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Scales of Othard

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Scales of Othard is a linkshell for Au Ra players, both Raen and Xaela. The intent of the linkshell is to provide a space for general discussion for Au Ra roleplayers. Linkshells specific to the 51+ Xaela tribes, or Raen villages inevitable are going to crop up, and Scales of Othard completely supports and encourages this, and will remain as a general support linkshell for all. 


Completely out-of-character, Au Ra related discussion is the primary focus and encouraged, but not one-hundred percent mandatory. Chat with fellow Au Ra players, and make connections for your roleplay. 


This linkshell is for you if 

  • You are looking to discuss Au Ra lore ideas with other players.
  • You are looking for other Au Ra players for RP.
  • You want to generate RP for Au Ra players.
  • You want to connect your Au Ra character to other players' Au Ra characters. 

Scales of Othard will also be more than happy to plug your Au Ra related RP event. Please get in touch with Ayushiridara Khatagin, and provide any relevant information and/or a forum thread link. She will make sure your event is advertised.


[align=center]As of 08/30/2015 spoilers for the 3.0 MSQ content are permissible to foster discussion. [/align]

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I've updated the linkshell listing with names, as well as added a tab for roleplay resources. 


With the pre-release of Heavensward, now is a great time to join the Scales of Othard linkshell! Please send a tell to any of the members listed under the 'join' tab for your invite.

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A general notice to all Au Ra roleplayers with tribe or village specific linkshells, or anyone looking for Au Ra linkshells. 


Scales of Othard was created with the intent to be a very broad, general place for all Au Ra roleplay discussion, and it is my wish to be able to foster as much cooperation and roleplay opportunities for as many people as possible. This includes understanding that certain tribes or villages will want their own spaces, and supporting that. 


I would like to create a list of all tribes or village-based linkshells listed under the resource section of this linkshell listing. If you run an Au Ra linkshell for a tribe or village, feel free to post here, and I will link to your linkshell posting under 'resources.'  If you run any Au Ra related linkshells in any capacity related to roleplay, I would love to list your linkshell, too. 


Thank you!

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