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Need this emote!

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Just echoing here but it's either the surprised/shocked emote...For female miqo'te.


I'm 99% certain the males don't get to use the animation you described outside of cutscenes, sadly ;;


For male miqo'te /shocked is more of a panicked crouch backwards, /surprised is some bizarre half-assed crotch thrust... But on the ladies one of them is that 'paws up, jumping back' animation for sure.

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Yep. When a friend saw his male miqo character do the female /shocked in a cutscene, he was very surprised. It's a "bug," somehow giving the male model the female's animation. I mean maybe it's intended, but it's not usual. (/surprised for femqotes is hands flat in front of mouth, /shocked is the curled like paws)

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That particular emote is only seen in cutscenes and is not actually available to use in the open world. Every race seems to have their own version of the emote. Miqo'te males do the weird paw thing that looks similar to the female Miqo'te's /shocked emote, but is not actually the same. Female Miqo'te throw their palms up in a "dont shoot!" fashion. I'm not sure what the other races do but I assume the emotes are roughly similar.


You can see the male miqo'te emote in question here at 2:00...



And the female miqo'te version here at 2:08...



Again, neither emote is available for use in the game, though it does pop up in various cutscenes throughout the game. Here's the fem Miqo'te /shocked and /surprised for further confirmation:





*Note in the female /shocked emote (top pic) the hands are curled inwards, while the male Miqo'te's hands are oriented forwards in the cutscene emote. Also he throws his weight onto one leg for balance while the female's legs stay together.

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Well, there ya go.


I'd never looked into it as I'd simply been told the male miqo was doing the female emote, and I'd never questioned any of my own (female miqo) animations in any cutscenes.


I'd wager there's more than a few cutscene animations that don't exist out in the game, but one that's clearly a reaction might be expected to be attainable when it's not. Very cool information.

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