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Ahoy hoy!

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Greetings and well met, adventurers! I'm Armitage Shanks (Character name Puq Ravelle), hailing from the ever bountiful sunshine south-coast of the UK (Hyarr).


I picked up Final Fantasy upon release, having had just shy of a years experience with XI back in '05, but found it h'incredibly difficult to penetrate what with my limited MMO experience as is. Between 2010 and now, though, I widened my horizons and found most other (predominantly F2P MMOs) somewhat lacking.


As with many others, I have found the promise of 1.21 and the myriad other patches before to be too powerful a call. £6 (bargain!) later and I have reactivated my account to find a vastly transformed game! Oh how wondrous! How streamlined. Glorious. The Jobs? Delectable. Ahem.


I often consider myself somewhat of a "Heavy" Roleplayer but I must admit, being reared on the literary works of Tom Holt and Terry Prattchet, I often have the unconscious affliction to be a bit... "Comedic"? I suppose is the word. I hope this won't stand in the way of forging any lasting and meaningful yarns and tales amongst you wonderful lot. Most of my experience of RP comes from Neverwinter Nights, tabletop gaming, Larp and an active imagination.


In real life I'm a 25-something male barman, currently begging and scraping for all the hours he can get. I fill my spare time with books, graphic novels, games, movies and the odd impulse to doodle (Although I never seem to have the time to draw anything worthwhile as of late).


Since my spare time is lacking I'll likely only be a casual player but would love to join an ooc linkshell for the time being, to get to grips with the game's inns and outs but don't hesitate to RP with me, if you ever happen to trip over my snoring, over-worked corpse. I love off-the-cuff roleplay but usually find myself avoiding "drama" or "relationship" orientated RP.


Not sure what else there is to say... Puq Ravelle! Looking forward to meeting as many diverse characters as possible and experience as much of Eorzea in between pouring affordable ale for those retired adventurers we all look up to!

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Welcome to the RPC! Glad to have you around. Always glad to see more light hearted characters entering the ring! (Not that there's anything wrong with characters that aren't.) I hope you find yourself at home here on the RPC, and in-game as well! Ul'dah is more or less the hot spot these days for RP, though the other cities will have roleplayers out and about every now and again.


We have an OOC linkshell that's basically used as a channel for all manner of roleplayers to keep in touch with each other in-game. I'd highly recommend it as a tool to get your feet on the ground in the RP community, though it's by no means necessary in order to achieve those ends. A lot of people just use it to socialize, discuss RP, and plan spur of the moment RP / gatherings.


Anyways, hope to see you around!

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Welcome to the community!


The bad part about Ul'dah being a hotspot for RP is that, it's also a hotspot for everything else... which can damage immersion. Personally I do most of my RP with a number of folks in Gridania, it's nice and peaceful. If you ever find yourself in The Nest (Gridanian Grand Company HQ) look out for us~.


Comedic and into heavy RP is indeed a great combination, as most comedic characters are more casual with the RP. Contact me (Oskar Helvig) for an OOC pearl if you still need one!

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Smashing! I started in Gridania and I usually have no problems with immersion, the breaking there of or "getting into" it.


I have a question - those signatures, the ones that display your character info. I used to have one but can't for the life of me remember the link. Could someone sort me out?



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Welcome to the RPC, Puq~!


We can now be properly new and return-y together! Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

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