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Doodle above you!

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Not my best shot to be honest, but I kinda was interrupted by co-workers coming over so I couldn't get a proper time on this (I usually aim for 20 minutes no longer). This is what came out of it though. 


If you don't mind, I'd like to put this on my blog! If you do, just poke me on messages and I'll put it down. 


As for my cat grill here's a coffee bean cat reference for you! If you want to try something amusing, her right (our left) eye is a little bit lazy sometimes.

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Mali Lutka


Also, there's lots of people in this thread. Don't have to keep drawing Crofte (though I do appreciate it).

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hi this seems fun




he looks like a goof idk


i don't have any reference pictures except my profile pic doodle apologies im still new

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