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Since the valid character data is not present on your Square Enix Account, you are not allowed to log in to the forums.


Even if the monthly fee is paid and a valid content ID is available, a valid character data needs to be present.

Once the character is created, you will be eligible to log in to the forums. However, it may take some time until the character data is reflected to the system.


Everytime I try to log onto the FFXIV forums. The other night, on trying to login to the Skweenicks forums I had to "Link a character" to my profile. Everytime I selected Puq and then hit "Confirm", it would just reload the same page again, and again, with no change.


I had a Puq Ravelle from Beta and into launch in 2010, when reactivating, I deleted him but kept the same name.


I now can't get into the game, with the error code:

13001 The Lobby server connection has encountered an error.

Error code 0

Status 0



Anyone... Know what this might mean? :/

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