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Glance to the Past, Toast to the Future


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Greetings fellow Rpers! With the apocalypse just days away, weâve all got our plates pretty full at the moment. I want to take this moment to thank all of you wonderful people for the memories made these past two years (good or bad) and issue a pep talk for the future. While there were times I was personally tempted to jump ship from the game due to its own flaws, Iâm so glad that I never truly wavered and stuck with it all. Itâs been an absolute pleasure Rping with all of you and I look forward to the new and even more amazing adventures in A Realm Reborn!


With the game about to come down, itâs time to look to the future. A number of things have transpired this past month or so, events that not all of us agree with. But weâll truck forward just like we did in the past. Weâve got almost three years of history behind us that have only strengthened us in the end.


There are those who wish to wash away some old âstigmaâ from the RPCâs past. But hereâs the thing: that negativity is what made us grow stronger and shows that weâre capable of surviving anything. Itâs not some bad skin that needs to be shed. The past isnât something to be shunned, but embraced so that people can learn from it for the present and future. After all, one canât have growth without surviving conflict first. And the RPC has grown exponentially in various different ways considering the state of version 1.0.


Iâve already spoken to a number of current and future RP LS leaders. They have been gracious enough to promise their continued support for the RPC. After speaking with these leaders and listening carefully to them, itâs clear that a large portion of the community is content on the current path weâre on now. Of course, as in any community, we canât satisfy everyone. All we can do is try our best in making an environment that is conductive to RP of all calibers. And so far, I think itâs safe to assume we have that track record. Just look at all the various public events weâve had over the years! Fashion shows, campfire stories, tavern nights, epic storylines, galas, mercenary missions, charity work, training sessionsâ¦the list goes on and on! We truly are blessed to have such a wonderful community overall that's focused on what matters most to us in this game: Role-Play!


There are those who say âthe RPC is dead! Look how few post there!â First of all, weâre not dead. Statistically, the number of hits our site is getting has been increasing rather than decreasing. In addition, the in game RP community is more or less dead at the moment itself. Most people have left the game, waiting for A Realm Reborn to launch before returning. Furthermore, a lot of these Rpers here are spending the majority of their time in game as opposed to on forums, talking over the Backstage pearl and/or Rping on a consistent basis. These things considered, the RPC is doing just fine in the present times and is serving its purpose as it was originally intended. An observation Iâve made over time is that the loudest complainers are often the ones who seldom bothered to even contribute to begin with. Should one actually contribute to a cause and be an actual part of the active community, the rest falls into place like clockwork. So if you find yourself complaining, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Sitting on the sidelines and crying about it helps nobody. Get in the game (figuratively and literally) and make a difference yourself.


To sum up this miniature pep talk, The RPC has a rich history that includes the good and the bad. Everyone is welcome to take part of anything that goes on here, whether that includes posting or attending events. Nobody has ever been run out or excluded. Those who choose to leave only do so on their own volition.


To wrap this up, Iâll say it again. Many of us are content with the path weâre on now. Members of the RPC are constantly Rping in game and we have a track record that speaks for itself. And thatâs what itâs all about. We are a ROLE-PLAY coalition after all ^^. The site itself could use some touch-ups, but people are already volunteering to do just that.


Again, thank you all for the wonderful version 1.0 times. Sorry the pep talk got a little longer than expected. But hereâs a big toast to A Realm Reborn! May our adventures beâ¦adventurous? xD.


Please feel free to share some of your best memories here of version 1.0!


~Kylin Felstar



[bBvideo 650,450]http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/tribute/RPC_Tribute.wmv[/bBvideo]

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