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New to Balmung, looking for an LS and FC

Modica Solis

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I am an MMORPG veteran. I cut my teeth on Everquest and FFXi, made quite a killing in the market in EVE Online, endured EQ2's initial growing pains, and made my way to Outland in WoW before growing bored.


RP-wise, I've been a member of various RP forums and boards and I've participated in numerous IM-based RPs, some lasting several months. It's something I'm quite familiar with, though it's been several years since I've participated in anything of the sort. I'm not looking for an RP heavy experience, more on the light/medium side. Just enough to truly make the world of Eorzea feel separate from our own.


I don't really know what I'm looking for out of an LS or FC, I guess! Just folks to make the journey a little less lonely, I suppose.


As for the character himself...


Modica Solis hails from near Ul'dah, a child of the Thanalan desert, not of any town, any city. His family traveled constantly, hawking the wares from one stop to the next and, because of this, he never made many friends. He spent most of his time talking to himself, reading, or, as he grew older, practicing swordplay with his younger brother Onuris under the tutelage of their father. Their father was no great fighter but you can't be a traveling salesman without knowing a thing or two about wielding a weapon. Their mother, she was the brains behind the operation. She tabulated profits, managed the inventory, and knew how to drive a merchant down with incredible skill and ease. Things were pleasant. Happy, really.


And then the Calamity struck. He remembers watching his mother and father die, consumed by flames, after they had moved Modica and Onuris to a safe place. They were trying to pack up their cart and grab the few precious things they owned when the fire took them. He remembers the screams of his younger brother as he cried over their burned corpses. Were this the only tragedy...


Onuris, in the wake of his parents' death, abandoned the blade, abandoned the family business. Strength couldn't save his parents, neither could wealth. It was magic that had killed them, that had the power to both end and begin lives. A morning came when Modica awoke to find Onuris gone and all that his brother had left behind was a necklace, a pendant of a serpent that their mother had given Onuris, and a note: "Father taught us to fight but what he taught us was useless. Anyone can create destruction. A fire can be borne of a beast, of the sun's heat, of a simple spell. But to restore life, to protect life, to prevent death, that requires more. I will find out what it requires to triumph over death, no matter the cost."


Modica found himself without a family, without anything but the blade he had trained with. He made his way to Ul'dah, to the Coliseum, and became a Gladiator. Fighting was all he had left.

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If you would like to join the grandest company of knights that has ever graced the land of Eorzea, join the Blades of Eternity linkshell. We may not be large yet but soon we shall be recognized for the true heroes that we are!



Blades of Eternity is a IC linkshell focused on adventure RP. If your character joins they are officially a knight of the Blades of Eternity. I play the characters Izanami Stormcaller, Khuja'sae Fashonti, and Jossen Nightsbane. Feel free to /tell me in game to RP becoming a member if you are interested or PM me to schedule a time. Since the linkshell is IC you have to become a member IC. This linkshell is founded by the character Izanami Stormcaller, so she will be your main point of contact should you choose to join.:chocobo:

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