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From The Shadows He Comes

~B.H. Tyler


Months have passed by without a word, not even an action from the shadows. Despite a copycat being apprehended, many wondered if the man in black, if Viper was indeed dead. The period of silence had confirmed that. That is, until now.


Multiple sources have confirmed that a man in black waits and lingers in the shadows of alleys. When people are victimized in such areas then seemingly out of nowhere a man dressed in complete black makes a victim out of the perpetrators.


One such perpetrator was found this morning. Emund Lander was found dead in alley near the Mist residential area in La Noscea. Edmund is a known felon who was released after fifteen years. Investigators believe he was in the area searching for his next target. His crimes include multiple counts of sexual assault. This is the Viper's mode of operation. Combine a felon like that with the markings on the body: two puncture wounds on the cheek and an entry wound on his left ribs. A familiar face is also investigating this: Inspector Paul Desmond.


This certainly suggests that Viper or someone like him is cleaning the scum off the streets. While the methods are extreme, who can complain about having to worry about one less offender?

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John step out of the bathing tub, having use the long soak to wash away the nightmares of blood and Howl's broken body from his mind.  Howl was fine and well but yet the nightmares still continue to come.  With towel wrap around his lower body, he quickly slip into his room at the Dusk, and spotted Kit unfolding the paper.  "Anything new?" he ask, reaching for the clean set of clothes.


'Nothing new...someone dating someone new, talk about the end of the conflict in Ala...oh...' the fairy trail off, finding the article about the Viper.  'John...'


Finishing button up his shirt, he move over to look at the piece.  "Wait..." he frown, heart tightening at what look to be another life taken by the Viper.  "But he's dead."  Could it be someone else.  He would need to find his notes and maybe speak with Inspector Desmond again.  He started to search throw the drawer, pulling out the clippings and notes, and move to the door, Kit catching hold of his collar.  He had just set his hand on the door handle...freezing for a moment, and remembering the promise he made to himself.  That he wouldn't put himself in danger for risk that Howl or the others had to step in to take his place...like Howl had done.




John shook away the feel of wings beating in the back of his mind.  "I won't get involve but I'll go and check the sight.  Perhaps if I find anything, I can send it of to Inspector Desmond for him to use."  He slip out the door and heading for the airship landing so he could get to the Mist before too much was lost.

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