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Wayfarer's Rest: Fashion Contest 3/17 7:00 PM CST

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Wayfarers of Eorzea Thread (WIP)

Wayfarer's Rest: Fashion Contest



Are you ready to rhyme Eorzea? The Wayfarers of Eorzea will be hosting a fashion contest on the 17th sun of the second Astral Moon. Wayfarer's Rest will be remodeled and fitted with a stage for our contestants to strut their stuff for a chance to win a few prizes. Contestants will be judged based on the look of the outfit and originality. It can look cool, sexy, scary, interesting, or anything you can think of that is creative. Feel free to even go for the cosplay side of things if you are looking to mock a specific character from Final Fantasy or other games in general. Again, the focus is creativity so pre-made outfits will be judged lower than those who piece their costumes together.


The rules are simple, sign up, show up, and showcase your stuff in the allotted time. Many contestants will compete, but only one will win First prize. Signups can be done at Wayfarer's Rest or contact L'rinhi Kett by Mogmail. We welcome any who would like to attend to support their friends or just to watch the event unfold. Participants drink free, yes FREE, for participating in the event. Patrons who come to watch will have access to our bar and restaurant as well as several door prizes!


  • Door Prizes: TBD
  • 3rd place: 100,000 gil
  • 2nd place: 200,000 gil
  • 1st Place: 300,000 gil

    We look forward to all participants! Take care and good luck!
    Where: Plot 58, Ward 6 of the Goblet
    When: 7:00 PM - Until it finishes CST, March 17th
    Good Morning Everyone! Or Good Evening, Good Afternoon, or Good Night!
    This is the third contest for the month of March and we are now judging Fashion! This was an event that was brought to us back before we merged with the Eorzean Institute. They wanted to put one of these on and now we are here to deliver! Contestants will be able to show off their styles and act as wacky and fun as they want for the time they are given. Dance, talk, tell a joke, show off. It's up to you. This is a much more laid back and fun event than the previous two. Just make sure to enjoy yourself!

    Here are the facts:
    • Signups are to be accepted no later than March 16th, 10:00 PM CST. That is the deadline. PM me here, via the RPC, with the entry form filled out. You can find the 'form' set up at the bottom of this post. Please make sure to sign up ahead of time!
    • Participants must be present at the event at 7:00 PM CST. The order participants will go in will be announced at that time. If you will be late please contact me ahead of time and let us know and we will try to hold a later time slot for you but no promises.
    • Participants will have 5 real minutes on stage show off. This should provide enough time for all participants without keeping everyone very late.
    • Costumed will be judged by overall look and creativity.
    • Emotes will be in yell to separate them from the rest of the emotes that fill the tavern.
    • After performing the judges might ask questions or comment about the outfit.
    • You must be present at the end to win!


    Additionally, we have a few standard rules for attending the event and participating:

    1. No IC combat or OOC open arguments in the Rest during the event.
    2. Please respect other players.
    3. Do not harass other attendees or you may be asked to leave.

    For those wishing to watch the event take place and enjoy the contest, we will be serving drinks to patrons. We encourage anyone who would like to come to do so as this will be just like a tavern night with some added flavor. Door prizes will be awarded randomly to patrons during the night that are in the audience. We will pick a time during the event, put everyone's name into the Random Name Generator, and then announce it on stage. You must be present to win!


    Updates will follow within the week to include pictures, updates with judges, and so on. I look forward to seeing you all! And as always, have a good one!


    Signup Form


    Character Name:

    Are you representing a group or Free Company? If so who?




    Canceled due to lack of signups.




    Registered Contestants:



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Giving this a bump!


We need at least 5 people to participate to hold the event though we are hoping for many more. I haven't met any RPer that doesn't like to make their own outfits.

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