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Magus Sister Ball (OCT 30)

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Location: Mist Ward 3, Plot 35 (Courtesy Saraieth Tyata)

Time: 10:00 PM EST



"Friends, Eorzeans, fellow adventurers; lend me your ears! Or in this case, your eyes. I come to celebrate All Saints' Wake, not to dismiss it. The chaotic shenanigans we partake of live after us, year after year, while the boring droll is oft lost to the annals of time; so let it be with All Saints' Wake! The Grand Companies have told you of Voidsent ambitions; if it were so, surely we would have discontinued our merriment in perpetuity, and righteously hunted down the foul, felonious fiends.


Here, under leave of Cerberus Industries and various authorities associated with my mandatory community service, come I to speak of a most wonderous event. A pre-cursor to the wonders of All Saints' Wake, and fully in the spirit of the season; truly an ambitious endeavor in and of itself. 


It shall feature a grand assortment of activities which shall titilate and entertain. It will showcase your creativity and eye for aesthetics! It can slice, dice, chop, and even keep children off your la----Ah, apologies. Kinda slipped into merchant-mode there. Ahem. I'll get to the point.


Cerberus Industries, Eorzea's leading source of tricks -and- treats, is hosting an event in honour of the season. Amongst the attractions for the evening are a costume contest; pitting your creative mind and aesthetic sensibilities against that of your peers to claim a most delightful prize (and not just bragging rights), and a spook-tacular... ugh.. a... spook-tacular spectral ball; open to all manner of costumes and spirits - both alcoholic and aetherial! 


Let our gracious hosts, The Magus Sisters, lead you in "step". "Harvest" the fruits of the evening's shenanigans. Have a "ball" when you enter like a badass, and truly be the "bomb" of the event with your mad dancing skills! If there were ever a time to mingle and carouse, it would truly be this event! Seek out companions both friendly and romantic - and for the latter, you won't even need a paper bag as they will likely be wearing a mask already! Convenience!


You all did love All Saints' Wake once, not without cause; What cause, then, withholds you from enjoying the season? Boredom? O boredom! You are certainly a significant factor, and adventurers have lost their sense of fun... Bear with me, my heart is clearly somewhere else and I don't actually care half as much as they're forcing me to act, and I must pause 'till it joins me once more. 


Oh, screw it. Just come to Cerberus Industries' All Saints' events! Have fun! Win stuff! Drink until you've lost all your brain cells! Bring whoever you like, unless they're that hobo across the stree---No! Piss off, you bloody Adder! I -constantly- invite him to our festivities, and how does he repay me? By showing up filthy and asking for food? Well, no more! If he didn't get the message with that last "present", I'll be sure to finish the job this time! 


- Please attend the festivities on October 30, 2015. Cerberus Industries will be looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you for your time. -"

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Hello... this looks like a lot of fun... I'd like to partake if I may. If so please find and add me or let me know on here? please and thank you.


You, your friends, your chocobo, and even pet arhiman are invited to this shindig. So feel free to spread the word so we can play sardines in a can in this nice person's mansion!

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