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Runaway Bride Seeking Shelter in Ishgard


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So. I have this girl, and she's a Raen. A very blue Raen. Quite cute, too (I think so, anyway, but I might be a little biased).


She recently went her separate ways from her bodyguard (aka, left him behind in Gridania with nothing but a note), and she's wound up in Ishgard. Problem is, she's pregnant sick, and in a foreign land all by herself, while trying to stay under the radar from the crazy silly ex-fiance that wants to bring her back home and can't take no for an answer.


SO. While she's all alone waiting for her bodyguard to catch up, she's... well, bored, and eager to learn about the land, and possibly in need of some medical assistance.


Alternatively: She has a bounty on her head. It's quite a nice sum, too. Interested in that? I'll explain the deets if ye poke me PMs!


Akino Naeuri. Hit me up here or in-game, whatever works. I'll throw in the disclaimer, though, that I'm not available 24/7, my schedule is tight, and just because I respond to any PMs on this here fancy website, does not mean I am in-game/ready for RP. D: (Aren't smart phones the bestest things ever?)


(11:27 PM -- I'll get a picture of her up tomorrow morning when I can brain a bit better, and the Lodestone does not have her IC outfit equipped.)

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Oh, goodness. So much more than i was expecting. So many awesome people to choose from! D:




Can I just pick all of you? Is that okay?

Absolutely, although Aiswynd has yet to make it to Ishgard :P so you'll have to wait on that particular Xaela

I shall wait eagerly! =O


That being said, on a more serious note... I'm looking forward to seeing who I can set up RP meet-ups with and when. And for any chance encounters, Akino tends to hang around the Forgotten Knight in the evenings, up in the Pillars during the day (getting lost in the Crozier when I have to be at work).


*rolls away to make those notes and send those PMs!* \o/

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