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Hello I am new to the FFxiv community, but would love to dive into the RP aspect of my upcoming gameplay. I have a little bit of experience with RP in other MMO's I have played, so I know most of the rules, do's and don'ts.



Upon character creation, I have found the Miqo'te to be facinating. I have done a little bit of research on the race on what sites I could find like Wiki and lore videos on youtube. It sort of feels like there is so much more to it though. So if you have any sources I could learn more, please let me know :)



My character name is Jiao Earthsong, He is a Moon Keeper Miqo'te that was born and raised in the Black Shroud. I am currently still detailing his character sheet, and should be done pretty soon. Once that is done ill be sure to post it on the forums.



If any of you want to find me in game, maybe RP a little, you can find me in game in the Balmung world, under the name Jiao Earthsong. I would love to meet new people in the RP community, and look forward to finding you guys in game!

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