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  1. Whispers carry. They drift from bated breath heavy with the candied taste of plum mead or swift from the honeyed promise of narcotics. They echo off stone walls to weave through the underbelly of civilization, where the virtuous seldom venture. And when what remains of a body, flesh long since stripped apart by carrion and rats, surfaces adorned with soft carmine petals, the name "Rose" carries on those whispers. A woman whose ever-growing reach stretches from the thick air of the Indigo Deep to the snow-topped estates of Ishgard. A woman whose path lies littered with the bones of lesser demons. A woman who has a place among her court for promising souls unencumbered by an abundance of morality. Whispers….whispers carry. O b s i d i a n C o u r t The Obsidian Court is a small organized crime circle that thrives in the shadows. From small pockets of creeping influence, it silently tightens it's suffocating grip in the underworld through the illicit narcotics trade, bribery, extortion, and murder. The court has a place for any range of skill sets to be put to use. From mercenaries and business owners to physicians and academics, there is a place for any expertise within the gilded confines of the court. Any gift can be shaped into something of value, provided the bearer is deemed worthy of developing it within the organization.From the bookish recluse whose talents could assist in laundering income and engineering instruments of espionage, to the seasoned veteran who finds a sense of peace in eliminating those marked enemies of the court, there is a place for all who wish to be of use. In exchange for their services, associates are rewarded generously with gil and protection. Those who demonstrate leadership and dedication are rewarded among the courtier rank, and while burdened with responsibility over their underlings, are given funding for the development of their independent ventures. One thing is certain: those under the blackened wing of the court are family. About Us Obsidian Court was founded in 2017 and has since grown to a small but close community of long-term characters. We aim to remain fairly small so that each character can develop meaningful relationships with others. We are RP-heavy, US based, and embrace a plausible realism approach to the lore. Our focus is on developing characters and all their storylines through regular RP, and events stem from that RP as they develop. Our members are adults, most of whom are employed full-time. Because of this, our FC is more active in the evening. Due to the nature of our community and storylines, we ask for applicants and their characters to both be over 20 years of age. We are currently in the process of a relaunch after a hiatus. While we aim to remain small, we seek to expand with fixtures to our little community who similarly enjoy roleplaying questionable or dark characters. We aim to be a curated community, and evaluate applicants based on the following criteria: What We Look For Command of English - To keep our RP as immersive as we can, we aim to have high levels of literacy among our members. The standard we apply in evaluating applications is that spelling and grammatical errors appear incidental, and not an ordinary part of an applicant’s communication. We additionally consider the complexity of the writing. Character Complexity - Not all characters need fit into the same mold, but we favor characters who appear multidimensional, developed, and balanced. We believe that weaknesses are as instrumental as strengths in creating interesting characters. Maturity - It is integral to our functioning as an FC that members display high levels of maturity OOC and conduct themselves in a way that neither creates nor contributes to strife among players. Activity - While we do not require a constant commitment, we aim to remain an active community and look for members who are willing to RP regularly. As such, we may be more apprehensive toward alt characters at this time. Initiative - We love when characters engage with the stories and understand that their actions will influence the flow of them. This extends to demonstrating reciprocation in RP, and effectively providing content to respond to. We also love to see players creating RP opportunities, be it from creating an event or something so simple as announcing that they are available for RP and stating where they can be found. Joining the Court If an applicant appears to fit what we are looking for, we invite them to test our FC out for mutual compatibility through a short RP. While we are happy to assist to some extent in developing hooks, we feel that allowing for the applicant to create their own hook is a useful creative exercise and allows for a more natural meeting tailored to their character, as well as demonstrating a potential applicant’s innovativeness. We like to see during the initial meeting phase that a member is capable of convincing the court that they have potential. We heavily favor characters who can demonstrate their unique skills more than merely speak of them. Typically approaching the court outright and asking for work is insufficient. We place a high value on creativity, and are willing to help develop a potential recruit’s approach, but largely limit that assistance to having the applicant’s ideas feasibly fit into our ongoing storylines. We love to see the extent of the interest the character has taken in the court through tangible action, regardless of whether that action benefits or harms the court. After the initial meeting, if there seems to be good compatibility, we invite the applicant to enter the trial rank of the FC, which is designed to last long enough for us to get a sense for the character and their player before deciding to move forward with their membership. While we are selective in our membership, we don't want to discourage anyone from applying because of this, so please don't hesitate to apply or reach out if you have any questions! More detailed information and our application can be found on our website (obsidiancourt.com). Any questions may be directed to either Dovienya Cuenn (Dovienya#0666) or Livia Crane (Livia#7728) in-game or over Discord.
  2. Recruitment is currently OPEN Website: eldritchcollective.com Style: Roleplay Themes: Mystic Society / Cult / Villainous Mastermind RP || Occultism, forbidden knowledge, 'mad' science, defense against dark forces RP Intensity: Heavy Alignment: Lawful Evil (w/ various aligned 'Rogue Organizations') Allegiance: None Age Material: 18+, darker themes including torture / violence. Seeking: Lore-conscious roleplayers of questionable (IC) morality Who to contact: Role In-Game Discord Leader Zalitai Dalamiq ApotheoticAdam#5341 Officer Leith'ir Eilam Leith#9422 Officer Kataani Hawkeye Kataani#1420 Officer Jebei Dotharl 47#3049 Officer I'mhati Tia Fret#5433 Sub-Officer Maiya Maiilah Maiya-Moo#1257 Sub-Officer Zahri Davigoh Velein#1011 Sub-Officer Sa'ran Kha Ziggy#1934 Sub-Officer Maksim Tumet Maksim#4855 Timezone: Primarily Eastern, active 5pm and later. Headquarters: The Black Vault (Lavender Beds Ward 7, Plot 28) ~What is Old is New Again~ For over three years the Eldritch Collective has provided a haven to those whose hearts tempt them towards darker paths. First founded as a society for the safeguarded study of the forbidden, our story has undergone many twists and turns in our time on Balmung. From our humble beginnings we have found ourselves in the shoes of scholars and preachers just as often as brigands and terrorists. And though our latest endeavors have seen us tread the path of the antihero, those who would willingly expose themselves to the corrupting influence of heresy are ever a stone's throw from malevolence. As we begin our march towards whatever story Shadowbringers has in store, we are proud to unveil the hard work of so many of our members, bringing a whole new structure to our company that redefines our relationship with the game and the way we roleplay in it. The challenges and lessons learned over our long tenure have been leveraged to create clear, operational portrayals of our themes with a focus on mutual story building above all else. Learn more about our transformation in our latest convocation, available for viewing on twitch.tv (be warned: profanity is used!): ~The Rogue to Ruin~ Beyond the re-imagined Collective proper, we're thrilled to lift the curtain on our latest project: our Rogues' Gallery. In the course of our evolving story, we tugged back the leash of those who were more inclined to leverage the Collective's knowledge and position to stir trouble in Eorzea's underbelly. And while we've been keeping a lower profile, there are those within our ranks who yearn for the days of prowling Pearl Lane. As consequence-minded roleplayers however, we have always been cognizant of the struggle between playing villains (particularly those with a goal beyond petty crime) and doing so in a setting that, by and large, has a relatively global worldview of good versus evil. While Shadowbringers may bring about a paradigm shift, we are at least conscious of the fact that we can only actively portray so much of our true intentions before it enters the realm of the ridiculous - in fact we're in the shroud specifically to discourage it! Since we're not convinced that true 'chaotic evil' can survive long in this world, we're putting our money where our mouth is, and are excited to introduce something new to the scene on Balmung: a series of villainous 'partner groups' designed specifically to accept the ultimate consequences of their actions. Though OOC rules regarding behavior and lore standards apply to these groups just as they do to us, beyond that we've left the door wide open for literally any possible turn in the story. We've always promoted organic roleplay, but that can only go so far when leadership structures need to be maintained for stability. Our Rogues finally give us an opportunity to experiment further, so keep an eye out for those tightly-themed groups of characters wearing the EC tag, but with the Rogue identifier in their comment. You might just have the opportunity to bring them to justice! ~The Rule of Lore~ Our company prides itself on its commitment to aligning itself with the lore of Final Fantasy XIV, not only in the characters we portray, but also in the way we portray them. It's not enough to simply be something that "can exist" in Eorzea - to us, everything passes under the microscope to ensure that we feel comfortable with it not only being canonically plausible, but also justified in the broader scope of the world beyond what the game presents. Members are challenged to be creative within constraints, and though we do have some allowances to acquire rare and powerful artifacts and abilities (what self-respecting forbidden knowledge cult wouldn't?), you won't find any overblown, super-powered masters-of-all in our ranks. Of course if you do, we hope you'll let us know so that we can address it. We want to make sure that the story we present is of the highest caliber, and that begins with the realistic portrayals of characters that don't disrupt the generally accepted laws of the universe. If you're looking for a structured experience with players who are passionate about story, and who aren't afraid to commit to a standard and hold themselves accountable to it, we hope you'll consider applying! Our story is far from over.
  3. IC A company that was once run by two Ala Mhigans who felt their glory years had passed. They retired and, with them, the company did as well. Ownership of the company plot and rights to act as a free company passed hands for some time until, finally, it landed in the hands of Aedan Blacke. Aedan, as a friend of the original owner of Black Griffin Adventuring Company, sought to restore the company to its former glory. As such, he met with the original owner, learned the tricks of the trade, dusted the cobwebs out of the house, met with contacts to begin gathering work, and opened the doors. As such, Black Griffin Adventuring Company had been reborn.... OOC Overview Black Griffin is a company of fun-loving adults that want to have a good time playing all aspects of the game together. As a company, we strive to offer an immersive and fun environment for RP, PvE, and even PvP should the player so desire. A Home for a Broad Spectrum of Characters Black Griffin is a company that was founded to fill what we thought was a hole in the community: a lore-abiding company that offered both adventuring and slice of life for all that joined. The company not only offers adventuring through the use of the house's leveboard and contracts, but also a social atmosphere for both company members and their friends to gather. The large majority of our events will have an adventuring theme much like one would pick up from the Adventurer's Guilds and Grand Companies around the game and, as such, will take place out in the open world. Adventurers, not Warriors of Light As a company we tend to run what some might consider "lower power level" characters. What this means is that our characters are not paragons of their chosen fields. While they may well be skilled in what they do, they are not capable of leveling mountains, taking on small armies on their own, or creating craters with their powers. We like for everyone to share the spotlight while telling stories, not for one invincible character to shine brighter than all others. Transparency We're a company that offers transparency from the officer core. All things done by the officer core will be known to every member of the company. We do this for two reasons: We wish for this to be a company made by every individual member, not just a select few people with the powers to kick, invite and promote. Anything done by the officers is not meant to be secretive. If and when a decision is made, a post to inform every member of the company will follow. The post may not be verbatim what the officers said during their discussions, but it will contain every pertinent detail. This also includes our applications. All applications submitted to our company are viewable by every member of the company as we value their input on the potential applicant as well. Casual Atmosphere Looking over the various posts in the forum might give the impression that we're overly serious about everything. We're not. While we do like particular themes and environments for our RP, such as particular lore and "realism" standards, we still take a casual approach to it all. We're not looking to be a huge company filled to the brim with hundreds of players. Our aim in making this company was to provide a home for like-minded people that wanted casual-paced RP, based in lore and "realism". As such, we will never really have any large recruitment drives in the hopes of grabbing tons and tons of people, but will instead use the occasional party finder post and pokes in whispers here and there. This casual nature also flows into our event planning. We all have lives outside of the game and use this game as a way to de-stress and "escape". Having to worry over having weekly events and the like doesn't do much to serve that purpose. As such, while officer-led events will happen, they may not be on a weekly basis. We're just here to play the game as a group, enjoy some RP along the way, and get phat lewts from punching pixels. All Aspects of the Game We're a group that loves all aspects of the game, not just the RP. So, often times, you'll find many of us running dungeons and raids, pulling together groups to make money doing treasure maps, and sometimes getting together to grind out wolf marks for those sweet sweet PvP glamours (and sometimes achievements). To help facilitate this, the company has a discord that all members (and their friends, within reason) are invited to upon invitation to the company. The discord is often used to remind members of upcoming events, as a way of communication between members for both general conversation and RP when otherwise unable to get on the game, and has several voice channels to accommodate any number of groups in the game at the same time. Discord is never required, but is certainly highly encouraged. You'll often see members sitting in the general voice channel just "shooting the shit" together. To visit our company site or for more information about our company policy, click here!
  4. Saint Reinette’s University <SR-UO> Saint Reinette’s University and Orphanage is a school-themed free company on Balmung, that has will be seeing it's third anniversary in January of 2019. While the overall theme is that of a school, and the setting reflects this. However, the University is intended as a hub covering a range of RP tropes. This includes, but is not limited to: common school activities (Like classes!),, story-driven plots, combat, slice of life, high adventure and goofy tavern antics. We accept members both new and old to RP, so long as they have an interest in the company. Interested parties may find everything they need to get started on THIS page. The University is located in Ward 2 of the Lavender beds. Three buildings make up its location. The Primary School Hall (Saint Reinette’s University itself) is located at. Ward 2, plot 33. The ‘Grandfather Clock’ (A locally owned tavern right down the road) is at ward 2, plot 54. The ‘Sentō Box’ (A Hingan themed bath house) is located at ward 2, plot 56. Saint Reinette’s University is accepting of all sorts of folks, regardless if they’re a veteran or novice at roleplaying. We are LGBT friendly, and have a focus on the inclusiveness of our members in plots, roleplay events, or out of character antics on our discord server. You may join said discord server HERE. Voice chat is non-compulsory, but it could be fun! (... non-compulsory means you don’t gotta do it!) So, you find yourself intrigued by a school themed free company and have an interest in joining? Well, It’s easy enough to apply! You have a few options. While ingame, send an application to the free company; and someone will be able to assist you at their earliest convenience. Join our Discord server, and introduce yourself. An Admin or Moderator will assist you. Contact me (Higura Gainishigi) in-game. Alternatively, you can send me a message here on Hydaelyn Roleplayer Coalition. Additionally, I am available on Discord. You can reach me at Higura#1869. With any of the above options, the following will happen: Any member of the staff (Admins, Moderators, etc.) will instruct you to take a look at the University Policies. This is a collection of both IC (In-Character) and OOC (Out of Character) guidelines and rules. Lenient rules and regulations set forth to help keep people from upsetting one another or causing trouble. After that, the individual assisting you will work with you in regards to your RP character. Questioning about them and their personality. Very brief stuff. They will also likely send you a link to the University Roster. It’s a good idea to figure out if you want your character to be a member of the staff, or a student. Finally, they (Myself or another admin) will schedule an interview. This is an IC (In-Character) interview that will double as a practice RP session, and that's it. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. (We do not accept non-company teachers. Please do not ask.)
  5. Lunar Rose Academy <Lunar> Is looking for FC and Non FC members alike. We are a school who teach in various subjects. From basic reading and writing, to combat and magic casting. We need teachers (We have reached a max number of teachers at the moment, BUT! We will need more again when we have more students, so stay tuned!) School staff, and students. People who are more active will be rewarded with various gifts. Like gil, materials and more! This is what our teachers will give classes in so far: Kai'to Kahjela - Writing Refinement Tamachi Kha - Combat Classes Juni Valturi - Magiteck Classes V'rasha Tenbe - General Studies/Aethurology Titor Jaraba (Citadel Five-four) - Alchemy Yousuke Sumiyoshi - Medical Science Ayane Mayuzuma - Magic Casting/Language Are you interested into joining our little group, or do you have questions? Please send me a private message on here, add me on discord: (Masao#2913) Join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/fe3rNcC Or feel free to message me in game on Ayane Mayuzuma. Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day.
  6. Teatime <<Tea>> is a med-heavy role-play free company on the FFXIV Balmung server. The Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern is a cozy teahouse and bar located within the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood, serving a wide array of beverages and snacks and selling their own specialty loose-leaf blends of tea. At least, that is what is most publicly known. Less mainstream is the knowledge that the establishment also serves as a front for an information brokerage and private investigations business. Secrets, lies, rumors, intrigue... what is it that you are seeking, or selling, perhaps? Pay us a visit, cut a deal, and spill the tea. Or just enjoy a warm drink and some pleasant company! Teatime is a free company where we strive to take our role-play seriously and everything else lightly. We wish to provide a space for role-players who are mature and take the initiative to get plots moving, create events, and find role-play. We seek members who enjoy role-play with depth, complex characters, artistic writing, and an approach to lore that is both flexible but respectful to the setting and canon, who look for more in their stories than romance and sex, and who give fair consideration to the other role-players around them. We also enjoy a healthy amount of PvE such as dungeons, trials, and maps; PvP; and social activities such as game nights, movie nights, and voice chat on top of the usual OOC chatter. While active members are ideal, we understand the demands of real life and we are open to those who may have limited playtime or wish to join on alt characters. We accept characters of all sorts and alignments so long as things make sense in character, and they may be involved in the teahouse, the information brokering business, or both. We accept players both new and old to role-play as long as they meet our standards, and above all else we seek members of all walks of life who are friendly and open-minded. Non-RPers are welcome to join us, as are RPers who may not wish to have their characters associated with the free company IC. We are primarily based in NA eastern time, as are most of our events, but we accept--and have--members from all over the world. Event participation is strongly encouraged, but never mandatory. If you interested, please review our FC Rules and if you feel you can abide by them, check out our Recruitment Info where you can find an explanation of recruitment process, as well as a link to the application. For those who wish to spend time with us or role-play with us but cannot commit to joining the FC, you are welcome to join our Discord server as a guest. Simply contact us for an invite, but please be mindful that when it comes to RP events with a limited amount of participants, FC members will be given preference, and some activities may be limited to FC members only. Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern is our free company estate, a large mansion nestled within the Lavender Beds. The free company house is a public role-play space where anyone is welcome to come role-play at anytime, and can be used as a venue for events with some prior discussion. To stop by when there is a crowd and the place is staffed by player characters, please see the Role-Play Event section below. If you wish to role-play in the teahouse outside of our event hours, you can assume NPC staff take care of your characters, or you can contact us and we will have a character come assist you if possible. Feel free to come take a look at our decor, and leave a message in the Guest Book if you please! You can learn more about Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern here. Lavender Beds Ward 5 Plot 58 These are our regularly scheduled RP events. We sometimes host one-off events both private and public, or participate in events hosted by other groups on the server, as well. For a full view of our upcoming events, please check out our calendar! Public Events Our public events are open to anyone and everyone! If you are a stranger, come become a friend! Teatime - Our open teahouse event, hosted the first and third (and fifth, if there is one!) Monday evening of each month beginning at 7PM eastern time. Enjoy some of our teas and tasty treats! Check out the tea list here! Tavern Night (Coming Soon) - TBA Private Events Our private events are meant for our free company members, often as well as our Discord guests. Missions (Coming Soon) - Missions are DMed events for the information brokering side of the free company, involving investigation and sometimes combat. Role-Play Night - A social event on Friday night at 8PM eastern time for our FC members and Discord guests to meet, mingle, and get to know each other, whether it's a night out at an event or just hanging around the teahouse. We are always glad to role-play with other groups and individuals outside the FC! Please let us know if you are interested in working with us in any capacity. We are open to... Information brokering Clients - Please see information on how to hire us here! Storylines - As allies or as enemies, we are open to plots, pending discussion. Business Partners - Whether it's transporting goods, providing ingredients, or anything else we might need the teahouse can strike up a deal! Retailers - Shroudrose will conditionally allow the bulk purchase of our goods to sell at other businesses! Performers - We welcome entertainment for our public events whether it is song, dance, stories, or anything otherwise! If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the Free Company Leader. In Game: Faye Covington Discord: Destiny (Faye)#8463 RPC: Faye Tumblr: Fair-fae Follow Teatime on Tumblr!
  7. Kasumi Gakunin

    balmung Golden Fox Trade House

    The Golden Fox Trade House is an international trade company with ties to the black market both in the Far East and internationally. Officially, the Golden Fox Trade House specialises in the trade, wholesale, acquisition and transport of import and export. However, behind the respectful business front, their main business is dealing in the black market, obtaining and distributing goods, wares and services of a more questionable nature. Unaffiliated with any clan or business, the Golden Fox functions as an independent and neutral trading company and criminal enterprise, seeking to expand its operations within Othard, and the West. Golden Fox Trade operates out of two venues, one in Shirogane and the other in the Mists. Both are shop fronts known as the the Golden Fox Trade Emporium. Here both legal and illegal trade and services are sold, the shop supplying an array of exotic wares from the Far East and Eorzea along with under the counter black market items. Items of interest can also be sold or traded, with no questions asked. For the right price, acquisition and information services are also available to any buyers in need of discretion. The Golden Fox grounds remain neutral ground, open to all of criminal and non-criminal persuasions. The Golden Fox Trade House (Fox) is medium to heavy role play free company which operates during peak North Americans times. The majority of the rp that goes on within the company is morally grey and more mature themed although light hearted rp is more then welcome when appropriate. Due to the mature content of the rp within the company we do not be accept players (or characters) under the age of 18. Bonuses to joining our company include: - A medium free company house in Shirogane - Personal House used a GFT HQ in the Mists - Bi-weekly social nights so members can get to know each other. - Regular attendance at community events. - GM-ed plots that last 2-3 months on a regular basis - A smaller free company where you can get to know your fellow company members easier. - A focus on quality over quantity when it comes to rp and company growth. - And all the normal stuff like discord, a website, a tumblr, ect Recruitment is now closed! At this time we are currently seeking free company members only. However, individuals with interest in joining the free company potentially in the future are welcome to apply as linkshell members. Both players and characters applying for the free company must be over the age of 18 due to the mature themes of the free company. We are also only recruiting main characters. Alts are welcome to join the company however if you should join with your main character. Ideally, since most our activity takes place during North American EST hours, members available during these times zones will also have an easier time attending events. Roles we are currently looking for IC include: Mercenaries: Sellswords, adventurers or anyone open to morally grey work who can wield a weapon. Please note we only looking for recruit mercenaries (not including medics at this role if full) at this time. All other applications will be rejected. Merchants & Artisans: The Golden Fox Trade House is in need of staff to supply, and sell its wares. Whether you have a knack for sales, or the means to acquire goods both uncanny and valuable in nature, the Trade House could benefit from your skills. Information brokers: The Golden Fox is now furthering it’s black market services to include information brokering. Anyone with skills in this field is welcome to apply! Retainers/brokers: The Golden Fox is now seeking retainers to deal with company business including brokering deals with other company’s, assisting with the day to day running of the company and more. House staff: From shopkeepers, to chefs, to guards, the trade house has secured a medium plot of land in Shirogane that is in need of a staff to work around the house and store. Healers: Menders of ailments, both physical and not, to care for injured company members, and work closely with house alchemists and potion-makers. Currently not recruiting for medics/healers. Unfortunately, we have an over abundance on staff already. Other: Have a role in mind you feel would fit in with the trade house? Feel free to apply. If you have more questions, or wish to apply, please check out our website (and be sure to read our RULES, & IC INFORMATION). Alternatively, please feel free to contact our officers Kasumi Gakunin, Relexano Delmandi or Caolan Achaius. Special thanks to Etani'a for the design of the website and graphics for Golden Fox Trade House.
  8. Saefinn

    balmung Wayward Marines

    “Breathe deep that sea air, dear sailor. You are in the presence of the Wayward Star, a group of honest vagabonds earning their fortune through slightly less than legal means, veiled by a flag of legitimacy. Aye, you’re in the presence of marines with black sails, dear sailor. Learn to love how the air feels on your lungs, learn to love the man who stands by your side, for he determines the difference between a dry head and a watery grave.” IC Introduction We're a legitimate catering business. We have a bar: we serve a whole plethora of drinks ranging from the finest Limsan ales to the controversial Garleans wines and some of our own custom brews to mix. Our Morbol Vodka and Alchemical Absinthe are but two popular choices our guests will order. Any new staff must be capable of making cocktails as the Captain only learned what one was recently. We serve excellently prepared food and have our own resident baker, Strawberry Charlotte who delights our guests with devilishly well-baked goods. We host a stage to perform excellent class acts, we occassionally have a travelling bard who sings such greats hits like "The Captain's Mast" and "Hannish Lady". This is all Maelstrom approved. Downstairs we have an exquisite chill-out lounge and study for guests who wish to be a little more relaxed and refined. And upstairs we have our clinic. Why do we have a clinic? What kind of bar needs a clinic? Huh? Well let me tell you. People get drunk, people have accidents, they could walk to a Maelstrom clinic, but why risk it? There's so many hazards between here and there, your average drunk will find it difficult to make it safely home. Such hazards as: falling down stairs, getting in a fight with a lamppost, a random Sahagin attack, urinating on an electrical eel and offending a sea witch. You see, we take care of our drunks. Oh right. We're legit now. Never mind. We're Black Sail Marines legitimised by the Maelstrom who started out life as Pirates. This the Maelstrom who have sought to make use of their pirate population and turn them into privateers. So we don't have to pretend, though we do have a bar...a chef...baker...a study...a lounge and clinic. So it's not really lying when you come to think of it... OOC Introduction Formerly "Pirates of a Wayward Star". We formed on Gilgamesh back when ARR was in BETA and later moved to Balmung where we've lived since. Our roots are in piracy, but as such is the way of character and story progression we have ceased to define ourselves as pirates, though lead by a pirate of a captain, we are now officially marines. We section ourselves out by three types of roleplay. Story, tavern and spontaneous. We run story night every Saturday, a bar night every Tuesday and spontaneous RP happens as it happens. We have a mix of European and US members, we used to have Aussie members but that's a hard one to accommodate for alongside Europe and US. Our active times are usually between 8pm and 12am UK time. Whilst people will do things outside of those times, if you're not able to be active during our core times you'll struggle to get involved. However, this does mean we are an EU friendly FC. As a group we're very relaxed, we're also open to collaborations with other FC's. There are a couple of areas we're tighter one: one is drama and the other is keeping IC as IC and OOC as OOC. Given the themes we cover, not all of our characters will be pleasant or necessarily take a liking to your character ICly, but OOCly it may be the complete opposite. But we do believe in fair and respectful roleplay and healty communication between people, so we don't tolerate grievances or trolling executed IC. If you're interesting contacting us, whether to collaborate or to join us, more information can be found on our website: we can also be contacted in game or on here. Our Roleplay Lead by Captain Saefinn Liljasson, his First Mate Laurenenne Tierney with her wife K'ahli K'ulha'tor and our trusted Maelstrom official Beldrem Cando we host a "marine" themed roleplay, which has organically grown out of piracy and the natural progression of the crew and our characters. We at times embrace off-the-wall plots but do our best remain respectful to the lore of the game. We're not lore Nazis, but like to keep it plausible, which means anything of the wall will need to be organic and not "just because". We embrace both down-to-earth and comical stories, sometimes the two meet. Open Bar Night, for more information, click here. Our story RP's run Saturday 9pm UK time. These are intended for FC members and associates and are not open to the public, however, if you are interested in a collaboration or coming along, please contact us. Why Marines? It would seem the next logical step when being legitimised by the Maelstrom would be to go from Pirate to Privateer or Corsair. We found that we ended up doing less sea-based RP, mainly due to how restricted that kind of roleplay is in FFXIV. Also where people's interests and stories have kept us inland; we still mix in pirate and sea RP. A "Marine" can be used to define troops on both land and sea, and in being legitimised by the Maelstrom, we can act as an armed force for them when the calling comes. It also appeals to the Captain's ego. Saefinn Liljasson fancies himself as "The Scholar Captain", and what was the role of a Nymian Scholar? That's right, to command marines: Our Leaders (OOC) Captain: Saefinn Liljasson First Mate: Beldrem Cando Council: Strawberry Charlotte, Shayith Lumisol, Thorceig Blaetahcsyn, K'ahli K'ulha'tor Media Website: www.wayward-marines.com Guilded: https://www.guilded.gg/waywardmarines/games/FinalFantasyXIV Housing Plot in Game: Mist Ward 6 Plot 1 Want to Join? Follow our link here. This will have a few questions to answer to help us with the recruitment process, it's not a strenuous process, but we go through a few things first. Once done, expect to be contacted by one of us, most likely Thorceig who is taking care of recruitment, both OOC and ICly. Be ready to handle a buff Roegadyn drill sergeant who is better than anyone at squats as he is tasked with taking care of new recruits! Our recruitment process was made on the principle of trying to find people we're a right fit for and who're a right fit for us. Our experience in the roleplay community is that so many of us have different approaches and attitudes when it comes to RP and they don't all work well together. Want to Collaborate? Give one of us a poke, we're happy to work with other Free Companies and RP groups, so we'd be happy to discuss any potential collaborations.
  9. SapphireSkylines

    balmung Hisui Clan is Recruiting!

    Hisui Clan Q&A What is the Hisui Clan? ICly the Hisui Clan is a Doman noble family who owns a small island off the coast of the Ruby Sea. They are vassals to Prince Hien and previously to his father, King Kaien before his demise. They are very loyal to Doma, however there’s some debate on the family’s loyalty since they cooperated with the Garleans to protect their own people when Doma was under Garlean rule. However, when the Warrior of Light gave hope to the people of Doma, the Hisui Clan sent in assistance in the form of their best samurai and unfortunately lost many of them in the battle for Doma Castle. What is Caihong? Caihong is the island province that the Hisui Clan owns. Caihong is a very green island with a lot of vegetation and wildlife, and is known for the high quality silk and jade that comes from there. Caihong has three towns - Caihong City, which is the main fishing port, and two small villages inland called Sora and Umi. The one thing that makes Caihong stand out from any other place in Othard is the significant population of lalafells. Who are you looking for? We are pretty much looking for anyone and everyone, as long as you’re good or neutral aligned. Even Ijins! Morally grey is acceptable. The Hisui Clan is recruiting people to staff the Caihong Embassy in Shirogane as well as adventurers, samurai and ninjas for protection, house missions and business. Who are you OOC and how may I join? We are just a group of people who enjoy playing and roleplaying in FFXIV. If you would like to join us, then we’d love to have you. Right now our recruitment process is fairly simple, just send me a message @zhara-liara-yui on tumblr or you can contact me on Discord at Liara/Zhara#1370. I will get to you as soon as possible and invite you into the FC.
  10. Reaper's Cabal <CABAL> is recruiting officers and members. We are RP and PVE FC located in Shirogane. We're perfect for those who have not done a piece of content yet want to try without using the duty finder or stress! The RP part of this FC is a “B-Story” to your personal story, acting as a middleman for work, pleasure, and a way to find RP partners and friends. Our motto? "For those I have lost. For those I can yet save." apply: http://www.guilded.gg/r/zzdlO0z9Eq Working for The Cabal Welcome to Reaper’s Cabal! We are a rank 8, RP and PVE FC located in a small house in Shirogane. Affectionately nicknamed simply as ‘The Cabal’ in informal talk, it is a barracks and main hive for chaotic characters, both good and bad. The Cabal is furnished with formal apartment rooms and downstairs cafeteria. The facade of The Cabal is a Private Investigator’s personal office, while the substance of the operation is an affluent and rich way to take advantage of your character’s personal old or new abilities.The RP aspect of this FC is a “B-Story” to your personal story, acting as a middle man for work, pleasure, and a possible way to find RP partners and other friends in a family FC. My character is not chaotic, but likes to do good/bad deeds. Are they a bad fit?: Absolutely not. The Cabal’s diverse needs encapsulate everyone except the most horrible of characters. Each mission can be from delivering homemade supplies to Rhalgr’s Reach, Treasure Hunting, guarding during a black market trade, having “connections” to assassinations. Some missions will be talked about more openly than others.Do I have to RP?: No, RPing is not necessary to be a part of the FC. In the future, it is planned to run through some old content that may have been missed by most of the FC members so we can get the full pleasure of Final Fantasy XIV without being subject to the whims of Party Finder. Do I have to do content?: Yes. There is no set timetable, but everyone should have the mentality to catch up on the Main Scenario at their own pace. Specific content is not necessary. Is there a way to rise up in the ranks in the FC?: Yes! Our ranks are not based off of friends to the Lieutenant. With time put into the FC, trust and good participation, anyone can become at most the Antecedent in the Free Company OOCly and Lieutenant ICly. Administration will still be under L’inwa Tia, but the name can be given under specific in character circumstances. Does the Cabal abide by Lore?: The Cabal abides by lore, but accepts characters whom are represented by hypothesis based on what information is available at the time. Have a character with an allagan tech-leg? Great! Have a character whose aether is out-of-whack? Perfect. Creativity is paramount to Role Play.I’m nervous about being in a toxic situation. Is the FC safe?: While I cannot foresee inside the mind of every new member to keep all toxicity out, toxicity in all of its forms is strictly prohibited and the Lieutenant will take statements from both parties privately before escorting one, or both, out of the community. Contact L’inwa Tia or L’iah Tia in game for any questions! I’ve always wondered about the Unending Coil... The Cabal is perfect for those who have not done a piece of content, yet want to do it without using the duty finder. Unlike hardcore raiding, The Cabal will have a loose schedule and a time limit of three hours per attendance. If you are curious about the Binding Coils of Bahamut, Extreme Primals, or just want to farm for ponies or what-have-you, this is the perfect place.Maps will also be planned, and maps can be gathered and handed out to those who do not want to level a DoH. With each patch and each new Aquapolis, mats will be needed and millions of gil can be made. Who is Who? L’inwa Tia is the current Lieutenant of Reaper’s Cabal, managing the financial and socio-economical influence of the Company in matters of the Black Market and the free market at large. Every mission is to maintain the health of the Cabal, keep everybody fed, clothed and sheltered while working and training abilities that may suit them for advancement in more honest work. The Cabal, for most, is a stepping stone and a place for tutelage, though many members stay if dedicated to the current Lieutenant. The rank of Lieutenant is passed upon death to the Antecedent if no other steps up.Antecedent to the Lieutenant is reserved for the longer staying workers under the Cabal. Maintaining attendance to the Free Company both ICly and OOCly will give you the rank of Antecedent, and there can be more than one. Each Antecedent will be properly welcomed with a party. Reapers are the main workforce of the Cabal, all working under one unanimous name to maintain the person’s anonymity when working in less than legal jobs and opportunities. As a result, any whispers of “The Reaper” have conflicting details, some onlookers sure that they saw a long tail, while others whisper of a tall elezen or a burly roegadyn.
  11. MissMeela

    balmung Drunken Moogle

    You may know the Drunken Moogle from our regular events. But the Drunken Moogle Free Company is only very loosely tied to the pub. Effectively the Free Company itself is an OOC construct. If your character wants to tend bar here; you don't have to be an FC member. Similarly, even if you don't RP at all we are still happy to consider you. But if you want to hang out with us, go on some map runs, do few dungeons and otherwise just have some fun then we might be a good fit for you. Of course it's particularly nice to have members that will build up the role of the Drunken Moogle as hub for Open RP. Check out our rules below and contact either Bex'li Nelhah or Meela Jakkya in game. Or if we're not on (or on one of our alts) you can send us a message through Tumblr. http://drunkenmoogle.tumblr.com/ 1) Due to the topics of conversation we have, there is a strict requirement of 18+. 2) Okay, it's not big and it's not clever, but we do sometimes talk about Bad Dragon or similar things and that's not everybody's taste. We're not rude ALL the time. But we don't plan to change and that might make people uncomfortable. You can decide how you feel about this yourself. 3) We are LGBT+ friendly. We have a lot of members which fall into these groups and if you're not 100% okay with that, we're not the place for you. 4) No Racism or sexism or any of that. I'm reluctant to put a rule that just says don't be a dick, but that pretty much rounds it off. 5) If you're an FC member then how you conduct yourself in public reflects on us. In short, don't do things that will make us look bad.
  12. East Eerie Trading Company Bringing the exotic mysteries of the Far East to the West Operating with a variety of Captains and crews to establish, protect and exploit new trade routes with the Far East and secure the treasures for the delight of the West. Special services Enchanted sailing for faster safer trips Handling of strange, mysterious artifacts and circumstances Bespoke engineering and magitek .. with more to come Got a Problem? Come by our place of business and discuss how we can help, even if it seems impossible Would like to Join? We are always looking for additions to our company, from Partner Captains, experienced crew and fresh sods seeking the life of adventure East Eerie Trading Co. Mist Ward 13, Plot 30 Operating under Lominsan Black and Trade Sails OOC contact: In game: Nebula Stardancer, RPC: Nebbs, Discord: Nebbs#5123 In game: Halcyon Ember, RPC: Halcyon Ember Club Pages: