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    Shroudrose Teahouse will be working as a vendor selling teas and foods at the Festival of Nhaama presented by the Dusk-Spear Alliance on November 16th, 8:00 PM EST at Reunion in the Azim Steppe of Othard on the Balmung server. Come say hello to us and browse our wares, or just enjoy the rest of the festivities! More information here and here.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm a long-time Final Fantasy fan but have only started playing XIV recently (i'm still doing ARR). I'm looking for RP buddies (not an FC) on the crystal data center. I have no experience RPing at all, but I tried a little today, and while it was a bit nerve-wracking it was also super fun! So I'm looking for others who wouldn't mind RPing with a noob (I don't feel comfortable banging out long descriptions yet. I'm fine with dialogue-only and I'm still working on getting the emotes down.) Despite that, my main already has a personality, motivations, quirks, and a backstory going back to his maternal grandparents. I have no alts yet; down the road I'd like to play a member of someone's family if we click. Basho Gunji, a refugee from Othard Server: Malboro, but I can visit your server! Nature: All around a sweet, fun-loving guy, but feels awkward in big crowds. Slightly self-deprecating. Is interested in the lives of people around him. Actively looks for inspiration in nature and in the people he meets. Non-confrontational. Enjoys being around animals and bodies of water. Can be very goofy at times. Recent history: For the past year, he's been living in and around Limsa, where he's slowly been overcoming some personal demons developed in response to a series of traumatic events since childhood. Is on the path to becoming a summoner. Current goals: Make some friends. Learn some etiquette. Be a functioning member of society. Get better at arcane magic so he can venture out into the world and find a place to settle down for good. Anyway hope to meet you guys soon! I'm usually on in the evenings EST!
  3. Clan Kiyat is a lore-abiding, roleplay-based free company that aims to focus on daily life of Auri travelers who have no other place to go. We provide a safehouse for those who may feel disconnected or persecuted by their tribe. Our hospitality is offered to all who wish to rejoin the cultures of the Azim Steppe, regardless of the language they speak or the customs they carry. Clan Kiyat, however, is located only in Eorzea. Friendly to both Raen and Xaela, Clan Kiyat offers an inviting atmosphere for those that want to reconnect with their heritage. All tribes and clans are welcome, regardless of their original walks of life; from the Dotharli warriors, to the peaceful Mol, to exiled Raen. We welcome gatherers, crafters, hunters, storytellers, warriors, and many other roles into our ranks. We seek to provide a diverse atmosphere while maintaining a smaller, tight knit tribe of about 20 members. Our goal is to ensure that the group does not get so big that people end up being overlooked. We're not always roleplaying. Members of Clan Kiyat can happily look forward to casual raiding, extreme runs and savage content in the future. PVP and leveling/dungeons are also extremely common. While members do not need to be max level to join Clan Kiyat, it is highly recommended that you try and level cap in your spare time so that you can participate. As a side-note, we are active in the evening hours and into the early morning hours. We aim to be a small Free-Company, or below 20 active members if possible. Contact with the moderators can be achieved in-game by contacting: Hulagu Uriankhai Arslan Qalli
  4. Hello, I am currently new to this website and sorta new with rping in this fandom using my character, but I been role-playing for 8+ years on fb in different communities and fandoms. My discord is 太宰治#3900 . I love making new friends and just gushing about our characters so pls don't be afraid to message me or to even reach out. Now since I haven't typed her bio yet I will be typing it here. Basic Info Full name: Erynthel Pigenith Pronunciation: Aaron-th-elle Pig-ne-th Nicknames: Eryn Height: 4’9.5 Weight: 95 lbs Age:19 Birthday: 26th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon (Halone) Patron Deity: Nophica, the Matron Languages: N/A Race: Au Ra Religion: N/A Dominant Hand: Right Accent: Maybe like Nordic accents Appearance Hair: Dark Green Eye Colour: Left eye is Gold, Right eye is Green Skin Type: Pale/Fair Body Type: Skinny/flat chested: Scars: They have a scar on their back that they got when they were still a kid while playing with their friends. Tattoos/Markings: None Piercings: Tongue and Belly Button Childhood Homeland: Azim Steppe Parents: Their father died before their birth, mother died during child birth so they were raised by the medicine maker of the clan. Siblings: They never had any but they were really close to a few in the clan. Clan: Kagon Clan Role: Healer/Medicine Maker Birth Weight: 6 pounds 7 ounces Manner of Birth: Their birth was a difficult one, Eryn's mother died during child birth due to some difficulties. First words: Moon Adult Life Occupation: Healer Current Residence: They are more of a traveler but when they aren't travelling they are staying in the Lavender Beds in Gridania Close Friends: They are close to quite a few people she usually hangs around such as a female Miqo'te and a Hrothgar Relationship: Single Sex & Romance Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Gender Identity: Genderfluid Sexual role: Sub Attracted to: Taller people, gentleness, affection, "bad boys" , and those who actually care for them, roughness at times. Turn Offs: Bad Hygiene usually Love Language: Quality Time, they love spending time with people. Miscellaneous Hobbies: Reading, and Adventuring Mental Illnesses: Some Depression Physical Illnesses: N/A Fears: Losing everyone they loved, failing, and being in the dark alone. Logical or Emotional: Logical Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert Favorites: Color: Green Music type: Traditional Food: Anything Fish Place to sleep: Under the sun Scent: Lavender Literature: History Place: Between Coerthas Western Highlands and The Churning Mists Outfit: Weathered Soothsayer's Chiton Likes: Moogles, dressing up in the cutest clothing, dancing, and going on adventures. Dislikes: Alcohol, and sleazy people.
  5. I have just joined and I frankly have no idea where to start. I am more use to chat room and image board RP, so that might explain why. I do like casual RP, but I am willing to go mature if I get to know people. +18 stuff is a hard maybe, no pun intended. For character information, check out my Welcome Thread, just posted last night.
  6. Hello! I have been away from FFXIV for a few months and very much looking to return. I have one main character that I tend to play. She is a rather small, and some would say cute Au'Ra. And basically I am seeking friends, lovers, family, anything. I am looking for people who are interested in making connections and helping me get back into the game. I am starting the character off as an overall 'blank slate'. Someone to help me get back into the 'groove' would also be nice! Anyway, my discord is Tamoko#1004
  7. Parth Makeo

    crimson horn alyx

    When Alyx is pushed to her limits, something might happen
  8. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and new to FF RP. I play an Au Ra on Mateus named Toragana Daisho (she introduces herself as Daisho no Toragana), and I'm having a heck of a time nailing her background down. Specifically when it comes to birth place, customs, and culture. For reference, I'm including her WIP backstory so far and will ask questions from there. (And I have a lot questions. Oh boy.) Also, it's a bit cliche but it's a start: Would Kugane be the place for a person of her class/caste living under a liege lord? Would this be on Koshu? Is Shirogane part of Kugane? Would Doman people be in this part of the East? Should she just be Hingan? Is daimyo (daimya for the Lady) the correct term? The lord would be more a prominent merchant, maybe a lesser far distant relative of some house/lord claiming the title of bugyo, than anyone of true noble birth. What would be the proper term for his vassals? Plebs? His people? In regards to language: She speaks Doman fluently (it's her preferred language), knows Hingan, and muddles her way through Eorzean. However, are Hingan and Eorzean the same common language? I do not plan on dumping paragraphs of Japanese in her speech, but would it be acceptable to use simple words/phrases like "Hai," "Domo" (or "Arigato gozaimasu" for formal instances), or "Gomen'nasai" (or "Domo sumimasen" for formal instances) sprinkled as needed? Her classes are NIN, SAM, and ARC. I main NIN and assume she uses tanto blades as weapon of choice. She's not unskilled with katana, but is weak with a bow. Does it make sense she might be trained in the other two (not as a SAM per se, but at least for weapon proficiency)? I may have more questions, but they're more related to personality building rather than backstory building. I role-played her for the first time last night as part of the interview to get into the FC and I'm still trying to get to know her. Thank you for taking the time! And for sticking around until the end! XD
  9. I really want to get into RP, but I'm intimidated by the idea of writing a character before I've finished the game. There's so much lore I don't have access to. I'm afraid I'll mess up and look like an idiot. And even if I don't, I'm more used to writing characters to suit the RP than the other way around. With no idea of what to RP, I'm lost at both fronts. At the same time, I'd rather not spoil the MSQ for myself by reading the wiki for lore... I've already messed up a bit during character creation-- my main is an Au Ra with an Elezen name who worships Halone. Oops. Should I fanta/name change to make it more consistent, or try to write around it? If I fanta to Elezen, I'd mostly know the lore and it'd be consistent. But I really like how Au Ra look, and what little I've seen of their relations with other races seems like it'd be a fun conflict to write for. Changing to an Auri name would also be consistent, but I'd be mostly in the dark lore-wise and wouldn't really know how to write for it. As for trying to make my current mess make sense... would it be feasible to say she was adopted by Gridanians? The Garleans import their slaves for work in their outposts. Would it be plausible to say that her mother escaped from Castrum Oriens while pregnant, had her, and then gave her up for adoption to go back and help the resistance? That's the only way I can think of that an Au Ra would have an Elezen name and be generally ignorant of Othard/Doma. And searching for her birth mother would make a good motivation for an adventurer. I don't know. I'm just speculating based on limited information. Without too many spoilers, is my idea workable? (If it's not, a blunt "no" without game screenshots is fine. I don't need an explanation, I just don't want to make a fool of myself.) Should I just change my character into something easier to write? Thanks for reading. This game is so much fun, and I'd like to get into the RP scene!
  10. Hello there and thank you for checking this out! I'm breaking out in to the Mateus RP seen though I am not new to the game or RP in general. My usual RP medium has been forums for quite a while, though I do delve into MMO RP on Balmung where I main (M'Shugo Jutah). As for what sort of RP I'm interested in? At this point I am willing to accept anything that comes my way, though I would prefer a long term RP partner for romance plots that develop naturally and don't feel rushed (this is a major motivator for my character which will be revealed later!) I am available at least 3 times a week on Mateus 7pm CST-whenever. I am always available on Discord (which is the best way to reach me) @Hufflepug#5984. I am also on tumblr @beastmasterbu A little about my character: Name: Bukha Noykin Age:24 Status:Single Sexuality:Heterosexual Due to circumstances and the superstitions of elders, she was excommunicated from her tribe when she was 10. Rumor is that she is a bad omen and even though she has tried to instill herself in other tribes, she is rarely welcomed or included due to this. Animals are her constant companions and she is passionate about their care. She has a unique connection with beasts and is a talented tamer of nearly all creatures. As she never really had a tribe or community to lean on, it is something she is always searching for. At present she is in the Nuur Khuudas tribe and while they are nice and welcoming, she still feels very much the outsider due to her own insecurities. She also wishes for a family to call her own and looks for a partner that can see past what she is rumored to be to who she truly is inside. Personality wise she is very reserved and quiet and prefers to remain in the background rather than being the center of attention. She is curious about tribal and eorzean way of life as she is not experienced in either areas. Because of this, she can be naive about certain situations. She attempts to make sense of people and their own motivations as she doesn't understand them well either. If this strikes anyone's fancy, please shoot me a PM on Discord and we can plot things out!
  11. Hello and well met; greetings and well wishes~. A long time roleplayer and writer here, attempting to spread her wings in a new server which I heard holds promise! Truth be told, my character is rather adaptable and open minded and I am more than happy to meet everyone and anyone who might be interested in meeting a hushed and doll-like raen, new to the lands of Eorzea. I plan to have her grow into a more fleshed out character as I use her, so if anyone has the patience to guide her into -- anything really -- do feel free to approach. I hold basic knowledge that the Quicksand is a hub for like-minded roleplayers, and I will do what I can to pick through here to find interesting FCs or other places to meet. However if any one knows of other places or just has some social groups for me to integrate into I would very much love to get more IC interaction. If any one has any pointers or tips who would like to help ICly or OOCly, maybe both, the more the connections I find -- the merrier! Both finding me in game as Hanako Yurei, and messaging me here are welcome. I am really looking forward to see what this infamous server holds, so feel free to come say hello!
  12. Roen


    From the album: Cigarettes and Fireflies

    Nabi at peace
  13. Roen

    Nabi portrait by Tida

    From the album: Cigarettes and Fireflies

    Nabi portrait!
  14. Roen

    Anchor and Nabi

    From the album: Artwork - imported

    Drawn by Ruen as a surprise! Something I would have otherwise TOTALLY COMMISSIONED. Go check out Ruen's tumblr! Lots of other cool art things there!
  15. Roen

    Nabi amongst the fireflies

    From the album: Cigarettes and Fireflies

    My first commission for Nabi! I was very pleased with it, the artist did a WONDERFUL job of depicting the color of her eyes and the wonder in her gaze. Commission: Nabi amongst the fireflies Artist: https://www.deviantart.com/sangrde
  16. From the album: Cigarettes and Fireflies

    Nabi watched the sparks disappear toward the heavens, a sense of serenity finding her in that moment. A belief that things would be alright, somehow, in the end. She could have sworn she spied a smile on Anchor’s face too. Commission: Nabi and Anchor at the Shogatsu Festival Artist here: https://www.deviantart.com/yutaan
  17. Parth Makeo

    Alyx's Father

    https://xylaquint.tumblr.com/post/179598424125/ for the write up
  18. I. Basic Info Characters: Tenmei Kaen ( Raen, Au Ra ) Primary character: Tenmei Kaen Linkshells: none Primary RP linkshell: none II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Med/Heavy. I'm up for RP most any time I am online. If RP flagged then I'm IC, if not then send a tell. Views on RP combat and injuries: I think RP combat, whether against another player or an npc'd 'boss' fight is great. If I am RPing with people I know/trust, emote combat is fine, as long as everyone is fair in the strengths and weaknesses of their characters, and a realistic resolution can be achieved. In the absence of that, I prefer rolls, especially if connected to a good RP Combat System/Char Sheet. So, I guess the answer is, "Yes, I like RP combat, but participation depends on the circumstances." As for injury, that's expected at some point. No death, dismemberment/maiming, or disfigurement, unless discussed and agreed upon prior to engagement. Views on IC romance: Romance is a desired part of the RP experience for me but I feel I should make a couple things clear: 1) Any relationship would have to be organic and follow a natural, unforced progression. It is unlikely the character would be interested in casual sex. 2) 'Romance' is not synonymous with 'ERP'. Romance is all the things that happen before and after intimate encounters, and 'fade to black' is perfectly acceptable and no less meaningful to the character/story. *Please note that romance is only a small, if important, part of my adventurer's life. Any romance prospect would first have to be a friend and kindred spirit, sharing the same thirst for adventure and ethos as the character does. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I've never had a player played IC relative and would be very open to this. Views on lore: Lore abiding and prefer to RP with others of the same mindset. I don't mind those that are creative and can bend lore without breaking it, but it has to be in a believable way for the world. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Always IC in /s & /em. Detest OOC on IC channels, and as such usually don't even have yells/shouts turned on since folks seem to spam those channels with OOC. Almost never IC in Whispers... unless my character emotes whispering to another. III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: GMT-6(D)/GMT-7(S)(Mountain) Contact info: Message me here or whisper in game! Discord user: RisingWolf#7518 *Note: I am fairly new to FFXIV and its lore. I'm still learning about the FF world but I am an experienced RPer. While RP is my focus I also like to PvE and if I can PvE and RP at the same time, that's best!
  19. I. Basic Info Characters: Yi'gen Jhungid Primary character: ^ Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy || 20+ years of RP experience. Views on RP combat and injuries: If you don't want your character to get injured or maimed, don't express wanting to and then not be willing to back it up. Since there is a vague area on the timeline aspect in most encounters, serious injuries should always be played out over time, while minor ones can be healed and such. Views on IC romance: Natural progression tends to be best. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): While it would be nice to hear about other's backstories, there is a time and a place for it. No need to bring it up with every chance encounter. Just have to let it grow and take the opportunity when it naturally presents itself. That way there is a nice back and forth for the characters/ group to get to know each other. Views on lore: Lore is present for a reason, but there are some elements that are open to the individual's interpretation. As long as it's not over-the-top. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): FC chat is for the OOC. All others are dependant on the situation. III. Other Info Country:UK Timezone: Often CST primary GMT Contact info: Yi'gen#2026 Looking for: A small-medium RPFC to grow and develop a story with.
  20. I. Basic Info Characters: Mai Primary character: Mai Linkshells: -/- Primary RP linkshell: -/- II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Currently I'd consider myself a light roleplayer. I used to RP a lot in the past but recently did not at all. However I would now like to start again. Views on RP combat and injuries: As long as it's not overly brutal I'm fine with it. Views on IC romance: I'm up for that. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): If it'd fit with the existing background, sure why not? Views on lore: While I do try to be lore conform I'm also fine with lore bending here and there. I personally don't need 100% lore conformness Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Whatever really, I don't have anything preferred. Might depend on the location aswell, as to not spam the say channel in a major city for example. III. Other Info Country: Germany Timezone: CET/CEST Contact info: Discord: Mai Uchiha#2609
  21. So, since I come from a super small server and had like no luck finding anyone willing to RP, I decided to make a new character on Mateus! I still don't really know what to do/where to go, or even if there is a generally agreed upon minimum level for RP, so I'd love any help/guidance i can get! Thank you!
  22. The warm summer air lingered on as the sun took its resting place at the sea's surface. Along the cobblestone paths were neighbors and strangers gathering before the extravagant mansion, each of them dressed to impress and hiding their faces to add to the allure of the unknown. Advertisements had been going out in the cities for weeks about the late spring ball, which fueled excitement among so many. It was an opportunity to mingle, rekindle, and allow for new friendships to bloom. Those who chose not to go were regrettably making a mistake of a lifetime, as some would tease. Standing off in the distance, the young Au Ra watched as people flocked indoors with their friends, lovers, and strangers. All with someone, rarely none alone. This was a defining moment for the woman. She had managed to brave the outdoors and reunited herself with the nature of the world, but she had struggled to find the place where she truly felt part of with others. All week, she spent her well saved gil to invest in fine fabrics and dye just to prove to those back in the homeland that she wasn't so without or broken in the head. Glistening in fine gold and black silk with all the frills and fluff, Venita slid on her mask and mustered up the remaining courage left inside to take her first steps forward into an unknown beginning. In her younger years, the Raen listened to the tales of their makers. The clash between Dusk and Dawn paving the way for the birth of the ancestors. It was known as fact that the two great beings struggled with power before settling their match. Peers of hers were convinced of this raging war between Dusk and Dawn. Thus giving life to the idea their own lineages were precious and absolute, the better of the two. Xaela tribes were the insufferable other half of the Au Ra, better off reduced to nothing more than ash given their more barbaric way of life. The Raen sought to dominate through sophistication and blood-right, which left Venita questioning what made them any different than their brethren across the line. Questioning the divide was one thing, but to also seek truths about the ancient tales was to tread into waters better left untouched. Inside the mansion, the party raged on. Music filled the halls and laughter from all around echoed room to room. Taking careful steps around the crowds, the Raen managed to squeeze past the large groups of people idling at the stairwell and found her ideal spot just south of the pastry table. The sweets neatly arranged by type and sizes! Bigger slices of pies and cakes filled the bottom shelves, whereas the smaller quick pick snacks laced the top shelves. Curiously, she canted her head at the mass selection and knew then that if nothing comes out of this event, at least she got to eat cake. Lots of cake. Paying no mind to the dance floor, she missed the moment where the butler ran about to gather couples to the area. He mashed strangers, foes, friends, and lovers together to encourage them in taking part of the whole purpose of the night's event! Once satisfied, he called attention to the floor. He had to call for it a few times before the room settled down and the music ceased. As he gave introductions, Venita became all too aware of what was happening and filled her plate with a few more tasty pieces before cramming herself into a nearby chair. After his grand announcements were complete, he motioned with a flick of his hand and the music picked back up. The slow wave of notes rising and falling like a gentle breeze on the water's surface. It paved the way for those wrangled on the dance floor to find common purpose, be it by giving in or finding enjoyment in the arrangement. Though timid most of their steps were, something remarkable happened. The Raen watched as the paired partners discovered the rhythm they shared with the other. Even if they fumbled for longer than their neighbors, there was this love of life which sparked between two souls. With balance came harmony, which in turn produced one of life's most treasured moments. Venita could not help but see what she had known for all these years to be true. Back in the homeland, her ideals were dismissed as wild stories of an ill mind, but she knew it not to be so. The legend told of the bloody war waged between Dusk and Dawn, but had their ancestors been any wiser, they would have seen the dance between two beings. Dusk reached for Dawn to feel its warmth and the Dawn craved the Dusk's endless embrace; together, their colors weaved between the lines sparking the explosion of purple and orange hues as they connected to one another. The opportunity to write and rewrite a moment in time. It was almost prophetic watching the couples twirl and glide along the dance floor, especially as the music slowed to its end. There was a brief series of seconds were the partners could sense the world's eyes upon them and it did not matter. The thoughts of what comes next was in their control, they the creators of their own truths and futures. She watched as each individual spent their next seconds carefully and though no two choices were the same, she felt a warmth fill her soul as she witnessed the full cycle of what she had always known. As beautiful as it were, a familiar pang rose in her heart and although she hadn't been there for long, she knew it was time to go. Stuffing her face with one last delicious pastry, the Raen left as quietly as she arrived. Once outside, she found herself breathing easy again. Wrapping an arm around her front, she wandered on to the shoreline. She may have failed to make the friends she longed for, but the night was not wasted. Until the rising sun came again, she danced to the only song she knew in her heart with solitude at her side. Never for a moment regretting what she lost to gain her truth.
  23. Hello! I am fairly new to Mateus, having only been around for about a month or so. I don't really know anyone on the server, but everyone I've met and roleplayed with so far has been incredibly nice and welcoming. I play a Xaela Au Ra (Sorkhaghtani Borlaaq) who comes from a matriarchal society tribe and was separated from her tribe in a skirmish with another neighbouring tribe, prior to the mass refuge that brought many of the Au Ra over to Eorzea. While keen on one day reuniting with those of her tribe, she's not particularly in haste to do so. She is good at foraging for plants for medicinal salves and has studying in shamanistic skills. Sorkhaghtani is a very inquisitive type of character and it would not be terribly difficult for me to justify what she might be doing or getting involved in. I'm very interested in ongoing storylines. I like in-depth development and dynamics in character relationships, both positive and negative, and everything in between. It would be really cool to play with others from her tribe (Borlaaq) or the skirmishing tribe (Jhungid). And just other tribes in general, really. (Sorkhaghtani seems to get on pretty well with just about anyone.) I'm located in an EST timezone and aside from Tuesdays and Thursdays, have a relatively open schedule when I'm not at work or sleeping. I can also be located on Discord for those who might have a difficult time catching me in the game. If you see me in-game, don't be afraid to say hello!
  24. If you RP Miqo 'te or Au ra, on a sliding scale of 'A human with non-important additions' to 'Half something else entirely', where do you fall? It's always been a curious subject for me, because I meet a lot of RPers that seem to be on a scale of sorts and its interesting! Anything from half mumbling beastial Au ra to ones that are literally... Au ra that are just Hyur that look different. Some people have wild Miqo'tes with extended cat-like features, some don't. What sort of balance do you have between being 'human' and not do you have on your character? I really want to see what others are up to! I myself RP my male Miqo sort of on the beast-y side. He's Thanalan born and bred and I totally abuse the 'wild' aspect of him, from felid behaviors (IE, ear and tail actions) to vocalizations and more. He's a seeker, so I splice 'lion' and 'common cat' sort of. Its sort of like, in the public eye, hes a perfectly composed and normal man, but at home or with people that know him well he tends to get a little too comfortable and ends up being definitely more feline in his actions. I do this because I PERSONALLY feel like SE really ... didn't think too much about Miqo'te and I adore the idea that they are more than just people with cat ears. I like the idea of a race that is proud of its diversity. As canonically spoken by Ysh'tola... I am GREATLY in favor of the craze on tumblr of people drawing their Miqo's with more feline feet too, I adore it. Before anyone mentions anything to do with NSFW stuff, I'm sure some people love that aspect. But to some of us who just want to rp something slightly askew from lore, it merely makes things more 'interesting'. I don't expect lore fanatics to like this thread, so please, no hate or anger? Just discussion, thanks! Go wild. I really want to hear about other peoples chars! Dont be afraid to speak about your character. Thanks!
  25. Morning/Evening all readers! My name is Dekuron or my friends call me Dekkie of course this is an online game name and not my real! This is not the first time coming to FFXIV the last time I went to this game was around last year januari. A friend of my invited me into this game with 30 days free. Played it for 200 hours, but in my taste ESO was the better version. Tho since recent events in ESO...(Putting everything there is in a cash shop ) I decided to try this game out once again. Currently I am lvl 54 in Ninja, but gonna pick up extra jobs and classes as well. During my time in ESO I did RP a lot, but also played the game it self. To my estimations I have around 3/4 years of RP experience. Now I am looking for a fun new group to RP with. I RP a male Au Ra on Balmung (NA). Mostly I RP something related to adventuring or a crime syndicate, cause I believe this is mostly where the most active rpers are and the most bonding groups can be found. My char name is Isamu Fujita...I noticed my char did not got adjusted yet on the website so that sucks... Regardless I am willing to try out anything! Do PM me if you feel like RPing with me or just for some small talks. Also I am not a native english speaker, so do excuse my spelling mistakes and grammar. Looking forward to all the funs in this game!
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