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An introduction and a bunch of questions.

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Hello everyone! Figured I'd simply introduce myself here while asking the bunch of questions floating about in my head at the moment.


Name's Svanur (Or Sanguine, or Svan, depending on how good people are with pronounciation), Icelandic, and been roleplaying for a couple of years now, mostly in Neverwinter Nights' online servers.


Decided to start playing Final Fantasy 14 again now, after three attempts at getting hooked, seeing as I MMO-hop like a goddamn bunny and can never really settle down, which mostly is fault of not finding the sort of RP I've been looking for.


Currently leveling up a Dragoon, Aerlys Maenstadt, and trudging through the main storyline, but hoping to delve more into the roleplaying side on Balmung where I reside mostly, despite being in GMT timezone, seeing as I hear it's the main hot-spot for RP these days (Could be wrong).


I'm wanting to explore the world, see all of the sights that Eorzea has to offer, however, I'd like to do it in RP as well, and to form a Free Company focused on adventure and exploration. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to own a House alongside this, it seems to be almost impossible to get on Balmung, not to mention I'd still need a couple other people to even start the FC in the first place.


Anyways! I figure that's already long enough for an introduction. Look forward to RP-ing with you all in-game!

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Welcome to Eorzea! Yes, the housing matter is a source of consternation to many. Self included. But I'll not derail the thread and instead give Roegal hugs! :D


Since your schedule might (maybe?) be ahead of me by about six or so hours I'll have to assume we won't be able to meet in-game terribly often if at all (my playtimes during work tend to be around 12:30am EST), but if you'd like to give it a swing I can be found as either Steel Wolf or Thundering Castle.


Hope you have fun and make some great contacts, and if nothing else see you in-forum! <3

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Always wanted to visit Iceland, but so far no luck, even though from Norway it isn't that far :)

Welcome aboard though, there are quite a few EU players around


If you need someone to just get your fc going I can always let you borrow an alt of mine for the signing :)

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