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Cadros Malone - Wannabe Hero Extraordinaire!

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Hello everyone!  New player to FFXIV, just started about two weeks ago.  Been playing MMOs for about a decade, been RPing in them for about four years, in WoW, GW2, and TSW.  I am currently looking for new friends and contacts within this game!


Here is a link to my current character workshop page, which contains a pretty much up to date character profile for Cadros:




Information about Cad that isn't in there:  He has been a part of the Adventurer's Guild for a few months now, long enough that he has moved beyond the 'kill ladybugs and deliver this box 3 doors down' stage of assignments, but not long enough that he isn't still considered a newbie.  He is currently under the tutelage of an Elezen named Tellah Fortemps who is training him in how to be a true hero.


What I am not looking for:  An FC as I am currently in one (Red Wings), and am not seeking to really jump around at the moment.  A mentor or teacher of any kind, as Cad already has a mentor in the arts of hero-ing.


What I am looking for:  Literally anything and everything else.  Childhood friends.  Relatives (both known and long-lost).  Acquaintances from the Adventurer's Guild and from the cities he has spent time in (Gridania and Ul'dah).  Enemies he might have made in his thus far brief adventuring career.  And yes, even romance RP (though I am more picky about this.  Since romance RP means a long term dedicated RP partnership, I like to make sure that anything of this nature goes through a trial period just to make sure we as players get along, our RP styles match up, or schedules work together, etc.).


Basically I am looking for more friends and contacts within this game.  If you want to get in contact with me, you can respond here, message me on the site, find me ingame (my character's name is Cadros Malone in case that wasn't obvious), whatever works for you!  I look forward to playing with all of you in the future!

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