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Art and Commission (open)

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Currently open for commissions if anyone is interested at all


been out of drawing for a while so just getting back into it after some practice


All my info and pictures can be found at Deviant Art here!


Can either message me here or on DA :D <3


Still sorting out prices but they wont be too high.


Will do: 



Character sheets

Details and outfits



Can ask me any questions at all Paypal info will be given once details are swapped for instance screenshots and so on!

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Im giving this a bump cause her art is pretty sweet! And you suckers  Fine citizens should buy some

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Posted (edited)

SO it has been a while!

I Do have some updates on my art work which I will be putting here commissions have changed a tad but I do have that all set.








C Gav.png


Keiho close up.png

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Removal of image that was too large

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