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[Balmung] Crafter looking for work! Sky Pirate's gear, housing and more! NO FEES!


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Hey there, everyone!


As of the launch of 3.1, I've been kicking my crafting into high-gear once again! I'm making this post to assist any and all in need of having things made for housing, glamour, etc! 


With 3.1 prioritizing Specialists, what specialists can you expect from me?

I am currently a Weaver and Leatherworker 2-star Specialist! Soon I will be adding Goldsmith to the list to be able to make the entire Sky Pirate's set, including masks for Monks or Ninjas!


What if I'm looking for a Blacksmith, Armorer or Carpenter Specialist?!

Not to worry! I am currently helping build a Free Company mate's crafting melds up to where they can provide 2-star Carpentry, Blacksmithing and Armorer specialties to anyone in need of synths. Like myself, there is no crafting fee, as we've talked over the importance of providing with ease to those who want the new Sky Pirate's gear and more.


Do I need to bring my own materials?

Come prepared with your own mats! In the event you forget, say, one Crawler Silk or one Amphiptere Leather, we're likely to just cover it for you, no charge! I've made quite a few material listing mistakes myself, and in the past other crafters have covered me. It's a really nice feeling, as most of the crafting community that I'm connected to are -extremely- nice people. In turn, I want to turn that kindness to others and help them without the dreaded feeling of a 400k crafting fee per item.


Is there a crafting fee?

No crafting fee at all! If you feel the desire to tip me, that is entirely your choice. I'm just happy to be making these sweet glamours for people!


Sounds awesome! How do I contact you?

Find me In-game on Mhaya Bajihri! Shoot me a tell and ask if I'm currently crafting! The only times I likely won't be are RP, Trial farming, or assisting my Free Company. In the event I am doing any of those, I will give you an estimated time that I will be able to assist you!


I'm looking forward to talking with and doing business with anyone in need! If you need a materials list for a specific item, xivdb.com may have updated material lists. If not, let me know and I would be happy to provide them for you. ^^

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