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Rumors in the Air

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Hello all,


Let me give you a quick rundown of how this thread works:


The purpose of Rumors in the Air is to gather all those things that, true or not, are spoken of by the people of-and-from a general area and that we feel people should acknowledge even if not directly involved in it. Similar to the Lantern's articles, these rumors differ in a few things, being:


- They are relatively short bits of information.

- They don't have to be necessarily true or acknowledged to be true.

- They are accessible even to illiterate individuals who don't have someone that can read a newspaper to them.


Why make this? Most of all, I feel it'd be a great way to involve others in personal plots that may otherwise go unknown or unheard of by the majority of people, unless they are directly involved. Secondly (and for some, most importantly), to give RPers something to talk about at taverns other than the usual "How are you?" "What are you doing here?" and weather talk.


So with that being settled, here is a couple rules:


1. Rumors should not contain specific names. If I say "Valeria was killed", referring to an alt of mine, many will be like "And who is Valeria?" and shrug it off. Exactly. But if I turn that into "A Maelstrom officer was found dead in her office last week!", there we have a good thing that people could talk about. Lominsans could be concerned, and other Maelstrom officers would be wary. Nobody knows Valeria, but everyone knows what a Maelstrom officer is.


There can be exceptions in the case of VIPs. Some characters are bound to be popular in some areas. In this case, if I posted "Valeria is dead", but changed the location of my rumor from "Limsa Lominsa" to "Mist Ward 7", where Valeria lived, then I could use the name, cause she'd be known from the majority of the people in that neighborhood. At the same time however, my rumor will be harder to spread because to learn about it, other RPers would have to ICly visit the Ward 7 of the Mist, or meet someone from there. To make another quick example, if your rumor involves an alt of yours, but this alt is an important aristocrat, a super star, a Monetarist, you name it, which would legitly be known in the whole city the rumor is located on, then by all means you can name them. (example: It appears Eltanin Sellecerre, the famous aristocrat and philantropist of Limsa Lominsa, has been found dead in the outskirts of town.)


2. Don't use major NPCs. While I do RP the MSQ and do not mind to acknowledge that a certain major NPC may be dead or have been arrested (because the MSQ decided so), I know other RPers may prefer to not acknowledge it. For this reason, we should avoid rumors that involve those NPCs.


3. In the case of a certain area getting damaged/destroyed, don't use areas that are accessible in-game. It's fine and dandy if you want to spread the rumor that a part of the Twelveswood has been arsoned and burned and that this has triggered the Greenwrath on all those who enter that area, but make it an "uncharted" area of the forest. You can't come and post that now everyone who visits the Urthr's Gift will be killed by the spirits of the forest because of your rumor. Likewise, if I want to spread the rumor that a part of Limsa Lominsa has been struck by the firing cannons of a rebellious pirate crew, I will say it was in the outskirts of town, and not that the Drowning Wench was turned into a pile of dust. And no, you can't nuke the Gold Saucer.


4. Don't delete the rumor. Unless your rumor is so off the loop/against the rules that you HAVE to remove it, don't delete the previous rumors, no matter how old they get. If the rumor you once posted becomes no longer valid (It appears Valeria was not dead after all, she ran away with her Au Ra lover), strike the original rumor but leave it there, so that people may still have conversations like "Do you remember when people thought that Maelstrom officer had been murdered?".





What rumors can I post? Rumors that are strictly related to your own character (and thus wouldn't be heard of from people that didn't ICly know you) should be kept to your wiki, but of course if you don't make names you can post it here. If your character is a merchant and he gets attacked by beastmen, go ahead and say "It seems beastmen have been getting more and more aggressive. Another merchant's haul was stolen the other day in Thanalan!". The purpose should be to involve others into your side-plots while at the same time not making the rumors all about yourself. If someone is interested to learn WHO is the merchant who got attacked by the beastmen (sellsword seeking for hire as bodyguards, perhaps?), then they should privately contact you and figure out how their character may learn about your merchant's identity and find him.


"Well yeah, then I can just post all my personal rumors by turning them nameless!" Not exactly. When deciding what to post, simply ask yourself: would people in this area actually talk about this? Were there enough witnesses? Was it enough of a big deal? Nobody will likely talk about "hey, it seems a chick got sexually harassed at the Quicksand and threw a glass of ale in the face of that rude Lalafell!", because that happens all the time there. But if a famous singer slips off during her performance on the stage, or an unpredictable underdog wins at the Grindstone? The locals may very certainly laugh/talk about it for a little while.


So how do I acknowledge the rumor IC? Simply visiting the location of the rumor ICly gives you permission to have heard of it. Or you can even RP an NPC coming FROM that location meeting you and mentioning that rumor. Or you can set up an RP with another player who comes from there, too. There is no situation that says you may be excluded from hearing a rumor unless ... well... you are forbidden from leaving your house, talking to anyone, and reading letters. In that case, I think it is time to face your parents and make them understand you can't be kept into that golden cage anymore!


How long should a rumor last? It depends. You shouldn't costantly repost the same rumor over and over to remind people that "the illness of the aldgoats is still going on!", but at the same time if it's not heard of anymore for a while, people may stop talking about it. It's how gossip works, after all. So perhaps post new details about the rumor every now and then, or simply let it die by no longer post about it.


So what to do if a rumor particularly interests me? I realize there could be people who RP reporters, law enforcement, or super curious people out there, and who upon hearing a rumor may decide to delve further and learn more about it, like names of people involved, possible suspects, or what kind of illness exactly caused so many aldgoats in Thanalan to die. This is great and all of course! In this case, contact the poster of the rumor via PM or in-game tells to see where your character should go or talk to to learn more. This is how you get hooked for others' plots, and what this thread should be used for as a tool.


What if the nature of the rumor changes? Have you ever played Chinese Whispers as kids? Depending on who hears them and how they hear them, people may change or twist the nature of a rumor. Not everyone may know the same thing about a certain topic. So hadn't that Maelstrom Officer been killed by a lovecrushed Yellow Jacket? Huh? I thought she had been poisoned by a clawed fiend of unknown nature! And so on. This may occur both in-game or on the rumors-board, and just as every other rumor, your character is free to believe it or not. The general idea is that only the original poster of the rumor can twist it, but arrangements can be made via PMs or in-game, I suppose. Whichever way, if you see someone posted twisted version of a rumor you threw and somehow find it unacceptable, contact them and see how to balance it out. Still be considerate that, just as in Chinese Whispers, rumors can be subject to changes; at the same time, be considerate of the original poster of a rumor and don't turn their rumor upside down into something that goes beyond decency (the Maelstrom Officer was found dead with a harpoon up her butt, I heard!). It's fine if your OWN character thinks that, but in this thread you are posting things that a whole community will acknowledge (depending on the Location of your rumor. If you say all of Limsa Lominsa thinks Valeria died with a harpoon up her butt, I may be just a tad bit irritated).


Just WHY? It's not only a good way to lure attention to certain facts that you have been roleplaying, but also a way to ICly promote events, too ("The ABC Manor's wench has finally found a bachelor! People in the Goblet are already talking about an upcoming engagement party!").


I'll be updating this with new FAQs if more questions should arise, but until then please refer to the Rumors in the Air Discussion Thread for further inquires. Post your OOC commentary there, as this thread should remain strictly IC, thank you!


And here's a quick template, courtesy of UM!


Here's a little copy/paste block for easy typing:

[b]Who may mention this:[/b] 
[b]Rumor:[/b] [i][/i]


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Server: Balmung

Location: La Noscea / Thanalan regions.

Who may mention this: Anyone.

Rumor: It appears there have been a good dealing of disappearances and kidnappings among the homeless and refugees.



Server: Balmung

Location: Anywhere.

Who may mention this: People dabbling in black marketing, law enforcement.

Rumor: There seem to be a serial killer wandering in Eorzea. Its victims always seem to be black marketeers, slave traders in particular. The slaves are always taken, too. People think it may be the doing of beastmen seeking sacrificial victims for their Primals to thrall.

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Location: Ishgarde

Who may mention this: Non-Ishgardian import/export Merchants, Ishgardian native

Rumor: A good deal of steel has been showing up in lowborn Ishgardian  hands.  Almost all the blades that have been seized are light, well crafted Falcions with no makers mark or stamp noting the origin forge, which marks them as black or grey market illegal imports.  No bills of sale have been recovered.  The examples that have been seized are too high a quality steel and craft to have been made in Ishgarde, where quality weaponry and steel is in short supply given the Dravinian siege.  



While many of these blades are seen worn on the hips of the unhappy in more socially unstable areas of the capital, some have been put to work by other poor families as chopping instruments to recover scrap wood and heating fuel in the wake of the recent attacks.

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Here's a little copy/paste block for easy typing:

[b]Who may mention this:[/b] 
[b]Rumor:[/b] [i][/i]




Location: The Black Shroud

Who may mention this: Various conjurers/hearers

Rumor: Have you heard them? The Elementals. Ever since the Calamity, they cry out. Just when things seems to have been getting better, there has been a turn for the worse. Just outside the East Shroud, I have heard the cries that one of their own has fallen. I pray that woodwrath shall not fall onto any unsuspecting visitors.

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Location: Ul'dah and surrounding area





Who may mention this: Ala Mhigan Refugees and low workers about the city and camps.





Rumor: Many of the older refugees have been seen talking in large groups with pride and hope upon their face. Some have even taking to policing the less that law abiding youth. A recent influx of gil coin in their pockets seems to have also eased their burden, as much as it can at least.










Location: Little Ala Mhigo


Who may mention this: General populace


Rumor: Talk of a noble turned soldier who escaped the fall of Ala Mhigo is easily apparent, though much more is talked about in the native tongue of the highlanders. Small written missives speak of a revival of their people, and of their land.








Location: Ul'dah (Chamber of Rule)


Who may mention this: High Society and and politically active members 


Rumor:"The Fidalgo is as brash as he is idealistic, though he wishes to bludgeon his way through bureaucracy and monetarists for what? For slums and paupers? There is little reason for it unless he hopes to incite some revolt. Violence is the only thing those giant muscled simpletons understand."

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Location: Coast/Harbors of Western Thanalan


Who may mention this: Dock workers, sailors, merchants, salvagers and local authorities.


Rumor: There has been hushed talk of a vessel found driven into the rocks east of Crescent Cove. Originally thought to be nothing more than a ship that had run aground, salvagers and locals discovered the rudder and quarter deck all but smashed to splinters and the hull dotted with cannon fire. A few fisherman claim to have heard cannons late one evening but dismissed it as thunder at the time. The fate of the crew seems to be up for debate. Some say the ship was found empty. Cargo and all. Others say nothing was taken and the crews’ corpses were found strung up with the rigging. The merchant who is said to have recently fitted the shipping vessel with cannons and a new crew of local sell swords has also gone missing. Though it seems he was not well liked and some speculate it is all some plot to weasel out of debts he owed.

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Location: La Noscea region, Mor Dhona region

Who may mention this: Law enforcement, connected adventurers, refugees

Rumor: Odd trickles of information spread from careless breaches of secrecy, particularly among the Yellowjackets and hired adventurers:

*A 'spider,' some kind of fiend, or voidsent, walks among men, speaking and acting like them, yet merely wearing their skin and 'stealing' their voice.

*Some say it is not a voidsent but a depraved lunatic, while others believe it is a curse brought from Othard by the Doman refugees, for which it seems to have some strange affinity. It is bad luck to be amongst them or aid them.

*The disappearances amongst the homeless and refugees continue to increase, suggesting it is not the work of one individual. The law is hunting for a serial killer, particularly in the La Noscea area, but that is working off the assumption that there is only one, and that it is a person, not something else.


Would like to work off Blue's rumor, since they seem similar, if that's okay.

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Ishgard/Coerthas Central Highlands/Camp Dragonhead


Who may mention this: 

Black Marketeers, Ishgardians, Frequent travelers to Coerthas, those involved in the Dragonsong War



"Someone's been pushin' somnus through the ranks 'ere... probably some Twelvesdamned adventurer. The soldiers 'ho've seen the worst of it are usin' the stuff to sleep at night. T' get through the cold, too, probably."

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Location: Idyllshire, Revenant's Toll

Who may mention this: Adventurers, Merchants, Smiths

Rumor: "You know all that new Doman-style gear Rowena's been selling to the highest bidder lately? I heard most of it is made by one guy - this burly, dark-haired Lalafell with a beard down to here who's churning 'em out like it's nothing. Rowena made some sort of deal with him and now he's bringing her all this equipment by the crate-load."

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Location: Ishgard/ Coerthas Western Highlands



Who may mention this: Ishgardians Knights, commoners of the Brume



Rumor:   "I've hear an outsider has taken residents at Cloud Nine. Seems he's gone most of the day, aiding patrols out in the western highland while also helping to cull the beasts out there. Still haven't seem him myself but I hear he often spends his nights down in the lower half of The Forgotten Knight or just outside of it doors, siting on the ledge."







Location: Ul'dah



Who may mention this: Merchants



Rumor:  "The Blades have starting asking questions about a dead man. Their looking for something and I worry the questions will only cause the the markets problems. We are sure he died.... right?"

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Location: Ishgard/ Coerthas Western Highlands



Who may mention this: Commoners, Guards, Adventurers 



Rumor:   "I keep seeing these this tiny woman in black who treks out into the snow like she's walking in the grass on a summer day. Her guard looks like he was an ex-sultansworn. They go out in the worst weather for suns, but they always come back with large sacks of twelve knows what.The weather keeps getting worse but it doesn't deter them in the slightest. I fear for their safety"

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Location: The Black Shroud


Who may mention this: Any Wood Wailers, Archer's Guild, or Twin Adders (or anyone with contacts in any of these groups) could know of this.


Rumor: "Reports are still coming in from Wood Wailer patrols of small groups of Shroud poachers found slain. There is a clear pattern with most all of these cases, indicating that they are likely being carried out by the same person or persons. Always at least two or more mauled by wolves, at least two slain with a single arrow each, and the poacher leader always slain by a slit throat. Investigations suggest there are usually minimal struggles before it's over. It should be mentioned that there is more than enough evidence to suggest there is only one person involved in these killings. As an aside, the Wailers are getting tired of cleaning up these messes."

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Server: Balmung

Location: Limsa Lominsa

Who may mention this: Locals and any who frequent Naldiq & Vymelli's

Rumor: "Rumours of Jackal aggression and a disappearance have been plaguing the trainees of Naldiq & Vymelli's of late. Though many seemingly-new weapons were found strewn about the animals' territory, authorities have yet to find any traces of an attack."

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Server: Balmung

Location: Revenant's Toll

Who may mention this: Anyone

Rumor: You know that great load of refugees from Doma that has settled here for work of late? Some of them seem to be of a particular kin, Au Ra, they call them. Tailed in white scales for the most part, and it took them a while to get out of those concealing robes of theirs. They're a shy bunch, but useful for the most part, and willing to learn. Some of them already speak our tongue... except that pesky little brat with the black tail. I heard she set an inn room on fire just the other day, playing around with a mage's staff while the owner was unconscious. Can you believe that?

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[[takes out the magitek mod device]]


We interrupt this thread for a small announcement.


The thread is now for all servers. It's also been stickied!


I have also added an optional Server field to the easy copy/paste code box. The line can be removed if your rumor is for all servers. (for continuity)


Please resume using the thread as normal.


Good day!


[[puts away the magitek mod device]]

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Server: Balmung

Location: West Thanalan, Ul'dah and the Goblet.

Who may mention this: Sellswords recently active in Western Thanalan (common) Brass Blades (rarely) and Thamaturge's from the Thaumaturge guild if asked.



Rumor: A group of mercenary's were seen harassing a mother and her child outside of the small settlement of Horizon and were attacked by a figure garbed in ebony wielding a sword bigger than itself.


The men fought but were soundly beaten down and they fled from it, with the mother and child to have escaped in all the commotion.

Rumor has it that none of the mercenary's were hurt severely or killed, but the account of what they fought varied. Some say it was a man, others a voidsent, though several Thamaturge's investigated the incident, their finding's were suposedly inconclusive.

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Location: Anywhere

Who may mention this: Those who have connections to Doma

Rumor: There has been rumors of guards from Doma being sent to look for the Shadow Twins recently. The Shadow Twins were a pair of Xeala sisters who were prominent thieves several years back. It is also rumored that they are here in Eorzea.

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Server: Balmung

Location: Limsa Lominsa, Ul'Dah, Gridania, and their outlying settlements - with the notable exceptions of Ishgardian territories or Mor Dhona.

Who may mention this: Those of a lower or disreputable social class. Gossiping women. Angry husbands, fathers, and brothers.

Rumor: Rumours have been circulating of a shirtless Hyur accosting women all across Eorzea, offering all manner of riches, pleasures, and, most notably, a place in the harem of the Saviour of Eorzea himself! Little is known of the man aside from his apparent phobia of shirts and shameless self-aggrandizement.

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Server: Balmung

Location: Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand.

Who may mention this: Adventurers, mercenaries, authorities... Or just anyone you can meet at your usual random lominsan pub.

Rumor: Rumours concerning a series of ruckuss caused in the region of Bronzelake have been circulating as of late. A full company of yellowjackets would have been doing a full swipe of the area. Some speak about a covert operation with the aim to weed out spooks and spies of the region, while some other seem to hint at archaeological discoveries attracting reputable as well as less reputable organizations. Combat noises and screams have been confirmed by most accounts.

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Server: Balmung

Location: Ul'dah

Who may mention this: Various patrons of the Quicksand, homeless people and refugees of Ala Mhigo within Pearl Lane, Stonesthrow, etc. Disreputables and downtrodden, basically.

Rumor: Someone has been successfully stealing lucrative goods of the Monetarists, specifically those that have been clearly not part of their reported trade - corrupting drugs, large shipments of arms and ammunition, even shipments of uncut gems and precious metals.  Subsequently, the downtrodden in the area have been showing signs of better health and a bit of prosperity to their names - at least enough to cement their own foothold in the world around them.  The Monetarists who have been robbed are really tight-lipped, though, about the suspect - only mentioning a woman with the scent of smoking tobacco and spices, and long, elegant dark clothes that stood as a counter to the brusque exterior.  A veritable Phantom Thief...

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Server: Exodus

Location: Coerthas Western Highlands

Who may mention this: Anyone in The Forgotten Knight Tavern or in The Cloud Nine Inn

Rumor: Temple Knight Guard: "They found another beast body... dismembered. Its HIM again... I know it is!!

Temple Knight Guard 2: It seems that the temple knights at Falcon's Nest are at high alert. Good reason, after what happened 2 years ago.

Temple Knight Guard Captain 3: Silence Fools!! Do you want to start a panic!?

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Server: Balmung

Location: Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Kugane

Who may mention this: Anyone

Rumor: Pop idol and songstress Y'zhara Zekial was aboard a ship to Kugane that was attacked by a Garlean vessel and a sea monster. No one has found her or her companions but many presume that she is deceased.


Server: Balmung

Location: Kugane

Who may mention this: Anyone

Rumor: An Elezen with a silver dragonling is bringing good luck and prosperity to many locals in Kugane. A couple was even able to open a restaurant because of them! Maybe you can spot the little dragon for yourself and get some luck!

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Server: Mateus

Location: The Black Shroud, The North Shroud, Treespeak

Who May Mention This: Stable workers and sentries

RumorSome young hunter is out here telling tall tales, spinning yarns about dragons, heroes, and history too old to really be known. He's probably making up half of it, but his eyes light up so much when he's telling it you almost want to believe him.

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Server: Mateus

Location: The Black Shroud, The Central Shroud

Who May Mention This: Sentries

Rumor: There is a strange fellow stalking about the Central Shroud, just seeming to be relaxing. Whenever you try to get close to him, he just sidles away, but we can't catch up to him. He might be up to something.

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