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Seeking Sibling Character and Mercs!

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***This is no longer needed. Thanks to those who reached out though. Will definitely keep the generosity in mind when we cross paths in game!***


I've been extremely hesitant to make this post for a long time now, but just going to take a shot so I can at least say I tried regardless of the outcome~


After five years, I've recently retired my main character (Kylin) due to feeling that he became too stagnant and offered little room for growth. Playing an antagonistic type character as your main can also be super exhausting and challenging. But anywho, long story short, I've switched my new main to Zarik Sylvora. This character was made back at ARR launch but never really took off (combination of too many characters along with other things).


In order to get this character back into the swing of things and hopefully restore my RP mojo, I desperately need help and wasn't sure where to turn. What I need are two things, as outlined below.


1) I need a sibling. Preferably brother. Only reason I prefer the brother over a sister is because having a sister will probably make Zarik super protective of her and make him more mature than I'd like. A brother would allow him to maintain some of his immaturity a little better. Now as a heads up, I don't take this decision lightly. I've been burned over and over and over again in the sibling department. So I'd really only want someone who was in it for the long haul (no MMO hopping history, no spreading out time between too many characters, and actual chemistry between the two characters and players).


Obviously would have to be a miqo'te. Preferably a Seeker (Keeper could work, though a bit more challenging and less realistic). As this character already had a brother character back in ARR (who sadly departed and left Zarik a lifeless husk ; ; ), I could go about this relationship in two ways: I could retcon the previous sibling relationship and put the new player/character in his place. This would require approval of about 2-3 others who I've interacted with first though, and I'd prefer to avoid this route. OR (the better alternative) we could have a mini-storyline relating to the two discovering each other and go from there. Please review my short character wiki here to see if it could work and we can talk more to determine if this is something that could work long term or not: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Zarik_Sylvora .


Please note: I'd expect this character to join my primary RP shell (and I would in turn join their primary RP shell) in order to maintain character interactions on a regular basis. Also note that, as mentioned earlier, I've been burned a LOT in the sibling department over the years. So this is a huge risk for me and I'm a little freaked out over taking this risk again. Please don't express interest in this if you have intention/plans to jump to another MMO in the foreseeable future or if you have other reasons that prevent a strong commitment to the role.


2) Mercenaries: Per my wiki, Zarik was 'kidnapped' as a child due to his mother secretly hiring people to get him away from an abusive father. Long story short, I'm looking for people who could have filled this role. The characters would have to over a certain age since this happened 13 years ago (probably age 30+, though slightly younger could be feasible if you were a super young merc >.>; ). Originally, this role was to be played by Tyriont and his Phoenix Pirates. But sadly, he's been cray cray busy and we've been unable to establish anything. These mercs would mostly serve as mentors/resources for Zarik to fall back on, and no major requirements are really needed aside from the "we have a history together ICly." Unlike the sibling role, this wouldn't require sharing pearls (though it would be a definite bonus!). This is really nothing more than creating a pre-existing relationship to allow various RP opportunities (planned or unplanned) in the future.


Please respond or message me if you feel interested in any of this, and we can discuss further to ensure we'd be a good match in terms of style and availability! Thanks for reading!

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While I am unsure that I could potentially promise a 'brother' slot due to my very random schedule due to college art classes online, as well as sometimes wanting a change of pace in MMO's in the long run, I wouldn't mind being a friend contact. If you'd like, they could be friends, potential love interest, or an 'adopted' brother through their friendship. I rather allow things to slowly take form during RP, whatever happens, happens.


That being said, Im usually on every day for a short while or more, depending how heavy my workload gets. Once I get some time off between semesters and the summer months, I get more time. I tend to be generally active, but cant promise in the day to day or long run. My time is EST and I am usually on late nights to early morning, depending. Sometimes much earlier, sometimes later.


Anyway, it might not be exactly what you search for, but I figured I would offer. :) Good luck regardless; feel free to message me if you like!

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