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Who do you share a birthday with?

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For extra fun, think of these people all co-starring in


1)A buddy film

2)A heist film


3)An action flick


because some of these combinations are amazing.


I'd watch Van Halen and an octopus fight crime.

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Well, my birthday was yesterday, December 8th. So here is a healthy mix of individuals:




Ian Somerhalder (From Vampire Diaries, amusingly enough we are born on the same exact date and grew up 20 miles apart)


Jim Morrison


Nicki Minaj


Mary, Queen of Scots


Teri Hatcher


Kim Basigner


Sammy Davis Jr.


David Caradine

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My birthday is the 5th of September and I share that with.. 


Freddie Mercury 

Michael Keaton 

Jack Daniel

John Cage


.... Jesse James. 


And a bunch of other people like actors I don't really know who are.

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I already knew Yul Brynner (actor) and John Quincy Adams (US president). 


I guess I also share with:

Giorgio Armani (fashion designer)

EB White (wrote "Charlotte's Web")

Richie Sambora (lead guitarist from Bon Jovi)

And... Frederick I of Prussia. 


Those are the ones I recognize/care about. There's a long list of athletes, TV actors, and YouTube stars (...whut...) that also got listed.

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No one special.


Just Pearl Harbor and Nicholas Hoult.

Apparently Nicholas Hoult and I are of the same age.






I don't care about Aaron Carter but Larry Bird is sorta cool.

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Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy


Mamrie Hart aka crazy ginger bitch from You Deserve A Drink


Martin Solveig - DJ


Joan Jett aka the badest bitch that ever rocked


Thiago Silva aka soccer pls


Tatiana Maslany aka all the characters in Orphan Black

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October 9th


- Scott Bakula from "Quantum Leap" and "Star Trek: Enterprise"

- Brandon Routh (hey, we share the same first name, too!) from "Superman Returns", "Chuck" and "Arrow"

- Brian Blessed, who is in too many awesome things to list, but includes such franchises as "Star Wars", "Flash Gordon" and "Doctor Who"

- John Lennon from The Beatles

- Tony Shalhoub, from "Monk", "Galaxy Quest", "Men in Black", "Wings", the voice of Master Splinter in the original live-action TMNT film franchise and many others.

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