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The Festival of the Hunt: June 3rd @ 8:00pm EST

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[align=center]In taverns and halls throughout Eorzea, ornate fliers have begun to appear, announcing what the next stage of the Wandering Tonberry’s hunting tournament. . .









[align=center]DANGER! GIL! COMBAT!



The Wandering Tonberry Trading Company & The Gilded Rose proudly present...




The Festival of


the Hunt!




Dangerous beasts have once again been wrangled up to do combat with any and all hunters brave enough to face off against these fearsome beasts!


These beasts won’t be contained, and they are out make Ward 8 of the Goblet their new home! Feel the rush of adrenaline as you are both predator and prey, felling monsters to accrue points, and be declared Master of the Hunt!


The flier continues on, giving information about the time, location and points of contact for taking part in the event and ending with the Seal of the Wandering Tonberry Trading Co.







OOC Goodness:


General Overview:


Each hunter will attempt to accrue the most points possible within the time limit, the hunter with the most points (without dropping to 0HP) will be chosen as the winner of the Festival. Hunters can enter alone, or in teams of two or three (no larger).


Combat is handled in a very similar manner as the Grindstone and Runestone (Turn order, /random versus /random), with the differences really only residing in the fact that for people will be fighting against monsters vs other player characters.[/align]



[align=center]This event will also be in a new location. [/align]



[align=center]THE GOBLET.[/align]



[align=center]That's right, Ward 8 is going to be chock full o' monsters and in need of some brave hunters to clear it out!



Scoring Points:


Points are gained by killing beasts. The harder the beast, the more points you will get for defeating it. It’s important to note that the player or team that lands the killing blow gets credit for the kill.


B Class Monsters - 2 points

A Class Monsters - 4 points

S Class Monsters - 6 points

Elite Class Monsters - 10 points



Waves & Healing:


The Hunt will consist of three enemy waves, each wave lasting 30 minutes except for the final wave, which will last 45 minutes.


Each hunter will start with 5HP, and no healing can be done while the hunt is underway. Each Hunter can be healed during the 15 minute breaks between waves, but can only be healed once total.




Beast Restrictions:


As mentioned above, multiple hunters can fight the same monster (with restriction), but the person (or team) that strikes the final blow on the monster, gets the points. Any breaking of these rules can lead to point reduction or disqualification from the event.


B Class Monsters can only be engaged by a maximum of 3 hunters.


A Class Monsters can only be engaged by a maximum of 4 hunters.


S Class Monsters can only be engaged by a maximum of 5 hunters.


Elite Class Monsters can only be engaged by a maximum of 6 hunters.



Additional Information:


Monster engagements are handled first come, first serve and determined by the player RPing the monster. Monsters will also handle turn order and any other possible issues.


Fleeing can only be done on the Hunter’s turn, and requires a roll above 300 to successfully escape.[/align]



[align=center]The Festival will be from 8pm EST to 12am EST. It will consist of three 1-hour rounds, with 20 minute breaks inbetween. 



Round 1 – 8x B Class Monsters, 2x A Class Monsters  

(60 Minutes)[/align]



[align=center]-20 Minute Intermission-[/align]



Round 2 – 4x B Class Monsters, 2x A Class Monsters, 2x S Class Monsters (60 Minutes)[/align]



[align=center]-20 Minute Intermission-


Round 3 – 2x A Class Monsters, 3x S Class Monsters, 1x Elite Class Monster (60 Minutes)[/align]



[align=center]-Awards, Prizes, End of Festival Ceremony-[/align]

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Team/Hunter sign ups


1. Nokhor Tumet & Elysia Crescent AKA "Team Breaker"

2. Sacred Ash & T'aloh Muji AKA "Team Bloody Laughter"

3. Soren Iyasu, Hayato Yuzuka, Gracie Singer - Team Behemoth Hearts

4. Hunter Mandrag Gannon

5. Notorious Monster Hunter Sounsyy

6. Hunter Elise Wolfe

7. Hunter Simeon Sibaruse

8. Seiko Mamushi & Associates AKA "Team Bloodhawks"



















[align=left]Week 1 Teaser Information: Festival of the Hunt 2.0 Q&A




As you all can tell, this is a HUGE change in format, style and overall participation for the Festival. It's been my intent since earlier on to try and do it in this format, however the logistics, and IC justification were really gnawing at me for a time. Now however, I think the event is ready to take things to the next level and reach it's FINAL FORM. As such, I put together a common (or what have seemed to be common) questions and answers section to delve into some of the mechanics and additions to the event. 



Okay, okay, I get it. You're hunting things. Where is this going to take place though?



Since the original Festival of the Hunt took place in a city, it seemed only right that this version operate the same way. So, this Festival will take place in the Goblet, Ward 8. The whole thing will be fair game, and monsters will be trotting around, looking for trouble and hunters who want to take them on!



That looks like quite a few monsters, how do you intend to DM this with so much going on at once?



The intent here is to have all the people who are serving as monsters to understand the basic rules and situations very well, and thereby each monster NPC is a mini DM in their own right. This decentralization should (fingers crossed) allow people to run about, find fights, hop in or run away in a smooth matter.



So, if people can hop in at any time, does that mean a single hunter can swoop in and steal the points?!



It means exactly that! While teams have the advantage of overpowering weaker monsters and a sort of 'safety in numbers' solo hunters can still win by using their wits and a bit of luck to get to the top! Now, this does not mean the moment a hunter runs up to an ongoing fight, they get to go. New hunters entering a fight are put at the bottom of the turn order regardless to when in the turn order they show up. 



Initiative rolls work a bit differently this time around as well. If a person or a group runs up to a monster and starts combat, the monster will always go last. If a monster surprises a group of hunters while they are standing about, the monster always goes first. Hunters on the team will roll amongst themselves if they wish, or they may have a pre-established order for fighting if they so choose. 



Each 'Wave' isn't really that long, how do you intend to handle the pacing of posts as it relates to a time limit?



This one is a toughie, and not one that has a real easy fix. All monsters will conduct their actions in 1-2 sentences, and should post in a minute or so at most for their attacks, and will tie in defensive responses from other attacks into those sentences as quickly as they can. It is recommended that hunters try to follow this same schema to maximize their chances to gain points and fight as many beasts as they can. 



This however, cannot be enforced in any feasible way. All I can say is, the nature of this event is to be fast paced and time/point driven. If you want to win, I can promise your best chance is to keep posts short and sweet because we will be doing just the same!



OMG, I want to RP one of the monsters!!! Can I please?! COME ON LET ME DO I-



Okay no one is /that/ excited, but I have had a few people ask if they could be a part of this and RP one of the beasts. Let me tell you now... That would be amazing. We are a smaller FC, so between handling the other aspects of the event, mingling and so on any help/volunteers to be monsters that we could get would be awesome!





Week 2 Teaser Information: Meet the Parents Monsters!


Before, meeting our monsters meant meeting specific entities with persona attached. With the recent changes to the system to make it more akin to the true essence of thee Festival of the Hunt, we're going to show the monsters that will constitute the various ranks. The images and information below will be IC, and usable information for deciding what beast to fight and which to avoid! 



Also, just because the list doesn't go into the specific monsters personalities, one of the biggest pieces of feedback I got about the changes was making each monster unique when it came to behavior and individualism, so still expect to see some fun personas attached to each of these fearsome foes!



B Rank Monsters:






[align=center]The feathered friends of many an adventurer are often far from that before they are tamed. Wild Chocobos are fast, deadly and clever. This is especially true when they work in small packs to overwhelm and slowly work at their foes before moving in for the kill. [/align]



[align=center]Black Chocobos[/align]







[align=center]Black chocobos are significantly more rare than those of other plumage, though just as dangerous. Black chocobos however tend to prefer stealth and surprise attacks when attempting to engage an enemy, and may wait until an opponent is at their weakest to strike. [/align]





[align=left]A Rank Monsters:









[align=center]Coeurl are known for using electrical shocks from the appendages on it's jaw to subdue it's prey, and descend from escaped war beasts trained on remote islands in the Near East. Coeurl are not to be taken lightly, and hunters should use caution when engaging one. [/align]









[align=center]Fearsome scalekin whose wings have been partially clipped for the Hunt, Sanuwa are known for their buffeting abilities and aerial attack tactics. Sanuwa will work in small groups occasionally if they are hungry enough. [/align]



S Rank Monsters:









[align=center]Wild Griffins have been known to plague prey and predator alike, rending flesh with sharp talons and beaks. The Griffins for the Festival are some of the most vicious beasts hunters will face off against, and will attack any and all that they can find. [/align]





Week 3 Teaser Information: STOP: Collaborate and Hunt!!!



[align=center]This week's announcement is a bit 'meta' as it is sort of a teaser to a teaser (Though it won't stop me from shamelessly bumping the thread and getting hunt fever). 



[align=center]So I have been reaching out to a few different FCs to see who would be interested in working together for the Festival and making it even bigger and better than ever! So far we have a few groups (some even in our Ward!) interested in being involved, and as we work the sweet details, their names will be added to the top post through the next week. [/align]



[align=center]As this is happening though, I wanted to open it up to some other groups, or even specific people! There is a thread here for those interested in signing up as a monster, but there are more ways to get involved! We will be having a OOC meeting at the Wandering Tonberry this Sunday (29 May) @ 6:00pm EST. [/align]



[align=center]We'll be going over what to expect for those who want to be monsters, others who want to help, and an idea of how the event will go down. If you are interested, come by then or shoot me a message if you can't make it![/align]



Week 4 Teaser Information: Hunts - The Gifts That Keep On Giving[/align]



[align=center]What’s the point of killing all these crazy monsters if you don’t walk away with something to show for it? Well, do we have a treat for you!!! There are six prizes for the five highest scoring Hunters, this means if a three person team has the highest score at the end (And have not been knocked out) will get first pick of the six total prizes. What’s left will then go to the next highest team or hunter. So, what are these prizes you ask!? One for me…

[align=center] [/align]

[align=center]ZU FOR YOU!!![/align]

[align=center] [/align]


[align=center] [/align]

[align=center]That’s right. Zu mounts. Not one, or two but THREE of these airborne assailants. The Wandering Tonberry has stepped up their monster capturing game for this Festival, and channeled our inner Ash Ketchum. But wait, there’s more![/align]

[align=center] [/align]



[align=center] [/align]

[align=center]Do you want some character art, because this is how you get character art people! RPC Artisan Tailero (whose art thread can be found HERE) has been awesome enough to offer up a single character portrait. Already have a Zu? Maybe you really love you? Well, choosing this prize is the thing to do! [/align]

[align=center](OKAY, OKAY, I’LL STOP)[/align]



[align=center]... But we still have two more prizes![/align]

[align=center] [/align]



[align=center]250,000 Gil[/align]



[align=center] [/align]

[align=center]Yup. Sweet, sweet cash. Our last two prizes are beautiful in their simplicity. Money talks, and this prize says, “Spend me!” Which, well, is something money commonly says. There is two, 250,000 gil prizes for those who are all Zu-ed and art-ed up! The Festival of the Hunt 2.0 is only a few days away, so if you want in on some of this sweet prize action, leave a message in the thread before slots are all filled up![/align]




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This looks amazing and fun! Kudos for the event. I will have to try and come watch. Flower isn't a fighter but she has started to become interested in watching others fight due to helping with the grindstone.

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This looks amazing and fun! Kudos for the event. I will have to try and come watch. Flower isn't a fighter but she has started to become interested in watching others fight due to helping with the grindstone.

Awesome! Yeah, I am hoping since the event will be against more NPC-like enemies people can be more comfortable going all out and the fights more interesting/unique to watch because of the nature of the event. Plus, I mean, come on. Who doesn't want to make that retro Final Fantasy four man team, play some 8 bit versions of the soundtrack and ride that nostalgia wave to memory beach.

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I almost hate I'm gonna be out of town for the weekend this falls on (happy birthday to me). I hope you guys run this again though!

Well (month early) happy birthday! And yes we should (hopefully) be trying to do this once a month if there is a demand signal for it/people who like stabbing things in the face.

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As someone who loved the event itself back in FFIX...I approve! I'd love to take part in this! If nothing comes up between now and then I should be able to attend.

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Working on getting a team together with some folks but I'd definitely like to participate in this as a competitor.

Awesome! Yeah man, I hope to see you there! Also I know the location isn't listed yet, but that's next week's teaser so be on the look out! (See: New Zones!)

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Currently going to work on trying to make a team now... Skar has a mighty need to get her hands and blade dirty with some beast blood.

Sweet! Hope to see you there, and when you want to add your team to the list post it up and I will put it up top!

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Week 3 update completed with the beast listing of whom our fighters will be going toe to claw with! Check the main page for information on these guys, and if you have a team or pieces of a team you wish to set up, post it here if you like and I can start getting an idea of who to pair and so on!

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Question: Because of the location will this be ICly in the Churning Mists or will we be ICly in another location while using the locale for visual purposes? I ask due to the veracity of people even being able to get there since canonically the place is dragon territory. I also ask because OOCly that place is FATE party heaven right now so overcrowding and chat spam might become an issue.

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Question: Because of the location will this be ICly in the Churning Mists or will we be ICly in another location while using the locale for visual purposes? I ask due to the veracity of people even being able to get there since canonically the place is dragon territory. I also ask because OOCly that place is FATE party heaven right now so overcrowding and chat spam might become an issue.

A really good question! ICly it would probably be considered to be in The Sea of Clouds is what I was thinking to make more sense lore wise, though that is a really good point... I really like the location because it works well as a fighting pit xD Hmm... I am going to check it out again today and scout a bit more. Thank you for the input, and expect to see an update soon!

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So, this week's update is a /bit/ of a cop out. After reviewing the location and talking it over with a few others, we are moving the event to La Noscea. While I am excited to utilize some of the new locations in Heavensward and so on, the FATE party-ing was quite real when I scoped it out for a time longer and no one wants even more chat-sanity. So, please look at the new location and get prepped for maybe a mini update since this update was less exciting than the others! Also, so far I've only one team pre registered so to speak (Reiner and his soon to be decided associates xD) so if you want in let me know soon! While we can assign teams at the event, we only have a few monsters on the docket so if you want in, let me know!

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This type of thing is so up my Jaliqai's alley! Sadly, since she's still a pretty fresh character, she's not really got three other connections to form a team with. But if anyone needs another body on their team, I've got a big sword-wielding, career huntress of giant and nasty beasties to offer! Just hit me up with a PM here or a /tell in-game on either Jaliqai Qulaan or Xheja Rajhera if interested, and we can work something out!

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