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A trio of Miqo'te siblings looking for contacts [Gilgamesh][Balmung]

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Hello~ I have three Miqo'te siblings that need some connections. Two won't be available for in-game perusal until transfers open {or I get lucky enough to land on Balmung without a transfer}, and one is currently running around Gilgamesh unsupervised.







U'daia is the eldest and probably the most level headed. She tends to be curious and extremely loyal, and is very much chaotic good. She's an archer and a blacksmith. Anyone could probably approach this girl for any reason. She likes to help people, and she's quick to make friends. If you need her for something she'll be there.





U'rahv will either be a pugilist or a lancer {haven't decided} and a fisherman {haha~}. He is U'daia's younger twin and the one more likely to get bullied into doing what the girls want to do. A little stand-offish, but protective of his two sisters. He's on the fence between lawful and chaotic good. His best counterpart would be someone who teases mercilessly, but he'll be harder to approach since he takes the loner thing pretty seriously.










U'vasuh is active on Gilgamesh right now, and that's probably where she'll say. She's inquisitive and endlessly curious about everything, as well as hopelessly naive. She's a pugilist and currently looking for a FC to call home. This one needs a strong guiding hand, or maybe some friends to fall into trouble with.





If you have any ideas or want to plot something out just let me know! I'm open to a lot of things.

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