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Describe your backstory in the worst way!


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Old man enters his mid-life crisis 30 years too late.

Marie:  Bored rich girl buys her way into adventure, with only minor permanent scarring.
Y'dela:  Street cat protects precious cinnamon roll, marries it.
Quntei: Punch-happy Xaela travels halfway around to world to learn how to punch harder.

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Katarina & Moire:  Miqo'te twins raised by gypsies

Luludja: actual gypsy girl raised with the twins

Everyone they loved is dead.



(yes, I know 'gypsy' is considered a derogatory term. but the title of the thread did say to describe in the worst way possible)

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oh no this is too wonderful, i'm so gonna screw this backstory up


Zuken: a male hyur who seems to speedrun through the 5 stages of grief and becoming an edgy man with big swords that has a thing for masks before ending up to see nothing but himself as the best and the most handsome dancer the world's ever seen, that and he has turn from a cinnamon roll to a balloon with inflated ego that is about to pop.

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Veris: I just wanted to have a good time but now I have depression. And taxes. 

Fahla: A violent crossover of a Disney princess with Predator leaves their natural habitat in search of an equally socially stunted siblings. Things explode, viking habits make people frown, why do I even bother. 

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Sociopathic noblewoman with magic powers commits patricide, opens a teahouse, and becomes a vampire in a quest for power.

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