships, airships, OMFG airships! *ahems* The Society will have the airships they have ICly in the works finished by the time of the expansion, going from staffing company to adventuring pioneers to seek out the secrets of the new world with the partnering front of a delivery and messaging service! TONS of RP storylines and character concepts that will only continue to grow as we have more information off the coming patches and expansions to go off from! With such a creative team of members, the possibilities have been endless! We will be switching from a more medium-ish RP FC to full on roleplay with PvE mixed in as a less dominant feature leading into 3.0! Already RP has been our main feature and 2.5 has been out for barely a month! Also highly dependent on MSQ and the expansion: The Society will start to get involved more and more with the conflict and various different positions concerning the dragonkin! From battles, negotiations, and possibly more! The idea will still be the same regardless of what is released, but we'll situate ourselves as we go. Many of our members are already getting prepared for what's to come! From leveling up crafts to get the latest items available to ourselves and our members, gearing for raids with the newly instilled FC raid nights every Tuesday, to character story progression, and more![/align]
  11. [CLOSED] - Go [here] It is my hope that in some small way we enable a wider inclusive RP environment by creating RP opportunity that is open to others. This Open RP linkshell is OOC and aimed at RP that is open and inclusive rather than focused on any specific story, theme, company etc. It is meant to be complementary to the more organised RP and enable players to make RP connections as well as share their RP with others. What we get out of this will be what we put into it. I would just like to say that RP is a many flavoured thing can be a cause of strife. So for Open RP I would expect that we respect this and I would invite people to see diversity as a positive and an opportunity. I really feel there is only one rule I would set: "Be excellent to each other" More focus on: positive takes on things, RP Relevance, thank-you, tolerance, respect, hugs Less focus on: profanity, complaining, hogging the chat, personal attacks, off topic A note on Hunts - As many want to know about S marks, then please keep this to one call (not multiple). No calls for invites. If you want the mark go to the location and /shout or check PF. Leadership (A-Z) and time zone. Aysun Demiir (NA) Gospel Gestalt (NA) Ilseran Hlaiwa (EU) Jancis Milburga Kyri Sagitta Liliro Liro (EU) Renee Becquerel Seraphine Asue Xenedra Ambreaus (NA) See the full member list: Open RP Loadstone Link Activity Sheet: LS Activity Sheet Activity Form: Simple Activity Form Tiny URL for this page: http://tinyurl.com/l5hkq3u
  12. [align=center][/align] [align=left]Europa is a linkshell for EU players, and people from other regions of the world who play during the EU peak hours (GMT) on Balmung (NA Legacy). Due to time zone differences, EU players are many hours ahead of the majority of the server's RP population. This subsequently means we have less RP and less events going on, and an increased need to stick together and organize. The LS was originally started by Rinh & Taeh, and is now under my care. Europa serves as both a social hub and a place to find RP. In the chat, we love to see: Looking for RP messages, initiatives to starting RP etc. Advertising for events, and the planning of events - especially those in the EU peak hours. Getting connected with FC companies. We're not interested in seeing macros in the Linkshell, but spreading general awareness of existing and new FC's is encouraged. People requesting help with PVE content, forming groups & raids General chitchat that does not break the rules below I should point out that the leadership of the Europa linkshell does not organize any events specifically for the linkshell. Any content of any sorts that comes out of it is solely on the shoulders of the individual members. [/align] [align=left] Rules: [/align] [align=left] Do not bring drama to the linkshell, take any disputes to /tell. Contact a gold/silver star for assistance if need be. Move personal conversations to /tell when appropriate. Debate and some strong language is expected from time to time, but don't cross the line to the obscene or abusive/vulgar. Behave respectfully towards other members, greet people, welcome new people and do your bit to make the linkshell a happy place to be. When chatting in Europa, please consider not to use excessive amounts of caps lock. Furthermore, private conversations between two people should generally take place in tells. [/align] Any breaches of these rules may result in your removal without warning. Who can join? [align=left]All roleplayers can join, as long as you stick to the rules. We currently only allow 1 character per person to join, due to the LS cap. Please inform us or remove yourself if you know you're going to be in active for a longer period of time. You can always get a re-invite when you return. [/align] [align=left]Contact any of the below for an invitation, or if you have any questions: Sastra Mortier [/align]
  13. [align=center][/align] Hello, and thank you for visiting Tales of Hydaelyn! Tales of Hydaelyn is the Final Fantasy XIV chapter of my other similarly named roleplaying group, Tales of Vana’diel, a group that has been running for over four years now. We’re looking to expand our roleplaying experience as a group, with the world of Eorzea and the stories it has to tell. In coming to Eorzea, we’re looking for a reset of our characters from Final Fantasy XI, as we’ll all be rolling (and some of us, including myself) already have rolled very different characters and are starting our relationships and bonds fresh for A Realm Reborn. It’s our hope that some among you may join with us as we forge this linkshell! Recruitment at this stage is set to 'Open,' however, in-character recruitment is a little bit hard to work with right now due to the fact that this group is not one that exists in-characterly and I’m unable to at this time give a rough estimate. We really want this group to form naturally through in-character means, so a lot of that has a ‘it happens when it happens’ kind of implication to it. Everything down to the name of the group is still currently up in the air, and we want to get into A Realm Reborn first before we make final plans. Roleplay will happen leading up to the formation of the group, but it will likely be formed through a plotline leading up to the official establishment. That all being said and done, if you are fine with things being less structured and up in the air, you are welcome to visit the website and apply. Please keep in mind, we’ll be rolling on Balmung, but we will likely not be particularly active until Phase 4. But the forums are up, and many of us check the site daily anyways since it's linked to our other RPLS, so there's plenty of time to get to know people leading up to then! In the meantime, here’s the things I can tell you what we’re likely to be about: •New Player Friendly! I cannot emphasize this enough. As many of our group haven't played the game before, this linkshell at its outset will primarily consist of new players. Like the rest of the RPC, we welcome new blood with almost freakish desire. But in all seriousness, really, we don't care what level you are or if you've played the game much before, RP is the priority, and if you have a desire to learn, by all means we'll help you. • Story-oriented. We had a lot of success in Tales of Vana’diel with our members coming up with their own plotlines (within established lore), and roleplaying through them. Consider it as a way to get some time playing as DM in conjunction with the LS leader. • We’re currently leaning towards forming a trading or craft company of some sort. Something that could be of real utility to other linkshells, and that would give our members good reason to travel fairly frequently. The group will inevitably get wrapped up in all sorts of adventures as part of this business, but we’d like to have the core be a more humble center. • Cross-Linkshell Emphasis: A large part of the benefit of the RPC and Balmung is the community and the wealth of roleplayers here. It’s our hope that as a sort of traveling company that we’ll come in contact with and make friends—both IC and OOC—with people in other linkshells. • It is likely that we will incorporate in-game events into our roleplay. These events will be RPed as we do them. We’re still on the fence one what exactly to include when we say ‘game events.’ At the very least, expect us to be roleplaying FATEs when they appear. • As stated above, the name Tales of Hydaelyn will change when this group takes an official form. Hopefully this provides a decent enough snapshot of our group and a glimpse of what we’re planning to do. If you have any questions for us or are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to PM me, Blade, here on the forums! See you when the realm is reborn! -Blade Belisaire & Blue
  14. Welcome to Jewel of the Desert, a Rank 8 Free Company created to give like-minded individuals the space to do what they want in PVE, RP, PVP, what have you. That is, mainly, RP in Ul'dah and having a place to have fun in with nice people. We are a small, very close-knit group of friends who are open to meeting and welcoming others. We own a small house in The Goblet, Ward 6, Plot 20 aka the one at the base of the waterfall. We have chocobo stables and are working on gardening as well. IC: Kage uses the house as his home, having bought it through a little bit of bribery as his adventurer's license was on hiatus with money given to his little sister. Kage lives with people he loves or the people he has come to (almost) love as he's opened his home to other people. We are open to helping people in any way that we can. Primarily we all are in the Pacific time Zone as NA players. Applications are open. Send me or anyone available a PM here or a /tell in game. Apply on the enjin site or in-game. We hope that, even if you find that you will not find exactly what you want with us, that you enjoy your time and have fun. Have a good day.
  15. Unity in A Realm Reborn ~ An LGBT Safe-Space Free Company Hi there! My name is Aeriyn Ashley, a black mage (who moonlights as a summoner, a scholar, a white mage, a warrior and a bard) that many of you know. I'm here to tell you that Unity in A Realm Reborn is looking for new members to join our little family, and maybe engage in a bit of dragon murder along the way! Unity in A Realm Reborn is one of Balmung's oldest Free Companies; we formed the FC during Beta 4, way back in August of last year! Unity has consistently been a medium-size company with a good number of people playing at almost any time of the day. We have members from all different North American timezones as well as a few folks who hail from Europe as well. Unity is, at the heart, intended to be a "safe space" for people who fall into the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* population. As a free company, we have specific rules designed to make sure LGBT members feel safe and can enjoy themselves without having to worry about running into uncomfortable or unpleasant situations with other members. We enforce good behavior, ensure that members avoid triggering topics, promote inclusiveness and gender identity awareness (including requiring members to use appropriate pronouns with their fellow members). Unity is not strictly a roleplaying company, though many of our members are avid roleplayers and other members have expressed organizing official FC roleplay events. Roleplayers are very welcome in Unity and I'm sure that any RPers would find plenty of other RPers inside the FC who'd be interested in hatching some plots! Unity's FC chat, however, is OOC. We also have PvE endgame designs, though our focus on raiding as a company has decreased from previous tiers of content. We currently have one official "progression" raid running, known as Meteor Shard, with the intent to create a second "relaxed" raid called Ultima Shard. We also have a system in which people who may be interested in raiding, but cannot commit to a regular schedule, can act as Reserve members waiting in the wings! Unity is an active company during downtime and usually members can find others willing to run roulettes, farm for glamour pieces or fight for their Grand Company's honor on the Frontlines. If Unity in A Realm Reborn seems like a good fit for you, please let us know, and comment below. Website: http://unity-arr.enjin.com
  16. [align=center][/align] The tavern doors swing open, and a young man dressed in the dullest of attire steps in. Drab brown bandana, drab brown shirt, pants, boots... a quick glance out over the patronage elicits a smirk. From his belt he pulls a parchment, from a pouch he pulls a nail. The man strolls over to the nearby bulletin board, pins the parchment to the board by the nail, and draws a knife from the sheath beneath his shirt. The sharp slide of steel draws every ear and every eye; chairs lurch and wood squeals. Now grinning from ear to ear, the man drives the nail home with the pommel. Three thick thuds are sufficient to ease the escalated nerves of the men and women throughout the room; no need to cut the tension with a knife here. Later, when the stranger is long gone, those selfsame patrons will find their way to the board, and they'll read: [align=center][/align]
  17. Order of the Stormguard Basic Info http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a205/pirateemmalea/sgadheader.png[/img] Website: http://orderofthestormguard.enjin.com/home Server: Balmung RP Type: Heavy. 75% of shell chat and content is IC. Leaders: Seraphine Cerius Recruitment: Open RP Element: Secret society that protects specific secrets and artifacts. On the surface, outsiders view it simply as a mercenary group. Info Thread: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2826 Lore It began with disaster. Or so the legend says. A secret society older than any single person would ever want to be. For hundreds of years the Order held tight to brotherhood and sisterhood, along with secrets that would be taken to every member's grave. Perhaps it was by the will of Rhalgr that calamity eventually struck the secretive society. Was it a dispute between warring factions that caused the group to crumble from within? Or was it a poisonous member who purposely injected venom into the guild? Regardless, all three of its legions fell and operations ceased. That is, until recently. The surviving members, low-ranking and high-ranking alike, would be gathered under a new leader to reform. Employing adventurers, crafters, and scholars, the Order of the Stormguard was reborn anew. Little is known about the members of this order, for their ways have always been cloaked in secrecy and ritual. They are known and recognized, both amongst themselves and to the knowledgeable, by the tattoo branded on them. But the secrecy of their actual existence was of no concern to them. Only the secrets they guarded were protected with every fiber of their being, like a lioness guarding a cub. Despite rumors of dark pacts and ancient blasphemies, the Order stood tall against all external threats, civil and religious. Its greatest vulnerability was itself. What secrets have they spent so many centuries guarding? A powerful artifact? Sacred text? Or something else entirely? And what brought about their previous downfall and rebirth? Many have sought these answers. No sane tale survives, and no current member of the Order has deigned to answer. As a great man once said, "Seeing is reality. Remembering is the illusion." Only those who saw events unfold themselves can ever tell the true reality of things. But for those of us unable to see, we shall create an illusion to sate our appetite. Let us attempt to uncover the secrets of the Order of the Stormguard. ~Ovram Mendula II, Research Paragons of Chronology Details Timezone: Eastern Standard and some European. 0 Shell Restrictions: No restrictions. Roster Info: Lacking roegadyn and lalafell characters. Male/female ratio is mostly even, though male characters slightly outnumber female characters. OOC Sideshell: No official OOC sideshell. Encourages members to join Intermission if they so choose. Endgame: Participates in endgame activities, though it is not a priority. Biggest focus is on IC events and incorporating RP into endgame events can occur. Rules Summary: 1. Do not speak, write or communicate any of Order of the Stormguard's vows, rights, rituals, lore, archives, or stronghold locations to anyone who is not a member or in any public venue where you can be overheard. If, for some reason, you leave Stormguard, or are made to leave, a magical ward will be imprinted on you, leaving you physically unable to speak or express through writing anything regarding our Order. 2. You must respect your fellow Guardsmen and all Officers. 3. If you are under age 18 you must inform us on your application. Upon reaching age 18 you will be given access to the more mature content of the Archives. 4. Violence against another member of the Guard is not permitted, except through a supervised and witnessed duel. 5. You must abide by Square Enix's Terms of Service. 6. You must abide by our role-play standards and etiquette: http://orderofthestormguard.enjin.com/joiningthestormguard 7. You must be willing to stay in character on the linkshell whenever possible and respect those who wish to role-play. Do not disturb others role-playing or refuse to be in character on the linkshell at least 75% of the time. Application Process: In order to join the linkshell you must complete the following steps: 1. *Join the forums: http://orderofthestormguard.enjin.com/forum 2. Fill out an online application and become a recruit. 3. Wait until Seraphine Cerius contacts you in game. 4. Roleplay all scenes required for your entrance into the shell. 5. Attend an initiation ceremony where your character will take their oath and receive their linkpearl. * If you do not submit this application within 24 hours of joining the site or fail the recruitment portion your access to the forums will be lost. Memoirs Pending In Character Information: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a205/pirateemmalea/stormguard_icon-1.png[/img] The Order of Stormguard is made up of the best-trained, most dedicated, most respected Mercenaries and Craftsmen in the world â protecting those who cannot protect themselves. As a Mercenary you will learn to reach your full potential, discover a new sense of compassion for your fellow Eorzeans, learn a new definition of loyalty and responsibility. A Mercenary in the Order of Stormguard is the embodiment of strength, intelligence and artistry . As a Champion or Mystic of the Guard, you will be prepared to serve whenever and wherever you are needed, combat-ready at all times and trained to counter any threat. Our Artisans are ever at the ready to provide provisions to our clients and Mercenaries, instructed in the most cutting edge techniques, and help to gather supplies to maintain the Guard. We have a special division for Rangers that includes hands on training in investigation, tracking, plant and animal handling. The Stormguard are also deeply religious, believing in duality and brotherhood, and most especially, the Blessed brother and sister, Byregot and Halone, the Builder and the Fury. Our holiest moons are the first astral moon and the fourth astral moon, and ice and lightning figured prominently in the imagery and lore. We welcome people of all faiths and even those who choose not to have any religious affiliation. We do ask respect for those who do wish to worship within the group. If you decide to stay at the Mercenary rank you will recieve a unique experience unlike any other. Should you opt for more responsibility with higher rewards we do have the option to take your status with the Guard higher. Ranking up within the Guard is very ritualistic and takes extreme dedication, but the rewards are unparalled, giving you more company benefits, access to our Archive of knowledge, and a new sense of kinship. Although gaining rank comes with a higher share of the profits, service to Halone and Byregot, the Guard, and Eorzea is the main focus of our operation. For more information on joining The Order of Stormguard, please seek out our Highguard Fulminata, Seraphine Cerius.
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