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[Balmung] Miqo'te Traveler LFRP

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Hey Folks!


Hope you are all doing well. I've been a RPer for about 6+ years now. Have been active in WoW, GW2, WS, TESO, GW2 again..., and FFXIV. Have led guilds, been an officer in others, but mostly just enjoy getting to RP with others, especially in longer story lines. 


My character here on Balmung is Zana'tan Moshroca, a 28 year old Miqo'te that has been on his own since being kicked out of his clan at 15. You can check out his RPC here and his tumblr here.




Looking For:


  • Great RP!
  • Dark-themed RP. 
  • Zana is a very independent person, so much so that he's extremely shy/fearful of large groups. He finds comfort alone. 1 on 1 RP is the best for him right now.
  • Possibly a mate (Zana is gay).
  • Other travelers that Zana might have run into during his own explorations.


Feel free to message me on here, or in-game. Have a good one!

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Scarlet (An Adventurer) could certainly run into Zana'tan, she spends the majority of her time working guildleves so has been around about everywhere giving the chance to run into him in a quiet inn or the likes outside the major cities and hubs.


Give me a tell ingame sometime! Character is "Scarlet Heath" :)

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