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Its-a me, Mali-o!


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Hello everyone! I'm really not sure what to write here and I have to make this quick, So I'll just start.


I'm not really new at all. Some of you probably have seen me around as Mali Darksidhe, and a few of you have maybe even seen Tiv Grimmgeist running around. I don't RP as much as I would like, but I do try to be active in the community when I'm online at the very least. I remember vaguely coming to this website and maybe even posting a few times way back before the game was even released, but that's all in the past.


Anyway, I'm here now. I've been lurking around for some time (mostly reading the wiki...very interesting stuff! Y'all are pretty creative) so I figured I may as well sign up eventually.


Outside of RP I'm a Game Design student majoring in vis dev. Basically I draw pretty pictures. School's pretty intense so I cannae play the game pretty much at all now...sadface. :cry:


Speaking of school, gotta go back to drawing a "dangerous 19th century chair," whatever THAT is.


That is all.


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