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Harvest Season Health Clinic - Oct 10th~!


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Harvest Season Health Clinic

Hosted by the Covenant of Ash

Realm: Balmung

When: Saturday, October 10th - Starts 8pm (EST)

Location:  Camp Drybone: The Eternal Sleep Inn


Hayfever have you hazy? Ragweed making you see red?  Have a cough that’s not quite right? With harvest season in full swing, and cooler weather settling in around various parts of the realm, we hope you’ll join us to have it seen to!


The Covenant of Ash is pleased to host it’s first open clinic to adventurers and citizens of all stripes - and will assist in matters pertaining to all areas of personal health.


We are a charitable organization; no one will be turned away based on an inability to pay, though donations of supplies, or time would be most welcome. Eager Healers and Alchemists with time and an inclination to lend their aid would be most appreciated!


Those interested in assisting should arrive one half-bell (30 minutes) early for a quick orientation!


Questions? Inquiries? Please contact Marius Vieremont or Milloux Allard (in-game tell or via tumblr!)


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

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