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Phantasy Star Online 2 x Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration

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So someone datamined the PSO2's next expansion patch, and long time ago - Yoshida and Sakai had a discussion to collaborate PSO2 and FF14 items in their MMORPGs. 


Well apparently, Sakai pulled the first stunt on adding FF14 Relics into the PSO2 Japanese version.








As far as it goes, the icon colors aren't Weapon Glamour Camos. They are possibly the actual end game weapons itself.


Top to bottom goes from Stardust Rod, Thyrus, Yoshimitsu, Deathbringer and then Zantetsuken. There is also Sphiarai on the bottom.


--Phantasy Star Online 2 is only for SEA and Japanese. No Western/North American version. However it's easy to register and there is English patch launcher made by a fan. (FF14 collaboration is only for Japanese version at the moment)

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I noticed that earlier today too; I'm hoping the fact that the weapons aren't colored as camos (basically, PSO2's "glamour skins") means they'll be drops from a specific event boss that can stay in the game after like Cougar and Knight Gear. And hopefully it means FFXIV will get a unique model for a FATE boss or something.

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If anything, the Camo might have the Atma altered coloring from the Weapon itself. Which I might be okay with.


As long as there are plenty of options out there.


In regards to FF14, if PSO2 collaboration occurs in that game - it'd probably be definitely FATE related with small type of quest where you'd get like Rappy items or even some weapon glamours like they did for FF13 event in FF14.

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Rappies seem to make the most amount of sense, but I wouldn't say no to any of the iconic weapons from PSO either.


Ideally, I'd want Section ID related decoration for housing. I think a nice Skyly ID on the mantle would go much better than everyone's favorite dead guy.

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Section ID is more a PSO thing than a PSO2 thing; Section ID sticker and other stuff came to PSO2 as "Memories of Ragol" which would've been the equivalent to FFXIV's FFXI event. A Rappy minion would be cute though.


Also Whitill 4lyfe

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On one hand, people probably complained about the DQ event so it's good that this might make them happy. Especially since PSO2 + English is verboten discussion at Sega.


On the other hand, I legitimately feel the series went downhill after it went online.


There are more players on PSO2 and fans increased more than original PS1-4.

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Knowing Sega we'll have an announcement of a cross over event, but it'll eventually be postponed indefinitely.


You know, just like that whole NA PSO2 release.

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Introducing a new race to Eorzea: CASTs. The Garleans developed autonomous magitek androids who have defected and are now looking for a different place to point all of their photon weaponry.


I can dream.

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Q: A collaboration event with Phantasy Star Online 2 has been announced in Japan, but are there any information for collaboration on FFXIV side?


A: We haven’t decided on this yet. In order to maintain FFXIV’s graphic quality, we’re required to decide on the overall dev. schedule for the long term, and for this reason plans for collaboration needs to be made after this.


The quality for Phantasy Star Online 2s version of Odin was pretty great, so we want to return with something great on our side as well.


PSO2 tends to preview this stuff a few months before release but if FFXIV's team hasn't even decided what to put in, it's a little alarming!

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