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The Golden Gala! [Art Raffle Winners Chosen!]

For the sake of helping us plan, are you considering attending the Golden Gala?  

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  1. 1. For the sake of helping us plan, are you considering attending the Golden Gala?

    • Yes, I will definitely be there.
    • Yes, but I'm not sure if I'll be there.
    • No, I will not be attending.

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[align=justify]Gold & Glory Hunter’s Guild wishes to extend an open invitation to all to attend one last Starlight get-together, the first annual Golden Gala! Please join us for a night of socializing, great food, seasonal spirits, and a gift exchange game where you could be naughty and still come out with something nice!


After the Gala’s conclusion, join us on our journey back to the Bountiful Chest tavern where we will be evening out all that class with equal parts sass! We’ll be serving up full size portions of the drinks sampled earlier in the evening, and keeping the good fun going well into the night with drinking games and whatever other sorts of trouble we can think to get into![/align]






[align=center]WHEN & WHERE[/align]



December 30th, 2015 -- Wednesday

gala start time

white oliphant start time

Ul'dah, the Steps of Thal, the Gold Court.






[align=center]FOOD & DRINK[/align]


[align=justify]As the Golden Gala begins, waiters and waitresses – PC and NPC alike – will be making their way through the crowd with trays filled with bite-sized samples of the fine fare you can normally find at the Bountiful Chest Tavern. Alongside each dish is a seasonal spirit meant to complement!


The foods and drinks currently being served will be periodically /yelled. If you love gratuitous, delicious descriptions of foods that will absolutely make your mouth water, you’ll love this![/align]






[align=center]WHITE OLIPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE[/align]


[align=justify]The main event of the Gala will be our gift exchange – a game of White Oliphant! If you’ve ever played the gift-stealing game of White Elephant (or Dirty Santa!) in real life, you’ll be familiar with the concept! We’ve just tweaked it a little bit to make things flow better in RP!


A few notes about participating in White Oliphant:



You can find this information HERE. Please check these out prior to event time if you're planning on playing so that you know how the game works! If you take too long and hold things up unduly at the event, we might just have to skip your turn!




This is so we have enough gifts prepared ahead of time. If you wish to participate, please post here on this thread, send an ask to our tumblr, or send Jaliqai Qulaan a /tell in game with your in-game name.


The sign up window closes on Sunday December 27th, 2015 at 11:59PM EDT / 10:59PM CDT / 8:59PM PDT. The only exception will be in the off chance we have too many last-minute no shows or drop outs.


NOTE! If you're wanting to sign up for the White Oliphant game, please be sure to say so when you post AND give me the in-game name of the character that you'll be attending on!




That means anyone can sign up, and – at least for now – sign ups aren’t capped! If we do have to cap them, I’ll give 24 hour notice before shutting down sign ups prematurely!




In fact, our Grand Prize is going to be a Wind-Up Ifrit Minion! We’ll have several other minions, glamour pieces, dyes, and such worth anywhere from a few ten-to-hundred-thousand gil a piece as our main prizes. However, we’ll also have a number of (hopefully hilarious!) gag gifts. Hope you have a sense of humor!


Once the sign-ups close, we’ll post up a list of all the Gift Boxes’ descriptions on the RPC thread, our Tumblr, and our Starlight event page on our website. This description might clue you in somehow as to the contents – or it might mislead you entirely! Choose wisely![/align]








[align=center]Klarimel Surtsthalsyn

Akay'a Zhwan

Eirian Branwen

K'heyo Tia

Khyros Oroban

Aeron Volkova

Fujimoto Kaito

Skar Blackthorn

Sayina Kha

Sannan Irvick

Y'dyalani Kyar

Qadan Hotgo

Odette Saoirse

Vhas'ya Bitterbane

Gwyn Traehern

Khivva Nhys

Lydix Notki

Leanne Delphium

Steel Wolf

Aedan Steelweaver

Taka Raha

Serese Gahya[/align]






[align=center]RETURN TO THE BOUNTIFUL CHEST[/align]


[align=justify]After the completion of White Oliphant and the handing out of prizes, the Gold & Glory crew will be packing up and heading back home – and you’re welcomed to join us! We’ll be serving up full-sized portions of the drinks and dishes you sampled at the Gala, and just letting loose from all the pomp!


This is meant to be a more casual “event” after the Gala itself. We don’t have anything strictly planned, besides some drinking games, maybe giving away some IC prizes (Free drinks at the Chest for a whole moon! Or maybe a whole year!), and just winding down from the chaos of a massive event.


Keep in mind that our house is only a Small House, so if it gets too crowded, you’re free to lounge about the yard or use any of our public FC rooms as an RPing space (denoted as [PUBLIC] in the room description).[/align]






[align=center]EVENT DISCLAIMERS[/align]


[align=justify]The Golden Gala is meant to be a fun, casual RP event. That said, we respectfully ask that if you are attending, please refrain from introducing any major sources of IC drama / conflict / chaos – such as combat, crime, and anything that generally leans disruptive – during the Gala proper.


We know we can’t make you not do these things, but gosh, we sure would think you’re one swell person if you didn’t!


Also, this is Gold & Glory’s first public RP event. As such, there might be rough patches and awkward spots. We would really appreciate your patience and understanding of this as we try our hardest to bring everyone an entertaining event![/align]

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That moment when you realize you copy-pasted an old version of your White Oliphant rules. Whoops.


The rules previously stated (incorrectly) that opting to go 'Nice' and select a gift from under the tree, you would randomly be assigned a gift via a random roll. Though it would be quicker and less messy this way, undoubtedly.. what's the fun in that?


People will be able to pick which gift they want from under the tree. Just please take less than 5 minutes to come up when called, declare if you're choosing 'Nice' or 'Naughty', and what present you're going to pick or steal! We have more event to get to after White Oliphant!

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Forgot to add the participant list to the thread last night too! (I shouldn't post event threads late at night when I'm tired obviously!)


Also, a related note that you don't have to sign up to attend the Gala! But you do have to sign up to play White Oliphant -- and those sign ups are open! Just drop a post here with your in game name. c:

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Whoops forgot I hadn't signed up for the forums until now



Just popping in to say that we at HUNT are incredibly excited to host this event and we hope every one is just as excited to attend! The IC stuff will be just as extravagant as the OOC stuff, including detailed menus, posters, and even neat little tickets that might earn you something much nicer than coal if you hang on to it!


Stay tuned to learn even more, but you're definitely not going to want to miss this!

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@ Khyros and Aeron : Got you guys signed up!


@ Everyone Else! : Thanks for the compliments and for your interest! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there! :D



[align=center]Also, a note![/align]


If you are signing up for playing White Oliphant at the event, please say so AND give me your in-game name! [/align]

[align=center]Otherwise I can only assume that you're just attending and not interested in the game, and I'll miss your sign up!

(And it saves me from having to guess which alt you're going to be participating on!)[/align]

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[align=center]Just dropping a quick bump to say we've got..[/align]





[align=center]Three days left for White Oliphant sign-ups![/align]


[align=center]Sign-ups close promptly on Sunday December 27th, 2015 at 11:59PM EDT / 10:59PM CDT / 8:59PM PDT.[/align]





[align=center]Signing up is FREE, as SIMPLE as a post or PM here saying 'Hey, sign me up for White Oliphant!', and you could go home with a REALLY NICE PRIZE, like a Wind Up Ifrit minion or something else pricey and neat!



So if you're interested, don't put it off until it's too late!

Post here or PM me with your in-game name and a request to sign up![/align]

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[align=center]List updated with new sign-ups.


Less than 48 hours left to sign up!


Even if you're not certain that you can make it to the Gala, but you'd like to participate in the chance that you do make it, go ahead and sign up! We can easily over-prepare, with no problems![/align]

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[align=center]White Oliphant Giftbox Descriptions

(Now with 100% More Audience Participation!)[/align]





[align=justify]Now that sign ups are closed, we’ve got our list of prizes settled – one of which is a Wind-up Ifrit Minion! The rest contain a variety of different items, from cute little minions worth a few hundred thousand to.. well, whatever we could find lying around.


Keep reading for a list of Gift Box Number & Descriptions that will be used in the event on Wednesday. If you’re participating, please take a minute to glance through the list and strategize about which gifts you’re gunning for!


And even if you’re not signed up, check them out because we’ve decided that, instead of yanking out gag gifts from the list to account for no-shows before we start.. We’ll be auctioning off spare, unchosen gifts to the crowd before anything is unwrapped!


(This means that even if you missed sign ups – not to mention the people who don’t use Tumblr/RPC and didn’t know about the event to begin with – you’ll still have a chance to participate!)


Note: And if you need a reminder of how the game works or if you have any questions about how the auctioning will work, the rules are found here![/align]





[align=center]The Giftboxes[/align]



[align=justify][ BOX ONE ]

This large box is dressed up in orange and black wrapping paper. If you pick it up and give it a shake, you can hear a faint jingling noise from inside.



Something heavy is obviously inside of this flat, rectangular box wrapped up in bright pink wrapping paper and a small, subtle black bow.



It looks like a child wrapped this small square gift in cutesy paper and a giant yellow bow. When shaken, it feels like something soft is inside.



The dark blue wrapping paper on this heavy, large box seems to be sporting a few water stains.



Checkered paper covers this flat, rectangular gift box. When shaken, it sounds as if something soft is inside.



For such a large box, this gift is deceptively lightweight. Those who have particularly sensitive noses might find themselves sneezing with this box in hand.



There’s something odd about the slithering sound of movement within this large box with a green ribbon on top. Hmmm..



The opposite of box six, this small box is deceptively heavy. It takes some effort to shake but, when you do, multiple somethings rattle around inside.



This skinny box may not be very wide, but it stretches out to an impressive five fulm long with a bright green, curling bow at the top.



This large box was very ornately decorated, with lavish red gift wrap and a lacey, over-the-top black bow.



The black bow on this gift was pulled taut in such a way that the loops are grossly disproportional to the small, round box it stops on top of.



Something solid rests inside this medium-sized gift. When curiosity has you to lift it to your nose, you notice it has a slightly singed smell.



There’s no denying the earthy smell coming from this large square box, which is so heavy that it isn’t even easily shaken.



About the size of a desk of Triple Triad cards – that’s the size of this unimpressively small box, wrapped in plain red paper and gold ribbon.



A piece of parchment paper is tied to this small square giftbox wrapped in bright red, which reads: HANDLE WITH CARE.



This giftbox looks like it’s seen better days – also probably the business end of someone’s boot, by the looks of the dents and ripped brown wrapping paper.



The old-fashioned floral print paper covering this large, round giftbox reminds you of something that your grandmother may have wrapped herself.



This is the largest gift on the stage, with light blue paper that feels peculiarly cold to the touch.



This box has a very unique shape – a square base that taper upwards into a long, rectangular neck. A handwritten note on it reads: DO NOT SHAKE.



There’s a pleasantly sweet, comforting aroma that comes from this small rectangular box when sniffed. Something rustles around inside when shaken.



The wrapping paper and bows in red, green, and white practically scream Starlight at you. Talk about festive!



Tall and skinny, this box is wrapped in a lusciously deep maroon red wrapping paper.[/align]

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White Oliphant yasssss. <3


Heck yeah I'll be there!


D: I want in!!


Mmm, I'm in for this! Why not~


Work schedule confirms that Steel Wolf can attend!! :D Would like to add to the Oliphant if it's not too late...but otherwise, looking forward to it!


You can toss Aedan Steelweaver into the hat for Oliphant fun 8-)


Quoting you all to let you guys know that the list of gift descriptions is up! Take a look at the post above this one when you get a chance so that you have an idea going into the event which gift(s) you're interested in going after!

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[align=center]A bump to not only remind people that the Gala is tomorrow, but also..


..to reveal our menu of food and drink to be served at the Gala![/align]

[align=center](Click for the full-sized versions!)[/align]


[align=center]300x400http://puu.sh/mdeZ9/14e7aa2507.png[/img] 300x400http://puu.sh/mdf8Z/523fc44690.jpg[/img][/align]

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What's this? More fun to be had? The Gold & Glory Hunter’s Guild wishes to extend a second invitation to all attending the Golden Gala (and all who cannot make it or who just don't enjoy the formal scene). Meet us back at the Bountiful Chest for the Golden Gala After Party! While this won't be quite as formal of an RP affair as the Gala itself, it will be a great opportunity to spend time with amazing people, sample amazing food and drink, and maybe make a bit of mischief! After all, the spirit of the season includes both naughty and nice! On top of the drinking, dancing, and games, the event of the night is a bit more relaxed but still plenty fun. We call it Matron's Mirth and it turns mistletoe into the currency of the evening! Come check it out and you could walk away with a bit of gil... or maybe something that you find even more valuable than gold!






[align=center]WHEN & WHERE[/align]



date ] December 30th, 2015 -- Wednesday

[ start time ] Approximately 10:30PM EST / 9:30PM CDT / 7:30PM PDT (after party begins upon the conclusion of the White Oliphant gift exchange so beginning time may vary from the time posted here)

location ] The Bountiful Chest -- The Goblet Ward 4 Plot 18 (just off of the Brimming Heart teleport)






[align=center]FOR MORE INFORMATION[/align]

You can find more information about the after party and references for the event HERE. Suggestions for games and music are welcome throughout the night so feel free to keep an eye on the document for any updates!



[align=center]We hope to have you join us for all of the Chest-ivities![/align]

[align=center]Happy hunting, merry Starlight, and a bountiful new year from your friends at Gold & Glory![/align]

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