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Looking for people to add to friends list

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Okay, so, I've given up making plans for the time being because of how monstrously unreliable I am atm. Instead, what I would like to do is add people to my friends list so that I have a wider pool of people I can randomly poke to have the occasional throwdown. I've got really cool people in my friends list, currently, but either they aren't on when I am or they're usually engaged in rp because they're awesome and who wouldn't want to rp with them (it is pretty cruel, though, how often people I really want to rp with don't just spontaneously match up with my rp urges, which is a conundrum entirely of my own making)?




Details about me:


I do both paragraph and one liner rp. I go by scene flow and try to minimize fluff in my own writing. I don't always succeed. If you want to see how much I can vary post to post, see here and just scroll up and down a bit, drop over into the prior page. I don't do like tons of paragraphs in game, but I do go from a multiple paragraph post to a one-liner or vice versa, occasionally, depending on context.


I'm not into hi-nice-to-meet-you rp. I come to each rp with an idea of what's going on with zhi or things in the surroundings in my head. It's pretty rare for me not to have an idea of something in mind when I'm going into rp. If you want everything off the cuff and the idea of me having plottering seeds in my head, then I'm probably not your gal.


Zhi is rough, gruff, tough, foolish, stupid, and addicted to various substances. She also usually smells, looks some measure of gross, and can be found in the dregs of most any places. She won't be found in any nice places. I prefer to keep her in Limsa but she can now travel! For reasons!


I enjoy weirdness and grimdark and getting caught up in things. However, I'm not promising regularity. Think of this more like that oddball aunt who occasionally drops in out of the blue and takes you to a movie or something. Or you can be the oddball aunt. I'm not picky.


I play Zhi like what she is: a young woman who grew up as a street kid in a big city. She doesn't have many culturally specific traits because of this; after zhi's mom left her family, mom became a whore to make ends meet. After things happened zhi was on her own around 8 or 9, and you do the math. If you want your keepers to act like keepers, you might not enjoy zhi.


Likewise, if you don't like alcohol, drugs, morally questionable stuff, icky, and your nose probably being rubbed in the icky (because I like writing about the icky, even if I sometimes stretch the boundaries of realism or whatever), you might not enjoy my style of rp. But if you're not sure, let's try! Honestly I'm not really that bad. I love Joe Abercrombie, yeah, but I'm like uhh, I dunno, let's say China Mieville levels (only nowhere near as good a writer as him omg I idolize him).


I'll likely be on mostly between 6pm-8pm PST on weekdays, and occasional spurts at who-knows-when on weekends. Most of my rp will thus be in small snippets, aided by the fact that zhi sorta does her own thing and has no compunctions about sticking around if something else catches her interest. Because of irl stuff, the 8pm is a hard cutoff, though, so if you're in the middle of a post I will HAVE to go. (something something bedtime something snrk no but really)


I like meeting new people and doing new rps! Sometimes I get gruff on the rpc about my likes and dislikes and shit, but at the end of the day I'm a stubborn git who has had people turn my expectations upside down, stun me, and make me fall in love with their version of RP and stuff. Even when I'm grumbly at first, maybe especially then. (ps, but I am really squishy please don't think I'm mean or something...I just like arguing on the rpc, that's really it)


That's it, then, just drop me a line here with your in game name and I shall do the rest! The rest being friending you and then randomly begging you for rp in ooc tells, with absolutely no hard feelings if you're busy, already in rp, not feeling it, or whatsohaveyou. (you don't even have to feel awkward if you don't want to! just be like 'not tonight, sorry :(' and I'll be like 'you're awesome, have a great night!' and all will be well)


Unless we're never on at the same time, in which case my apologies in advance.



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This should be common knowledge, but Zhi is really something else to rp with.  As a newbie little baby rper wa(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)y back when when we started our mega-thread, the characters (including my main) that I've had interact with her have fleshed themselves out before my very eyes.  I've gone into rp with her with only a general outline of who it is I'm writing, only to come out knowing that character inside and out.


Would rp again (y'know, if the first one ever actually ended) - five stars.

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