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Item requests - for the new players.

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So, I see new people trickle in every now and again, whether they announce their presence or not. Given FFXIV's current economic situation, gearing up seems to be a bit more difficult these days if you're going it without help. I know a lot of us game veterans are sitting on considerable wealth these days, and can easily afford to set aside money or equipment for newer players. I myself have been hovering around a healthy 50-60m between my Materia expenses, and figure it was about time I extend some of that to the general public.


Now, the point of this thread isn't to just shower gil on the players (unless you want to) - rather give away old gear that's been sitting on your retainer, or newly acquired equipment you have no need for. Gear that you have no need selling. I figure instead of it collecting dust, it can be put to use by people who actually need it. Naturally, this is an offer to newer players only, and there's quite a few simple ways to figure out who is and who isn't new. (New, as in not many classes past 30~40) So, I'll start. If anything catches your eye, feel free to leave a post, PM, or contact me in-game. Anyone else with gear to give should feel free to make similar posts as well.


I'd also like to extend the offer for NM hunting. It can be difficult to get a group together if you don't know many people, and those NMs aren't exactly soloable for low ranks. I'd be more than happy to assist players in obtaining items from NMs, so if you have a request, feel free to let me know.


I'll continue to update my own post as I obtain/remove items.



Steel Gauntlets

Steel Sabatons

Steel Mitt Gauntlets x2

Dated Visored Barbut

Steel-plated Jackboots



Dated Bowman's Tunic (Yellow) +1

Toadskin Armguards

Dated Toadskin Moccasins (Black)

Dated Toadskin Crakows (Black)




Woolen Turban

Dated Cotton Bandana

Dated Tarred Velveteen Longsash

Dated Canvas Coif (Brown)



Dated Sunstone Ring

Dated Sunstone Choker x2

Dated Danburite Choker

Dated Fluorite Choker



Vintage Kite Shield

Dated Bladed Lantern Shield



Dated Peiste Cesti

Dated Ash Longbow

Dated Wrapped Maple Longbow

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I like this idea! Possibly because I'm new... But it is a brilliant idea. Equipment in MMO's rarely seems to get shared in favor of making money and what with the (Apparent) ease in which people can get to level 50 in XIV, there isn't much out there for those just starting out.

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This is a pretty nice idea and one I wish I could contribute too, but can't cause I started over (but maybe I can once Vaelyn gets all his crafting stuff up).


I'm not the kinda person to ask for help though, never been. That and I am not even sure if anything you have would be useful for me to use or not. :|a

I can tell you that I plan to level Vaelyn's Lancer and Pugilist skill so I can unlock Dragoon, but beyond this. I am not even sure what I could use, because it seems like just as I gain enough gil to buy some gear, I am already out leveling it. Maybe this isn't the case when you get higher than 10, but just feels that way atm. xD


So, if you do have something I could use; I'd be grateful but at the same time, I wouldn't, for the life of me, even know /what/ I would need. -_-;;

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While the thread might not have taken off, I'm still offering what I can give. Going to update the OP of this thread later, but I stopped keeping track of items. Instead, I figure if people want something, they can either post it here or get ahold of me in-game and depending on the item, I'll see if I can't make things happen.


So, to re-iterate, if you're leveling up and have your eye on a specific piece of equipment, just let me know. I'll see what I can do.

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Many of our resident RPers are crafters as well. I'm willing to make things for players so long as they provide me either the shards/crystal or raw materials. If anything, I'm willing to work out an arrangement.


I have Blacksmith to 50, Carpenter to 40, and Armorer to 30. Let me know if I can be of any service.

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Weaver/Leatherworker/Carpenter 50 here, just bring mats if it's higher level gear~ though sometimes I have stuff already so just ask.

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This is just a passing thought on this that came to mind. Even more when there are some of you who are pretty high in the crafting.


Why not make this an RP event? Like an RP trader post type of thing where people could win armor, or could have commissioned stuff, maybe even just good ol' fun.


It isn't often Roleplayers all seem to gather into one place and to me this would seem like an awesome way to get the newer roleplayers to hang out with some of the older roleplayers.

Maybe even turn it into a monthly event.

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